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Branding Companies Their Perspective On Social Media Branding

Well, and also you know, a global community, and so we first, the book is really a shift away from the miiverse mentality that is driven marketing. Their own business drew leave the way that we can see innocence. Yours, you know it’s driven the way we treat the planet for so long, and you know, based on the arrival of social media based on the reality, therefore, mutual dependence that we saw in 2008.

We first is a new way of looking at the world. What does it mean for leaders? How do you lead a company a fortune 500 not be a start-up, a non-profit in a we first way. How do you as an employee, do your job in a we first way? How do you as a consumer, buy what you need and live it like? You want to leave, but also be responsible in a way first sense, and so the books theme is how brands and consumers use social media to build a better world, and the only other context I would say for the book was this: you know either dad I’ve Got two daughters: if you look around the world right now, there’s one thing we’re painfully aware of which is government debt.

You know both in the UK and here you know, there’s been a lot of noise about how much trouble or in. Secondly, you know that your government philanthropy do so much and the resources dedicated to flame for mere limited, in which case, where are we going to find the solutions minute? Honestly? Where are we going to find it, but we’re just going to sort of throw our hands or we get a roll up our sleeves in the face and what’s coming? And you know, let’s talk about double deep recessions in Greece defaulting in the next couple of few days and all these different things.

Where is that change going to come, in which case myself and other consumers and citizens all around the world are looking for the private sector to play a more responsible role? Why? Because we’ve seen the private sector do very well, both in terms of you know what happened with 2008 behavior, since we know they’re sitting on record profits, but if you’re here in the United States right now, it were also with a lot of their behavior has negative Impacts outfit, so we as consumers as citizens to see me go.

You know what, if you were here to vote with my purchasing power in the shopping arm, if you will be to vote for you every day at the checkout, I want you to be more socially responsible, because I know we’re in trouble. I’m greet the web. People share it with me on social media and I’m looking for new solutions, and you can’t just line your own pocket and keep making things worse for everybody else, and so

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