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What is Inner Engineering? | Sadhguru

Only one phone in United States is the “ iPhone”, It’s a good phone, but what we are forgetting is the ‘ I ’. The iPhone is all right, but the ‘ I ’ is the most important thing. Iphone is just a little gadget produced by this larger gadget. This is the gadget. Isn’t it All? The other gadgets have been produced by this gadget, ( Pointing to himself ).

If you pay little attention to this one, If the necessary understanding and awareness and ability to transform this gadget happens within you, your ability to live will be greatly greatly enhanced. Then outside technologies are not a barrier Outside technologies are a boon that ’ s been offered to us, But the boons that have been offered to us are turning into curses in people. ’ s lives simply because they have not taken care of this one.

They ’ re, only trying to take care of the external situation. We have done lot of engineering in the world outside and because of this, we have a huge level of comfort and convenience in the world today, The kind of comfort and convenience that no other generation of people could have ever imagined that level of comfort and convenience. We have, Though, we have this, though we are the most comfortable generation ever on the planet.

We cannot claim that we are the most peaceful generation we cannot claim. We are the most joyful or loving generation on the planet for sure. So in many ways this generation is becoming the most neurotic generation or most complaining generation because we have taken care of the outside, but we have not taken care of the inside. The world is engineered the way we want it, but are we engineered the way we want ourselves to be So? There is a certain way to engineer our system to make this body, to make this mind very chemistry within us.

The way we want it, If our wish is to be blissful to make the world blissful, it would take too many things, But to make this one person blissful a willing person, somebody who wants to be blissful it shouldn, ’ t be difficult at all, But this Is not been done because people have never paid attention to the mechanics of how a human being functions and to engineer that the way we want it. So these are technologies for inner well-being.

Everybody wants health peace blissfulness, but these are simple things Why these things are not happening. Is we have never paid attention to the inner mechanism of what a human being is To pay attention to that and to create it the way we want it. This is ‘ Inner Engineering, ’ Meditator 1. There is significantly more ease in the way I live. My life today than I did before. I still have the exact same stressters, the same difficult patients, the same hectic schedule, the same emergencies that require working late into the night.

However, I do them With far more joy than I ever done, In fact, my efficiencies at work is far greater now than its ever been and my stress level is lower than its ever been Meditator 2. I have always been one of those people with so much energy and I have always had a lot of trouble sitting. Still My parents, didn, ’ t know what to do. They put me in track and I ran ( Laughs ), so I could run it out, But always whenever I would just sit i… it Would be no more than a couple of minutes So after I took Inner Engineering, I ’ ve been able to really be much calmer and be more content within myself and be able just to be wherever I Am and not be thinking.

I need to do this. I need to run around and do this. Meditator 3, I lost 40 lb and my cholesterol went from 210 to 149 and my blood pressure is a lot lower and my lifelong allergies have completely Disappeared, Meditator 4 Inner Engineering gave me the gift of the moment that joy is there. Now There is a sense of appreciation in very small things: Sadhguru We will teach a certain process which is known as the ‘ Shambhavi Mahamudra ’.

This is a way of activating your energies in such a way that the very fundamental chemistry in your body will alter itself within a matter of two to three weeks. One can even measure this in the laboratories. Such experiments have been done how the blood chemistry changes within three weeks of practice has been recorded, and you can make your chemistry a chemistry of blissfulness. Once your system comes to absolute ease, there will be no dis-ease.

What is being taught is a scientific process step-by-step. It ’ ll, be taught. We need twenty-eight hours to impart this twenty-eight to thirty hours of focused time, So it takes that much time to practically and experientially impart. This One aspect of the program is to bring a deeper understanding to their own system, to their physical system, to their energy system, to their chemistry, to their emotional aspects of them, and also the psychological structures.

Once they understand few basics, then we teach methods with which they can make these dimensions within themselves in a conscious manner. Meditator 5. It was a wonderful experience. I ’ m a physician and I can ’ t tell you how much it is going to help me with my stress and also I ’ m, going to incorporate in my practice too Meditator 6. It was beyond my words Meditator 7. That is the most important and the most needed element in here for the human being Meditator 8.

I think this is one of the best things that has happened to me like I meditate but…. So I was expecting a few things from this course, but whatever I got was way better and Way, bigger than what I had expected so…, I think it has changed my life in a fundamental way: Meditator 9 and 10 Fabulous Beautiful, Meditator 11 Was excellent. I love it and yeah its very inspiring Sadhguru. It does not demand any lifestyle changes.

It just takes only twenty-one minutes of your day If you ’ re willing to dedicate twenty-one minutes of your day to this simple process, it has been life-transforming for millions of people. This is not a religion. This is not some kind of a teaching. This is not a philosophy; This is a technology. One has to just learn how to use it like how you learn to use your iPhone. Similarly, you learn to use this ‘.

I ’ to its optimum level, to its fullest capacity. Isha Foundation. Is a hundred percent volunteer organization? The volunteers are taking it to the people because it’s made such a big difference in their life and they want to share it Their dedication their time their life is being given to make this happen to many other people – and this is my wish and my blessing – That every human being…, we do not know what you will achieve in the outside world or not, but this much every human being deserves that.

His experience of life on this planet is a pleasant experience. This much everybody is able to do if only if they turn inward. These simple tools will help people to bring themselves to a new level of balance and pleasantness within themselves. This is something every human being deserves.


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Why Good People Won’t Get Anywhere | Sadhguru

People are always suffering more. Yes, People who think they are good, they are simply a suffering (, Laughter, ), Isn, ’ t it so Please look at this ( Laughs ). Now, first of all, how did you become good He is not okay, she is not okay, he is not okay, he is not okay, he is Not okay, she is not okay compared to all these people.

I am a good man From Where did you get the idea that you ’ re good, tell me, You have compared yourself with lots of people and You labelled everybody as bad, and now you feel good. Somebody who thinks is very good in his mind. Nobody in the world is okay, The more good you think you are, nobody is Okay, for you Is that so Isn ’ t it so People who believe they are very good people. Nobody wants to go anywhere near them because they ’ re, so good.

No life can Happen: (, Laughs, ), Your goodness is only in comparison with Something else: isn, ’ t it, Yes And you establishing yourself as good and making Every…, if every… all these people are wretched, people then “. I am a really good man, ” isn, ’ t it. Isn, ’ t it. So Good people won’t get anywhere either in this world or in other world. Can you Take a joke: Do you have good digestion, Hmm Participants, ___ (, Unclear ), Sadhguru, Hmm Participants, ___ (, Unclear ), (, Sadhguru, laughs, ) Sadhguru? I was not talking about that digestion.

( Laughter ) One day in his previous life Shankaran Pillai Was a good man After a brief illness, he died Being a good man. He naturally went to heaven He landed up at heaven There at the reception committee of angels, Opened his account book Page after page, good deed, good deed, good deed, Good deed, good deed cover to cover only good deed. Then the angels were in confusion. Then they came To Shankaran Pillai and said “, Mr Pillai, there ’ s a little problem here: ” He asked “, What is the problem? ” He said… The angels said “ See here we have various Kinds of accommodation in heaven, various levels of accommodation, One bad Deed means highest heaven – seafront view Two bad deeds – next level of accommodation.

Three Bad deeds – next level of accommodation like this, But no bad deed. We don ’ t have such a place. We Really don, ’ t know what to do. You are the first man to come, like this., ” Shankaran Pillai thought “ What nonsense In the world nobody wanted to come near me. Because I was such a good man, I lived with a hope of getting got heaven And even here problem ( Laughter, ), ”, Then the angels had a discussion and they Arrived at a conclusion, They said: “ Don, ’ t! You worry Mr.

Pillai We have found a solution. Your body is still intact. There, We ’ ll, give you three Hours of life Just commit one bad deed. We ’ ll, put you in the highest heaven, nothing is lost, ” Low Shankaran became… Shankaran Pillai became alive here. Then. He Sat there thinking how to commit a bad deed And hour-and-a-half passed away, See he is not Like you, he has no practice ( Laughter ) After hour-and-a-half.

He remembered in the Neighborhood there is a woman who is well beyond her prime Who ’ s been casting inviting glances at him? He being a good man? He never looked that way. Now he thought “. Okay, adultery is a bad deed., ” Because after all, he ’ s going to do whatever He is going to do just to go to heaven, So he went looking for the woman. He went and Knocked on her door, She came and opened the door When she opened the door Shankaran Pillai Said “, I want you.

, ” “. Why Mr.Pillai? Just yesterday evening, they Told me you are on your death bed. What is this ”? He said, “, It doesn, ’ t matter. I want you. ”. He went in You. Know nature took over things happened between them. He doesn, ’ t want to die in her house. Time is running out. So he told her “, I need to go ” and he came to the door. The woman came to see him off. And she said: “ Mr.

Pillai: do you know what a good deed You ’ ve done for me today: ” (, Laughter, ), One more good deed, (, Laughter ). What to do So! Good people will neither make it here nor there It ’ s, not your goodness, which liberates you. Your Goodness is only in comparison with somebody else, Your goodness being in comparison with somebody Else it ’ s, not about goodness it ’ s about a kind of sickness.

It ’ s. Just like Right now, people are going about like this. They are happy they don. ’ t know what joy is Their happiness is just that they have things that other people – don – ’ t have Isn, ’ t it. Now, let ’ s say you are all very hungry, but my stomach is full And I feel so happy that Nobody has food, but at least I have something to eat. Is this happiness or sickness? Hmm Humanity is suffering from this sickness, which is passing off as happiness for most people.

Isn, ’ t it so


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I wanted to make this article to share my experience in my excitement about the creative process of building this website and what it means to me. I also wanted to highlight some of the key features and functionality of the site, so this whole thing was a really big process for me and it came with a lot of interesting and dynamic challenges, it’s hard to say exactly how long I worked on it for, But it was easily over a hundred hours of work, and so I feel that the passion and the commitment that I put into this project really shows when you’re navigating the site.

I wanted the site to be a total extension and representation of my own unique, creative self-expression, so because of that, I designed custom artwork and assets for the entire site, and I also taught myself how to actually code in liquid, which is a programming language that is Indigenous to Shopify and Shopify is the platform that I built this site on, so the project was a really powerful opportunity to redefine myself and to even further clarify what it is.

My service is to the planet on a physical level and in fact I encourage really everyone to create a website for themselves, not only for the purpose of sharing your business or your creativity with the world, but for the sake of actually speaking, your true self into Existence – and that’s really what this was for me: there was an opportunity to further ground my true self into the physical experience.

So with this website, I strongly feel that I achieved weaving all of my creative passions into a singular platform of creative self-expression. This site truly highlights all of the things that I absolutely love and offers them as service to others. So with that being said, I now want to give you a little tour of the site highlighting some of the key features and services alright. So here it is, this is the home page of my new website.

As you can see here, these slides they highlight some of the custom artwork that I was speaking about and you’ll see that every few seconds they actually switch highlighting a different portion of the site and when you click them, you’re able to navigate to different areas. This is the media homepage or the landing page, so from media you can actually see my digital art, my music, my article is my photography, but just going back to the home page just want to continue to show this to you all.

So if you come down here once again, there’s these little circles that also take you to different parts of the site, and here you’ll see some of the highlighted products that I actually have on this new site, and this was one of the the big things for Me with this project was to actually turn my life turned myself, my my creativity into a marketplace so that people can purchase some of the things that I’ve created and then coming down here.

You know you will see that it’s connected to my Instagram and at the very bottom here you can actually join my newsletter, and so I recommend that people that that follow me and they want to stay updated on the most recent events or recent content or recent Products just to sign up for the newsletter and yeah. I send out an email every every few weeks when there’s a there’s, a there’s, a lot to say a lot to share.

So the first key feature that I want to speak about it in regards to the site is just the the shop area. So here you have this drop-down menu and you can see the different areas of products that I offer so under prints. You can see that I have canvas prints, metallic prints, stickers, poster prints. I actually started my own clothing company called new human designs and right now I’m selling shirts.

So if you come over here, you also have my music section, and I broke this up into three main categories. You have my electronic music and being meditative music and my hand pan music and then over here. These are the shop services which I’ll get into in just a minute, so you can navigate using this drop down menu or you can actually click on shop and sort of get a better visual representation of all the products.

So you have canvas prints, poster prints and metallic prints. The clothing and I’ll actually go here so right now, one second! So right now I have two primary designs and you can get those two designs either on a t-shirt or on these 3/4 baseball Ragland shirts. This this one in particular, is my favorite. I wear this one all the time and these shirts they come in all different sizes. You can see the sizing chart here, the other ones.

If I go back here actually come in different colors and you can see the colors that they come on by clicking over here, so that’s something. I’M really excited about the the clothing, particularly and I’ll. Just highlight some of these. These are some of my canvas prints and you can get different, portraits different ET portraits. I have some of my sacred geometry type art as portraits, and even the designs that you see on the clothes.

These are also offered on canvas prints with these ones. There’S more of a sliding scale terms of the price because they they range in terms of size, the smallest one is twelve by twelve and largest, one is 24 by 24, so these are really really amazing for me to just have you know to have my digital Art actually come to life in a more tangible way and in a way where people can receive that and to showcase that in their house.

So another key feature that I want to highlight. I talked about the media page and we can just go into some of these sections a little bit so here, if you click under digital art and once again you can go there by just clicking this tab and then viewing the drop down or you can go To this sort of landing page – and that just happens when you actually click media – and you can navigate that way – it’s really whatever your preference is.

I did this just to make this as straightforward and as clear for people as possible. So anyway, going into digital art. You will see the full, I mean this is yeah. This is essentially the full gallery of all the ET art that i’ve created thus far, all the self-portraits I’ve done for people coming down even further. You get different types of digital art that I’ve created in the past and yeah all sorts of different fun things that I’ve created that you can observe here, just a big gallery and if you click on them it it highlights the individual pictures.

So if you come here, you’ll see that there’s a this is under music there’s a playlist of a lot of my music and actually, if you’re listening to these playlists and you enjoy a song, you can come back under shop and you can navigate to where that Song might be if it’s an electronic piece, then there’ll be under electronic music and you can just purchase the tracks that I have here: they’re, each just a dollar and yeah.

If you enjoy that – and you want to support me – you can totally do that, and that would be much appreciated if we’re going under articles, we have my entire youtube blogs, actually just linked into the site. So if you prefer to read on youtube, that’s great, but also if you feel like there’s a article that you want to find and it’s harder to find on, you feel it’s harder to find on youtube. I have these different categories here under this application, so you can navigate that and then last over here is just similar to my ETR, but it’s just a gallery of my photography.

These are just different nature: shots that I’ve taken in a lot of different, a lot of different locations. So now I want to talk about the services starting with the private sessions. So I currently provide and you’ll see here 30-minute consultations for $ 30 conducted over text. 30-Minute consultations for $ 60 conducted over the phone 60-minute consultations for a hundred and twenty conducted over webcam, or this is something I’m very excited about.

I’M offering one day long, private one-on-one retreats for people and these retreats. They basically consist of you and I, whoever you may be going on different hikes and adventures throughout Sedona Arizona, which is a place that I currently live and I’ll bring you to all the secret spots that basically only the people that really do a lot of exploring. Can find these really really really high-energy spots and will go on adventures and basically go out to lunch and do other spontaneous activities and the reason why I’m offering? That is because for a lot of people, I know that people get very activated by listening to the content that I share, whether it’s it’s reading the articles, I will same to the music or reading some of the art that I’m creating, but to be in person With me, one on one having an intimate experience where we’re really sharing on a very personal level.

This is really where the deepest healing and transformation can occur, so I’m very excited about that and for other people, if you just want to text consultation, a phone consultation or the 60-minute webcam consultation. This is the one that people do the most and before I made all these other categories, I was just doing these 60-minute webcam consultations. These are conducted over Skype or Facebook, article or Google Hangouts.

So really all of these sessions are designed to provide insight. That is specifically tailored to you and I’m using my intuition to guide the individual into a balanced state of emotional mental clarity and, as this process occurs, basically the individual that I’m working with can begin to access and integrate higher states of consciousness to embody their greatest Potential and it’s a very these sessions are very powerful for both myself and the individuals that I’m working with.

I have I’ve done hundreds of them thus far, and you can see all these different testimonies from people whose lives have been changed just by having a conversation with me, because really what I’m doing is I’m I’m acting as a mirror, so that you can see yourself Clearly, so that you can see where you’re limiting yourself and you can see actually where the beautiful expansion and your life can occur and a lot of people they also.

They also message me and have these sessions with me to gain more clarity and understanding in regards to an extraterrestrial or extra dimensional encounters that they might be having, and these sessions can really act as support for for the individual that I’m working with. So that’s the basis of my private sessions. If you’re someone that wants to go deeper on their journey mate, you know maybe just reading the articles, that’s all you need that’s beautiful, but but if you need a little extra boost or some extra clarity in your life, I strongly recommend them.

I’Ve done so many of them and they’ve been highly potent and highly transformative for myself and for the people that I’ve done them with so moving on. I want to speak about my blogs ETR offerings, so here you will see that there is several different tiers of these offerings and basically, what what this is is. This is a bloged creative expression that is designed to reunite individuals with their cosmic heritage.

So I’m using my illustrative and intuitive abilities, and also just my tangible, close encounters quote-unquote with extraterrestrials to bring forth these artistic rendition renditions of these extra-terrestrial energies that seek to connect with the individual that is wanting to participate in this particular service. So here you will see the different tiers. The first here is for 222 dollars. It’S a blogled, extraterrestrial metaphysical illustration – and here you see this example of that, for a little bit more for 333, you can get a what I’m calling a Galacta ated self-portrait, which is essentially a digital rendition of yourself, and with these I basically ask the client to Send me several pictures of themselves at different angles, with some specific lighting so that I can essentially sculpt a replication of you in digital form and Galacta PHY yourself.

So the next here is a bloged illustration or a self-portrait, plus a minute long animated clip depicting your digital avatar in action. So here you’ll see an example of that. This is what some of these clips will look like. This is taken from a being that I bloged and I made the article alchemical rebirth using him as a basis, but basically these will be the types of articles that you will receive at this tier of the service and all of these articles actually come with unique.

Sound design and a musical soundtrack that help to anchor and express the energy of these animations really excited about this. I’M excited to make more of these kinds of articles highlighting these ETS. It’S it’s! It’S a it’s a lot of work, but it’s really very rewarding and very satisfying and I enjoy offering them so last year you have a bloged illustration, plus a self-portrait plus a one-minute animated clip.

So this one you had either a et portrait or a self-portrait plus the article and then this package. This last package, is all of these things. So the one thing that I want to say about this is it’s a very because it’s an intuitive process. It’S a bloged process is very unpredictable. I don’t know what energies may come through for me to share and therefore I ask for people to have an open heart and an open open mind to receive the the full benefits of what I’m offering and generally these.

These portraits will, depending on depending on the tier, if I’m doing a self portrait, sometimes it can take anywhere between two to four weeks. It might take longer if I’m doing an animation. One of these, the last two tiers of the service it’ll, take longer it’ll, probably take at least a month, maybe longer so yeah very, very excited about this. I’Ve done many different portraits for many different clients thus far, and you can view those just by going to the media tab and the digital art section of that.

That’S my entire art galleries there so go moving on to the next service, my musical offerings. So here I am offering music composition and production lessons music theory, lessons, instrumental lessons. Some of the instruments that I play include guitar piano, percussion Hong Drum these sessions are an hour long and they’re $ 60 per lesson. Basically, these lessons are designed to teach you everything that you need to know about music, if you’re someone that wishes to learn something I’m specific about the musical topics, our lessons can focus on that particular topic.

If you’re someone that is newly exploring their musicality, then these lessons will meet you where you’re at and they will follow a curriculum that I’ve designed to give you the most direct path to mastering your musical self-expression. So it doesn’t really matter if you’re, if you’re amused. If you consider yourself a musician, if you’re wanting to learn a new skill, these lessons really will take you from beginning stages to more advanced stages, and they highlight different areas of music, whether you’re wanting to learn about music composition and production, just something that I do Often, whether you’re wanting to learn the theory behind music or you’re wanting to learn a specific instrument, or maybe all of those things, these lessons will absolutely provide that, for you, I’ve been teaching music lessons for years.

Basically, since I was in college – and I love doing them so I I’m excited for people to sign up for that and to start teaching music lessons again. So here is a very awesome thing that I’m offering, if I do say so myself. Basically, this is the ultimate digital media package, so this is for people that are looking for a website and need help sharing their message with the world. This package, this particular package.

It gives you every possible digital media social media asset that you need to launching to. Basically, launch your business into the next level or just just bring that business into fruition. So this comes complete with a custom lis designed website complete with original artwork and assets. Your own logo, I’m going to set up your own YouTube, blog complete with an intro and outro youtube banner, all of that kind of stuff, just other assets that you might want to use for social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, and also lessons designed to Actually, teach you how to use these tools so that you can take perhaps what I’ve created and expand upon that and maybe teach that to other people and pass that on.

So this is a really complete package and I’m really passionate about this, because I feel very strongly that by having something like this, we are able to create a powerful platform through which we can share our unique message with the world, and I feel that everyone should Not only have something like this have a website have their own artwork that expresses themselves but also know how to use these tools, because this makes this makes us collectively a more powerful asset to help the world transform through using the this digital world that we have At our disposal, so if you’re someone that doesn’t necessarily want this full ultimate package but you’re someone that just wants lessons to how to use certain different types of software, I give lessons on how to use Adobe Photoshop premiere After Effects Daz Studios, which is a 3d Modeling studio blender, which is a 3d modeling studio Shopify, which is an e-commerce platform.

It’S a platform that I made this site on Squarespace Wix and a lot more you can. You can sign up for lessons and they’re similar just similar to the musical lessons they’re an hour, and there are $ 60 say you’re, someone that also just wants a website design, none of the other kinds of assets, that’s totally cool, there’s a sliding scale price range, Depending on the complexity of the site, I’m also offering custom digital artwork, custom, branding local design, social media assets and article production and editing.

So, as you guys know, I produce and edit all of my articles, the animations, the music articles, the documentaries, the vlogs, the whatever. If you’re someone that is looking to have something filmed for them or edited for them or both, then this would be a service that you might be interested in and once again, if you’re interested in any of the web design or digital media services, just you can Just contact me by using the form here under contact, so here you’ll just see this little cute little form and yeah.

That’S basically the easiest way to get in contact with me or you can just send me a direct email or message through whatever platform you’re reading. This on so yes, that is really the premise of all the things that I wanted to share. You know there’s other little lot of their little things throughout the site that you’ll find as you’re navigating, but those are the main features that I wanted to highlight on the site.

Thank you so much for listening to this article for reading this and for enjoying me sharing my creative process with you and my creative excitements. If you’re interested in supporting me, it would be wonderful just to browse my shop to see. What’S there, maybe there’s there’s a article of clothing that you like. Maybe you like my music, maybe there’s prints that you want or maybe you’re interested in the services.

I encourage you to look at those things and to browse that for yourself and to see what feels good for you. So thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful day and until next time may the force be with you

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