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Reviewing my older SMMA s | How To Get Social Media Marketing Clients

From Pablo from lifestyle design community, by the way guys for those of you that are not in the lifestyle design community just yet is it is a free private Facebook group which will be linked in the description box down below where you can basically surround yourself with Like-Minded people and there’s a bunch of free resources from me in there, as well as a free ebook, a free social media, marketing mini course.

You know, along with a few other little freebies and tips, tricks and etcetera. Everything is in that community. So it and say the check and that out, if you are serious about what’s starting with a social media marketing book like I said I got this request from Pablo, he mentioned, or he basically asked me, you know, is my content on YouTube. I show my all the content, is it still relevant? So you know, obviously, as you guys know, I push out a lot of content and I it’s getting to the point now where I think I’m up to five uploads a week.

Something like that, and I have been doing this for years. I literally since I think the end of 2017 was when I started to post on my first, my social media article. So you know I’ve been here for a while and obviously I have discussed almost every single topic related to social media marketing and then Pablo’s question was, you know, are the older articles still as relevant? You know, as the more newer articles is it with.

You know go back to all those articles. If you are, you know only now, just tuning in or discover and my blog, but I guys before we actually start this article. We have reached 5000 subscribers and which is amazing. You know I’m it’s it’s weird, because I remember as if it was yesterday when it just starts this blog out, I’ve still got screenshots when I’ve got like 300 subscribers. I’r checking my stats every single day.

I remember checking my social blade. That’s like list that one subscriber extra every single week so what a week – and that was a week I’m out – I think it’s like – maybe between 10 and 20, which is amazing to see the blog you’ll finally grow and they keep in Kabul it with a piece. So yeah thanks very much obviously for those that have subscribed for those that haven’t yet subscribed, and you know if you want to see more content like this, then make sure you do because, like I said, I am uploading almost five times a week now and trying To provide you guys with as much value as possible, but without running on too much.

What I’m going to do today is review one of my older articles not like anything like that: a value based article and basically give my comments on it and see if it’s still relevant in 2020. So without further ado, let’s hop into the computer and well basically check out. One of the articles know I’ll always know time. So here we are on my youtube blog. Let me see so what we will do is we will go to articles and we’ll sort by shall we sort by oldest or most popular? Let me see what is by oldest, exactly like almost like to fit like two years ago, like one of the fitness /, confident creative articles, what I’ll do because these are quite short, let’s see if I can review a long one, what I’ll do it I’ll do? Most popular and then see if we find an old article, Dana life they in life, by the way, guys for those that don’t know what this is.

It’s basically a plugin to make sure that you are as productive as can be, and so you switch on this. Basically, all of the articles will remove and then you can only use YouTube as like a CH function. So it’s really really really good for those of you that have trouble trusting or just get distracted easily by YouTube. So Dana life day-in-the-life high income skill. I can’t even know what this was about a year ago: how to get social media marketing clients in 2019, so fear that might be me, but that might be a good article because you know, obviously everything is about social media marketing on this blog, but because this Is a year ago we can check out and see if it’s still relevant as a true, and we can also check out the search ranking to see this anything cold on this article ranks quite well.

I shouldn’t see here it ranks fish, but I hope to get social media marketing, clients 2019, which is pretty cool, and yes, obviously always like your own articles, because if you don’t then no one else will ok. So let me just fullscreen this and then we’re there. We go, there’s the sound second else: the old intro. I miss that intro. Don’t reason why I switch this intro was because of copyrights, YouTube blog, any type of tips.

You want me to provide or any questions in money online that you’d like to see answered in my YouTube articles, and I got bombarded with questions on how to get clients to social media marketing and they know in specifically nowadays so 2019. You know: are there any new methods of outreach? Are there any new ways to get? It was quick so when they all blow this article January 7 longer than a year ago to do the cold calling and I’m not saying that cold, calling enterprise method of outreach or anything like that, there was a very old-school proven light of truth.

Getting your clients or reaching out to clients, but nowadays there are easier ways, especially we just thought now I don’t feel confident to do the cold call. There are easier ways to do an outreach and myself. I have never thought a cold port in my life, I’m probably not other day.I there. So you know this. It’s a good job. Fun fact in the Netherlands call corners even illegal. You can’t even do cold calls in the Netherlands, and I think they can’t actually complain.

If you do, you might get fined a lot of people. The try doing outreach with Facebook or, if you don’t do it in the right way. So today is how I should do it and do it an effective way. So the way we used to do it is by finding businesses online. No, they go to the Facebook page and then send them a message, a message you know through them. Through the facebook messenger feature on the business page, I mean never used to get a reply, so we used to be able to see that someone read it, but no one actually replied so what we actually do now.

Ok, first of all, because they’re just running on here trying to figure out what the methods about reaching I’m going to use for this start off with Facebook. You look I so honest. You come here, so we look Facebook page. Why did I not fullscreen that? That’s annoying, I mean sure how what type of ads are they bullying good? I remember that when we used to be able to see info on ads, Facebook no longer have that.

Obviously, you know any school to page transparency and this one I still have my own Facebook account as well. Unfortunately dies. That’s mal, bunsall can’t use that anymore. I remember when I discovered the Facebook fix help. I was absolutely wasn’t because it was such a quick way of basically finding out if people are running ads, so busy tracking data or knock a so. What I used to do was basically find their business on Facebook that is running ads if they, if they win to run as let’s be fair.

Even if the way I used to find the business see what to do and see if they got the Facebook pixel installed, and then I used to go on LinkedIn and find that business owner on LinkedIn and basically try and find out who that person is the Name and then add that guy on Facebook, I used to remember that we used to be a very effective way of doing it, and I think a lot of people do in our day. So, like people have to scroll with this method pause, not every business is registered on LinkedIn.

So it’s it’s good that wakes, but if it’s not you’re, basically wasted time doing a little bit of research where you could be sending. I was like an email blasts or anything like that page owner on Facebook. Before we do that number. The a.M. Club shout-out to everyone who was in the aim am close bitches. I hear basically before that the lifestyle design community that was the the Facebook group only when he accepts that friendship request.

We send a message to say you know: hey thank you for being on Facebook, and you know I checked out your business page between yeah shoot a few things I’d like to discuss with you. Is it okay? If I send you, I bet a screenshot portfolio and a case going to be anything like that. Okay, I think this might mind to me before I discovered, loom, I’m not one percent sure I was quite the end to the party in terms of a loom.

I think around this time I did discover, but what I do now, rather than sending a portfolio or a screenshot or anything like that, I just ask them you know: is it okay to send over a quick article with some ideas that I’ve got and then I Send a loom and some cure see when I still mentioned, I don’t know I sit down in one of my previous articles, like I think from yesterday, maybe and depend on what order I upload them in, but basically it’s what I do is I sell the meeting.

Rather than the service, so rather than promoting my service right away, I basically you know, ask them for a micro commitments, so the first one is obviously: is it okay to send over the article? The second one might be, you know, is it’ll. Do you want to hear more about this? Let’s hop on a call: okay, none of the things I’m still say. Yes, that is okay. If you pitch your service right away and you’re in for the call right away, they will just ignore you, because you haven’t built up that report just yet so again, a mistake that we made is islands in University.

I know that you shouldn’t pitch your service, but you should pitch a call. You know just ask him if it’s okay, if you can call them or is it okay to settable call, but what I’ve noticed if, with this method of outreach, that aiming for the call on the first point of contact doesn’t work either just ask them if it Is okay to provide volume if they say yeah, that’s good advice. I it’s weird actually reading.

Like my, I don’t read my own articles but because obviously I recorded myself, so I know what I’m going to say and after you’ve edited the article like for those of you that make their own articles you’ll know. You know, after you’ve edited the article that I there’s already be like five times, we’ve seen the same piece of content over and over again and as soon as you top loads, like I’m, basically sick of seeing that piece of content so to actually read it back.

But looking back like I said this is a year ago. This is this is still very relevant. It’s evergreen and, in my opinion, that’s that’s good advice to get started. You can have some okay call or if you like help with this, you know. Is it okay, ap is what meet you know anything like that? Okay. So that’s the first method of outreach, I’ve already sort of mentioned the second method, which is to make big, obviously, so what me do was to fire business online at me can help again.

We check, have you got the facebook pics are stored with that I don’t actually use LinkedIn like hardly ever anymore. I shouldn’t start using other than if it is, we add them on LinkedIn and send them a sort of the same message. Okay, so we asked them. You know strengthen your business. I’ve got a few ideas for you or quite a few things I’d like to boom by it. Is it by the message that you send on LinkedIn? If you do it, it can list use, be the same messages as you do on Facebook and email so yeah.

Basically, I have three-pronged attack: you’ll have email, Facebook and LinkedIn and there’s a small chance that they’ll ignore all three messages. You know if you’re going to reach out on every platform and obviously don’t do it too much, because you might seem a bit, you know desperate spot. You know if you basically have multiple touchpoints, there’s, obviously a smaller chance of them, ignoring you all together, okay, facebook Messenger when you contact with business owner, so I’m not the business.

The business owner and you’ve got anything weird again. We contact the business owner. Why the business owner? Because you don’t want to be dealing with cases of a case, so we use the content, marketing, managers or public relations or anything like that, and these people have not got the rights or the authority to you, know give you or take you on or for you To take them on as a client, basically, okay, they have nothing to do that.

They cannot say. Okay, you know you can take. What’s on the client, only the business owner or the decision maker actually do that so make sure you don’t feel cakey but make sure you can deal with the business owner. Okay, another method that is really effective on getting in contact with clients. If I send them Allu know that’s sick Lisi, I didn’t expect my so as you can see at January. Seventh, I already the scope of the loop method and yeah, like I said, loom, is such a powerful way of doing outreach and relax it a year ago I was really preaching the Lu method, so yeah, that’s definitely something that it’s way stood the test of time.

Obviously, cuz a year later, I’m still raving about Lu and, like I said you know, it’s just a really really effective way of getting your point across without seeming very salesy, because it’s just a small article, micro commitments. All you need to do is read the article. They can see that’s a personal piece of outreach and you know that you’re putting in the effort to reach out piously to them rather interesting.

I was a mass blast. It’s like we transmit with the file gets saved in the cloud and the link I think loom is it’s stays in the cloud forever. I think I’m more understand sure I think you can see your article and then a left bottom of the speed. They can also see your face, they can see huge sorghum and you can see you see your screen at the same time. So again you know you can show them. Okay, you know I’m on your Facebook page.

I’ve looked at the ads logo and I’ve got feedback on this this and this and this I would do it this this in this way, and is it okay? If I send you a case, will be on how this wake up. The last time I wake in a claim, or is it okay? If I send you our portfolio, that we filter with results that we’ve got previous clients? Isn’t? Okay, you know blah blah blah. Okay, so again, you’ll move your basic, send the same message, but in a article message, which makes it a bit more personal because they can see you are talking about their business rather than just no spend up.

Okay, you can also send a loon to face walking and send a loon through linking. We can also send a link through email, okay, so a lot of people ignore that’s what we do nowadays send them by email. Yes, analyze it article Lulu, you know by email, then you know, there’s a big chunk of them replying because they know it’s not fun. It’s not email blast wave since our last email. What we do now is we send out an email blast asking if they want to see the loom that we’ve recorded, which we haven’t actually recorded and then as soon as they reply saying, yes, send it over.

We record it so it’s like a sort of like fake or the strategy, but it works because you know you set up the blast. Let’s say you send the blast out: 200 businesses and 20 of them replied. Then you record the 20 looms and then in the loom of the ash, no budget, okay to send over this or so no, if you want to hop on a call, it cetera, but you know that way. It’s an easy way of you know it’s mass outreach, but it’s also personal as well.

For those that apply, they get a personal message back. You can get a notification if they’ve readed a loom, okay, so we’ve since I was, I think, was four looms yesterday and we’ve already got four looms. It’s like, as if that’s a lot like nowadays like I said we do mass outreach and like as soon as they reply like it would be like some days I was send out, like maybe twenty looms of 20 businesses reply, but I like the fact that I I basically was saying enough for looms as if it’s a lot, which is funny but yeah, like I said, there’s good advice and like the the message that you get when people view the loom is great as well because, like I said you can just immediately mail Against it, hey guys, so you just view my loom.

You know what you think of it, it’s just something that you might find interesting, yes or no anything for females. Payback, saying you know, patience, okay, so I was the for businesses. Three businesses already have readed our loop and now we’re just waiting for them to reply. It’s don’t apply the Muslim follow message. Saying hey. You know we saw like music and is it okay if we send over okay she’ll, do anything.

I just like a little quick. Follow with them and the last method that I highly recommend you guys use is freelance websites, like Oh quick card, like people Balcom, like freelance comm, know these people that post jobs on these fields, websites are actively secret your service. So you don’t need to convince enough. They need social media, more things you don’t need to community like they need Facebook ads, because they already know that and you’re already actively seeking Shore to do it.

You know for them on their behalf. So all you need to do is reply to that job post and convince them that you’re, the right person for the job – and you know you want you need to do here as well – is make sure that they realize that you are not a freelancer you’re, not Going to wait for peanuts, you’re, not a virtual assistant, you are a business owner. You own, an agency, you yeah, it’s still relevant.

All of this to be fair, we still use or break while we now we no longer apply for jobs on our way across Belgium. We’ve got virtual assistants that do that, but the method still stays the same and we still look on freelance websites like hope way, and I guess you know the Oh quick methods is – is no longer as powerful as effective as it once was, but still a very Very good way of getting a few little extra clients here and there, because it is low-hanging fruits.

These people are already actively looking for a social media markt. I, like I said one year ago. You know you don’t need to convince them that social media marketing is the way to go. They understand that because they look and just want to take over the social. All you need to do is convince them that you are the right person for the job. You are on their way on their level, and you know if they work with you, then they need to respect basically, okay, so you’re, not a virtual assistants, you’re not going to wait for them you’re going to work with them and get their results.

So if you know that – and you know how to ways that I you know to come across as a business owner and rather than a freelance of trying to wait for peanuts, no, you will get a very high conversion rate on okay, okay guys. So that is all I got for today. I hope you get on out of this. I hope this will make it easier for you to get clients if we also from anymore in 2090, in change of the script on water actually say, and you know what to say, insecure see what I’m going to promote.

Fear, oh yeah, because around this time I probably just released the course because that’ll cool to see like the old layouts. Obviously now it’s all updated and stuff and and there’s a lot more content there and a lot more tail of contents. World social media marketing, because at the time I remember the still, we still had affiliate marketing paste on branding of stuff, as as the main modules now was like basically part of a bonus section boy yeah.

It’s cool to see this and like this is everything that you get with the coaching nowadays as well. So for those of you that are interested in the coaching, you basically get me as a personal coach, where I basically take you on other clients and help. You start your own agency, but you also get basically the entire course to you know, look through as well, you know for the time start and you basically want to get.

You know continue on your own or on times where you know I might not. I might be busy or whatever you usually do – replied right away, but you know. Basically, this is an easy way of you go on flew all over the contents and then I’ll see you. You can ask me questions about that as well, so you basically got two things. You’ve got the entire course and you’ve got me as a coach. Yes, a look at all their affiliate content and dropship and stuff.

Why it’s even though, there’s so much content, so many different business models there there’s not a lot of content there. In my opinion, we’ve now got much more content and it’s much more tailored to a social media. Let me quickly tell there’s anything else. Was this sales, like said guys like this, is still very very relevant and it’s still like it’s good content, and even though this is a year ago today, if you were to read this in 2020, you know it’s still the exact same methods of outreach.

It’s still the loom article. It’s still the Facebook outreach the email outreach. So if you are just starting out in 2020, you know this article is still relevant to you and you can still use this to get started with social media marketing, but lack of already, you know, touch upon a few times in this article. If you are serious about getting started – and you want my help personally, you can also enroll in my coaching program and at the time of recording.

This is the 23rd of March. From April 1st, you can no longer get in the coaching program with a basically a payment plan or a subscription service. It is a one-time upfront fee and then you’re basica and year’s supply of coaching. You get all the course modules you get access to everything and obviously the lifestyle is a mastery group. But with that said, if you enroll now, you’ve still got the option of having a payment plan where you basically pay a small fee every single month for the entire year and get the exact same.

So if you want to get in on the payment plan, then now is the time to do that. If you’re reading this after April 1st, unfortunately you can only you know, pay upfront and black says you know, the value stays the same, and I can still very much help you get started with social media marketing and getting your face clients and scaling your business. So anyway, I’m going to wrap this article here, like I said guys, this article is still relevant in 2020, like this article, if you got some doubts, leave comment down below.

If you want me to review more of these older articles – and you know what you thought of it in general, subscribe to the blog for more come see you guys in the next article

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