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How can your business break through the clutter and successfully speak to your audience and engage them to act with the culmination of two effective marketing techniques, search, engine, optimization or SEO, and quality high definition, broadcast production? I’M Lydia Mackay an actress and producer here at web article 360, I’m here to tell you how you can reach your audience with our powerful marketing tool.

Let’S start by looking at a typical internet search, we all know what happens after you type in a search term. You get line after line of text with page after page of results and because most consumers only look at the first one or maybe two pages of results. You not only have to make sure your company appears in those top results. You have to differentiate yourself from all those other top ranking businesses.

According to a leading marketing research, company, forrester research, properly optimized articles are 53 times more likely to be placed on the first page of a google search in turn. Customers are much more likely to click on a article link versus a traditional text, link of the same product or service and according to ratings giant Nielsen. Ninety percent of all traffic on the internet will be article by the year 2014.

So if you don’t have article on your site, your business name and website link will be pushed down and crowded out by companies that do in many businesses recognize the fact that Internet article is an incredibly powerful and influential marketing tool. As a result, there are web design firms and IT companies that say they can quickly put your products and services into article form. The problem is these: companies aren’t experts in article production and the resulting poorly produced articles actually end up harming your business and can drive a potential customer away forever web article 360.

Is your solution to bring you that high search ranking along with the truly professional way to deliver your sales message? I invite you to explore this site to learn more about web article 360 and what it can mean for your business. Then, when you’re ready give us a call, I’m Lydia Mackey thanks for reading

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