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𝑫𝑬𝑴𝒀𝑺𝑻𝑰𝑭𝒀𝑰𝑵𝑮 𝗦𝗲𝗮𝗿𝗰𝗵 𝗘𝗻𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗢𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗶𝘇𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻!

We appreciate you guys joining us again. I really really am excited about search engine optimization for a couple reasons. I know that there’s a shift coming in the market right now, digital marketing is taking a lot of market share from traditional media in general in the insurance industry.

I know this because we spend a million dollars a month on digital marketing, whether it be Google YouTube. Facebook Instagram: well, you know what landing pages whatever just in the insurance space alone, and so I am seeing a shift go massively towards social media. Well, what’s happening is because this massive shift is going towards social media there’s actually a opportunity, because everybody’s focus of digital marketing is now social which is driving up cost its diluting the lead quality.

There’S some issues going on with that. So, on the flip side, what we try to do is try to kind of go in a different direction as the crowd and we’ve kind of figured. That figure that out a little bit, it’s a little bit of a waltz, not to say that social media is where we’re going, not to say that we’re not doing that like the rest of us, but there’s an opportunity that is other places as well. Besides social media – and that is, in my opinion, search engine optimization what is search engine optimization? Obviously, it’s getting your website found on Google to get an organic ranking to get passive lead flow into your business, so we don’t have to pay per lead, but you’re getting passively flows throughout the month.

Also, what’s happening is: is the industry is shifting to less face-to-face? Less walking into the insurance office and more telephone sales doing the multi-state getting your license in multi states. So what happens is you’re kind of fighting the? What’S you if you’re face to face with somebody, you have an opportunity to impress them. You have an opportunity to show up sharp to, basically, you know, show up in a nice car, whatever that is and then, but with digital and with phone sales.

You kind of have to like really exude that that presence as much as possible and a lot of people what’s happening is they’re googling, the company that you’re with they’re googling the carrier talking about they’re googling, you as a person and if you don’t have that brand Figured out and if they Google, you know John Jacobs, Springfield, Missouri and you’re, not on the list. With a website, it’s going to hurt you you’re, going to get less you’re, not going to really realize it, but less people are going to do business with you, because of that I promise.

So what I want to do today is spend a little bit of time. One I’m going to go through about 10 to 15 things that is search engine optimization. All of these things. You could probably google and find mountains of information just as a quick plug. I’M going to be doing a master class December 4th. There’S a link in the description below for you to be able to check out that master class where I’m going to teach this stuff.

For two hours I’m going to go through the tools, I’m going to get everything where I’m going to teach you how to do this, as opposed just talking about it right now, but there’s a lot of you guys that are interested in kind of hearing. Some of this stuff, and probably a lot of you guys that are doing some of it, but not all of it. So I just I don’t want to walk through those specific points. So the first thing that I want to talk about with search engine optimization, that is an important factor – is what I would call premium hosting or like your hosting environment, your site, speed.

You got to make sure that you’re, you know, Google will ding you for having slow site, speed, slow mobile site speeds and the way that you set up your premium hosting is actually important. If you just go for like the cheapest, you know website that you pay $ 49.99 a month or whatever, and they stand up a website. I guarantee you that hosting package that you’re on is poop and you’re going to. Google is going to basically ding you for not having a good hosting environment overall, so you know: we’ve set up our stuff in WP engine and some other hosting environments that are, you know, top tier.

We don’t do the cheapest hosting environment possible right and that’s something that does matter to Google, because they’re, the ones that are sending traffic to your website and one of the first things they check is who’s is hosted with what are the credentials and that leads into The next thing, which is SSL certification, so there used to be sort of a myth that only SSL certification mattered for e-commerce.

Specifically, so it’s not necessarily true anymore, you need it. What will happen is on the Left bar of the of the search, the where the URL is it’ll say not secure. That’S just like I mean just think about the perception that that brings that if you’re going to the website and says not secure, you know you’re going to have this perception that oh, this is guy. Who is this guy he’s not secure? You know what’s going on and a lot of our clients are older people and if they see not secure it kind of, has a tendency to kind of freak some people out, even though they don’t know what that even means, and they for sure don’t want to Put their credit card in, but if they’re putting their email address and trying to go through our lead forms through gated content or reach out to us directly by calling the number on the deal and they see not secure, that’s going to hurt.

You. Google knows that. So they count that against you as well, so with any good SEO strategy. The next thing that you want to make sure that you do is anybody, can you know, shoot an arrow at the wall, walk up to where the arrow landed and draw a bull’s-eye around it right? That’S not what we’re trying to do a search engine organization, we’re trying to do keyword, research to make sure that we know the target that we’re trying to shoot at.

You may think keywords um, just kind of come to you and what you would Google yourself. You need to really do some keyword, research to figure out where the actual search volume is on Google. So there’s lots of tools out there. I’M going to go through some tools on my master class that we use that are free to do all the keyword research. So you want to make sure that you first understand which keywords you’re going after on a search engine, optimization strategy, because if you don’t know where you’re going, you don’t know what you know create content about.

You don’t know how to structure your website. It’S not! It’S! Not the ideal situation for sure, so you know that’s an important thing. Is that key research? So the next thing you got to make sure you do is you know Google ranks websites, predominantly I wouldn’t say predominantly, but well yeah. I would say predominantly based on the amount of content, so I don’t care how good your SEO is on a five-page website.

A 20-page website on the same topic is that structured correctly with SEO is always going to outrank the five-page website, just think about it. If you’re, a user, Google wants to send their users to good educational websites. If Google identifies this website as having five pages of content on a particular keyword and this website of having twenty pages of content on a particular keyword, which one has more domain Authority, you think obviously the one that has more content.

You need a good content strategy. A lot of people, don’t really understand like how to structure that, though, a lot of people think that that means just building a website and then putting a blog feed and just creating all these blog content. That’S not how you do it either, there’s all kinds of ways to screw this thing up. So that’s that’s! The main thing is to have some sort of a content strategy.

Then you got to make sure that you’re doing something all the work that you’re doing you got to have a way to track it. So you want to have an independent source that tracks leads clicks balance rates, content captures which blog posts are your popular ones. So you can create more content around that different markets. Different areas have different hotspots for different keywords. So if you are able to create a big library of blog posts, you can actually see which of your blog posts are getting more traffic, more attention and driving.

Those leads into your overall website that way, so in order to track that, you have to Google Analytics set up, ok, Google Analytics is free to set up it’s not rocket science. What is a little more difficult, though, is setting up the goal. Conversions in the lead, form captures and all that stuff, but just getting analytics on your site is not that hard and it’s free. You just have to have a login set it up.

It’S not it’s not rocket science. So the next thing, while you’re doing analytics, is a tool called Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools is basically the interface that Google gives us as owners of a website, to look at how Google is seeing our website. That’S where errors come up. That’S where Google gives you your sort of information to say this is what’s wrong. This is what’s right. This is what you’re doing good.

This is what you’re doing bad. Also that’s where you submit your sitemap and you basically are able to with Google Webmaster Tools. That’S the interface that we have to tell Google how to crawl our website. If you don’t use Google Webmaster Tools, you’re just waiting for the search engine, robots to crawl, your site and just kind of do a lot of guesswork, which is not how you want to approach in this digital age.

You want to make sure that you have a good foundation set so that I already touched on the sitemap as well. Now. The next thing you got to do is, if you have your content structure, figured out. You’Ve got to make sure that your on-page SEO is. Is fixed what that means is. Is you got to have your page titles, your main descriptions or h1s your copy? You got to look at your keyword, research. You got to make sure all of your meta data is set up correctly in the existing pages and all these blog posts that you’re creating you got to make sure that you’re adding the right keywords and structuring that correctly with a sitemap that was talked about, etc.

But you know, the main thing is: is your page title is if you were able to go up to the tab on Chrome and hover your mouse over the tab, that you’re on a little rectangle will drop down and will give you the key words that you’re Focused on, if you don’t put those into Google specifically, then Google will guess for you. I can’t tell you how many times I go to a website and the page title is home and we’re an insurance agent.

You know why would we want home as our number one keyword that we’re going for on our homepage? That’S silly right! The reason is because no one went in and set it up, so you’re never going to get ranked ever no matter what you do. If you don’t have their correct, correct metadata built out, the next thing that you got to do is go through and make sure that you have all these directory listings sorted out.

So every mention of you or your business on the internet needs to align with the phone number description, address, etc. If there starts to be a bunch of different versions of your address, a bunch of different versions of your name, a bunch of different versions of all these different, you know mentions of your business that are saying it’s here know it’s there and once here’s the phone Number there’s the phone number they do this.

Nobody do that. Google sees that as inconsistent and they actually ding that against you on the flip side, if you have it all set up correctly, not only does that bring you inbound links, it also gives you authority with Google as well, because it’s all consistent and it’s more trusted. Basically so that brings me into a sort of link. Building link building is still a thing with with search engine optimization, it’s not near as important as it once was, link building used to be the actual SEO strategy that we all use, which was called the link wheel.

So he had your you know your main website and had your different websites that you would link to, and Google would look at all the links to a website then give domain authority based on that final site. That was being linked to because well, a lot of people are linking to it. Then that site must be. You know the most authoritative on this particular keyword. Well, Google realized that people started the game that system, and so they they links are still important.

But it’s not as important as it used to be, but you still want to try and get some organic links. If you can, whether it be through PR releases, there’s plenty of press release, you know systems, you can submit a press release with your link and they’ll. Give you a link and there’s social links you can do, but the directory listing also will get you those links as well. The only thing I don’t love about link building is it’s hard to like the Google is getting more and more, they don’t want you to buy links in any way, and so, if you have any system, that’s sort of selling links to you, you can actually get In trouble by buying links big-time, I’ve had to have clients.

You know. Google has like a naughty corner that if they catch you doing things, it’s called blackhat SEO. They’Ll put you in the naughty corner and it’ll. Take you off their search engine altogether. So the last thing I want to kind of go through is some sort of ongoing review system. Google does look at reviews and a star rating of those reviews embedded in your website as a indication of performance.

It’S weird how they do it. It didn’t used to be a thing, but Google realizes that consumers use review star ratings and reviews and amount of reviews as a point of authority as a point of basically a website that has 50 reviews on. It means that it had 50 customers come in and and pay attention enough to leave the review. So Google actually does look at that stuff. You’Ve got to set it up correctly, but it is.

It is important to look at and then you’re really just at the end of day, if it’s it may seem overwhelming, but it’s all a project that you can kind of work on and move towards. So there’s always a next level to get to a search engine. Optimization, there’s always the next level to actually arrive and what you’ll find it with a good social search engine optimization strategy is that over time you will get increased traffic you’ll start to get lead flows.

I can’t tell you how many customer customers I’ve helped where they’ve had paid ads and search engine optimization, so they got your paid ads, driving the leads and then you’ve got your search engine optimization. Finally, they catch up and then cut the paid altogether. That’S happened. I mean more times than I can count done. Millions of dollars of search engine optimization over my seven years of digital marketing and that’s like our biggest win, is when we can basically say you know what we just have to pay 10 bucks, a click just to get.

You know X amount of clicks. It would cost us X amount of dollars now we’re getting that amount of clicks organically. Let’S cut the paid altogether focus on sort of Lee developing over here, but not usually use Google paid tools any any further, but on the flip side, by the way, Google does use AdWords data conversion rates etc. To give you a thought in your website as well, so one way to get a bump on your search engine or optimisation rankings is to have an AdWords campaign with decent conversion rates driving traffic to your site.

Because Google does look at that information as well, because they’ll, say wow, you know here they’re paying $ 10 per click. You know they have a ten percent conversion rate on this particular landing page. They must be an authority on this particular keyword and they do bump up your domain authority by doing that so guys. I would love to kind of teach you more about this with actionable steps of how to execute this yourself.

Um, it’s not rocket science. I can get you you can even do this with your own wicks and Squarespace site. You don’t even need a wordpress site to do some of this stuff. So what I would love to do is invite you guys to our masterclass. That’S going to be happening December. 4Th and you will see the link in the description below and we would love to see you guys there I’m going to teach you all this stuff, it’s going to be two-hour, I’m going to record it if you sign up for it, I’m going to give you The recording and everything is going to be sort of laid out a little bit more simply in steps we’re going to take more time to unpack each of these things and walk through all of them together.

So thank you so much for your time. It’S really not as mystifying as people think it’s really just a matter of work ethic and executing and creating content strategies in a bit, but but most importantly, making sure it’s structured the right way so that you’re building authority towards the keywords that matter. That’S that’s! What SEO is basically so thanks for joining us, I look forward to seeing on the Masterclass.

Also you can reach out with the link below start here. If you want me to a site audit and look at your actual search engine, optimization of your site, if you’re interested in working with an insurance professional to help you with your search engine, optimization think about this guys if content, marketing and content, that means writing custom Content, you want an insurance, professional and insurance only person that is only insurance marketing to be writing the content for your insurance website.

Trust me it’s. It will help so anyways. Thank you guys for joining us. We will talk to you next time.

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Online Marketing

𝗗𝗶𝗴𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗹 𝗠𝗮𝗿𝗸𝗲𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗜𝗻 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝘀𝘂𝗿𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝗱𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗿𝘆!

Reading this thinking. Okay, you know: Cody Cody built a six million dollar lead generation company.

He must be a absolute marketing, baller. Okay, also we’ve! You know the the conference. We’Re scaling is now the largest independent insurance agent training conference for insurance agents in the industry in the world really very quickly. They have you know the number one YouTube blog and all this stuff, so you would think like I’m just like a marketing legend of the insurance industry. However, I thought that till I met my good buddy Landon.

Okay, he’s a marketing freakin baller! Well, thanks for saying that man a legend and I’m telling you if you aren’t working with us, you’re missing out, okay. So thanks for saying that man, you got a man dude you’re, a UH! You are influence in the industry in the way that you are going about insurance marketing. Well, it’s just different these days. I feel I feel like there’s a massive digital shift.

Yeah, that’s happening. Everybody that I know in the insurance industry is moving into digital in some form or fashion, whether it’s a small percentage that our budget dude or a major percent budget we’re talking to like we’re talking to no joke. Like hundred million dollar companies, Oh bigger than that billion dollar companies every day and they are making massive shifts, it is I mean it’s, a big market shift, that’s happening and that’s causing a lot of issues on Facebook, specifically because that’s right now, the lowest hanging fruit.

Sure in the digital marketing space, but uh yeah man – I mean you know whenever I used to own an advertising agency – that you know we did four million a year in management fees. We had no specialty, though yeah, so you were declining, that’s how we met in the first place and the more the digital marketing world evolves. It’S going to be like the the the lawyer that has to specialize the digital marketer has a specialized.

I can’t imagine if I ever was to compete. If we were ever to compete on a digital marketing project. With someone that didn’t specialize in insurance, we will win 100 percent. That’S easy! It’S totally different when they do specialized insurance. Still freaking win. It’S totally different. Totall insurance marketing is completely different than general marketing, and the reason is is because insurance marketing is 100 % based around leads cost per lead, leave all you leave quality and really that’s not the case for a lot of business industry specifically before we continue to dive.

In I had an idea: okay, okay, I I found I found them reading this already, I’m like holy crap. I want to talk to that dude, okay, correct! Yes right! I mean, and that’s happening correct. It is absolutely so if they wanted to do that, is there like a link that there’s a way yeah yeah we’re going to add it you’re going to click it you’re going to schedule a free strategy session with Landon to talk about the struggles you’re having the Problems and what we can do to fix it, yeah we’ll just go through an unbiased sort of walkthrough of your digital marketing footprint.

Talk about your budget talk about results. Whatever I mean you know, we can do search engine optimization web development, social. Whatever. On that note we’re: how should we pivot, because this interview and how you’re influenced in the industry can go, because this is I’m interviewing? You can go a lot of different ways. Well, you mean for this call this this particular. What I feel like is interesting right now is search engine optimization, the really very interesting.

The reason I think that’s interesting is because one of the biggest things that I hear people say is: how do I diversify my lead source from social, because a lot of people are spending. You know when it comes to their digital marketing budget. Let’S just say: that’s: 20 to 30 % of their overall marketing budget or 50, or whatever most of that is going toward social, and the reason is because the easiest way to scoop up leads yeah right but what’s happening is, is digital marketing principles like search engine? Optimization and good website and blogging and content creation.

That is that’s low-hanging. Fruit: that’s why you see choice mutual and some of these guys that are scooping up hundreds of policies a year and all it is, is a final expense producer that figured out right and when you look at boomer benefits – and you look at some of these websites That are getting thousands of clients a year through Legion on their website through content marketing, you realize that it’s a low bar really in the insurance industry.

Most people are just scooping up the social leads, but they don’t know anything about search engine. Optimization, that’s what I think is interesting right now and we seem to be we’re noticed, I’m noticing a trend of people coming to you saying: hey! We we want to be on the cutting edge of getting thousands. If not tens of thousands of organic leads every year. Yeah well and that’s doable, I mean I can point you to websites that are not that innovative and large that are getting thousands of policies a year.

Just because they’ve been doing SEO for a couple years, and you know it’s not the search engine optimization. The reason it’s not taking hold and the insurance industry specifically, is because it doesn’t provide immediate results. You know, like social does, I mean sheesh you do. A social campaign will be generating X amount of leads in 48 hours, you’re saying right with SEO. It takes time. So so, basically, people a lot of times your hand-to-mouth, but you’re going to do that for so long, not to mention socials, changing Facebook’s, making it tougher where the privacy concern totally it’s more expensive with ap right now and also the holidays.

I mean our cost per leezar increasing, so you want to be diversified, really yeah, I’m a I made one mistake when I started this interview was that you know to us what I’m telling all myself. What do you mean? I didn’t. I just assumed that everyone. That knows me knows you it’s true, and maybe they don’t they may not. Maybe they don’t right so Landon McCarter. He has co-founder and partner with me and secure agent and marketing.

Yes, sir, it’s a marketing company that is is working with at least the top three finally expense call centers in the country yeah. We know that for a fact, yeah we’re actually going. I forgot we’re going to get here in about a couple weeks. I think to meet with a major insurance carrier, that’s doing billions a year in premium yep, and they want us to help them. Look at marketing yeah, which is strong, okay, well, yeah, multiple other IMO’s that we work with yeah or agents field forces whatever.

What why marketing for you to all take it away from that and what I’m introduced you know we did jump ahead. Didn’T we yeah, so you know wellmaybe sumed, you rape at 8 %. I assumed you so well, so why marketing white? Why marketing? For me all right: first off, I got my degree in marketing from Missouri State, so I’ve always been in sales. Sales and marketing go hand in hand. You can’t sell without leads, you can’t get leads without marketing.

So a good salesman has a good marketer on there. In their pocket always or they are a good marketer like if you know we interviewed James Nevins yesterday, you know he’s just a great salesman that understands marketing. Wouldn’T you know he’s have got a successful business. You know, I’m saying it’s like the people. You know marketing and sales skills are the two most important things in growing a large insurance business.

I believe yeah. Maybe you would agree. Oh dude, okay, so you know it’s it’s a it’s a secret sauce. I love marketing because I learned a long time ago and it doesn’t always work out this way. But you know marketing is if I could figure out a way for you to give me a dollar, and I can give you back to you’re going to give me a lot of dollars. I’M saying so well and even to add to that point. I’Ve gotten to where I’m so confident in our marketing now that I just increased our budget for inbound lead fall this morning.

By about nobody even knows this, my wife Lauren, don’t even know us by about 120 grand a year okay, this morning, okay, because I’m so confident in our marketing and our processes and our sis. Well, you do. We do get about 250 at about 350. Inbound leads a week of insurance agents contacting us for coaching leads for marketing whatever, where you’re going to be talking about and sharing with people at your SEO master class yeah yeah.

You can put that December 4th yes December, 4th at 4 p.M. But we’ll do a link to that Keith, don’t forget to put a link in the description there and even if they can’t attend they’re, going to get the recording for life just sort of so the Point is you need to be on that if, and you know what I’m going to I’m going to clarify a little bit, if you don’t want thousands of passive leads a year for without spending advertising dollars, then this isn’t for you yeah.

Well, what I’m going to teach on that class? If that’s, what we’re going to go now is there’s I’m going to demystify search engine optimization because there really it’s not as complex as it once was from a technical perspective, meaning you don’t need to have an understanding of web development to know a bulk of what Seo actually is because it is, it is super daunting. Well, you think think about you, think Google and they got the search engine robots that are going to call your sites or looking all these technical things.

And yes, there is absolutely a component of technical SEO and on-page SEO and that’s part of it, but there’s also a major what I call content for strategy and I’ve done a article on content first SEO and that’s how you get results. And I can show you over and over and over examples of the insurance industry. That’S content first SEO that just kills it, and so what I’m going to do is break down and demystify SEO I’m going to teach how to actually how to do it yourself.

For the most part and understand, I always said this 100 times: what is north, I’m going to teach you what North is on SEO, so you kind of aren’t getting led astray by the $ 1.99 social package that you saw. That also does SEO, and that’s all that crap you know, but there’s that’s not North. I can tell promise you that yeah we see so many of those than you even said did we could sell them, but we’re not going to deliver anything.

So, what’s the point is just taking people’s money, so it’s I will teach you how to make. If you can execute what I’m going to say, it’s worth probably eight hundred dollars a month in SEO Wow, you know if you can implement now. That’S the problem. Ten dollars so so that 397 ticket is going to be worth about 96 K over the next ten years. Sure yeah, I mean it’s more yeah because you’re just saving the money in SEO cost, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not picking up those additional thousands of leads for free, exactly that’s not including the business that you close from raids.

I mean I was looking at an analytics account of a search engine, optimization Medicare site that we were doing and I think in one week they were getting like fourteen, like just passive leads through the site which they never got before, and this particular agency that I’m Working with I’ve looked at their Facebook feed and they were bragging that they wrote 38 Medicare policies in two days between two guys.

It’S crazy yeah. It’S all passive leads. There was no like active marketing going feeding that it was. Is they just websites and walk-ins, and all that now they are they’re an existing business? So it’s not like you can just start a Medicare shop and get there, but you know how it goes man you know you got to build. You got to build something and that’s what SEO is is building for the future. Did you always know you would do you visit? Is it in your DNA? You know like just just to be such an influencer and a baller like where’d that come from? No, it’s not the.

What I love is the appreciate you saying you love. I knew that it really. What I find is is, if you want to be a good marketer, you got to go with what’s working and I started in direct mail and then I evolved into digital. I still direct mails great, like I’m, not sure you know whatever there’s a lot of people that make a lot of money on direct mail, but I found that I think I just don’t happen to use any of it well and it’s just not as it’s flexible.

It’S not as you can’t pivot. You can’t adjust you’re like all in on certain budgets that it may or may not work, whereas you know with digital, you can kind of pivot quickly, if you’re, starting to see things, aren’t working so, but also just digital the future. We all know, and so not not to mention more and more. The insurance industry is going towards phone sales, which is you know, multi-state.

Well. How do you there’s no way to reach multi-state audiences effectively unless you’re going to spend tons of money on TV, radio and you’re not going to do that? Direct Mail you’re, not mailing the state, you know saying so your options, even the major players that that you’re, helping and influencing now, as I keep using that word since that’s the name of the show, are shifting well just to give you an example, I mean we.

I two days ago, I met with the lead developer for one of the largest Medicare call centers, and we just collaborated and had fun man like it’s so the industry, so big like it wasn’t like my way, is better than your way and your ways better than My way, so let me let me show you how to do it right. It’S like! No! No! What are you doing? What what here’s my articles? You bring up a good point. Some people have a guy yeah.

Some people have a marketing department, so people have a marketing team, etc, and the good thing about you is that they don’t you’re not coming in to change everything or replace everything replace the internal team. That’S actually helped provide ideas and run alongside the team. It’S difficult for I wouldn’t it was. It is not advised to try and outsource all of your marketing to an independent company.

All the successful relationships that I have there’s a lead manager, a lead, developer, a marketer whatever that I’m just being leaned on as another outside resource, because coach Burt says it all the time you got to have somebody outside of the picture frame to kind of see. What’S going on, and since we do about seven figures of ad spend a month in digital marketing insurance industry, we learn a few things along the way and so not we’re not just working in this one space.

This one industry, this one market, so we’re leaned on quite a bit from what’s going on in the industry perspective you know, and that adds that alone you know. I know we have retainers built out for some of these clients right now that I know they’re not keeping us on retainer because of the cost per lead that we’re driving them, because they could put in to do it themselves. It’S the big ideas that we bring in the shifts that we were able to bring manage the YouTube beta that we got in for one of our clients as well, that kind of stuff.

You know just kind of be able to bring a bigger picture, cutting edge man. Well, it really is it. I don’t know of anybody. That’S spending more per month on marketing and the insurance industry than us I mean. Maybe there is, but how do you get to eight figures in good management? I just grow the book. Man keep it going, you know, it’ll, be there. The market shares there. What’S what’s one thing that as an agent out there that’s reading this and let’s say they have their own agency, their own team, their own office? What’S some helpful tips to provide to them that are looking out and they’re thinking? Okay, this is daunting.

I don’t know what to do well. Maybe it’s this free free strategy session I’ll make it easy man I’ll make it super easy. You can’t do anything without a marketing budget and a percentage of that budget is digital. If it’s not you’re crazy. Okay, so you now, you know how much meets on the bone. Okay, so if you don’t have a marketing budget, if you’re just winging it and like trying to buy, leads here and there like, there’s better ways to get leads, that’s more consistent, yeah you’re going to be saying: what’s what is it about that? Why do agents jump from vendor to vendor linking then the next person’s going to have the secret sauce? We have a joke in our staff where it’s like you know, leads are heroin and you know insurance agents are heroin addicts.

You know it’s just like. I got ta get it. I got to get my leads because at the end of day, it’s that important, it’s their livelihood, didn’t anybody talk to them and how they sell, and so what I think is interesting about insurance marketing. Is that there’s this perception? All of us marketers are all using Facebook, okay. So what what’s the point of bouncing from one guy to the next and round and round about learning anything? Why not like work with people that you trust to like execute a monthly strategy that you can learn from and adjust and pivot and grow and diversify? So that’s that’s one of the things that we try to do with our clients is let the people that want to bounce around, and you know that’s okay, like that.

That’S okay! That’S not like a problem necessarily, but there’s a better way to do it, and if you have a budget, then that’ll get you there, yeah. Okay, on that on that no budget yeah. What what kind of budget they need depends on what you’re trying to accomplish now? Big yard, but in general the way I charted back into budgets is: what’s the amount of lethal that we need and do we need to have short-term or long-term goals, and then we allocate the budget that way.

Even people that are jumping around in buying leads. Would you say they have at least a thousand bucks at least yeah? Always even little producers yeah you got to have people talk to you, you’re buying leads from somewhere you’re buying. You know the main lead sources that I see are telltale transfers, which are fine. I think things are getting cracked down. I see a lot of lawsuits coming down the pipe and a lot of issues there, but it’s still a very valid valid way to get things done.

I think a lot of people bring him overseas right now. It’S kind of an industry thing that I’m seeing, but to me that’s a little bit of whatever anyways, that’s sketchy. You know what I mean like I’m not like yeah, it just seems risky to mean it. You have a big old operation in Costa Rica. You know yeah sure it’s a good idea, I’m sure they’ve ran their numbers, but I see the telesales leads. Direct mail leads or digital leads right now or networking growing your war market, and all that would you agrees or so that okay, so well they’re all if you’re not spending $ 1,000 a month, then you’re, probably not growing your business you’re, probably just working your warm Market and you’re getting by and talking about how the market sucks and if you aren’t you’re spending it on a part time, caller that’s cold, calling so you’re spending it.

You know what I mean like you’re spending it are they are. They, though, are they? I don’t know if anybody knots been in a green a month. I don’t either so on leads or everything and if you’re not like the chance of you being part of that, 2 % is substantially larger and you’re listening right now, you’re like I don’t want to be, you know, so it is a big difference. When you talk to people – and I don’t talk to anybody – that’s a very successful insurance industry that doesn’t have a healthy marketing budget area, zero people – that’s true – I mean, if you’re, trying to work your warm market and do your networking thing only in one city and Try and go to the bee and eyes and all that stuff.

That’S going to get you so far, but you’re not mill scale. You don’t be able to be a big time. What was it about insurance for you? Well, first off I met you and I didn’t really know honestly that I’ll tell this story so, but when I had my, I don’t know this. I have my agency. I told Kody this before I always told my staff, I trained my staff. I said you know. We can do anything, digital marketing, there’s only two industries, I don’t want to touch and that’s insurance and real estate.

I know because I did I just didn’t understand. I didn’t understand the two industries. First off it was so lead oriented. I didn’t get it and then, but now that I’m in it it’s like. Oh my gosh, it’s so fun, there’s so much to the number one marketing influencer in the insurance industry. I hope I am. I don’t know if I am or not I try to eat. I but I I really feel like I have a lot of fun with other guys that are also doing marketing.

I try there’s a lot of us. You know that are good and there’s a lot of people that stink like. In fact, I knew. I know this. This agency, that just got like 20 million dollars of venture capital, will start an insurance industry in insurance agency, and I’m like like what do you need 20 million dollars for like you me did this? We put this together and don’t you’re going to mean it’s like. So so what are you doing with your twenty million dollars like what’s going on here? You know like it’s, because they don’t know what they’re doing yeah they don’t they? Don’T I’m telling you let’s let me learn, but you don’t even say you don’t need 20 million bucks, so I mean you and what you’ve done with your you know, brand and growing and building security.

Marketing together has been so much fun man and to help people out and to get those text messages. It’S like you’re really blessing my family with the marketing campaigns. I’M able to you know it’s just it’s a lot of fun. Talk about the brand aspect. You know from a marketing perspective from your brain, but someone’s out one thing to build a brand like because old school be average age is 59 and a half so yeah the old school people.

Don’T think that branding and I’m not saying needs to be that leader like we, you know we brained along the way, but having a brand having people know you getting attention, putting out content all these other things it it’s almost like, I’m in the insurance industry. So I don’t need, I don’t need it well, that’s like the old school there’s what I would call like axioms that come like when it comes to branding one.

You kind of you kind of get a certain level where your brand is important to you and you have money to invest yeah if you’re a new agent, you really probably are going to have a tough time having any sort of like branding budget because it’s expensive. It’S something you’re, investing your repiy or your sewing into something for later benefit. But if you do your lead development, the right way, then you can kind of brand along the way as a new agent, meaning you can set up a website.

You can push people to that website. You can have your own. You know brand developed that way as a new agent, but there’s a certain point where you hit a level where your brand is important and – and that to me is you know when you start doing, marketing campaigns lead development campaigns with your own brand associated investing in Content search engine, optimization, investing and you know, different various marketing methods that aren’t fully focused on lead cost per leaf.

Yeah see what I’m saying: that’s what I mean by branding, because there’s Mart marketing you have. In my opinion, I’ve got two really ways you go. You’Ve got lead development marketing that are only Cape key performance indicator that matters is leap, cost per lead and you got your brand. That’S like I’m getting my name out there, I’m making myself well-known seminars getting referrals that kind of stuff you need to kind of do both.

You know. Yes, that’s how I perceive branding versus lead, dev, I’m trying to get to where I’m personally spending seven figures. Just just promoting me us what we have deprive already are spending more than that depends on how probably so, whenever you count an eight percent. You know at the end of day, you’re going to mean like what. What is that I mean at the end of day when you look at the numbers of eight percent, you know it’s like: what’s your what’s your thoughts on that by the way cuz cuz outside looking in marketing guy well before before we partnered, I was reading your Stories cuz, you were, you know I knew you were in the same town and I’m like this dude got Nissan Stadium like who’s.

This guy think he is what in the whole world, is he doing whose kid you know I was just kind of like, because I was going to be condescending, but I was like yeah. What is this guy doing? Get Nissan Stadium from Springfield, Missouri, and, and now I get it because you know with with this last a person nation that I was a part of, I there’s just something which I went bigger with by the way. Well, whatever, whatever man I, I thought it was awesome, and this year this next year’s going to be ridiculous.

I can have freaking wait. Oh my god do you think I mean you’re you’re, seeing a lot of the risks and stuff and you’re seeing it pay off. Talk to someone out there, that’s, like you, know, you’re able to see it and be a part of it now, what’s what’s what’s there’s let people out there that are scared to take some of those risks. Man! Well, you, don’t you, don’t you, you don’t understand how consumers people work with the people that educate him, and so, if you’re not doing anything, that’s educating your consumers by content or whatever you’re, making a big mistake, because that’s who people are working with they are period.

So, like you know, for instance, if you can offer, let’s just say to Medicare, if you can offer a free three-hour course of how to pick your Medicare plan or whatever. That is and then put it on your website. You know get that content and add value to that person. They’Re going to work with you if they go through your your marketing, you know stuff, so you know you got to be able to craft good marketing funnels, you got ta, be able to educate and you got to be able to invest in this stuff, but it Takes money to build a website yeah, so a lot of people are like well.

Do I want to put twenty five hundred dollars into a website, or do I want to put twenty five dollars in the Legion it’s like in the short term, yeah Legion, but you hit a certain point where it’s like you got to get the brand the marketing You know your websites, the chassis of your digital marketing, your social should be part of that as the engine your SEO should be part of that. Your content should be part of that.

Your all your testimonials, if your customers should be part of that, but your website’s, the chassis of your digital marketing, a lot of people, don’t really understand that or they don’t care about that or they don’t get out important. It is yeah. What was the first thing? Random question: what was the first thing? Maybe it says maybe you’re a teenager. Who knows what was the first thing you ever marketed and sold pumpkins seriously.

I was, I didn’t know that I was a 9 year old kid and I was like dad. We my dad had a garden and so there’s I don’t know about pumpkins, but basically they, I guess they come up in the fall or something I remember this. It’S been a while, but my dad’s garden was completely empty in the fall and he’s like dude. I could make you some pumpkins and you can go, sell and I’m like. Let’S do it so he’d plant me a bunch of pumpkins.

I got him in a wheelbarrow and like in the beginning of October. I will bear all the pumpkins from door-to-door and sold them for, like 5 bucks, apiece yeah and I’m making like I’m like a nine year old kid making like a hundred bucks a week in October. So I bought Nintendo’s in like all kinds of stuff, and then I also my mom did swimming lessons. We had. We had pool lessons so like we had a big old pool in our backyard and we had swimming lessons and my mom did like you know.

Hundreds of kids would come through with all the brothers and sisters would come swimming lessons, so I bought, I went to Sam’s and bought bubblegum and soda, and all that I’m just set up a table, and just it was fun man. I even like spending my Nintendo out there. While I was sitting there playing Nintendo and then I was dude. I was making like 30 bucks a day like as, like a probably a 10 11 year-old kid just sitting in my backyard selling the brother and sister.

You know push pops or something so the entrepreneurial spirit, she’s always been there. It’S just. You know it’s. Whenever I hear Jordan Belfort talk about yeah, maybe listen, Jordan Belfort. He talks about how he had this. What was it shaved ice then? He would sell on the beach that was. It was just like that, like I just had this knack for, like you know what there’s so many bored brothers and sisters while their kids other brothers in the pool they’re going to go, get two bucks for their mom.

Just the mom’s going to give him two bucks because they just wanted to just get out of my hair. You know so I was just like raking today. Anna, I was like you know, and I would run out of inventory by the 3 o’clock and it was so fun man. Those were the days dude, that’s awesome, who’s, your who do you listen to the most cuz you’re, someone that listens and reades and maybe just maybe for fun and then maybe also from you know, marketing relieve it or not.

I actually liked Oren Belfort’s content. You know, I think, I think, he’s a sales guru. He has a speaker at 8 % and I but people I first whenever it whenever you said I want to get Jordan Belfort. My first reaction was what what I say do you remember? I was like no way man, I’m like well. No, I member saying like the dude, is not a good dude man like a no respect, yeah. That happened. You mean like.

I don’t really respect the dude like got famous by, like you know, making people and then you I was already dope into his column yeah. So then I got into his content and I was like okay. He actually admits that he was made mistakes and apologized and he’s did his time. They literally present time yeah and he doesn’t like brag about it. He’S, in fact, is, you can tell he’s remorseful, you know and like what the dude’s a Salesman yeah, I’m saying yes, and so I respect his content and I listen to it.

I also just listen to random YouTube articles all the time, I’m probably if you looked at my YouTube, read time. I bet you. I have 13 to 15 hours a week. You know listening yeah, I mean listen to YouTube all the time, so I do listen. Grant Cardone dude, I listen to you, don’t connect as well with him, though no no, but but that’s okay, I mean he’s still got decent content. I I like his three or four-minute articles about him.

Just kind of like have you ever seen this conference table articles where he kind of talks to his team yeah. Oh my gos, those are good. I don’t really love the way he treats people most the way he precedes his chest, pretty hard yeah, and I don’t but whatever you know even says you know, you want to push away half the crowd and attract half the crowd right. I think I’m kind of a the crowd. They attracted me for some reason.

Well, um he’s a super successful guy. So good friends, you know, but yeah I mean really just there’s all kinds of different podcast to listen to. You know I like it’s just random humor. I, like stand-up comedians podcast, so like the fighter and the kid which you probably don’t know about it. You talked a lot about. They did last one that this guy last night, the the Queen’s the Stone Age. It was a really great interview, but it’s just I like people, and so I like listening to their perspectives, I really like long-form content.

That’S why they favorite my favorite content that we do is the podcast and all that cuz. I get to know people and I’ve had a lot of people say that come to work with us that say I’ve readed your articles. I want to work with you. I don’t really know why I just I can just tell that you care and we wouldn’t be able do that without long-form content. That’S it man, it’s true! It’S true! Well, what do you think looking forward in the insurance industry, as we got a couple minutes left? What do you see happen in the next decade? I see a boatload of money going to social media and I see costs increasing extraordinarily, I see our cost per lead.

Extra. The window of social media lead development. It like the heyday is, I think it’s it’s coming, not to an end, but it’s going to be much tougher. It’S just like Google, so, like yeah, Google AdWords in the beginning, they were just printing money. Whoever got into that first, you know just was printing money because it’s like people were like well, I don’t want to pay for website traffic with people understood it.

We’Re like oh gosh, I’ll pay for as much as I can get and they and they were getting. You know 20 cent clicks that are now dollar clicks, yeah, you’re saying so that’s coming, and so what’s going to happen is is you’re going to have to diversify your lead source? Like you, you if you think that you can just run lead forms on Facebook forever. You are absolutely wrong like it is not going to happen.

I’M wrong, I’m already seeing a shift. That’S going from lead forms to other ways to use social traffic that are much more advanced, that you’re not going to be able to do. The random person isn’t going to be able to do and I wouldn’t be able to do in, let’s say a thousands dollars to practice of our own stuff. You know so I see social drying up. I see us needing other digital lead sources. I I see, I don’t know, I see the digital wave being more important than ever, but I think it’s going to have to be earned.

I think there’s going to need to be a good website with a good search engine optimization base and with social media. Being a part of that, I don’t think we’re going to be able to just lean on social for our lead development, like that, I’m already seeing it happen where it’s just it’s way or I mean, would you agree that it’s harder now than it has ever been? It’S 44 % add increased just this year, supposedly that is going to continue to happen and you had in order you’ve got to be able to prepare for that because there’s a lot of businesses.

I know that are built around that as like the core secret sauce, and it’s not going to be that way for theirs. It’S it’s it’s it’s it’s unique because most people think I just need to figure it out and have control and do it on my own. But even the biggest places are doing stuff on their own are still using us in some way. Yeah. No, absolutely like. We have a major, but it’s always a great relationship, though too, because we’re not peacocks with our feathers up saying like I’m telling you guys, this digital world changes every three months it does, and so you’ve got to have sharp people around you to kind of like Be able to say I’m trying this, what are you trying, because there’s so many like like for an example, this gigantic call center that I was working with you know I was helping him from the lead funnel to get the inbound call, because I had cracked that Nut but one of things I was struggling with was potential medsoft language and article content, and I’m like what do you think about this article he’s like man? He goes honestly.

I would add this this and this and this and it’s like collaboration, yeah and we’re working and it’s like and before you know it. It’S like with our powers combined. You know, like all of a sudden now we’re killing getting. You know $ 6 leads where he was getting 12 and then we’re getting. You know in $ 1,000 ad spend we’re getting 60 call. Ins in 198 leads or something like that. We’Re buzzed before I was getting half that and he was getting half that.

So it’s like you’ve got to like work with people that the whole I’ve got the secret sauce Cody and I’m going to you’re going to have to pay me for this course and I’m going to teach you that course. It’S bananas and you’re going to be you’re. Going to know perfectly and you’re better use it forever, and it’s never going to change. I’M the lead development. Amazing know it just don’t even do it in fact multiple times, if we don’t have people at our retreats that have just paid multiple thousands of dollars for their course and then still had us handle it, because it’s like they make it almost so complex yeah and It is complex, so dude you’re an influencer.

You know what thank you for letting me be. An influencer you’re brought a and you to be with you and on your team has been a lot of fun. Man. We’Ve had a lot of fun. We’Ve won we’ve taken. Some bruises, but man overall dude we have like had a lot of fun man. Oh it’s been, it’s been like the more you’ve enjoyed the journey reading. This do me a favor schedule, a free strategy session with this dude, okay, click link below yeah, fill out.

Your information yep, let us know your problems, what you’re struggling with and Landy can help ya. We’Ll just talk. Do whatever we can. It’S free. You might as well take us up on it landing makar, strange market, thanks to being on your show. Thank You. Man appreciate it bro. Thank you guys, see you next time.


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3 Key Concepts In Insurance Digital Marketing

2019… What a year for the Insurance marketing world. Digital marketing shook up the industry for sure.

It was a crazy, a lot of my Medicare clients have had hundreds and hundreds of apps that were created. I know one office of seven people that had two thousand AP Medicare apps go in just during 2019. My other clients are doing something that, if you’re not doing you’re setting yourselves up to fail.

Okay, so we have a lot of clients across the country that do Medicare final expense, various types of insurance and there’s really three things that I want to kind of break down for you today. One is, I want to kind of share with you what we learned during this AEP and and there’s a couple key components: ok, 2019 annual enrollment period was absolutely totally different than 2018. There was hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that went into digital marketing.

That did not go into digital marketing in 2018. Even what I mean is I’m talking to major carriers, they’re, giving us $ 100,000 projects that are only you know being spent in one particular area of the country, and that was one twelfth of their budget. They spread that out between you, know, multiple different projects and multiple different. You know organizations because the co-op dollars will return from the carrier that they just wanted them to do for digital.

So we had this huge. You know we had these huge projects that were coming across and that business just wasn’t there. In 2018 there was not carriers giving co-op dollars to IMO’s to promote their products digitally. So we had to go through a massive shift of compliance and getting all these articles approved through Aetna and Humana Mutual Omaha and all this other stuff, but I’m telling you guys there’s big money coming in the digital marketing space.

Now, what does that mean? That means it’s all going to get more competitive. That means that in 2020, if you’re not trying to play ball in the digital space, you’re going to get left behind, there is lots of money there is, you have got to know what’s going on and want to make sure that you’re above you know above the Surface of what’s happening, so you know I can tell you right now that the digital marketing space of the insurance marketing world is growing growing growing, and that brings it to my second point.

I know a lot of you guys have made a lot of money and built a business on Direct Mail leads, and I’m not ever going to say that Direct Mail is dead or bad or anything. But I can tell you for a fact. I hear every single week in every single month how the direct mail isn’t pulling like use to the quality elite, isn’t like it used to they’re not getting as much Lisa. These an area and most of the organizations that are living on Direct Mail are using some other form of supplemental lead source to get them in front of the people, so that supplemental lead source is typically one of two things right.

The first thing that they’re going to do is digital marketing leads you, you know just internet leads whatever. That is the second thing that a lot of people do is what’s called live, transfers from from call centers now a lot. Some of these call centers are being built overseas, but any of the big IMO’s and big clients that we work with are winding down their Direct Mail, spins and winding up their Live, transfer.

Telesales leads and winding up their digital leads to fill in the gaps as well, and this is absolutely a trend they need to be a part of. There is no way around it. If you’re living on Direct Mail, only you’ve got to figure out how to get outside of only direct mail and diversify your lead source. Now that does mean that the marketing the digital marketing world is very competitive. I sat down in the conference room of one of the largest insurance company, that’s privately held in the country and I talked to their lead call centre, guy that had a killer, AEP and, I said, hey well where to get most most of your leaves.

You know he told me he said good domains, that’s all he said, and I said well that was pretty cryptic and he’s like. Well, I’m not going to give our secret sauce, but I’m telling you right now even large carriers, who are typically sometimes behind the curve on innovation and adapting to new sort of strategies that guy who runs the call center of the largest privately held insurance company. In the world told me you know two words good domains, I’m telling you guys there’s a massive shift coming if you guys are not getting on board with this in 2020, towards the digital way trying to diversify your lead source.

You you’ve got to get on that board right. So when it comes to tell us telesales or teller leads, one of the things that I found is that a lot of people are doing a lot of tell elites as well. One of the reasons that I feel like telesales live transfers tella leads are working is because I feel like there is such a boom in digital marketing. Overall, that’s fueling. Some of these large call centers that they have huge databases of these aged, leads that they developed on themselves through digital and they’re, really being able to work back past leads then have to buy aged leads from anybody, because they’re developing their own and they’re working through These these leads constantly and they’re able to because of the advent of digital marketing.

You know you’re able to do a marketing campaign with 48 states. If you went drive all those leads that cost per lead could be as low as two three dollars. Whatever that ends up being get into your system, dial it and then what what’s happening is. Is he and the telesales side they’re, typically opening with openers that are taking those leads? And just you know, working through those leads getting through the qualifying questions, the health questions or you wheelchair-bound? You have cancer, you know Alzheimer’s, all all the big ones are in nursing home age, qualify, health, qualify and bank account qualify and once they check the main boxes, they’re then transferred over to the closer’s.

So what I see most big large telesales operations doing successfully is not just dropping leads into closers laps, but dropping leads into openers laps and what they call like marketers or whatever qualifying that kicking it over to the closer on the field sales side. What I see is the same thing you essentially except with appointment, centers, so a lot of times the high high-volume guys that I see that are doing big time volume.

You know fifteen thousand dollars a week of premium. You know whatever that number ends up being. They all have one thing in common and that’s they have an appointment setter that the person drives. The leads into the appointment setter qualifies the lead, sets the appointment and then they’re also implementing other digital marketing tactics that allow that user to then Auto book, an appointment as well, and so that person that’s the actual closer that has the talent of the understanding the Products and can work with the person in the home or whatever that looks like it was actually not doing the dialing and setting it’s more so the appointment center.

That’S doing that for them, so those three things are really really crucial in 2020, if you’re, not if you’re telesales, you’re, not working with openers and live transfers, you’re not doing what the Kings are doing. If you are in fuel sales and you’re, trying to dial your own leads to save money on appointment Center, you’re not doing what the big producers are doing. If you’re trying to work your own Direct Mail leads, you are not absolutely not doing what the the big dogs are doing.

Even the small dogs have kind of moved past that a little bit now. Every time I talk about Direct Mail, I try not to be negative about Direct Mail. It’S it’s still a viable marketing method, there’s still people that live and eat and breathe off that, and I’m not ever going to say that that shouldn’t be the case, but they are all supplementing their Direct Mail with some sort of other system, whether it’s telemarket leads Or you know digital as well, but those are the three kings.

You know you got Direct Mail. I have a client that has that’s a 40 million dollar a year organization and what they do is they actually have a field sales force and an actual telemarketing source. As well, in fact, several new clients that I work with the major insurance carrier that I worked with that I sat down with this week is the same thing. They got field sales and telesales, and I’m telling you guys right now, they’re all using either live transfers.

Digital leads or Direct Mail leads, and for the first time in 2019, Direct Mail is like a clear loser when it comes to tell elites or digital for sure. So whenever you look at the actual premium book with digital Direct Mail and tell elites tell leads, are very high up they’re digital aids are very high up there and Direct Mail is lagging and continuing to lag every single month. Direct Mail is losing market share.

So I I don’t want to scare anybody. That’S actually a good thing for your budget, because Direct Mail is expensive and you don’t need to pay, especially if you’re going to door knock your door. Knocking digital leads are perfect, because these people are opting in. You can get a lead card that looks exactly like what a Direct Mail is, and you can you know you can. You can buy, leads into leads today and get leads.

You know in two days from now visually with Direct Mail you’re three weeks now, there’s a little flexibility. There’S no guarantees it’s it’s very much a risk, but if you’re those are some key key components and shifts that I saw in 20:19 that if you’re not on board with 2020 you’re going to get left behind. So I hope you guys found some value in this. In this content today, we spend millions of dollars of marketing insurance only typically its lead development search engine, optimization website development, getting people in front of people, because we all know that if you can’t get in front of people as insurance agents, you will never sell you’ll.

Never become one of the producers that you that you want to be, so thank you for joining us for this little article. I hope you found some value in this, and this is more of like a big-picture article, but I’m telling you we spend millions of dollars of marketing budget just in the insurance industry, and these are those are the three things that I see absolutely taking you into The future for sure, if you enjoyed that article then check on this article right here, it’s 5 insurance marketing tips that are working right now, it’s guaranteed to help you would be a better insurance.

Marketer I want to do – is break down 5 important tips. The reason I picked these 5 is because, no matter how large or small, how new or old most people that I talk to are missing one of these five tips. Typically