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My Desk Tour – Ultimate Filmmaking Editing Station 2018

My article editing desk tour. It’s not like one of those tours you know desk tours, you see online were yeah. This desk randomly placed in the middle of a room and there’s no cables and nothing, and it basically just looks very suspicious and kind of hard to believe that somebody’s actually using that for work. So this disk, like I said I use this pretty much every day when I’m here in my studio, editing, you know, checking emails, all kinds of stuff, you know doing visual effects, sound mixing! That’s why I got these two big nice speakers and it’s it’s a little messy.

Maybe I should have cleaned it up for this article dusted it off, but you know what I just want you guys to see how it actually looks when I’m working. So I do try to keep my desk clean, but it’s not like I can. You know avoid having cables and things like that, but anyways. Let me first start maybe sort of with the desk it’s perfectly in the corner of my office. That’s the reason why I got it: it’s not the most ideal desk.

I will probably in the future, upgrade to a desk that you know looking, for example, go up and down, but this thing gets the job done and what I mean by that is that it, just you know, fits in the corner of my office here, which was The ideal spot for for me to put this you know kind of editing, workstation, then the next thing, maybe let me just quickly talk about the computer that I’m using this is an MSI desktop computer that I actually did a full review of it.

It was custom built for me by MSI and in that article, on the full review you can kinda find out all the specs and also how you guys can actually build a machine like that yourself, because it has a whole like kind of a guide on how To build it, what parts to order? That’s that I got this been using it for over a year and I loved it. It’s an amazing computer still like handles pretty much everything I throw at it on top of the computer.

Here I get my headphone stand with my two set of headphones. One is for me when I’m kind of monitoring and mixing audio the other set of headphones is just for gaming and by the way my whole desktop is actually sitting on top of a case. From regard which is actually two old lenses – and it’s a case that you can plug in and it keeps everything climate-controlled, so you don’t develop any fungus or things like that in your lenses and then, as you know, there’s a pier.

I get my salted nuts great snipe for when you’re working now I like to have the desk top kind of facing this way, because this way I have the access to all their basically, you know I input/output kind of ports on the back of my computer, so I can quickly access plug in and unplug things that I need to. On top of that, I actually have a little HAP here, for you know, has three USB 3.0 plugs. It also has a different card readers, so I can plug in my cards and I can offload footage.

I also have a c FS 2.0 card reader up here, and this is all just valve velcro, so you know to the bottom here, so you can easily remove it or attach it back to the desk. The keyboard is actually a great keyboard and it’s not a keyboard that you’ll probably know the company name. I don’t even know it. It’s an NP ET. What I love about this keyboard is it’s an actual working keyboard. I mean you, can you can smush this thing? You can throw it around, nothing will happen to it.

It’s all metal pretty much like that. The bottom here is aluminum. It is a little bit of heavy, but it’s also very minimalistic in the sense that it’s it takes a very small amount of space, but it has these keys as you’ll notice that really stick out and there’s actually a backplate. It has different colors and you can change the colors and the settings, not that I ever do that. But when I’m working actually or color grading, then I usually will have the lights here pretty much off.

So it’s not going to be as bright as it is. For this article and so having the keyboard, backlit really helps, and also for me, because I’m working with minimal desk space, I wanted a keyboard that just takes up a minimal amount of space, and this way I can, you know, still comfortably put my hands on it And and what I love about this keyboard is because the keys are so like really sticking out of the keyboard and it’s easy to find it.

Basically, whenever I’m looking at the screen, so I don’t have to kind of fumble around and be like okay, which, where am I on the keyboard with the thing you really feel it and you also feel every click like you know when you press each button. You know you know that you’ve pressed it, so it’s actually a really good keyboard. It’s not Wireless. I’ve tried various wireless keyboards, the same thing with the wireless mouse, and I’ve always had problems like.

Sometimes it would worked and they wouldn’t work with disconnected. So this one is wired and it actually has this nice threaded cord. So it’s kind of heavy duty and for me that’s fine. I don’t mind having cables like I said this is a desk that I actually use every day for work, so it just not needs to work, and I was getting so frustrated with different these wireless keyboards and Mouse’s that I was using that.

Finally, I just said no more, no more next thing appear: you’ll see is my tangent control surface and what I use this for is basically when I’m color grading. So if I’m in DaVinci Resolve, I just go to my color panel and it’s automatically configured. You know you can kind of customize certain things the features about it, but pretty much. What this is is it’s instead of using you know these actual color wheels within the software, and then you can only at that point, if you’re using a mouse to do that.

You can only adjust one at a time. Well, it’s kind of more intuitive when I’m looking up here. This is actually my monitor that I’ll be usually looking at when I’m color grading, and I can this way just quickly adjust to lift camera and gain without even looking down here. I just kind of really be creative, very kind of intuitive and I can adjust all three of those at once and so, if you’re going to be serious about editing but especially color grading that I would say you get yourself a control surface, there’s different options.

I reviewed also the one from Blackmagic it’s great. If you’re going to be working in resolve this one will work in resolve Final Cut. You know premiere and a few other programs too. You can use it in, but you know I got this one, not because it’s the best control surface, but it’s the smallest one. That’s really why and I again I’m working with limited desk space now, because this control surface doesn’t have all the buttons and things like that, like some of the other ones, have that’s why I also have this palette here control surface, which is it’s great, because this Works in all kinds of applications, you can customize it.

You have sliders, you have knobs, you have buttons and it’s also all magnetic. So I can quickly for some poor remove things see. Example, if I don’t like this button there, I can move the button to another spot here. I know magnetically connects and and sends the signal. So it’s a it’s a great way of working at it, and so you can really sort of configure the sliders and buttons and all that stuff to to the way that you like to work.

So I would say, having actual physical buttons is going to be key when you’re collaborating – and here I switched my settings so actually this will take me to our next point. I see this little puck. That’s to control my display up here. Both of these monitors by the way are from BenQ I’ve been on a search. This is like the most amazing color grading monitor fork, display, there’s different sizes. You can get of this, and I did a full review of its are going to put a link for that in the description on this article.

You guys can check out – and I just mounted it on this arm – that I got on Amazon – allows me like full articulation. I can twist it and, let’s top also them. For example, it’s a grading and I want to show it at sea to a client. That’s sitting here, I can, you know, kind of you know, pull it out there, it’s more comfortable to see – and I just put it up here. You know above because, usually sometimes I would have like.

I mean the monitor here or migrating monitor on the side, but I can I put it up here because again I want to utilize this sort of corner of my office. The best so makes sense to have it there, it’s so comfortable for me to to look up at it, and the cool thing is: it comes with the pack here and with this pack I can have different presets, so you can see I can have like mono. You know I can have, for example, Adobe RGB different different things like that custom presets, but I can also switch so right now.

For example, I’m working in the Vinci resolve and I have the Blackmagic output card connected, and so I can just click here. Go to my inputs and just switch to that and now you’ll notice. If I go, for example here I see if I scroll through it you’re going to see here the you know, basically what I’m seeing up here and resolve, but this is now going through the black magic card, and what that means is that it’s actually properly.

You know the colors are properly adjusted and that’s because what I did is I calibrated that monitor and I calibrated it using this thing. This is the I display from X right, I still use it. I always have it there because you know pretty much on a weekly, sometimes on bi-weekly basis, I’m going to be recalibrating my monitor, because the colors do shift on every monitor. So you want to make sure you do that and I will actually calibrate both of my monitors, so they both work well yeah and actually that maybe takes me to the next point, which is many times.

People are asking me when you’re working in the venturi resolve. Basically, how can you get a full display on your second monitor, so you can see you know full screen and it’s actually that’s so simple or not as simple as, for example, you can doing some of the other editing programs, but it’s actually in a way. It’s a good thing because results basically forces you to get a proper. You know output card they put inside your computer that this way you can bypass the whole color calibration within Windows or Mac, depending on what system you’re working on so bypasses.

All of that – and it just goes straight through the card – you calibrate the display – you apply a lot that the card, basically processes, and so this way you know that your colors and I’m going to be upset because of your operating system. Colors basically calibration. But if I ever want to use this as much just sort of regular monitor when I’m you know working on Windows, then again I can just switch this to go back to basically to my other input and then this way I can just use as a regular Desktop kind of monitor, you’ll notice.

I actually have another monitor here connected and that’s right now. It’s basically just a spare monitor that I had lying around my office. It’s from aperture, not the best display, but the reason why I have this here is so that when I’m working in DaVinci Resolve, then I can have my scopes. Basically, and you know my vector scope, my RGB parade all that stuff on a separate display. So, as I’m scrolling through the shots, this will actually update in real time and I can kind of really again be more intuitive.

When I’m color grading, I can check here how it looks so next thing, maybe we’ll talk about is kind of. What’s underneath this monitor and that’s actually have sound card from behringer, and I just use this as my main set of Sunfire – I do have obviously a built-in sound card in my PC, but for like sort of proper audio recording, mixing things like that. I just find having an external card like this: just works better, so this actually allows me to four so plug in XLR microphone, which is this little guy up here that I use, let’s see if I’m doing voiceovers or web streaming things like that, and it provides Phantom power – I have you, know, actual knobs here for adjusting the input levels, recording levels things like that.

I can plug my headphones up here and it actually provides XLR, basically connections to my two speakers here, which are two speakers from sonow. Now these speakers, I know some people like when I posted photos on Instagram things like that people are asking me Tom. What are these speakers? Can I get these, and these are, I should say: maybe these are studio. Monitors like they’re, really reproduce sound really nicely.

They have a tweeter up here and I think it’s a six and a half inch woofer and they’re really powerful speakers they’re really heavy. Actually, so I can add to mount them. You know they’re against the wall, but they’re they’re, really good speakers, but they’re not no. Longer available, I don’t know what happened, whether it’s analogous you know just wasn’t: selling in a food desert what they also have appear: independent audio level adjustments, things like that they’re great speakers, but unfortunately they’re not available, so you guys won’t be able to get them.

But I did do a review before of various different studio monitors, basically for monitoring sound when you sound mixing and things like that and there’s some other really great options out there. The budget and expensive option so again check that article out I’ll provide the link for it in the description of this one now quickly going back to the displace the monitor I have an ear on. The bottom, like I said, is also BenQ widescreen curved monitor.

I know I did a article before because I was kind of searching for months for, like the perfect widescreen monitor, and I couldn’t find one that I really liked. Not this one, I think, is the best option from all the ones that I’ve tested, because it’s it’s kind of a good middle ground in terms of it’s great for gaming and just in general computing, but it’s also good for article editing has decent color reproduction.

Now, it’s not as good as this BenQ monitor this one’s like design for photography. You know article production, this one is kind of again more kind of you know, because I’m a good middle ground where it has good refresh rate for gaming and that kind of stuff, but it’s also got colors that are almost as good as this. This monitor, but the reason why I’m no longer concerned with it being curved, which you know if you read my article where I was looking for those monitors, I kind of complained that you can really do serious article or graphics work on a curved monitor because everything Gets distorted well right now I don’t really care because, like I said it’s, it is nice to have that.

You know wider aspect ratio you’re more space on your time line on that stuff, but when I’m actually judging my final graphics and see if all the lines are straight and everything then I’ll look at it up here. On my monitor, as far as hard drives that I used going to store all of my article data in audio music files, all that for for the work that I do, there’s few options that I have one you see up here on my desk.

It’s this hard drive from Lacey Lacey Lassie, I’m not even sure how you pronounce that. Maybe you guys looking, let me know in the comment section. This is actually a surprisingly really nice hard drive it’s fairly fast. I can actually edit RAW files right off of this drive and I like the fact that it’s got. It is built-in also card readers here on the bottom and a USB three, so I can plug in. Let’s see my SSD or I guess in my SD cards I can upload footage footage directly onto it.

So I like that, but that this is kind of, like my smaller drive, that I have just up here for immediate kind of projects and I’m editing right now. But when it comes to projects that I’m poor, I need to store a lot of data. For example, when I’m backing up multiple projects – and I still want to have access to it and one or sometimes maybe let’s say be able to read some of the bigger article files from it, but I don’t do it on a consistent basis.

Then I use this big network storage drive and it’s from a Synology. You can get it. You know, there’s different sizes that they offer. What I like about on one from Synology is the fact that you can really customize it, but it’s also, if you know nothing about mass drives or how to configure them all that stuff. It’s damn simple with their software, like literally you just plug in they give you little instructions like one.

Two, three steps you put in create your password all that stuff and you can access it anywhere on your let’s say home network. So I can even let say if I want to read files off of it or, for example, Vaman access the files using one of my Smart TVs. Things like that. So I can just you know, read media files and my stored articles. Then I can do that plus I can access it on all of my computers in my studio here and even while, I’m traveling.

So, let’s see if I’m somewhere on a remote location, but I want to have access to certain file or something like that again, I can just log in and I can read all my files. So it’s a really good, really nice, the one that I have it’s six drives each one of them is 8 terabytes, and for me right now I find that to be plenty of space now I will probably be with time abrading, maybe to a bigger one or Just another one of these Synology drives.

It definitely way better than what I was using before before I literally had like all these little external portable drives that I had, and I had a ton of these and basically just plugging in at the search you know for let’s see, oh maybe it’s on this Drive that file or no this driver I just have to plug in and plant like all these drives, and it was just a real just out just a hassle, basically storing and all those drives, and it wasn’t a secure with the Synology system, you’re kind of again, The software that they give you makes it very easy to keep everything organized.

You can do automatic backups things like that. So check that out, if you’re interested in basically being able to store a lot of computer data, article files, things like that and have all of that, be basically network accessible and be automated for you. Another thing I want is it going to show you here? Is nothing big, but it’s just as USB happy. I always struggle. I don’t know how you whether you guys have the same problem, but I always find like I have too many things to plug into the USB.

So this one I like because it’s it’s big. It’s like, you know, nicely built tough and it has a lot of ports, but it also has these: ports are just you know, dedicated to just powering or charging your devices, and there are five volts at two amps. So that’s kind of where I plug in my phone, usually when I’m working, I just plug it in through here, and I know that this thing is going to get charged really quickly because of those ports and then the other ones you can.

Actually, you know if you use them to reach your hard drives and things like that. So that’s that’s pretty much my setup in a nutshell and as you’ll notice I put in a little fancy lighting in the back. I have my little remote here that I’m used that I can basically you know turn it off on the light that can change the color things like that, you know again cheap little light. I think this is like twelve bucks on Amazon that I use and my little note cut there and that’s pretty much it that’s my desk.

If you guys have any other questions, maybe what else you want me to answer about my setup and let me know, and I’ll hopefully talk about it. I kind of mode more detail. Maybe I’ll concentrate on each one of these items, but but overall, I’m really happy with this. Oh yeah, this chair. By the way I know some people are asking me: it’s not the greatest chair. I got it because I got a deal in it. It’s kind of more like a I guess, gaming chair, it is comfortable, it’s not comfortable what I just find I knowing what it is it does not.

This is the lowest that it goes, and my other desk on the other side of my office is actually not as high as this one and there I basically cannot fit underneath the desk, so I wish was able to go lower, but otherwise – and you know you Can adjust your you know the the armrests and things like that, but yeah over? I find this comfortable. You know when I’m working, I’m usually like this. I have like I said access here.

I can you know I have a lot of real estate on this bottom screen for article editing on my timeline and all that stuff, and then also you know, like I said up here. This monitor is amazing for actually being able to see your final quality. You know my control surfaces up here. They can easily kind of go in and tweak the colors. My exposure things like that, but so far I’m really happy with the setup like I said, I’ve already added a whole bunch of projects and finished recently a feature-length documentary.

Actually, I did some, you know editing, color grading, even some mixing. This is actually another film that I’m working on called sharkbait. I shot this earlier this year in Ecuador and it’s a it’s a short movie. So hopefully you guys are excited to see it. I mean I’m going to release it online as soon as I can, but yeah it’s pretty much done editing. But it’s you know it’s it’s it’s a joy working in this and if you haven’t seen actually in my previous article, I talked about how I switched from editing in Adobe Premiere over the last few months, and I kind of just jumped into doing everything in DaVinci Resolve I find this application to be amazing because it has a lot of advanced features, but also of you’re just a beginner.

You want to jump into it. It’s also easy to learn and kind of start editing in it. So great editor, you know we can do visual effects in it. Sound mixing and an amazing color grading application, so the Vinci resolved free plug for them by the way I’m not getting paid by anybody. You know no company appeared to do. I need to mention any of these things. Just literally this is my like. I said this is my setup and then here I got my crack of dragon from my home town in Poland.

So little souvenir that I put up here but yeah overall, I’m happy with my workstation. If you guys enjoyed this article or if you want more Meishan, then let me know in the comment section below don’t forget to click the like button and and if you want to stay up to date with, like you know, any other kind of articles like this Or let’s say the film, you know when it’s going to be released and things like that, then just go to my website and sign up to my newsletter and that’s going to be at Tom Antos films that come over there you’ll find a whole bunch of other Things anyway, so I’ll see you guys in the next article bye

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