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Passive Income: How I Make $100 A Day (FREE Make Money Online Method)

That is insane in this article, I’m going to go and show you guys how to make free passive income in three easy steps. Let’s step our laptop over my laptop how to make three passive income, but before I actually dive into this content. Let’s take a look at this right now. If I go to my email right and I click here – payment process, dear wills Academy, Eric Ellis you’ve been paid, seven hundred and seventy dollars in ninety three dollars and ninety three cents, so you’ve been paid, seven hundred and seventy dollars and ninety three cents in free Passive income – I know it doesn’t say that.

But yes, this is free passive income and if you guys want to go ahead and see more proof right on Monday, I made a hundred dollars on Sunday I made one hundred and nine dollars. On Friday, I made sixty two thousand thirteen cents and in the last 30 days I made a thousand three hundred and twenty-six dollars and 73 cents and free passive income. So, first and foremost, Who am I my name, is Eric Ellis.

I am the wolf of marketing. You guys, like making money online go ahead and hit that subscribe, button hit that notification bell to join the fam and for those of you coming back. Welcome back now, in this article, as stated before, what I’m going to do is teach you guys how to make free passive income in three easy steps. Now, if you guys are wondering right what that is, seven hundred and eighty seven hundred and seventy dollars in 93 cents with no investment right and then we have over a thousand dollars per month in passive income.

No investment, no money required right, basically guys. First and foremost, the first step is: what is the actual business model? The business model is called affiliate marketing. So what does infinite marketing affiliate marketing is referring other people’s products. So if somebody creates a software, you can go to right in that product. If somebody creates a course of something along those lines, you could recommend that product, even if it’s a physical product, somebody else did all the dirty work.

They created the product they put in the blood, sweat and tears, you’re, simply just finding people who are trying to solve that specific problem that that product solves connecting the two together. Whenever a cell is made, you get paid a commission now. How are we making passive income because there’s a lot of affiliate products out there, where it’s really not passive income? You go ahead and make a sale boom.

You make $ 1,000 Commission. I have some for their programs that I currently promote. I make $ 1,000 Commission’s, but it’s not ongoing residual passive income and guys I don’t even like to use passive income. This is literally like one of the only methods that I would even say something along the lines. But basically, how are you going to go to do that is by specifically promoting continuity programs.

Now what are the continuity programs? Two example of continuity: programs is a membership website so, for example, a website that you’re paying a month in and month out, because you’re paying for some sort of membership or whatever you get with that membership you’re. Giving some sort of value are you paying month by month, for example, an example of a constitutive program would be your Netflix membership.

It’s an it’s a membership that you have to pay every single month to get the benefits of being a Netflix member or Hulu membership. Those are digital products that you’re paying a monthly membership right, so you can actually find affiliate products that have consummatory programs. These membership things that people are paying a membership tax if you’re part of them number two is a software right.

So software companies, basically software companies, are companies where people pay month and and month out, for example, Microsoft is the biggest software company, one of the biggest software companies in the planet, Bill Gates right richest man in the world or was rather before Amazon and Microsoft. You have to pay every single month to get access to the benefits of being to their software right.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go and actually find and ability a product that allows us to promote this product, that people are going to pay me month in and month, meaning I only need to get one sell one transaction and that one Cell is going to pay any month in and a month out, then the war cells you get, the more people are going to be paying for that membership. With that software you’re then going to go ahead and actually start getting residual incomes, because people are going to continue to pay as long as that software, where that concentrated program is delivering results, we’re helping them solve that problem, they’re going to continue to make that payment.

You’re going to continue to get passive income, so there’s three simple: easy steps: I’m going to go and tell you guys which program that I’m currently leveraging right now. It’s called clickfunnels affiliate program right. So if you guys notice, I made eighteen thousand dollars so far and free passive income. I only promote this at three ways and I’m going to go to show you guys how to actually promote this in a second and how you guys can get the silver results.

But there’s three steps that we need to take. The first step is actually creating your free account. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to want to pause this article once you pause this article you’re going to click the first link in the description once you click the first link in the description, it’s going to go ahead and actually open up. This page right here, it’s going to say, join click funnels for free today, so you can literally create a free account right now, free, absolutely free, no investment whatsoever.

Your something going to go to put in your name, pretty email put in your password you’re, going to click the green button, you’re going to go to create an account as soon as you create your free account step number two very simple right: you’re going to go Ahead and get access to the click funnels dashboard right, so once you get access to the click funnels dashboard, then your reading I’m going to go ahead and actually become an affiliate for their products.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to once? I create my account so after you finish step number one by clicking the link down below and actually create your free account. The next step is, you guys, are going to go ahead and actually go to this page right here and then at the bottom left you’re going to see something saying more: a billion tools, you’re going to click that link and then it’s going to go ahead and Actually come up like this welcome to the click funnels affiliate program, click funnels, pays, 40 percent monthly reoccurring commissions, that’s passive income, reoccurring, income right and then what you’re going to do is you’re some go ahead and click this blue button right here once you click this Blue button there’s something going to go and actually register for becoming affiliate right and once you go ahead and do that, the next step is once you actually have an account you’re going to be able to log into your dashboard right.

So this is still part of step number two right, which is actually becoming a click button. Put it right now. What we’re going to want to do is once you become an affiliate for free that I say that for free like absolutely free, then we’re going to go to actually shop affiliate offers right. So there’s the tip X secret just 30 days, some of those deep Philly bootcamp. There’s the click photos affiliate center.

There’s the dot-com secrets the expert secrets cause they have all a whole bunch of different affiliate affiliate products that you guys can promote. But if you guys want to promote a product that is going to pay your passive income right, if you sell a book you’re not going to go and get past victim. If you sell the 30 days so much you’re not going to get passive income, you simply want to go to actually promote their software right.

So what you’re going to do is you’re going to go to get my up Selene tools, the links right here and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and get my free 14-day trial, so I’m going to go and actually create this. I’m going to get my affiliate link, so this link has my deleted ID. Whenever somebody makes a purchase, you just specific link and they sign up right once they actually use the software they’re starting to actually leverage it and what is the actual software, the software? It teaches people how to build automated websites, aka sales funnels that allow you to sell products on complete autopilot online.

So what you’re going to do right is once you grab that Philly link step number three: if we go back step, number three guys is simply promoted. Now, what are three ways that you could promote this for absolutely free right? The first way is product reviews. Now what people do before they actually decide to make a purchase of a product right. They actually look at a review, so two places that you guys can actually make product reviews.

For example, if I go to my blog here was the catacomb and I go down, and I like your product reviews, you look it’s one of the first ones. I did it you on clickfunnels, so if I go to read more, if I look here right, just basically a review that I did on clickfunnels throughout the actual piece of content, I have my affiliate links right. So I literally have a article and aside for my article, I have um my affiliate links now, not only that guys.

I also did a product. I did a YouTube article, so killing two birds, one stone you can do a product review as a blog or you can do a product review as a um on YouTube right. So basically, what you do is you would go and create a YouTube blog. You go to drop but actually go through the cost go through the actual software. It’s a free trial which built in a software, see how you like it see the benefits of it so on and so forth.

Do research on it and then literally just give your honest opinion on the actual software. After you give your honest opinion on the software, people are obviously looking to make a purchase instead of going to the website. You simply just say, hey look if you guys want to go ahead and take action, I believe it’s a good software. I believe it’s a good product. I use it myself going to click down below what you guys pick down below you guys can actually get access to my specific bit lately.

Now. The best thing that you guys want to do is you want to go and actually incentivize people to make a purchase with you, so you letting give them some sort of bubbles. If you go ahead and create an account with me, I’m going to give you a free training, teach you how to either the software or something along those lines right. So that’s the first way that you guys can promote this for free. The second is how to blog posts right so how to blog post is okay, let’s go to the update center click funnels.

What is click funnels? It says everything you need to market, sell and deliver your product and service online. So what are the type of people who wouldn’t need this type of product people who are trying to sell products online? So what you can do is you can go ahead and create content teaching people on your blog, how to sell products online and say if you want to make it way easier check out this software and they’re going to go to actually redirect them to your affiliate Link then they’re going to better actually do software because it’s going to help them sell products online and you’re, going to get paid recurring commissions and step.

Number three is how to articles on YouTube. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to go ahead and actually go on YouTube. I’m going to show you guys if I look at my blog and I type in click files right. I have 11 articles so guys I promoted this for free. I have 11 articles with the keyword cook funnels in it, so for an example: how to make money with click funnels for free, that’s a how-to article right, so somebody who’s looking to make money with click funnels will find this product or scuse me find this article.

Once they find this article they’re going to go ahead and then actually sign up through my affiliate link and I’m going to get paid residual Commission’s another one is how to create a sales funnel. So I’m teaching people how to actually use the software now guys. Out of my eleven articles, they total 26 thousand views, so all’s I did was literally create content of how-to articles, basically showing people how to use this product and what they do is after I teach them how to use the product.

I basically give them access to my affiliate link and when they get access. My affiliate link right 26 thousand views 11 pieces of content, only 4 hours invested so guys, literally with only 4 hours worth of work right. Four hours with the concept, with four hours worth of work, I made seventeen thousand eight hundred and ninety two dollars and seventy seven cents. That is insane so with that being said guys anybody can do this.

All you have to do is click. The first thing in the description, and once you click the first thing in the description you create an account once you’ve created, account, you’re, going to go and go to the affiliate or the dashboard you’re going to set up an affiliate, an account once you set up The affiliate account you’re going to shop products. What I’ll recommend is simply just promoting the software, how to articles and review articles and blog posts right so teaching people how to use the software teaching people? How to excuse me writing your own review, your opinion on it.

Redirect from that traffic to your affiliate link and collecting passive income, if you guys, like that article go ahead and give me a thumbs, hit that subscribe button hit that notifications about to join the family. Well make sure you hit that damn like button, because it really does help if you guys want to know more ways to actually make money online design to be a article that pops up right here.

I appreciate you guys take action on the links down below. As always Eric Ellis jr. Checking out, I will see you on the next article.

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