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Make $63.25 Per Day CLICKBANK Passive Income In 10 Minutes Or Less!

What’s going on fam Eric Ellis your CEO Bulls Academy, comm, and in this article I’m going to show you how to make 50 to 100 dollars per day for free and ten minutes or less and passive income right now, if you guys want to know my number One recommendation go ahead and click the first thing in the description and if you guys, like my articles about making money online, go ahead and make sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell for future content.

Now, let’s get right into the content, our guys. So in this article I’m going to show you how to make sixty three dollars and 25 cents per day with Clickbank and passive income in 10 minutes or less and the same method that I’m about to uncover. With you guys with one of the affiliate programs that I’m promoting or have promoted, it’s currently making an extra thousand dollars in passive income every 30 days, and it’s currently made me twenty five thousand dollars to date.

With this specific method that I’m going to go in and teach you guys right, and I’m going to prove it to you, if you guys read to the very end of this article, so what we’re going to do guys is, first and foremost, we’re going to go Ahead and step number one to find an offer right, so if you guys are new to Clickbank, what Clickbank is, is an affiliate marketing place affiliate marketplace for those who don’t know what, if for the marketing is and want to get into making money online? This is better than any method out there.

Why? Because all you’re doing is finding products that solve problems in the health wealth and romance niche, and basically you’re promoting these these products right, you don’t have to own the product. You know if the deil customer service, you don’t have to deal with fulfilling the actual products like e-commerce, and there is a good customer experience, unlike ecommerce to where that’s going, to go to take, maybe like three weeks, if you’re doing something like drop shipping for your Customer to get their product and this answer that your customers are getting your product immediately, so there’s a low refund rate.

So if that sounds like a good model for you, let’s go to CL, you guys can make some passive income with it. So what we’re going to do is create a Clickbank account once you guys click your click, create your Clickbank Clickbank account. You guys are going to go to the affiliate marketplace. Then what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to go ahead and find any product in the health wealth or romance niche.

The reason why you want to go ahead and do it within these niches is because they’re large scalable audiences, because everybody will always want to have a better body. People always want to make more money. People will always be trying to find love. Not only that, you notice what I just said with those three things: those are three subjects that you guys can market with emotion, meaning there’s some insecurities in there meeting people who are broke and want to make more money.

That’s an insecurity. People who want to get a better body, that’s an insecurity and people who want to go ahead and find a love that that’s an insecurity. If they’re seeking love right, people are willing to pay. Big bucks actually solve these problems. So what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be bridging the gap between the person who has a problem and basically connecting them with a product that somebody else created and we’re going to be getting paid very well to do so.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and check out the e-business and II am marketing and nichy, which is basically the make money online niche and then what we’re going to be doing here is we’re going to be going to I’m just Going to go ahead and go buy a gravity score now. What the gravity score is, if you guys don’t know what Clickbank is, is basically the amount of Philly instead of generated a sell within the last week.

So, for example, I’m going to go ahead and pick if you offer the 1k fast track, which is basically a thousand dollar product and each cell on average you’re getting paid at 50 % Commission, so they’re willing to pay you out for one hundred and forty two Dollars and eighty cents per cell, so the first step that we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and find an offer which, in this instance, we’re going to be doing the one cave a day fast track.

Next is step. Number two is we’re going to be creating a review right and guys. The reason why I said you’re going to be able to do this in under 10 minutes or less is because a review, basically expressing your opinion about a product should take you no less than 10 minutes right. So basically, for example, just to show you guys what I did was. I went to YouTube and I put in the keyword 1k fast track and the reason why this method is so powerful is because people who are looking to actually make a purchase on this product are probably going to go and actually go through your affiliate link.

Instead of actually going through the original traffic source, so, for example, let’s just say somebody sees this product right with a Facebook ad and they’re like you know what I’m a little bit skeptical. Let me see if this is actually a legitimate product, they’re going to go in and then go to YouTube or go to Google and read a blog post or read YouTube article typing in 1k, Patrick, which is the keyword of the actual product and tie and follow Up with review right and basically what they’re going to do is, if you go to rank your article right 32 minutes here, four minutes here – 21 minutes here so on average, maybe about 10 minutes of time invested right literally just expressing their opinion.

If you give them a positive review, because you gave them your opinion and you let them know that this is actually a legitimate product, you have built reciprocity, they know like and trust you so now when you go and actually recommend the product, which is basically step Number three have a click link call to action, which is basically okay, cool. This is what I think about the product. If you guys want to go ahead and actually get access to this product, go ahead and click the link in my description or you’ll have a click, the link in an actual blog post.

So basically, I found three different reviews now, if you guys are wondering okay, what are the two ways that I can go ahead and create a review and I’m one of you guys can do it via blog post number. Two, you guys can create a YouTube article, which is the fastest route and you’re thinking. Well, I got to show my face. No, you don’t am I showing my face right now. Absolutely not, and I can literally be hiding behind the camera and just dropping a review.

So what you’re going to be doing is literally creating a review ten minutes, and if you don’t, you have two options, you can either buy the product right for $ 1,000 or you can literally just go ahead and find out what other people had to say about The product right now, the reason why I’m not just going to go to listen to one person is because, at the end of the day, you want to go to formulate a consistent opinion.

So if you consistently hear people talking bad about a product, I’m not going to go to positively review it either right. If you hear a whole bunch of people saying good things about it, then what are the key takeaways that people talk about with the actual product? So, basically, here’s three different articles, I’ll read those three articles. I did the same thing with Google. These are three different blog posts that I found under literally just typing 1k at a fast track review.

I’m going to go ahead and go through these reviews. I’m going to review them, find the key takeaways, create my own article structure and literally go ahead and drop a review. Then the next step that we’re going to do is step number three: have a click link? Call to action so after you’ve positively reviewed the product you’re going to go in and generate itself now. The reason why I got this is passive income is because you have to create the review one time and, let’s just say six months down.

The line Jimmy here decides that they want to go ahead and potentially buy one k fast, fast-track they’re, going to go ahead and go to manifest freedom, they’re going to read the article and then literally, I can make a purchase six months down the line and it Took you ten minutes of your time to create that asset once which is your your actual review and that review right? Let’s just do some math here really quick.

If I was to go ahead and generate one cell per week, which is four hundred and forty two dollars and eighty cents and commissions seven days a week – is basically sixty two dollars and twenty five cents per day now the cool thing is, is that you can Do this with many affiliate products, many different offers – and you could literally do this as an extras little side hustle and make a ridiculous amount of money.

Make hundred dollars a day two hundred dollars a day, because you’re literally just going to go to put these articles on, create the article one time but they’re going to go to make money from you passively, because at the end of the day, for example, if I Go to YouTube. This was created three weeks ago, and then we also have somebody who created one one a month ago, and I promise you this currently in three weeks – has a thousand views.

Imagine in five months from now how many views is going to have and then a percentage of loops those people have actually viewed. This piece of content are going to go in actually buy the product through men. If that’s freedoms link, so you guys can be doing the same thing with this exact product as well as any additional product on Clickbank. So literally just start searching for some products start reading.

Some reviews start looking at the actual products and to review the product itself and then have a click, click. The link call to action now, just to show you guys that I’m not just bullshitting, you guys, I made $ 25,000 with click funnels. I do not actively promote this product, I’m making a thousand dollars a month if you notice $ 66 six to eight dollars. Fifty three dollars. This is money without me.

Working have wait income streams, but this is a passive income that I made from these reviews that I made so clip photos review, clickfunnels, review, clickfunnels review, clickfunnels review, so I dropped, maybe about like five different clip photos, reviews at different times, because I just felt like Creating that type of content at the time and there passively so if you notice this article two years ago right it’s the passive asset, 13,000 views this one.

That’s four point: two thousand views, so these are literally imagine of only a small percentage of these people bought the product right, if literally only maybe twenty people out of this article bought this product. That is forty dollars per month, which excuse me forty dollars per month per person, which is about a thousand dollars a month. So you guys get the gist. Basically simple steps find an offer, create a review and have a click.

The link call to action so guys. There’s that simple guys, all you do is literally of those three simple steps. Your learners are going to be driving traffic to that link, you literally just sit back, sit back and relax now guys. The only way this is going to go to work because some people are going to be like, oh well, this isn’t working because blah blah blah blah blah blah blah excuse excuse excuse.

The only way this is going to go to work is, if you consistently put in work and drop these articles, meaning literally try to do minimum bare minimum one of these per week and over time it will compound traffic will compound and that’s where you’ll start, maybe Making $ 20 a day, then $ 50 a day, then $ 100 a day, literally. That traffic is going to compound to where it’s going, to go ahead and literally be a nice chunk of change and passive income, and it might be able to pay for your car payment it might be able to pay for whatever residual bills.

You have imagined being able to cover that with residual income. So with that being said, take action and if you guys want to know my no wood recommendation to make money online, go to and click the first thing in description or if you guys are on Instagram or something like that click. The link in my bio, solar, somewhere around here, take freaking action. But as long as your boy, Eric Ellis the wolf of marketing checking out

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