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Pinterest Search Engine: Not Just Nails And Decorating!

We google it in Pinterest, So we’re going. To talk today how to become the most findable business in Pinterest, So have you heard of Pinterest Pinterest Is a very fast-growing social media platform, It’s been around for a while But it’s really come into its own.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about what Pinterest is So Pinterest think of like a pin board or a bulletin board Each Board is represented with a bunch of pins inside of each board. Now each board Has a title or a theme for that board, So this one is keywords this one is Images, this one is workshops and all of these Have tools, hashtags, rose-gold, retreats keywords and Earl Grey tea, So you can have a little bit of everything in here.

Now the cool thing is is, as we are, building our Pinterest board. Not only do The individual boards rank in Google so do the individual pins are findable. Inside of Pinterest, So what happens is is you’re able to then start really Building a thought leadership platform based on the pins and the boards that You share So, as I continue to share over time each one of these boards is Findable and then each one of these concepts, So each one of these board Titles keywords, tools, Earl Grey images, hash tags and key notes.

These are all Going to be seen and indexed by Google Now, as I start, adding more pins into Here then, it creates credibility for each board. So let me show you what I Mean by that So I’ve just googled my name And let’s take a look and see what Comes up on it, Of course I have my website and all of my individual pages. In my site that come up These by the way are the most searched pages on your Website the most visited, I should say, Come down.

There’S my LinkedIn profile. Come down here are the latest articles. Aha, look at that 125 best findability University images, So I click on that. That goes right into Pinterest And what You’Ll see here is that it goes directly to a findability University board. Now What you’ll notice is that people can follow the board Right now. I have 934 followers on this board and 125 Pins So as you come, downm you’ll see that these are all images that I have Posted And I keep gathering them over time So you’ll see here that I’ve got People holding their diplomas, I’ve got infographics here.

I’Ve got all Different kinds of things and people follow that Now I’m going to go ahead. And log, in What we’re looking at is the ability to see how people search And I Can come up here and I could put SEO workshops Alright Now, if I had named Let’S just say I named this one right here: Maybe I named this one SEO workshops Then, if I did ask your workshops here: Then you would see my board here in Pinterest.

You would also see the Individual images that I named SEO workshop in these book pins as well So Remember a pin is just like putting a little thumbtack if you will and you’re Pinning it in these respective groups And each of the boards has its own Keyword theme So keyword being the operative phrase, because the keyword Indicates to Google how to rank each one of these boards, So when you’re thinking About an interesting different kind of visual search engine Pinterest is Perfect for this, Because not only is the largest community women on Pinterest, The Average time is like 40 minutes, which is insane on a social media site.

So when You’Re thinking about it, people love to gather and organize Kind of like a Really well organized closet, The shirts are in one area, the pants are in another You know the jackets are in another. We naturally want to organize by type Now If I am interested in a bunch of different things, I’m interested in… Like interiors and I’m interested in SEO and I’m interested in a Bunch of different topics – I can create all of my pins to reflect what is most Important to me or what’s happening in my life, So Pinterest, If you hadn’t Considered adding this to your marketing mix, I highly suggest you do so because Not only do the boards rank in Google, but also the read time inside of Pinterest is ridiculous and it’s a whole untapped community of Potential visits to your website Followers on your on your social and It’S just a great way to repurpose a piece of content.

So what I mean by that So when you are creating content, there’s three major buckets: you want to think About First of all, there’s the website then there’s the blog. Then there’s the Social share, So we’ve got your website, your blog and your social media. Now they All have this intersection point, So what I want to think about is any content. That we post on a page in the website, gets shared to the blog and then any Image on that page can also be shared to social.

So remember you can share pages Just as well as you can share blogs Now, I’m going to take one blog post that I post Maybe every week And it has an image on it, So of course the blog is resident on My page, That’s where I can find it And then I can take the image from that blog And share it to social Now, so that’s how the website works. That’S what the blog Works Now, let’s talk about social media.

If I have the blogs and someone finds me Let’S say this is in Pinterest And they find one of those images and they click On that, it can either take them back to the blog or back to the website. So You’Ll see that it’s these are not working in their own individual silos. The website can share its pages to the blogs into the social media, The blogs Can also be found on the website and also shared in social media or Pinterest And, of course, the blogs that were already creating have images So share.

Them like crazy, So we’re thinking about a tool like Pinterest. I want you to Think, like a tree, Isn’t that nice I’m a very good drawer Okay, so the trunk right is Seo or whatever phrase that you want to optimize for So that’s the trunk Now What about all the leaves that are in here So Pinterest Helps you to understand if you want to call your board SEO, then inside of that You’Re going to have keywords: Google hashtags Index pay for click and whatever else you want Vlogs But they’re, all pointing Down and they’re fortifying the concept of SEO, So you create a board and Pinterest called SEO or SEO workshops Then, as you’re posting individual pins, On those that this one board you’re building up the credibility for all of These phrases as well, So if I go into Pinterest and I type in keywords or Keyword tools that pin is going to be found When they find that pin they come Back to the board on SEO, So with every single thing that I’m pinning out into The Pinterest universe – it’s all coming back to this board on SEO, So not only Does SEO rank in Google for that board, but all these keywords are now findable.

Inside a Pinterest Super powerful man, So if you love images and you’re already Creating images as part of your social media strategy consider building Pinterest You’ve already got the images. You’Ve already got the blogs You might As well share it to one more social site, A visual search engine, if you will Call Pinterest, I tell you, I really love Pinterest. I have over 10,000 followers. And Pinterest, I don’t even know how that happened, because I was just pinning my Favorite, stuff and people seem to really resonate with that.

So, if you haven’t Considered Pinterest as part of your overall social media mix, and you have Questions about “! Why Pinterest? How can I use Pinterest What’S a pin and a board?” Go ahead and comment below Ask me your question. I Read those comments and I will respond to you If you’re interested in staying Current on all the latest social media trends like Pinterest, make sure to Subscribe to this blog Go ahead and hit the button so that you get a Notification every day of our coolest articles that drop every single day,


By Jimmy Dagger

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