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My Top Dagger Choices For 2020!

Daggers are a work of art and I really love to enjoy the craftsmanship of a quality blade. A few days ago I completed a search on the internet and found the coolest looking blades for my 2020 dagger picks. Check them out below my video about the best pumpkin seeds that I have ever had.

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My Top 3 Daggers Choices

The Bowie Damacacus Steel Knife by Iron Lucky


D2 Combat Dagger

Why I picked these daggers

Over all I really appreciate how the craftsmen shaped all three blades. I feel like they spent the same amount of attention on the handles too. These decorative daggers are built to be used for defense or as a simple piece of art mounted to your wall. If you ask me, “Which knife would you pack while walking downtown alleys?” Hands down, I would have the M48 Talin dagger strapped to my leg.