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What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

It’S the Gateway that we have to the web. People that maintain websites are in many ways very concerned about how their sites appear in search engines. So, but I want a restaurant. I want to be on the top page results when people search for restaurants Ameria. If I run a company, when people are looking for things, I sell or services that I offer it’s critical that I get on one of those top search pages, particularly in my local area.

If I don’t, people are going to find my business and my numbers may go down so there’s a lot of interest, and this is something that you can find our whole blogs about. Search engine optimization or something that’s also known as SEO, and all sorts of advice about different techniques, blah blah blah. You can divide that sort of into two different categories: there’s black hat SEO, which has to do with things that the search engines don’t condone.

These are practices that are really aimed at manipulating the search results or manipulating a sites position in the search results, putting it higher than it should be. On the other hand, there’s also a great set of white hat SEO techniques that are designed to just try to make sure that your site appears properly in the search results. So you can, you can say you know, the black hat techniques are trying to boost your site above where it should be.

The white hat techniques are just trying to make sure that your site is where it should be. Can a search engine find out appropriate things about my site? Can it make sure that it understands what pages on my site are about? Can it make sure that those pages are returned by the appropriate search queries so right? You know that – and this has to do really with you know – adjusting the structure of the page and other pieces of information that the website provides to search engine and to the robots that crawl the web.

So you know various things you know picking good titles right. So making sure that your pages have a title and that the title is appropriate. The title has some information about the content on the page. That’S another one, adding keywords and descriptions. So the metadata that a particular page has has influence on how robots process the page and so making sure that those keywords are good and the descriptions are up to date.

Things like this. You know making sure that robots can find pages so setting up potentially a site map that allows robots to make sure that they can find every page on your site and then also provide some interesting metadata information about how important those pages are. And then, of course, you know making sure that the contents of the page are in good shape that they’re up to date that they are relevant, that they’re interesting.

You know to some degree. The reputation of a website, hopefully fundamentally has to do with the content that that site provides not necessarily some of these gimmicks that are designed to just make sure that things work well with search engines. But there are some straightforward things you can do to make sure that your site appears in the search results in the proper position. If you want to learn more about this again, you can spend days.

You know trying to find different frameworks to optimize your the weird things up here in the search engine if you want to. But fundamentally you know, given how important searches is a huge amount of interest in this area, making sure that search results are relevant and appropriate. You

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