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Today’s article is going to be a screencast article, so what I’m going to be doing today is sharing with you guys the progress of my niche website. I am one month and one day in like actually committed like full and committed into this site. I started this site, probably a couple almost three months ago, but when I very first started, I’d barely did anything or I was doing things, but it wasn’t the right things that were guaranteeing me some kind of results.

So this article with this screencast and I’m going to be sharing with you my results that I’m getting mostly on google analytics and I’ll, be showing you all the traffic so first off before we get into like how I managed to start growing and stuff and what Tactics are being doing. I want to just share with you guys my results for this week, so this is from the 7th of June to the 13th of June just this week.

We should really do that to that, because then that’s like a full week didn’t really make that much of a difference, something because today it’s like you know it’s only midday today. So but anyway, you guys get the point so a week in so this week. I have 79 users to the website, which is pretty cool, and 75 of them are new users. Most of my traffic is coming from the US overall, it’s us, Australia and then the UK will get into like the complete month.

Since I’ve been doing this, like actual trying to you, know, get some some success with this site, I’ll show you guys that and 150 page views for the month quite a high bounce rate, which is something that I’m working on anyway. I want to show you guys the total month, because what happened was I wasn’t getting like the best success and then I took a course by income school called project 24. If you guys want to check it out, I’m an affiliate.

So my affiliate links in the description of this article, but I’m probably going to be doing a like thorough, in-depth review of the course. Once I get a few more months under my belt, I’m starting to see some income results, because at the moment I haven’t made any money from this site, I’m just getting traffic there. First reason why they call it a project 24. Is it because it takes 24 months to make a legit income generating niche website, so it isn’t a get-rich-quick thing.

It’s definitely something that takes a bit of time so anyway, let me share with you guys the complete month of data that we have here. So I took the course on the 13th of mani. It’s now the 14th of June. So let’s just go to the 13th of June and, as you guys will see, I want to kind of share like a week before or so just so. You can see like where it was before. I took the course so, as you guys can see like this is probably this data here is me just trying to work it out on my own, and then I’ve got a big spike around the time.

I took the course around this date here so took the course from this date and instantly. I just got like results. Some traffic results, which is really cool in the course like in a nutshell, pretty much just teaches you to post certain amounts and certain types of blog posts, and it gives you like a 60 set process. You do this step. That step. That’s happen by the end of it. You’ll probably have a very successful site, so it’s really cool.

I am thirty steps in some halfway through this course, and I really you know I did a lot of work early on and then the last two weeks I’ve got halfway through the course in two weeks and in the last two weeks of this month. I didn’t really do much at all so then working on other things, okay, so I’m back! So if I can go back to the very beginning of when I took the course and you’ll guys see that I’d hit almost exactly a thousand page views for the very first month.

Well, I guess it’s the third month of the site, but it’s the first full month of taking the course, while working on the site and yeah, it’s really cool to see the results. It’s getting me, it’s giving me a lot of motivation. Also this site – you guys, probably know about it if you know like what I’m up to like in terms of bicycle touring and stuff, it’s our bicycle touring site called cycle travel overload now this is before I shared with you guys as my audience, who also do Read a lot of my bike, touring, content and stuff.

Like I imagine like this, is before me, I’m telling you guys about this website, so I’d! Imagine by the time. I tell you guys about it. It’s going to get a lot more traffic with you guys coming over to check out all the content that I’ll put on there, but this is before I’ve really kind of soul. I guess I did do a little bit. I told you guys a little bit on my Instagram, but it didn’t really get that many people coming over so yeah.

The results aren’t really that skewed in terms of like my existing audience coming over, but I’ve been building up. This YouTube blog for a while. Now so I’m just going to be taking advantage of like the audience that I have on here and considering. This is something that interested in I’ll be definitely sharing this site with you guys when I get the chance – and I can’t wait to see these pageviews grow even further and as you guys can see, the average pay, the average bounce rate is a bit lower.

I think a really good ones – around 50 % or 40 % – is what something you want to look for. The lower the better I’m an average time is about 3 minutes 15 seconds and 307 users, 301 of them, and new users, which is pretty cool and then yeah. So, as you guys can see there, you go look at that. So the u.S. Is the majority of the peeps, but yeah guys. I thought it’d be interesting, just to show like the stats on my site, just to see where it’s going and all that yeah.

But once again, this site has made zero dollars so far, but yeah get I’m just going to give it a good amount of time, and I think I should be doing pretty well. I have another 30 more steps to go on the course so I’ll be working on that. Hopefully, my goal is to try and get the rest of the course done. The 60 steps I mean done by the end of next month, because I’m heading off on a box tour around the 17th, so I have just over a month.

Oh it’s going to be tough, because I got a lot of things that I’m juggling at the moment. Through, like Instagram management, and just you know the usual eBay, Amazon, stuff and just the heap of other stuff, it’s going to be tough, because the content that I’m working on now is more like in-depth stuff yeah. I think that’s not the best goal to set, because, to be honest, I wrote 10 really shorter posts like this shorter post of all the three different types of posts that they teach in the project 24 course and 3 of the next level, like posts that you’re Supposed to write, and then that means I have seven of those middle sized posts and then 10 really long posts to write so yeah.

I’m not really sure I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m going to have to try, because you know I had 17 17 posts to write but they’re quite lengthy posts, but you know head down. I reckon that’s possible so yeah, that’s probably my goal for the next monthly update check, because what I’m going to be doing is just sharing with you guys a monthly progress. It kind of like a case study of this site and you guys can just see like how it’s growing and stuff.

I think that’s really cool. So let me just quickly show you my website, if you’re not familiar with it already just so, you guys can get an understanding. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to share it. If this article somehow got heaps of views and get just people coming over just to look at the site, rather than being interested in actually checking it out, but essentially yeah, this is what my sites like at the moment, yeah.

So, just being writing content, that’s pretty much. What they preach is just content. Content content, like you guys, is like yeah, also a few other things that I want to mention here. I have published 28 posts, so 13 of them are project 24, like really high standard posts that proven to rank really well on Google and generate you really good results, so 13 of them and then and then 15. On my own place that I did before I went got got into the course and and started the course, which is something I just wanted to note there also with the site.

I have done my own YouTube blog for the website, so they haven’t suggested this in the course yet, but I think they’ll be getting to that later on in the steps. I think they focus more on that stuff, but just because I’ve been doing YouTube for a while, I kind of understand the power behind it and, for example, like I what I want to share with you guys. I want to share a post so, for example, with some of the posts I want to do this for all the posts, I’m creating YouTube articles for the posts.

So, as you see you scroll down on this one, I have a article here about how it’s changed. My life, or whatever the topic of the article, is about and then underneath have text which I think works really well. This is on this YouTube blog, but I have a separate YouTube blog for it. Also. One more thing I wanted to mention was: one of my articles seems to be ranking pretty well now. I don’t know about this niche, sometimes about this niche like it’s, it’s a bit difficult to try and find really popular search terms, but I just got to learn a bit more about the search term analysis, which is what they teach you in the course.

It’s got to go back over that and learn a bit more about that, but, for example, butterfly bars. I did like a review on butterfly bars or just me talking about butterfly bus if mine is like right up there in the results. But what I might do is I’ll log out of Google just to see what happens so now, I’m completely signed out of Google and if I type in look at that see how cool is that you type in butterfly bars review and my result is second from The top, which is this post right here cycle, drove a lot overload, it’s really cool and is like.

It really feels really cool. When you get something that ranks on Google especially fairly early – and this is the one I do the article for as well – which is pretty cool – so I pretty much just talk about like everything that I’ve written in this post, which is really cool and then yeah. Just cover about it and then I’ve got affiliate links here for the product, but once again I haven’t made any sales on Amazon Associates at all with this site.

So far I can show you my account if you guys want to check it out, but there’s like zero sales, so you guys go to associates as you can see, I’m getting clicks and stuff, but I just make I’m not making any sales so like I get Like three clicks days like what’s that six clicks, this is 15 17 clicks 15, but it’s like not converting at all, so it’s still very early days. Yes, I hope this article was informative.

I hope to share with you guys some more results and stuff in future articles, but it’s kind of just like an introductory sort of article just to introduce the idea of how this site’s going and stuff so yeah. Thank you guys for reading make sure to give me a thumbs up comments down below and make sure you subscribe to the blog to stay up to date with the progress and the future results of this site.

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