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Self Defense Kunai Throwing Dagger Review | Weapon Logs

2 Zuko shows us that he can make these daggers out of fire and they’re super cool. I wanted some fire daggers when I was kid for sure, but instead of fire daggers. Well, I’m going to be doing today is a review of this kunai dagger that you can get links in the description, but definitely stick around and see how good this is for you now guys if you go out and buy this knife, kunai dagger, whatever you want To call it, I’ve got to come any case just like this, with a little pair of cord at the end and your belt loops that you can scrap your belt through there now you can choose to you, know, strap it to your belt and have it on Your hip or you can strap it around your neck and have it underneath your shirt.

Now here’s the thing it doesn’t come with straps that hard long enough this, since this is just paracord, that’s not a super big issue. Paracord super cheap, and you can just you know, buy some more paracord to make yourself a necklace, but just know that this doesn’t come necklace ready, even though it would work because holding it upside down doesn’t really come out like that, like I can shake it around Running around doesn’t really come out until you pull it out.

Just like that. Now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about the knife. This knife is meant for throwing. Hence why it’s solid on the front, and it’s got these holes that are actually meant for weight. It reduces the weight that it this knife will have wouldn’t blowing through the air that way it can spin it a lot better. It can throw a lot easier to fly through the air nicely all that fun stuff.

Now I kind of suck at drawing knives relatively I’m not the greatest, but I was able to find my pattern and be able to get this to stick relatively often compared to some of the other knives I’ve thrown. So, in my opinion, this is great for throwing. You are also able to use this as a weapon or self defense weapon being able to hold it in your hand, either up right side up for that stabbing motion or how I would choose this way down.

So you can get that blunt object for in and you can get that stabbing motion there. That’s how I would use it. You can obviously hold it. However, you want to it’s a knife. It you know cuts things either way, but it is great for that, because if you have it on your belt or as a necklace, you can quickly hoop pull it out and have that ready to defend yourself now guys, here’s the thing this is going to be A relatively inexpensive night for you to have, and because that is going to be made with stainless steel.

No, I know all you knife aficionados are losing your mind about Liz, but here’s the thing as far as self-defense purposes. This is excellent. You don’t need some sixty dollar piece of equipment as a knife, if you’re just trying to protect yourself, you don’t need something that will you know withstand you, know generations and be passed down through generations. You don’t need a Damascus steel just for a simple self-defense that that’s just not how it is, and so because you’re not going to be parrying other knives with this nut, because you’re not going to be stabbing other metals and trying to like putting it stress testing It basically you’re just trying to throw it into trees or defend yourself with it.

This is ideal. For that reason, you don’t need. You know be 60 and even hundreds of dollars to spin on a knife that you’re just going to use for self-defense you, don’t you don’t need that, and so for all of you guys that you know art knife aficionados, stainless steel. I don’t know how much that will mean to you, but for those of you that are relaxed stainless steel is not that bad. It’s okay! Now guys, if you are interested in buying this knife, this kunai links are down in the description for you.

If you are interested in that at all, but regardless doesn’t leave a like if you enjoy this article and tell me what you think about it, if you honestly disagree with me about famous steel, let’s talk about in the comments, I would love to have that conversation In the comments with you guys before I let you guys go, I want to make sure everybody knows I’m having a subscriber a twenty five thousand subscriber giveaway, where I’m giving away not one but two Karambit blades to two people, one on my Instagram and one on My YouTube, so if you are interested links or not links, but information is Dow description on how you can be involved.

Any comments on my articles from when I announced the giveaway to now is going to count to your position, so I could pick any article from when I announce the giveaway and to when you know the giveaway happens and pick someone and they could win it. Sam with Instagram, if anyone wants to win comment on little Mike, it’s going to post and you’ll be entered to win automatically, just make sure you subscribe and it will all go smoothly.

Now, with all that said, my name is DJ Morris. This is the modern ninja and I’m out you

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