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I’M going to introduce you to My world of SEO experts and show you some of my favorite books on how to be The most findable business online, If you love to read or you have an E-Reader Then I’ve got some great books for you Now. I know a lot of us. Do our Learning through internet Internet searches blog posts, But I wanted to Cover my top books on SEO and social media People that I admire greatly and I Want to point you toward because they are master craftsmen in their own niche.

The first one I want to talk about is a book that I’ve looked at and read and Recommended my clients for years This is a book by Steve Krug. It’S called “, Don’t Make me think” – And this is actually a revised edition from 2014, But what it Does talk about is when I come to a website or I come to a digital asset. Don’T make me think, Give me exactly what I need when I need it. So I highly Recommend the book “ Don’t make me think” by Steve Krug.

The next one is a Gentleman that I admire greatly, He is a genius at Facebook targeting and when it Calls psychographic targeting And he wrote a book called “ Killer, Facebook ads.” And it’s from 2011, but it’s still absolutely relevant today. He also wrote A book called “ The Complete Social Media Managers, Guide, essential tools and Tactics for business success.”! So if you want to be a social media manager that Is the book you should absolutely read, It is genius It lays out the whole concept of how to really learn to be an expert in Community and social management – That’s Marty, Weintraub with AimClear.

He speaks At all the major conferences He is hugely well-respected in the industry. And I read everything I can get my hands on by Marty. The next one is search. Engine optimization all-in-one for dummies, You guys have all seen these Dummies book Well, this book is unique And that there is no dummy happening here. Bruce Clay is the father of SEO as far as on maybe the Godfather. Yes, I’m the Godfather of SEO – And I tell you this book – is the front the back – that the Sides and the inside of SEO from start to finish, I highly recommend this book.

It is search engine, optimization all-in-one for By Bruce Clay, Okay, So the next one is a dear friend of mine and a genius in Social media, His name is Corey Pearlman. He and I actually spoke at search engine Strategies a million years ago, When my book came out, findability formula Published by Wiley & Sons, he came out with his book called emarketing bootcamp And he and I instantly connected because we were sort of the the more extroverted People at search engine strategies, And so we kind of got you know we were Instantly liked each other – and we were very much comrades in arms And he’s Recently launched another book called “ Social media overload.

”. So if you’re a Business owner, who feels like all of it is just too much. You would definitely Want to read this book: It’s by Corey Pearlman, It’s called Social Media Overload Simple social media strategies for overwhelmed and time deprived Businesses, So I’m just absolutely enthralled by that book. Another book I Really like Look up Gina’s book, It’s called “ Social Media Doesn’t Work”. If you Don’T work it It’s a great book on how to really be an expert, but you have to Know how to work the system and that’s what Gina’s book is all about And then Last but not least, is my books, So I’ve had a tremendous education around not Only working with publishers, but also with self-publishing, So my first book Findability formula was released in.

… Oh, I hate to say it Was least. I think it was Like 2009, is that right, Yes, March of 2009, which seems like forever Ago, But I just stopped leaving…, I just stopped working at Yahoo and this Was my very first book out on my own? A lot of this was based on the experiences I had with my trainees when I was training for Yahoo. My second book is Called Thumbonomics — the essential business roadmap for social and mobile Marketing And that’s all about how to treat social media as search engines as Rather than social media sites, So it’s kind of an interesting take on social Media And then my final book is marketing espionage.

How to spy on Yourself, your prospects and your competitors to dominate online This book, Is my course work From start to finish it’s all about how to lay out an online Strategy based on data, Human intent data. What are they doing? How can I build a Business, that is in alignment with what people already want, with they’re already Searching So marketing espionage is a book from start to finish on how to Execute a SEO, slash findable strategy to connect and convert So I hope you’ll add Some of these books to your bookshelf – I absolutely adore these authors and They’Re experts in their own right – And hopefully this will help you to keep Digging keep learning and know that you’re never done with marketing and There’S always the next best thing: If you love to read, or maybe you have an E-Reader, I hope you love the books that I shared with you today, There’s so many Experts out there, So what I’m going to do to give you a head start is give you a Link to my ebook, It’s down in the description of this article, Download it Share with anybody you like I’m over it.

I can’t stop it Like once it hits Amazon if you’re an author, you know that it Just goes everywhere, So I give it away now. This is the best possible calling Card, So how I want to help businesses online So again, the links down in the Description Download that bad boy and hopefully you’ll get to become the most Findable business online with a little help from me,

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