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How to use Builderall to Sell Clickbank Products in 2019 For Beginners

Alright – and I do appreciate all my new subscribers welcome to the family and again, I’m going to ask you to please like share and subscribe all right. So what is Clickbank first of all. Clickbank is a marketplace where persons that have mostly digital products come on here.

To sell their products and what happens when we go ahead and sell their products or market their products? We get a good commission from that. Alright so ways in which we – which I do this is by depending on the product that I’m promoting, I would go into different Facebook groups or Instagram, and then I would promote the offers alright. But you need three things before you can effectively promote Clickbank products.

You would need a autoresponder, that’s an email autoresponder, that’s, basically, something that you can use to send out messages to your leads daily weekly or whenever you decide and also it can collect their information. So you can have a mailing list. So, basically, when you have a mailing list, let’s say we’re: promoting a product for weight loss and for each person that comes to your offer page, you collect their email.

If you have another product in that same weight, loss niche, you can definitely retarget those customers and sell them other products. Alright, so that’s really good. The second thing you will need is a landing page builder or a sales page builder. Alright and I use builder all that’s what I use to create it – some people use clickfunnels, but that’s more expensive. So I use builder all to create my landing pages and in this article I’m going to walk you through step by step.

I’r going to create a page from scratch, so you can see that it’s real easy, I’m going to select a product and then we can go ahead and get started alright. So here on Clickbank, what I’m going to do is select a product I normally use to Nicias. I use the e-business and marketing which is make money online or health and fitness. So for today I’m going to go ebusiness and marketing and Clickbank is free.

You can just go to clickbank comm and create an account. It’s totally free. You don’t have to pay for it. Alright. So once I’m in the e-business and marketing I like to start by gravity, gravity is basically how the higher the gravity it’s the more the better. This product is selling all right, so right now, at the top, is make money from YouTube, with no filming no marketing and no websites. So this is the best product here right now and then there’s another one here you get paid for your opinions, real survey, jobs.

Alright, so you get for this one, you get $ 39 commission for each signup and this one you get $ 71 alright, and you can see, there’s quite a few here, get paid to test apps, alright, alright! So I’m going to work with the one at the top for now, so let me see what this is about. I can just click this and it will take me straight to the landing page, so I can definitely see what this is about. So there’s a short article here, alright, so that basically looks like it’s going to tell us what it’s about.

Ok, I already went through the article, so I’m going to go ahead and just give you an example of how I would go about. So this is the page that, ultimately, you want to lead your customers to so they can purchase this product alright. So what I do I come here and I look for some information that I can use all right so make money with YouTube or your money back. So this is a good punch line all right, so I could copy that.

So I’m going to go over to my Builder all page right now – and this is my website builder, I’m around a new website area. So what I can do here is to either look for a ready-made landing page template or I could make one from scratch. So I’m going to go ahead and see if there’s any here that I like all right, so I’m going to view this first, one all right, so the first one that came up this is how it looks.

I want something here that can collect emails, so this is a bit too much. I just want something simple, so I’m going to go ahead and look for another, just a simple website that I can use just to collect the customers email before redirecting them to the landing page all right. So let’s take a look on this. One also has a lot, so this is like a full-blown web site right here as well. So let me go ahead and select sales funnels right here, all right, so this looks like what we’re looking for all right.

So I’m going to go ahead and view this. One all right, this is what we’re looking for. So I just want a simple page like this, where I can collect the customers email and then I would just program this button to lead them directly to the other site, all right. So, while I’m here so I’m going to go ahead and click Edit right here. So this will take me to the editor where I can just change the texts and images stuff like that, all right, so just a minute, while this loads up all right so know that that has loaded up here.

This is the website page editor right here. So we want to put a headline in so I’m going to go back to that page, and this looks like a good headline, so I’m just going to copy this and then I go back to my site. Editor double click here and then I just paste that alright so delete that part. Now that we have that here I can definitely edit this so that it’s not so big and just change that font size bring it down.

Alright, that looks good alright, so we need to let this part stand out. So I’m going to change the color here to red, alright discover how to generate a regular income. Alright, alright! So now we have our adding. We would like a subheading right here, so we’re going to go back to the page and we look for a subheading alright. So this looks pretty good right here, so we don’t have to go far for the information.

So we just do that paste here, edit that alright, so now we need an image for right here. Alright, so I’m going to go back to the page and let’s see, let me look for an image that could work better. Yet what I’m going to do is I’m going to use the article right here, so I am just going to copy the article address right here and then we go back to our page. So this is real easy. What I do I just click the plus button here and then I scroll down to audio and article and Jenna.

We just click YouTube article, alright, so what it would do it will give me a template here for the article I can just fit it right here. In this box pull this down and then I just right click configure and I just put the YouTube URL right there and just hit confirm right. So there we go. So we have the article right here on our sales page, alright. So the last thing we need to do is to configure the subscriber mailing lists.

So, oh, we need to save this before. So I’m going to save this as YouTube, all right YouTube money and then I click send alright. So now that save – and that would be one of my subdomains on my builder – alright – so that’s that’s pretty much it so now we can configure our mailing list and with builder all you get a free, autoresponder and email marketing program. It’s called mailing boss. So I can use that and I have a Clickbank mailing list that I’ve created before so I’m going to use that so that basically only collects emails all right and I’ll do another article to show you how to set up your mailing list once you’re.

On builder. All and I’m also going to leave a link in the description to get started with builder, alright, because it has over 25 tools that you can use that are really good. You can create websites, you can create sales pages, you can create Android apps iOS, apps, webinars courses. You get access to all of that for just one little monthly fee. Alright. So now that we configured it, we need to change the text here.

So I’m going to look around here to see if there’s anything that pops out that I can use for that button. Okay, alright! So I think I’m going to use a start earning now, so we just right click here and we can go to button and then right here we can change the text all right, so we can say start earn-in, No all right and then we can confirm that And there we have the button change to start earning now, so what we need to do now is also to configure where this button leads to so now we would have to go back to Clickbank and we would click promote right here to get our link.

So basically, this is the link that if anyone clicks this link and buys the product, Clickbank knows that it’s you that should get the Commission all right. So we just copy that right here and then now I would go back to my landing play page and click Change, URL and then after they confirmed that they subscribe. We would then just paste that right here and click, OK and confirm so once they opt-in to our mailing list.

They will receive a confirmation email to their inbox and then once they click that confirmation email, then they would be redirected directed directly to this page, where they can see all the information and purchase this product all right. So this is basically a course that teaches you how to make money on YouTube in the back-office. There are some really good articles in here as well, because I did check this out for myself, and some of them are a bit outdated to be honest, but it does have some real good materials in there.

Alright. So, even if you want this just to learn how to make money on YouTube, it’s definitely a plus all right. So and now that we’ve done that we could change the logo image right here to like make money on YouTube. Let’s see if they have like an image for that, so just a minute. Okay. So what I did is just googled for the logo. So I’m going to go ahead and save that to my desktop and then we definitely go in and put that in to our page as or Lobo all right.

So let me go back to the page right here and then we would just right click. This image change image, wait for that to load up, and then we just click upload and then we would just search for the image that we just say. Sorry here we go all right so now that that is loaded, tor image collection here in builder, all you would just click the click it right here. Then click confirm down here and there we go.

We have or page logo. So we can just copy this, and then we can take it down here. So we can just remove that one, and we can also remove this and then we can put it right here and to make sure it’s centered all right and there we go. We have or landing page all right, so that’s pretty much it and that’s how easy it is to create a landing page with builder all as well. So we just click Save right here.

Oh, and one more thing I like to do is to preview the mobile version as well, just to make sure, as you can see here – it’s not really fixed. So this is what persons will see on the mobile section, all right so right here we can just make this a bit smaller like that all right, and then we need to have this bit smaller as well, so it can fit right on this, and that looks Like about it and we pull, we can just pull everything up by clicking the box there.

We go and pull this up and put this right here and there we go alright. So now we would save that so that we have it fixed on the mobile version of the website as well all right so now that that’s completed in builder. All if I go to my my websites here, I would see the URL for my landing page that I just created all right. So what I need to do now is to publish that website and we build our all it’s simple as pressing a button.

So here we have YouTube money. This is the one we just created, so I would just click, publish right here and then builder all would do its thing and reload and then it would be published alright and now that it’s published, we can definitely test it out by just clicking this, and it Should load up in a new tab and we can see our website all right, so there we go alright. So now I can just put a test email here and click start earning now.

All right – and it says please check your email address in order to confirm – confirm your subscription all right so now what I would need to do is to check my email address all right, so I did get the email and I clicked it, and it takes me Directly to the sales page for the Clickbank product, all right, so now that that has so that’s basically it so you would get to collect their email. So now the email would be in the mailing list and then you would drive traffic here, alright.

So what you can do to drive traffic? If you want to do it, the freeway you can knightly go into facebook. Groups like work from home groups make money online groups and groups where persons are looking for opportunities to make money online, and you would definitely just build some rapport. Give some good value in those group. Don’t just go in there and start spamming away. Try to keep conversation, listen to what people are saying see if you have any input and then you can just find your own unique way to just slide your pitch into them as well, alright, and if you want to do it, the paid way, there’s a site Called udemy, where you can basically use persons that are already into the market in digital marketing field, and you pay like $ 30 or $ 40, and they would send your offer to their mailing list, because some of them have like over ten thousand persons in their Mailing list already that are interested in make money online products, so what they would do is they would just get your offer and send it to as much of their leads as possible.

Alright and you in turn will start collecting emails from them because you set up your landing page alright, so that was it for me today. Please, just let me know in the comments, if there’s any specific area that you’d want me to do a detailed article on to show you and you can start making some money online alright. So that is it for today remember to Like subscribe and share and remember to hit the bell.

So you can know when I come up with new articles alright and thanks again for tuning in really appreciate it.


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What I Wish I Knew When Starting Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (Beginner Advice)

Back out again with another article and the like, looks kind of crazy right now, but don’t mind that we’re in the Sunnyside Florida right now and I wanted to go Ahead and shoot a article on what I wish I knew before I started a Philly of marketing to basically maybe help you avoid some pitfalls and some embarrassment and losing some money and all that extra stressful bullcrap that you run into when you first start.

I’r affiliate marketing and just business in general, but before we get into the good stuff, if this is your first time coming across my blog, my name is Eric Ellis jr, I’m a certain digital entrepreneur and I teach people how to crush it online right. So we like that to have stuff hit that subscribe, button hit, that notifications build and join the squad right, wolves, nation and, if you guys, are already an affiliate, marketing and you’re looking for a mentor, get access to my inner circle by clicking the first link in The description now, let’s get into the business now when I first got into affiliate marketing.

The first thing that actually drew me to the business model is that you didn’t need your own products right. You didn’t need to deal with customer system that, like e-commerce, you simply just promote people’s products. You get paid a commission right now when I first started ad the improper guidance right, I was doing it all wrong. What I used to do was I started off with in the biz op niche. What that means is business opportunities, promoting make money online opportunities and the way that I should do it right is.

I was trading my time for money right. So the first thing that I wish I knew is that you don’t want to trade your time for money right. You want to learn about automation, sales, funnels email, marketing, driving traffic on autopilot right, the wrong way to do it is when I first started, and it was so painful right. I was getting rejected, rejected rejected because I was like unboxing people and the DMS right sliding in the DM.

I was texting people in my contact and it was so embarrassing facing on that rejection and people saying what you’re doing is a scam and all those extra bullshit right. If I would have known about automation ahead of time, my life would be so much easier because I wouldn’t have to deal with the construction criticism. I would have to deal with people saying what I’m promoting it’s legitimate and all the negativity of those people who really don’t want to elevate in life right.

So that’s one thing that I highly recommend now another thing that I wish I knew what’s harder to use. My phone right now I’m just kidding, but is that believe it or not? You need a lot more traffic than you think and what I mean is: is you need people to see your offer? If people don’t see your offer, you’re not going to go ahead and get sales right now. There’s this misconception a whole bunch of people are each other.

They said. Look, I’m not getting results within my business. Well, ok, cool! How many people have seen your sales presentation? They’re, like yeah, I showed a few people. I showed a few people guys the average a really good sales presentation converts anywhere from 1 to 3 percent. Alright, let’s break that down 1 to 3 percent of a hundred clicks is 1 to 3 cells. That’s not even talking about the front end of your your funnel meaning, if you put like a landing page and I’m not trying to speak jargon if you’re, if you’re a complete beginner.

But basically, what I’m saying is you need a shitload of visitors to actually generate a realistic income right now. Here’s the thing if the product that you’re selling is a thirty thirty dollar Commission right. If it’s a thirty dollar Commission and you’re getting one cell per day right that 100 clicks, one percent of that is literally thirty dollars per day. Now, let’s be honest here, an extra nine hundred dollars per month would do well for people, but it’s not going to go out and get you rich.

It’s not going to be able to allow you to quit your job right. It’s not going to be able to do that so realistically, you need anywhere from three the 500 clicks per day to generate a realistic income right. So I didn’t know that right and that’s basically something that you want to take them to think in a consideration when you get an affiliate marketing, you you’re going to need traffic right now.

Another thing is before or when I got into affiliate marketing what I wish. I knew is you’re going to lose money right and I was so afraid to do paid ads, because every time I did paid advertisement right, my my ads just, would it make it right out? I wouldn’t succeed, so I was like dang. This is I’m wasting money and guys it takes money to make money right. You don’t learn something unless you fell over and over again, so get that out of your head you’re going to fail, you’re going to lose money right.

It comes with the territory, but eventually you will succeed right. It only takes one successful ad to make you a bunch of money right, because that ads going to make you commissions, you reinvest that those commissions into that same ad and so on and so forth. Right now, another thing that I wish I knew before getting into affiliate marketing is with paid advertisement. You need to split test. You need to optimize right, I used to think it takes one lucky and right I’ll put one ad up and then I’m going to go ahead and be rich.

That is not how it works. You need to put up multiple ads right. You need a split test. I don’t know what the heck split testing even meant right. You need to split test everything right, not even just your ads, but even your sales process right, so you need to always be split, testing and optimizing and improving, because that’s the only way that you’re going to be profitable right is if you’re, testing, testing testing and That’s why a lot of people fell because they don’t test right.

Another thing that I wish I knew before getting into affiliate marketing is that you should always be promoting something with backing up sales now. What does that mean if your initial product, that you’re promoting is a $ 30 cell right after a person purchases that product there should be an additional offer and after they purchased that product there should be another additional? You should always be upselling right.

You know they say in sales. Abc always be closing, I believe in affiliate marketing or just digital marketing. There should always be additional upsell now. Why is that important right? What is enough, so an upsell is simply when somebody makes a purchase and after they purchase up their denial of product they’re offered an additional product that is congruent with that offer. That’s going to from the advertisement perspective, it’s going to increase your overall earnings per customer.

Now, why is that person or excuse me? Why is that important if I’m selling something for only $ 30 or if I’m selling something with an initial sell point at $ 30, but then it starts upselling people right. It’s going to increase my overall earnings per customer. My average earning four customers called LTV lifetime value, so if I’m selling something for $ 30 and something with all its upsells, the average I might be getting for this may be literally $ 90 right.

It’s going to increase what I’m earning for a customer which is important for paid advertisement if you’re selling a product that sells really well, it converts really well, but there’s no upsells right. How are you going to go to make money with your paid advertise? You have to really really really get good at paid advertisement if you’re just getting into it for their marketing. That’s most likely, not the case, so it gives you more room for error.

The more you’re going to make per customer right and another thing that we’re signing before getting into affiliate marketing is stop being so fucking cheap right, I was so super cheap. I don’t want to invest into myself and if I could have done this all over again, I would have invested in the paid courses much sooner right, meaning when you invest them to yourself. You’re literally buying this person’s mistake, so that what do I mean by that somebody who has already been in the game for a long period of time, they’re going to, let me show you look, this is how you do it correctly.

This is what you need to avoid. I’ve made all this money in this industry right instead of going through your own collinear, go through mine right, it’s like having a basketball coach. Somebody says you know what I’ve been playing basketball for 10 years. This is the right way to do it right, avoid all those mistakes that Britt used to my last thing right. One thing that I wish I knew before getting into affiliate marketing is that you need a mentor now, it’s not guaranteed, because not everybody has that a mentor.

Obviously, some people, the the the people who started out, never had mentorship, but that’s doing it today guys what happens is when you don’t have mentorship it’s going to go ahead and take you way long to succeed. Time is money, especially within this business. If you could literally invest $ 500 right, hypothetic invest $ 500, but that gives you the skillset and the mindset to save you, thousands of dollars in paid advertisement of mistakes and to expedite your success process to where you’re going to be successful.

Much quicker right. Wouldn’t it be a benefit for you to where, if you’re, making five thousand ten thousand twenty thousand dollars per month, what does it work that initial investment, if it got you to that dream income level, much quicker I’d, say so right. So if you guys looking for a mentor, as stated in the earlier part of this portion of the article, is first thing the description you ask get access to my inner circle to where I literally help on live coaching calls with you guys.

Did you guys everything that I know and number to answer your questions to figure out where you’re struggling with in your affiliate marketing business, how we can solve those problems and get you one step closer to succeeding and living your dreams, life right, stop struggling! Kick the link down below take action and I can’t wait to help you guys out now. Those are what I know if there’s additional problems that you came across as an affiliate feel free to comment them down below I’ll, go to read them and reply and see if I can relate with you as well.

Well, hopefully, you’ve gained value from this article. I appreciate you guys for tuning and hit that subscribe button hit. The notifications well join the family, also click the link down below get access to the inner circle and your board we’ll see you on the next article. As always, Eric Ellis you’re checking out


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Make $63.25 Per Day CLICKBANK Passive Income In 10 Minutes Or Less!

What’s going on fam Eric Ellis your CEO Bulls Academy, comm, and in this article I’m going to show you how to make 50 to 100 dollars per day for free and ten minutes or less and passive income right now, if you guys want to know my number One recommendation go ahead and click the first thing in the description and if you guys, like my articles about making money online, go ahead and make sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell for future content.

Now, let’s get right into the content, our guys. So in this article I’m going to show you how to make sixty three dollars and 25 cents per day with Clickbank and passive income in 10 minutes or less and the same method that I’m about to uncover. With you guys with one of the affiliate programs that I’m promoting or have promoted, it’s currently making an extra thousand dollars in passive income every 30 days, and it’s currently made me twenty five thousand dollars to date.

With this specific method that I’m going to go in and teach you guys right, and I’m going to prove it to you, if you guys read to the very end of this article, so what we’re going to do guys is, first and foremost, we’re going to go Ahead and step number one to find an offer right, so if you guys are new to Clickbank, what Clickbank is, is an affiliate marketing place affiliate marketplace for those who don’t know what, if for the marketing is and want to get into making money online? This is better than any method out there.

Why? Because all you’re doing is finding products that solve problems in the health wealth and romance niche, and basically you’re promoting these these products right, you don’t have to own the product. You know if the deil customer service, you don’t have to deal with fulfilling the actual products like e-commerce, and there is a good customer experience, unlike ecommerce to where that’s going, to go to take, maybe like three weeks, if you’re doing something like drop shipping for your Customer to get their product and this answer that your customers are getting your product immediately, so there’s a low refund rate.

So if that sounds like a good model for you, let’s go to CL, you guys can make some passive income with it. So what we’re going to do is create a Clickbank account once you guys click your click, create your Clickbank Clickbank account. You guys are going to go to the affiliate marketplace. Then what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to go ahead and find any product in the health wealth or romance niche.

The reason why you want to go ahead and do it within these niches is because they’re large scalable audiences, because everybody will always want to have a better body. People always want to make more money. People will always be trying to find love. Not only that, you notice what I just said with those three things: those are three subjects that you guys can market with emotion, meaning there’s some insecurities in there meeting people who are broke and want to make more money.

That’s an insecurity. People who want to get a better body, that’s an insecurity and people who want to go ahead and find a love that that’s an insecurity. If they’re seeking love right, people are willing to pay. Big bucks actually solve these problems. So what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be bridging the gap between the person who has a problem and basically connecting them with a product that somebody else created and we’re going to be getting paid very well to do so.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and check out the e-business and II am marketing and nichy, which is basically the make money online niche and then what we’re going to be doing here is we’re going to be going to I’m just Going to go ahead and go buy a gravity score now. What the gravity score is, if you guys don’t know what Clickbank is, is basically the amount of Philly instead of generated a sell within the last week.

So, for example, I’m going to go ahead and pick if you offer the 1k fast track, which is basically a thousand dollar product and each cell on average you’re getting paid at 50 % Commission, so they’re willing to pay you out for one hundred and forty two Dollars and eighty cents per cell, so the first step that we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and find an offer which, in this instance, we’re going to be doing the one cave a day fast track.

Next is step. Number two is we’re going to be creating a review right and guys. The reason why I said you’re going to be able to do this in under 10 minutes or less is because a review, basically expressing your opinion about a product should take you no less than 10 minutes right. So basically, for example, just to show you guys what I did was. I went to YouTube and I put in the keyword 1k fast track and the reason why this method is so powerful is because people who are looking to actually make a purchase on this product are probably going to go and actually go through your affiliate link.

Instead of actually going through the original traffic source, so, for example, let’s just say somebody sees this product right with a Facebook ad and they’re like you know what I’m a little bit skeptical. Let me see if this is actually a legitimate product, they’re going to go in and then go to YouTube or go to Google and read a blog post or read YouTube article typing in 1k, Patrick, which is the keyword of the actual product and tie and follow Up with review right and basically what they’re going to do is, if you go to rank your article right 32 minutes here, four minutes here – 21 minutes here so on average, maybe about 10 minutes of time invested right literally just expressing their opinion.

If you give them a positive review, because you gave them your opinion and you let them know that this is actually a legitimate product, you have built reciprocity, they know like and trust you so now when you go and actually recommend the product, which is basically step Number three have a click link call to action, which is basically okay, cool. This is what I think about the product. If you guys want to go ahead and actually get access to this product, go ahead and click the link in my description or you’ll have a click, the link in an actual blog post.

So basically, I found three different reviews now, if you guys are wondering okay, what are the two ways that I can go ahead and create a review and I’m one of you guys can do it via blog post number. Two, you guys can create a YouTube article, which is the fastest route and you’re thinking. Well, I got to show my face. No, you don’t am I showing my face right now. Absolutely not, and I can literally be hiding behind the camera and just dropping a review.

So what you’re going to be doing is literally creating a review ten minutes, and if you don’t, you have two options, you can either buy the product right for $ 1,000 or you can literally just go ahead and find out what other people had to say about The product right now, the reason why I’m not just going to go to listen to one person is because, at the end of the day, you want to go to formulate a consistent opinion.

So if you consistently hear people talking bad about a product, I’m not going to go to positively review it either right. If you hear a whole bunch of people saying good things about it, then what are the key takeaways that people talk about with the actual product? So, basically, here’s three different articles, I’ll read those three articles. I did the same thing with Google. These are three different blog posts that I found under literally just typing 1k at a fast track review.

I’m going to go ahead and go through these reviews. I’m going to review them, find the key takeaways, create my own article structure and literally go ahead and drop a review. Then the next step that we’re going to do is step number three: have a click link? Call to action so after you’ve positively reviewed the product you’re going to go in and generate itself now. The reason why I got this is passive income is because you have to create the review one time and, let’s just say six months down.

The line Jimmy here decides that they want to go ahead and potentially buy one k fast, fast-track they’re, going to go ahead and go to manifest freedom, they’re going to read the article and then literally, I can make a purchase six months down the line and it Took you ten minutes of your time to create that asset once which is your your actual review and that review right? Let’s just do some math here really quick.

If I was to go ahead and generate one cell per week, which is four hundred and forty two dollars and eighty cents and commissions seven days a week – is basically sixty two dollars and twenty five cents per day now the cool thing is, is that you can Do this with many affiliate products, many different offers – and you could literally do this as an extras little side hustle and make a ridiculous amount of money.

Make hundred dollars a day two hundred dollars a day, because you’re literally just going to go to put these articles on, create the article one time but they’re going to go to make money from you passively, because at the end of the day, for example, if I Go to YouTube. This was created three weeks ago, and then we also have somebody who created one one a month ago, and I promise you this currently in three weeks – has a thousand views.

Imagine in five months from now how many views is going to have and then a percentage of loops those people have actually viewed. This piece of content are going to go in actually buy the product through men. If that’s freedoms link, so you guys can be doing the same thing with this exact product as well as any additional product on Clickbank. So literally just start searching for some products start reading.

Some reviews start looking at the actual products and to review the product itself and then have a click, click. The link call to action now, just to show you guys that I’m not just bullshitting, you guys, I made $ 25,000 with click funnels. I do not actively promote this product, I’m making a thousand dollars a month if you notice $ 66 six to eight dollars. Fifty three dollars. This is money without me.

Working have wait income streams, but this is a passive income that I made from these reviews that I made so clip photos review, clickfunnels, review, clickfunnels review, clickfunnels review, so I dropped, maybe about like five different clip photos, reviews at different times, because I just felt like Creating that type of content at the time and there passively so if you notice this article two years ago right it’s the passive asset, 13,000 views this one.

That’s four point: two thousand views, so these are literally imagine of only a small percentage of these people bought the product right, if literally only maybe twenty people out of this article bought this product. That is forty dollars per month, which excuse me forty dollars per month per person, which is about a thousand dollars a month. So you guys get the gist. Basically simple steps find an offer, create a review and have a click.

The link call to action so guys. There’s that simple guys, all you do is literally of those three simple steps. Your learners are going to be driving traffic to that link, you literally just sit back, sit back and relax now guys. The only way this is going to go to work because some people are going to be like, oh well, this isn’t working because blah blah blah blah blah blah blah excuse excuse excuse.

The only way this is going to go to work is, if you consistently put in work and drop these articles, meaning literally try to do minimum bare minimum one of these per week and over time it will compound traffic will compound and that’s where you’ll start, maybe Making $ 20 a day, then $ 50 a day, then $ 100 a day, literally. That traffic is going to compound to where it’s going, to go ahead and literally be a nice chunk of change and passive income, and it might be able to pay for your car payment it might be able to pay for whatever residual bills.

You have imagined being able to cover that with residual income. So with that being said, take action and if you guys want to know my no wood recommendation to make money online, go to and click the first thing in description or if you guys are on Instagram or something like that click. The link in my bio, solar, somewhere around here, take freaking action. But as long as your boy, Eric Ellis the wolf of marketing checking out

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