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AlexisSkyy’s former BFF Ikey Tells ALL her Business on IG+lhhatl tommie jumps in it #fullbreakdown

Yes, you go shout out to almighty tsipras out there. We are gathered here today to sip some tea honey, so make sure you guys have your tea cups ready, because you already know this you, what hi hey you guys happy Friday. So I want to come out here and talk about the whole Alexis Kai situation. So if you guys don’t know this entire situation is messy as hell and it’s been going on all damn day.

So, what’s going down, is that basically Alexis sky from Love & Hip Hop? I don’t know whatever state you want to pick her and her BFF Ike. He got into it last week. That’S where, initially, all this drama happened, Alexis Skye accused him in front of the world of you know, basically setting her up and robbing her and now he’s seeking his revenge. So this is what she wrote. Last week she goes at King Ikey.

You were in my house with your friends and all my shit is gone now, MacBook my bags lol, so I’m not supposed to be upset. Did I come on IG with this shit? You sitting here doing snake shit. I don’t give a fuck about no blocking on the page. Tell them. I want my shit back. You didn’t call me once to ask me if I’m good or nothing, but that’s what started everything and then King Ikey took his Instagram page last night to basically air out her dirty laundry and then he started up a new gossip page and he also had people.

You know acts and any type of questions they wanted to, and then he was replying back to all of those questions and of course these questions were messy as hell honey. So I want you guys to go ahead and check out everything they did. He was exposing yesterday in today on Instagram y’all, go ahead and check this out. So after you got done exposing everything he then take the social media and he basically said not.

Everybody wan na call / text me trying to fix shit damage done soon. As you post it they’re trying to destroy my reputation, I bet don’t nobody call or text me damage done. My turn. 100. I key trick to social media and he wrote this. He says Alexis. You can stop calling my mother making up lies and sending threats before I retaliate soon, as some beers come my way game on, you started it by posting that email insinuating.

I accepted money from somebody without your knowledge. Well, you know damn well what the deal was and that’s all i’ma say. The only reason I did the question and answer was because you posted that email insinuating. What you did when you leave it alone, I will as well. Then he says I got a bunch of articles messages and info of you doing a lot of things, none of which I release then last but not least then says this and yes, somebody paid me to get Alexis to where they closed.

She agreed to do it, and now all of this is going on and she’s acting oblivious to the facts, so cou, since you want to play me like you didn’t know, and since you want to play me like you didn’t know and try to tarnish my brand. I’M going to do the same. I said I wouldn’t resort to this, but motherfuckers left me no choice so when he wrote that to me that was a threat and so a lot of people really upset they’re like okay.

It’S one thing for y’all to go back and forth, but now you time out, you know releasing the m’s and messages and article that’s crazy. So then, all of a sudden, nobody, nobody at all here – comes Tommy from living, hip-hop, ATL and basically she goes off on social media. So she says if I ever fall out with my punks and they try to air me out. I’Ma show them the meaning of hashtag Tommy. Shit. Loyalty is a foreign country that doesn’t exist, no more shit’s whack as fuck, and then she also went on to write.

I swear ain’t, no real ones left man. Shit say I don’t hate it here, but I hate you niggas here hashtag Tommy shit. So then people started kind of confronting her like well. Why are you getting involved? Nobody even mentioned your name like. Where did you come from? Everybody else wrote on her page and they’re like yeah, be letting her call y’all, punks and then Tommy came back and said it sounds better than faggots.

So that’s causing a lot of controversy t because people feel like you know under no circumstance should she be saying. Faggots and then up, he was saying: well, she wasn’t saying it. She was just saying that you know it’s better than calling them that, but then is it okay for her to cause them punks as well, and that’s something for the gay community to get involved with. That’S not really for me to you, know too much speak on, but I will say this.

You know I noticed a lot of women, especially in reality television hell, even in regular television in the industry. You know IG models and all that you know they let it have gay men, do their makeup and do the hair and make their eyebrows look on fleek and all that other stuff. But let some shit go down. There are types of punks and faggots and all types of shit like that, and I don’t say that to be disrespectful, I’m just keeping it real in the context of the conversation.

So if you can’t handle it, you know what you need to do, but that’s why? I always tell a lot of my gay friends, be careful who you call a friend and whose hair and makeup that you do make sure that they genuinely like you as a person and not just your skill, sets that you add to their beauty, because I noticed That a lot and she may say that it’s better to call them punks than faggots, but to me they’re both derogatory.

You know I’m saying that’s like saying: well, it’s better for you to call me a bitch Unum saying, as opposed to a whole they’re, both derogatory. I don’t want you calling me that, in a context where I don’t know you we’re not playing so but again, gay dudes still going to be lining up to do our hair and makeup. So again, that’s a conversation that gay men need to have amongst themselves and figure out.

Is this acceptable? So I don’t know that’s a whole nother can of worms honey, but the whole situation is definitely crazy. It’S definitely messy, but I will say this: I can’t Alexis sky we’re, never really friends, because I don’t care if me and my friend fall off. If I consider you a friend whatever you told me why we were friends, I’m going to take that with me to the grave, because that’s that’s how I was built.

We know a lot of bitches ain’t built like that. So as soon as they filed life, or as soon as again, they fucking fillings, they want to spill all the tea. Even if it’s fake tea made-up tea, you do, they want to try and do stuff to try and ruin. You or you know, try and make your reputation look bad, but, like I always tell people when you have integrity, your integrity speaks. So you don’t ever even have to address the bullshit.

A lot of folks are waiting for a Lexus guy to address it and say something: she hasn’t really responded back to his question and answer segment, maybe she’s ignoring him, but I think it’s really sad. You know. I do agree with Tommy when she says that there’s really no loyalty – and you have to be careful – who you call a friend who you allow into your inner circle, who you choose to deal with, because people are miserable and they wait for a moment of weakness.

To like take things overboard, it’s one thing to be upset. It’S one thing to go back and forth, but when you’re spilling you know private information and private tea between you and a so-called friend that lets me know that she was already saving up ammo who’s waiting for this day. So that shows more of your character but see where he messed up and where a lot of people mess up when they try and do shit like this, they end up playing themselves.

Okay and that’s the best part they play themselves and he played himself because what he doesn’t realize is that now you fucked up your reputation, who’s going to trust you with some real shit, who’s going to come to you in confidence and tell you anything. You know. I’M saying everybody’s going to know that you’re, just messy, you save receipts, to use it at a later date and throw it in people’s faces.

He just made his brand look ten times it’s worse, then Alexis guy could have ever made his brand. You know. So that’s the thing. Sometimes, when people try to hurt you, you just allow them to dig their own grave and then read how hard it is for them to climb about that bitch. So you know Alexis guys, probably somewhere sipping tea honey, having a good old funky time. Reading this whole mess that I keep made of himself because he looks a lot worse in the situation.

Then she does. She feels like she was robbed and she was upset and she’s trying to figure out what’s going on and then from that you go and tell are her business honey. When I tell you ain’t, no loyalty, that’s why I roll solo, dolo, okay, so hopefully Alexis Chi. Will be able to handle herself and figure out this shit out, but as far as I concerned, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him with all that messy shit.

He don’t pull it on social media, so anyways y’all. Let’S go ahead and get the discussion poppin, I’m enjoying this Friday. The weather is good. I’M living my best quarantine lights. I hope you guys are doing good as well. So let me know your thoughts. Make sure you guys hit that subscribe button make sure you hit the thumbs up and last but not least, don’t forget to hit that notification bell. So that way you down with the notification squad honey.

So let’s go ahead and get the discussion poppin go ahead and leave a comment: all right: deuces

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