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Thank you for answer, you’re asking this question. I know this is a few weeks back, so forgive me. I just have so many articles that are that are already set in queue to go out so, depending on when you’re reading this Michael, it might have been a few weeks out, but I truly appreciate you managed.

I appreciate you for asking the question and subscribing to the blog. This is a really good question. Man really really good question that I get a lot I and whether it’s a real estate agent or just a local business owner. Here’S the bottom line, creating your own audience is the best thing you can do, especially with Facebook advertising, for the simple fact that Facebook allows you to create what what they call custom audiences custom audiences are people who are actually engaging with your stuff, whether they’re commenting On your stuff, whether they’re liking your stuff, whether they’re reading articles – and this is all when it comes to advertising and also yeah when it mainly when it comes to advertising when you’re running Facebook, ads or Instagram ads and you’re creating custom audiences around everything that’s happening.

That’S when the demographics, the targeting and none of that really matters, and I advise clients on this every single day. That’S why what I, what I normally try to do, is, if I’m going to work with a client. The number one thing that they have to be willing to do is introduce themselves and introduce themselves on article because my strategy and what I’ve been doing for the past few years, with with my local clients, is the fact that, just because you’ve been in your area, Let’S say, for example, you’re, a local business owner and you have a brick and motar.

You know a building, an office, a local storefront right and, let’s say you’ve been in that local area for 15 years 20 years and let’s say you live in a busy city like I do in San Diego, where there’s over 3 million people. Ok, there’s many many businesses, man, hundreds of businesses in my local area, that fit that criteria that have been there been here for that long and but you know what’s so crazy, is that there’s still hundreds of thousands of people? Let’S not call it Millions, because there’s only three million right, but there’s hundreds of thousands of people that have never heard of that business.

Okay and that’s a fact like look in your local area, you know how many businesses are out there and do you know every business in your area. You don’t even know every business two miles away from you right. So it’s like these people in your local area. The intro article could be so powerful when it comes to your brand recognition when it comes to people in your local area, knowing who you are, and so what I always advise and – and my whole strategy is to is to introduce yourself because you don’t know your Whole local area pull out your cell phone and either you’re doing this Michael or you’re, going to advise your clients to do this.

Okay, you’re going to pull out your phone and you’re going to introduce yourself and you’re going to run that as a facebook. Article view ad and target your local area and put some money behind it. You know don’t just spend $ 10 on it. You know, put 50 bucks, put a hundred bucks and just target that local area to get thousands of people to see your article. It could be a short three-minute article of you introducing yourself if you’re a solopreneur and in an on and an in an individual business owner like a real estate agent, for example, it’s even more easier for you pull out your phone, introduce yourself if you’re doing this.

For businesses, where they may not be that selfie holding the phone type of person take your phone and go out there and get the article done for them. I would do that if they were a local business owner and if I lived in that local area, I would go out there and I would interview them and I would just simply introduce themselves because with that first article, you guys – and I want you to look At it as a four week campaign, this is week number one in that first week, you’re going to take that intro, article and you’re, going to run a article view ad and depending on what you’re in housing or or whatever you’re, going to check that box and Then you come down and it’s article views, but this is the first you’re going to run that as an ad to capture an audience of people who viewed it.

Okay, that is a custom audience now back over to what Michael is saying. I’Ve been wanting to ask you this. As far as real estate Facebook marketing goes, which I know you were an expert. How can you do well for real estate client? How can you do well for real estate clients with all the minimized demographic targeting? Fb has just put in place things like not being able to select certain neighborhoods, you know have the higher income ranges I would like.

I would think that hinders offering FB ad services to Realtors now that they have implement now that they have implemented this. I was thinking of hitting that market which some of the FB training I have taken, but I have steered away from it due to what I am entering. I am mentioning here, yeah very good points, Michael, but here’s what I’m saying none of that matters. None of that matters none of that matters, because here’s what you want to do, yeah you can’t Facebook changed all that because of discrimination.

You can’t discriminate what a lot of Realtors would do is they would run ads to high income ZIP codes and they would discriminate everyone else. So Facebook completely took out the zip code targeting the gender, the age and a lot of the and a lot of the the homeowner detail targeting right. So Facebook took out a lot of that, and and and and that’s why. My my strategy holds even stronger because, as you go and run that article view right, as you run, multiple article ads and you’re running them under article views, what you want to do is start creating custom audiences around everyone, who’s reading it.

So, for example, if I come up here and hit the three the three lines and come down to all tools and then go to audiences, this is where I’m going to set up custom audiences of people who are reading the articles. Okay, so that’s what you’re able to do you want to click on this blue button right here at the top, so we’re going to click on this, create audience and we’re going to come down to custom audience, okay and so here’s what we want to do.

There’S many many different ways you can. You can create custom audiences, but what I like to do is I like to do article and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to I’m going to create an audience around 50 % people who readed 50 % of your 4 minute article that right There is a powerful, powerful, retargeting campaign, so I’m going to grab. Let’S say it’s an intro article right and that’s why personal articles personal branding is so important because it’s so it’s it’s so personal.

When people see you on article – and I always talk about this on my youtube blog, the only reason why you guys are here is because you see my face on frickin article. It’S the only reason man, it’s the absolute only reason if I was writing a blog. None of you guys would be reading that none of you guys, because it’s article you guys are feeling like you know me, like you like me and like you, can trust me because you’re seeing my characteristics, you’re, seeing my personality you’re, seeing my imperfections you’re, seeing my Nuances, you’re, seeing all my flaws you’re, seeing all that right because of article so when you can start putting yourself out on article and targeting your local local market, ok, not talking about splatting it on on social media, splatting, spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks! No I’m talking about in your local backyard.

When you could start running your articles, people are going to start reading them and then, as you start to create custom audiences around all those people who read certain articles, look I can, I can go choose articles and, depending on the business page, I can come down Here and choose any article that I want to retarget the people who viewed it that right there is powerful. So if it was this one, let’s say I go with that one I wan na I wan na.

I want to re. I want to create a custom audience, I’m going to name this one audience name: intro, intro, article re targeting so I’m going to use this article right. This was the intro article, I’m going to use it to retarget the people who viewed it with my next ad. Okay, I’m going to hit done and then I’m going to come up here to ad there’s the there’s now my new custom audience so I’m going to come down here now.

That’S why the detail targeting all that stuff man, none of that matters, none of it matters, because, because you’re targeting a local area that that’s that’s mainly the the big one, is the fact that if I was a nationwide business, if I was an e-commerce business – and I was selling products online, all across the country or all around the world, then the targeting would be a little different, but because I’m targeting my local backyard, where there’s only so many people right, I don’t need to detail target.

I need to just create audiences around people who are liking me right and that’s why the intro article is so powerful, because if you can run it long enough and if you can get thousands of people to view it there goes, your audience could continue to put New ads in front of the people who are reading your old ones, so that branding could be literally on a whole nother level. As people start to see your article in marketing advertising, the old rule, the old rule of thumb is a person has to see your ad seven eight times before they make any kind of decision right, whether it’s a good decision or a bad decision.

They have to see an advertisement multiple times to to really recognize that brand, and so, when it comes to your article marketing and you start targeting your local area, it only takes a few articles before the people in that local area start to notice. You start to see you all the time in the newsfeed and become indoctrinated with your content, especially if you’re putting out value based articles right.

What am I doing over here on YouTube? I’M educating you guys right. Some of you guys are learning some of you guys. Aren’T but that’s my whole goal is to educate, educate, educate, bring value via article now. These are longer longer form article right, it’s YouTube, but in your ads you’ll keep it shorter three, four or five minutes. You know – maybe maybe ten minutes if that but um, but but what you’re doing is you’re literally getting people indoctrinated with your good value-based content, if you’re bringing value and educating the end consumer educating your potential customer educating your potential client on your products and services or On market in general, people start to know like and trust you and because we’re building custom audiences around all these people who are viewing our articles, the detailed targeting and all that stuff doesn’t even matter so as I come in here and if I am housing.

If I am real estate based on what Michael is, you know asking make sure you’re checking right there and then and then what you can do is when you’re running article views article views is one thing: you only want to run article views to create custom audiences. Let me make that clear: you only want to run article views to create custom audiences or even reach, or maybe even brand awareness. The whole objective there is to create custom audiences to get people reading your stuff to build a custom audience around that and then retarget them in the future with traffic or conversion ads.

And this is lead capture. So if you’re driving people to a landing page, which you should be then you’ll be retargeting the viewers with traffic or conversions. Okay, so let’s say I go in traffic and let’s say I want to run a traffic ad and I want to. I want to retarget my custom audience, so I’m going to come in here hit continue and now it’s in this ad set section, I’m going to be able to set it all up.

Okay and then I scroll down scroll down and I’m looking for custom audiences. I’M going to click right there and there goes my intro article retargeting, so I can choose that right there and not even worry about anything else. I could take out the United States I could I could still put in my city because I don’t want it. I don’t want to forget about anyone else, because chances are that first audience is not even that big, so I’ll go people living in this location and I’ll just target that area some more so I’ll, create San, Diego California and then now that’s it.

I can go up to 50 miles if I want, but I don’t need to worry about age, gender. If it’s an if it’s all English I’d go English all and then I wouldn’t even worried about detail targeting. Remember we’re talking about a local area right, we’re talking about. Let’S go up to 50 miles and this Reach is in calculating right because there’s way more people who live in San Diego, but I’m retargeting that custom audience I’m still targeting the city, and I don’t need to worry about it in any of this detail.

Targeting because all I’m going to keep doing, you guys is keep building custom audiences around people who are reading my stuff. So if I’m going after an area of, let’s just say a million people at the after my first ad, let’s just call it. Let’S just call your first two ads run a article view ad run it for two weeks, run it for 14 days under article views and get thousands of people to read it put ten dollars a day, spend a hundred and forty bucks.

This is the foundation. This is where you start your Facebook campaign and then you and now you have an audience of people who are in who readed your stuff right. Fifty percent twenty five percent, three percent of your article and all you’re going to do – is just piggyback off of that audience. We’Re in another article, article ad in a couple weeks, create a custom audience retarget that audience so all you’re doing is getting back in front of people who are reading your stuff man and again because of the article marketing people are falling in love with you and Because you’re bringing value and not just pitching people right, what do I do over here? Yes, I talk about cartridge and tell you to go son sign up under cart your profit with Karcher dot online.

Yes, I bring that up a lot, but but on the other hand, what am I also doing? I’M actually teaching you some, I’m teaching you what I’m doing to build my business right. So a ton of you guys are getting are getting value out of it and that’s why you remain. You know loyal subscribers, for example, same things going to start happening with your actual article marketing, your f, your Facebook advertising, your Instagram advertising.

People are going to start seeing you in the newsfeed, often and before you know it they’re going to be clicking on learn more going to your landing page and giving up your name and email. There’S no way in hell someone’s going to just sit there for a minute and read your article on real estate if they were nowhere in the market like at all at all like if you were not a homeowner, if you’re, not even planning on buying or selling In the future, there’s absolutely no way in hell.

You would continue to read people’s articles on real estate, like not at all, especially if they’re talking about how to buy a house and you’re, not even thinking about about buying one right, so the people are reading your stuff. Man is your ideal audience. That’S your ideal. Client – and you want to just build your own forget about the targeting again because we’re in a local area. Now, if we were in a nationwide, if we were running in a nationwide business, then putting in some targeting some detail targeting would make more sense, because I don’t want to target everyone right in the country, we’re talking freakin hundreds of millions of people.

I don’t want to target all of them. I need to break it down and target certain interest groups right: nationwide marketing, but local men, local, you, you, don’t. You only have a small amount of people anyways. So why not just target the entire area? The entire city lead the targeting blink leave the yeah leave the targeting blank. Don’T even don’t even worry about that and just start creating your own audiences around your own marketing around your own message.

That’S why I’m telling you man the people who crush it and just look at it right now. It’S perfect! It’S a perfect example: the people who are actually crushing it are people who who actually put themselves out on article so again, whether it’s article marketing, whether it, whether it’s YouTube, marketing, whether it’s Facebook marketing Instagram article marketing, it does not matter it’s like it’s article man.

It’S article and and when you think about who the hell you’re following you’re following them because of their article you’re, not following them for any other reason, man you’re not following them just because they have a cool Instagram account if you’re following people, people like that randomly Then you’re just you’re just a social media follower, but if you’re actually trying to learn some chances are you’re following someone on YouTube and why is that? Because it’s article, I’m telling you man so when you can implement article marketing and that’s why? Michael, I don’t take on every client man, because not every clients willing to put themselves on article.

That’S where my whole, I draw the line in the sand on it’s. The fact that you have to you have to be willing to put out article man and that’s kind of now, not ever that’s not mandatory right, it’s not mandatory. You got people that crush it with with Facebook, advertising with running image, ads right, and I and I run image ads too, but but I want to put out some articles. I want to sprinkle some articles throughout the month, if that’s a monthly client or if you’re, looking at this, Michael as as your own business, you want to put a few articles out per month because again, that’s what’s going to create the custom audience.

That’S what’s going to create your audience, so you can then stay top of mind up and stay in front of at all times. Man take over your local area. Tell your clients, hey man. What else are we going to do to get in front of your local audience like? What else can we do mr. Business owner? Do you have the budget for a TV commercial? Do you have the budget for a radio ad? Do you have a budget for the look for the freaking um excuse my language, but this this stuff fires me up.

Man. Do you have the frickin budget for a billboard? Do you have a budget for 10,000 flyers? Do you have the budget to hire a call center and have telemarketers call out? Do you want a door knock like how else can you get your message in front of your local audience? It’S the most powerful way, man in 2020 and in in from, as far as I can see it’s going to be social media marketing. Facebook, Ads Instagram, ads YouTube ads article marketing.

So, if you’re putting out a businessman, let the area know who the hell? You are. Let them know what you do, let them know how far’d you up. Are you fired up? You are and build that custom audience, so you can stay in front of them and stay top of mind of your best. Clients are a guide so Michael. I hope that answer your question. Man, none of that stuff matters at all, because what I’m doing with my clients is having them create custom audiences around those who care and if those people that we continue to stay in front of day after day after day, all right.

So I hope that helped man Michael great question, thank you so much and if you guys are new man make sure you subscribe smash the balfour notifications and drop me a comment below. Let me know where you guys are coming from and let me know how I can bring value to what you guys got going on all right, I’ll, see you in the next article over now.

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