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Tactical Ninja Daggers Review (Kunai) | Weapon Logs

Alright, so, as some of you guys know, I did a giveaway not too long ago for Christmas for my 10,000 subscribers special, where I gave these away and now I’m going to do a little review.

So you can get yours if you want some too, because I know I I gave that away. I don’t I’m recording this before the giveaway actually in so I’m not sure who I’m going to give it away to yet. But I know it’s already gone and they’re going to be receiving this pretty soon, so, let’s get into describing how to use this and what it is, and some of the positives and negatives you get from getting this tool.

So the first thing I’m going to want to tell you is one of the negatives. Now it comes in this nice case. I guess it’s the sheath kind of it’s a double seat, chief, where they’re facing opposite directions. I don’t know if you can see this well. They’Re facing opposite direction in that sheath, and that is one of the biggest negatives of the way. This thing is sold, because this, I think, is designed to snap to an arm to the inside of an arm or the inside of your leg, or something like that.

But because of how it works, these aren’t like stiff they’re, not solid, and so they fall out pretty easily whenever you’re running or moving around or doing any sudden action. So anything besides this we’re going to get it to slowly slide out and eventually fall out of its case, which isn’t the best thing, but I did find a kind of a will work around this does fit well on the center of your back on your belt.

So using these straps, I can wrap this around. My belt and it’ll stay pretty snug there and pretty secure there, and I did actually a test where I walked around all day carrying one of the on my belt on the back part of my belt, and it stayed there pretty much the whole time and from That point you can easily reach behind it yourself, keep behind your back and just kind of pull each of them out and allow yourself access to these, I’m going to call them tactical ninja daggers, because that’s literally what it’s what it’s named on the wish.

I thought I bought it, but you can call them like just daggers they’re many daggers just like this. So take the map. Look like this, so they fit almost perfectly in my palm so that the blade sticks out the bottom of my hand. But there’s no point of the blade that touches my hand while I’m holding it and the top of the knife. I got ta actually put my thumb on the top to kind of secure it in place and make sure it doesn’t slide it it at all.

So it’ll never slide into my hand if I’m ever trying to stab something into anything like that, because my thumb keeps it in place so that if I stab something it stays there and doesn’t slide back into my hand and cut myself. Another good thing about these is that they’re small and easily concealable, it’s easy to put them under your shirt or even when you’re holding them. If you turn your hands, you can make it look like you’re, not carrying anything, it’s hard to do it with my hands up like this, but you can make it look like you’re, not carrying anything and then pull them out just for safety if you’re ever.

If you ever feel like you’re being followed or feel like you’re in a bad area, you can have these in your hands, basically hidden without anybody thinking twice about it and then pull them out ready to fight now, obviously you can hold them. You know upside down where I set up. I think I would probably use them upside down just because of my personal fighting saw the way I choose to fight. I like to drag my punches quicker more like a Karambit rather than stab people like a straight knife.

That’S just my personal fighting style, but you could do whichever one you want to just depends on how you were trained and what you feel most comfortable with. Unlike a lot of wish weapons that you’re going to find there, these actually come pretty sharpened to be stole ones. I ordered comfrey sharpened, pretty sure all of them do and I’ll leave links down the scripture, so you can find them on not only wish but an actual other site that might have it more secured for you a little more reliable, I’m there for you now, the Last thing I want to tell you guys is that the last thing I want tell you guys is the handle, makes up the majority of this weapon.

As you can see, the blade is not very big. It’S only going to be about two, maybe three inches long. I didn’t actually measure it much it’s about the length of my pinky, which is not very long at all, and so just keep that in mind. If you’re looking for a long blade or a good tool to stab deep into an object, maybe you’re hunting or for self-defense whatever it is, if you’re looking for a longer blade, this is definitely not what you’re looking for.

This is a very small, precise, blade kind of like a exacter life. Almost that’s the feeling I get from these blades, but it allows you a great hidden, self-defense tool that fits into a small area like the center of your back or the small of your back. I should say like this and the small of your back or around your way around your hip line or something like that. It allows for that, but because of its poorly made carrying case, you can’t carry everywhere like you can’t carry it in your arms and you can your sleeves and you can’t carry it under your pants, but there are other places you can carry it like.

I said earlier in the article I hope you guys enjoy this episode of weapon logs and if you were interested in these weapons, like I said before, the link will be down in description, for you be looking out for a combat for dummies coming out. Pretty soon relatively soon about using these two in a self defense kind of way, but with all that said, don’t forget to Like subscribe and comment. If you want to see something else – and let me know down in the comments what other weapon you want me to review until next time, my name is DJ Moore.

This is the modern ninja and I’m out you


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