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How I Write My LinkedIn Headline For Sales With Example: Karen Yankovich Interview, LinkedUp Success

So we’re going to go to my profile here and I’m going to show you a couple things that you want to pay attention to, and the first thing that I want you to think about is your headline: okay, a lot of people. I see their headline a lot of people, some headlines say I’m CEO or I’m an accountant or an attorney people. What I want you to do when your regular LinkedIn profile.

I want you to speak to the people that are reading it. I want it to be client-facing, I don’t people, don’t care that you’re CEO right, they care what you can do to help them. So in this headline which, by the way, is searchable by Google and which, by the way, comes up and I’ll, show you exactly. We were talking about before I’ll put my name in a Google search and I’ll show you how it comes up and you’ll see in this Google search and right here.

Like I said, the second thing that comes up is LinkedIn, but you can see my headline right. So you can read that headline right into the Google search before you even get into LinkedIn, so you definitely want to start off with a strong headline and – and you want to have a headline – that’s constantly telling people what you do just really saying when you are Searching for your profile, so your name on Google.

I noticed that you know you mentioned before that you have over. You know 60,000 followers on Twitter, yet the LinkedIn result came above. It did yeah yeah, yep, 65,000 followers. It says here and Leasing came out. I do not have 65,000 LinkedIn connections, so LinkedIn came up higher now if LinkedIn doesn’t come up as hired for you. I do think that if you, if you’re active on Linkedin, it’s going to come up higher if you’re, regularly posting and you’re giving new content on LinkedIn, it’s going to give Google more reasons to bring it up even higher.

And you want that right, especially if you’re taking the time to have a great profile. You want it to come up high, because that’s what people are going to check out right. You want people to be confident. You want to be confident when people are checking you out, okay, so so again in your headline, you know I often tell people when you’re writing your headline. If you don’t feel a little queasy when you hit Send, then you haven’t been confident enough in portraying yourself right.

So you don’t you know you don’t say I’m pretty good at this. You need to say I’m an expert or, like I say, I’m a successful social media strategist. You want to remember you’re more expert than the people that you’re helping, so you nobody’s going to hire me if I say I’m pretty good at LinkedIn right. So I say I own in the fact that I’m a LinkedIn expert and I and I you know people that makes people want to hire me if they’re looking at two profiles and one is constantly saying, they’re an expert and the other ones saying I do this Stuff, you know which one are you going to hire right, so you need to be confident and and really really go out on a limb and telling people how great you are in this red line.

I mean, I think you know. That’S that’s part of your personal brand right. You really want to make sure that you’re positioning yourself as an expert in the eyes of your target customer. So I think this needs to be really okay. What would my ideal customer want to see when they, they read a profile or they’re looking to purchase from someone like me right right? So that’s you use like I like to use like a financial planner as an example.

If you’re, a financial planner you and four thousand forty thousand four hundred thousand other people have that in their headline on LinkedIn. But if your headline says I’m a financial planner that helps women over 50 or over 60 transition from a salary to retirement. Now you’ve got people listening right now, you’re telling them what you’re doing like, who you help and how you help them, and that’s and now you’re going to have people click on that.

So think about what you do and what your special sauce is, that you can put in this headline to attract people to want to click on it. I’M just looking at this headline now as well, and I just normally a lot of people use it for their title, maybe they’re their founder or you know, marketing associate or whatever that might be in that area. So they used to maybe putting one two. Maybe three words in that area I mean I can see there.

You’Ve got three lines, multiple word, what’s the recommendation, so here’s the thing, Google reads this section and I want Google to bring people to my profile. So I’m going to feed Google as much as I can I’m going to think about what are people searching for that I wan na come up as the search result and I’m going to use those words in my headline and I’m going to give Google as much As I can to work with right, so if somebody is searching for a LinkedIn speaker on Google, I want them to bring up my LinkedIn profile right or a social media speaker or social media strategist.

So what you know you don’t want to waste any opportunity to give more, to give Google more reasons. Different people to your profile and LinkedIn LinkedIn is also a powerful search engine in and of itself. So, even if they’re just searching within LinkedIn for LinkedIn expert or LinkedIn speaker, I want my profile to come up. So so you want to use those as many of those words as you can in the in the areas that are searchable so adjusting that in that area, is there a minimum maximum amount of there is? I don’t know I don’t actually know the number.

This is about the maximum. I would be surprised if there’s more than three or four characters more than this um and you’ll notice, I put the little stars in to kind of make it pop a little. I just did that because I you know, I teach this stuff, so I I show people, you know how to do this, as you can see in my headline, so I teach people how to do this, and sometimes you know you want to just stand out from The crowd a little bit, so it’s okay to use these little extra characters.

You don’t know the exact number, but you want to keep going until they totally knock you out, and then you want to keep tweaking it, and so you can use as many characters as you can. Okay, and I think it’s important not to just think about it. For search engine, I mean it’s great to be found, but then it’s also super important to you know the the Rideau or that target customer to make sure that you’re positioned in their eyes as an expert and doesn’t look too.

It needs to look natural and that’s probably more important than this keywords. I agree if you can use the keywords, use them, but more importantly, and more people are going to find it is because they searched for you or they knew you were. They got your business card or you connected with them, because you’re in the same business group right more people are going to see your profile. That way, then, are going to find you from a Google search or a LinkedIn search, so make sure that you’re exactly right.

Li and make sure that you’re telling people how you can help them. Most importantly, you

Social signals are very real and help your search rankings. Learn more in the video below.



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