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BE CAREFUL! How To Scam $400,000 from Spotify & How You’re Being Used To Scam Artists

I want to say that this blog is going to do a lot of changes, and this article is one of the first of many of a series where I’m talking about the music industry and having practical advice for artists every single Monday. So when you’re looking for that just tune in every Monday, let’s get it Wow. What’s up, everybody wants to get his brand man Sean, and this article is brought to you by brand man network back home, because I saw myself now I got to talk about something.

That’s loud, this might be mind blowing to a lot of y’all artists, because I know y’all looking now to be scammed right, but you know sometimes when it comes to being kind. The con is so close to you. You don’t even realize it’s happening and in this particular case it’s the fact that there are instances where artists are actually scamming other artists, and I don’t even necessarily mean intentionally.

You might be an artist right now that has been used to scam, another artist and not even know it. What am I talking about? I’m going to explain really so and I’m going to mention the company, but first let’s look at it. This way all right. You might remember the article that I did about a week or two ago, but I was talking about the fact that there’s one point: five billion dollars projected to be lost in one year and just because people are paying influencers who have a perceived following and influence.

But they actually have fake influencers, they actually have fake bots and things like that, and then I even broke down and got more specific to music, how there’s 300 million dollars that is being lost in the streaming space just because people are getting caught in one way Or another right, so many artists are familiar with the ways of getting con like yo, you pay this playlist ur to get streams and they really don’t really have a true playlist right.

It’s fake listeners, fake files on their playlists people are, are they’re familiar with the pump-and-dump strategy right where people are paying for streams, and you see this huge influx of streams and the next thing you know BAM like a week after your pro campaign. There’s nothing else. One thing I slightly touched on in that article is the fact that there are people being scammed with real listeners.

How is that happening right, you’re, getting real listeners, you pay and you get real listeners but at the same time, you’re scam and he don’t get the following. You expect from these real listeners now outside of the song being trashed, because the real listeners heard it and they don’t like it, there’s actually situations where it could be a great song, real listeners and I’ll get into that, and you don’t actually get the result that You want to and a lot of times this is artists that are these real and it’s kind of fake listeners.

At the same time, let me explain so what really sparked this article and homie and an artist that I know who he’s really dope by the way. But he hit me up saying that oh I saw that article on a fake followings and all that kind of stuff and how much money is being lost, and it’s crazy. You say that a situation that happened to me with the company was I reached out because I wanted to get on the playlist right man I’m paying for the services and in paying for those services.

They say: okay, cool we’re going to do this. You give us the money, but to make this situation happen, we need your account information. The basic account information, alright and there might be more sensitive than what you want to give off, but it’s not too far off base, because they’re asking for your Spotify account information. They want to get you Spotify views and listens right now with that being said, as a matter of fact, I’ll just resort back to the initial message.

Alright, so he said, one of the requirements was to have access to your Spotify account and when he went back into his account, he saw the day auto photo like 12 different playlists, twelve different playlists, and we checks these playlists. He sees that these playlists have like 500k followers, a lot of followers right and when you think about it, if I’m a playlist service right and I’m getting all of these artists to actually buy my service and in getting their service, I’m getting access to their account And now I can make these artists account start to stream the music that these other artists are asking me to get listened to now, I’m using artists to listen to other artists music, but it’s not even the actual artists that are listening to it.

It’s their accounts and I’m getting my playlists following to look bigger than it was before right. This is a huge thing. That’s happening that a lot of people are missing and really quickly, because I got a crazy other story to tell y’all when it comes to like scam, since it was actually kind of dope. I’m not going to even lie. But I want to make sure, I remember to say the name of that company and it was pop-filter that was the name of the company that took his account right and then they auto followed.

That was what he was using because in your world, as long as you get the strings, he might just be looking to get to look at the moment. It might not be a bad thing for you and you might want to go to them. Cuz. You can see they’re – probably good at that, but at the end of the day, just realized what’s happening and understand the account information that you are giving up, that sensitive information and it’s not necessarily outside of bounds for any marketing situation that you’re working with to have Access to certain accounts, but you do want to make sure that they’re not doing stuff that you didn’t request, because auto following other accounts is definitely not a part of that process.

Now, if you say I will do it, I will auto follow these accounts for you to do this service and that’s a whole nother thing, but keep that in mind and understand that this isn’t even a small thing and before I get into this story once again, I got ta say this from this perspective, because it’s really thing y’all know. As a matter of fact, let me get to screen share sha mode. What you have to understand is that there are a lot of celebrities, big names, artists, actors, all those type of people who have fake streams.

Some of them got got right, some of them are getting. You know done over just like a lot. A smaller artists are, and they don’t realize that they have fake followers, but there’s plenty of them. That know, or at least their agencies or teams, are aware that there’s a large portion of fake followers and they’re doing it for all other types of reasons that you know I’m not going to get into right now.

But we can even say if you know that you have a good amount of real followers, all right and real impact in the world, and you have all this business and and big deals to justify that. Then just boosting your following can give you some other incentives and deal wise as well, and it’s not completely. You know fake. So it’s not like you’re going to look like you were lying in some cases, but I’m not going to even get into all that right to make it clear think about the fact that Jay Cole, the line in the 21 savage song that went like this question.

I mean he faking these streams in a place from machines. I could see behind the smoking members niggas ain’t really because they sing. I want you to think about that line. Jake. Oh, you know he is down the earth right he’s not the most out of touch individual in the world, but at his level be clear that he’s not thinking about the small indie artist, who has fake dreams that nobody knows about, or he just just isn’t on His radar yet right, he is referring to people that you probably wouldn’t even believe, have fake streams, fake followers having these machines make them look bigger and better than they are that’s.

Why there’s been legitimate instances where major celebrities have lost millions of followers overnight? Just because Instagram might do a system up they clean up where they get rid of a lot of bytes? And now of a sudden, you see a lot of these bytes which were their followers disappear. You might go from 10 million followers to 2 million followers overnight right, it’s a very real thing, but last and certainly not least, I have to speak on this playlist scam.

That was actually ingenious. Man, I mean ingenious, and it’s not something that you guys have to look out for. I don’t even think it’s all going on anymore, but it wasn’t even really a threat to artists directly in this way. So what was happening was people in the industry right. People who pay attention to playlists were actually noticing that there was some big playlists getting mentioned on the top playlist on Spotify right and you’re like yo, who are these random playlists.

I have no idea where they’re coming from and what they noticed was. There was a lot of songs on these playlists. They were like 30 seconds long and the most interesting thing about it was they only had about 1,000 and 200 monthly listeners? They didn’t have even a lot of followers. None of that stuff at all right. You have 1200 monthly listeners. That means unique individuals. So what that means to be a top playlist performing those 1200 monthly listeners need to be listening a lot of right.

If you only have that many people in that many plays so the kind of cool, interesting dope part about this scam, if the fact that it was estimated that there was 1200 fake premium accounts which cost them roughly $ 12,000, they bought real premium accounts. They were listening to 30 seconds of each track because that’s how much it costs to be monetized right and they had this soulful music playlist on a loop all day every day and would end up earning four hundred and fifteen thousand dollars a month in revenue and The crazy part is people, don’t even know how long it was going on before he got caught, but it was only twelve thousand dollars to set this up right.

1200 fake premium accounts to make four hundred and fifteen thousand dollars a month and even Wow. The part is at this particular time, because this is like a 2018. I don’t know of Spotify changes yet, but the wildest part about it is they were technically not doing anything illegal since they purchased real accounts, real Spotify accounts, they spent twelve thousand dollars and they had their accounts, though controlled by by listening to the music on these Playlists again and again, it was a loophole and Spotify at the time.

I’m not sure what the current you know, rules allow or how they might have. You know fixed the situation like that, because, obviously I can’t imagine them allowing that to run, but that’s how complex and intricate these scams can get right. You really have one person spending twelve thousand dollars listening to all their own music, to make that much money back in a short period of time and not even able to get caught.

People are thinking through these online scams and honestly, alright. Some of them don’t involve artists, but a lot of them do screw artists over, like the one we mentioned earlier in here. So read out for things like that. Be clear that your account information is sensitive information and in a lot of cases you might need to get something signed. If you want somebody to have access to your account, so they can perform a particular service and the thing is right for a lot of these services, the most the most dangerous thing, or at least the things you should be, the most cautious about are likely going To be those instances where you don’t even see the people you’re doing email exchanges, you have no idea how these people look.

You have no idea what their real name is. That’s a completely different situation, so people complain enough about particular people who have services out there and call them scams and they know their faces right. There’s a there’s, a buttload of influencers online or people who are giving marketing advice and all that kind of stuff. But it varies least, you know what these people’s faces. You know what they look like.

You know what they sound like right and they date a lot of times traveling and show where they are best less likely. I’m not saying these people aren’t going to scam. Alright, there are some people, however, who do that, but that’s that’s far less likely to worry about, like people try to say stuff like that to me before and I’m thinking like look the reality in this day and age right, you can scam far easier with far Less risk without having to show your face right, it’s no point of putting your face out there heavily.

If your plan is to scam people, cuz, there’s a way smarter way to go about that. So keep that in mind anytime. You are dealing with these people that are just email exchange or just random companies. There. Their risk is very low to scam you, it doesn’t mean they would scam you or they’re planning to, but the risk they’re taking my scamming. You is far lower than somebody whose face is already out there and they’re openly promoting a brand trying to build a brand and a service that can be damaged by scamming people and can likely put them in jail with ease.

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