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How To Be a Social Media “Influencer” #askjadeshow

Welcome back to my blog! What’s up! Thank you! So much for being here, they were going to call you guys up. This is the asteroid show where I answered your deepest darkest questions on social media. First caller is Charlotte and I’m getting ready as were chatting.

I wanted to be, as, like you know, real as possible, I’m a busy Cal and I’m just doing my ostracion as I’m putting my makeup on. So it’s like a multi, I’m some multi-level tasking entrepreneur, so we’re going to go with the first caller. Thank you. So much reading it we’re going to jump right. I think I have a microphone hello, hello, hello, hi. This is Jade girl to ask Jade, show hey Charlotte. How are you we’re doing amazing? So we got the we got the viewers here.

So, just let us know who you are what you do where were you from? I am from Scotland, I yeah. What do you do? What’s your? What’s your profession, I guess, what’s your, what are you currently doing on social media? Have a kind of like type thing? Oh I’m, taking at your account beautiful, foodie bloggers. What do you think is? What’s your current problem, how can I help you um? I just kind of wondered how to like insert more of myself into X.

Obviously, right now that’s kind of just like a lot of like food pictures but yeah, I kind of want to strengthen like personal side of it. So I got, I guess so. Maybe are you feeling, like you, get a lot more interaction and people find more value from food pictures? Not you. So you feel like if you post a picture. It’s like no one gives a shit. Okay, okay! I that’s what that’s a real problem, so how you do it like props to you.

Thank you. Well, let me let me take a look, so is YouTube something you’re currently working Harden or not as much you haven’t, sat down and filmed a YouTube article at all. I do Instagram lives or have you done anything with like face to face story? Interaction? Maybe you know what I think you should do. I think my biggest ever like tip for just starting to be like you know, trying to get comfortable with a camera, is really hard.

I’m telling you it’s like not like. I love the camera. It’s actually really weird, because no one’s fucking there, and sometimes if you go online right, if you ever like the do live, have you? Okay? If you have you done alive before? Okay, it’s just really awkward, but no one talks back and you’re just like looking for questions and no one’s asking anything. So how do you make it less awkward? So my biggest thing – I think I want you to try – is the key of being less awkward is called preparation.

So let me make it a little more less raw raw. I think what I would do for you is going on your DMS and whether you answer every single one or don’t for the next like leave it up for 24 hours to make people ask you, questions start the first couple articles slash you want to like segment Yourself inside just make it a Q & A do heavy Q & A because, what’s going to happen, is the reason why people don’t are not as interesting as Charlotte the person and more Charlotte the food? It’s because you don’t haven’t given them a reason to really care about you as a person.

For example, if you say give me a Q & A let me answer your questions and you do face to face interaction. They’re going to want to read your YouTube article. What I would do is, if you don’t know what to say, make people ask you. The second thing is you should try something called. It’s called like the 60 60 minute challenge. I think it might help you so basically a little bit. Okay, are you ready? So I actually I do this for so many Oh kind of like my artist friends like people who make music cuz some people just don’t wan na fucking.

I don’t know why they’re an artist but they don’t wan na make a song. So I try to help them with how to be more comfortable, putting stuff down on paper. So for you, I would say: set a timer 60 minutes, whatever you film in that 60 minutes, you have to post it, whether it’s stupid or whether it’s good you have to so. This really gets your mind to kind of be okay. With imperfection good luck, charlie, I hope you crush it by the way.

Send me a DM after you crush it, and I love to know how it goes hey. This is JT on the ask Jay. True hey what is up girl toss? What’s your name where you from my name is dope peace? That’s a beautiful name of what the heck! I love it. What do you? What are you clearly which would pretty clearly up I’m about to uploading article? What do you do on social media? Okay, that’s a great question because right now I’m not really sure I am trying, but I feel like they don’t try to become influenced it just happen.

So I’m just trying to figure out and navigate do like being youtuber in if I’m even a youtuber. Yet because I have what do you think makes someone an influencer an influencer? Basically, I want to change this like later on, as I become an experiencer myself, but I either right now I feel like an influencer or someone who can equation can carry on and it’s their word or like what they say about certain things.

It gets carried on. A lot of people are reading them, they have envy or they have just people have their eye on them. Okay, people these piece weeks. How about this? How do you measure an influencer? That’s a better question. I feel like you’re like no, like you know. How would you measure someone like, for example, like how would you measure how influential someone is there you go, it’s a hard one think about it.

Well, I’m thinking right now is like oh, okay, tell me more. What does that explain it to like a five-year-old saying, peace? How do you measure influence go wow? You might do something great right now, but not everyone can see it well. How would you measure your success if someone is okay, honey, mm-hmm? I know a lot of youtubers action, don’t make money, so those are the stupid utility you’re supposed to make money for, of course, I think about it like this there’s nothing wrong with money.

It’s just about how much time you’re dedicated. If you have all your money made from YouTube, your hashtag dedicated that’s your job, so I feel like people who are half-assing YouTube and don’t make money it’s because they don’t know they’re, not actually 100 % committed, which is not evil. I think people kind of tie grounds to hardly with money, so I mean like. Let me know: do you really want to quit your job and do you two full-time one, do if you’re starting small and you haven’t, made any money yet and like he’s being consistent or you’re trying to rescue like? Where did that? Please you what’s your goal to make money right in what yeah time it’s time holding you Matt’s, not enough time, not enough money to do what you want or not enough self-confidence.

/! It’s yourself holding back! This is what I would do. Peace, I’m going to help you out with your YouTube career when you’re, when you’re small, you do the following things: you just test a lot of shit you’re just going to try something and you’re trying to do what people want to do, which is make content. So what you first of all the first thing, this first step to be YouTube famous, is you need a frickin be like through the roof? Confident, if you like, talking to camera, make that like become just best friends, what’s going to happen? Is people only follow people that have what they want if you’re not confident enough, if you don’t show them that you are in love with this more than they aren’t they’re not going to follow you, I think too many people realize they’re scared about posting.

You literally, if you can’t, if you’re scared of posting a article, no one wants a fucking, follow you, because everyone in their own home just are is insecure. The reason why youtubers or success will succeed is because either they’re extremely confidant, camera and people kind of want that in you know kind of embedded in them. So they read you more. I think that’s what you need to start with start with a little bit of confidence.

This might mean taking a trip to the park and just kind of being real with yourself doing, a really full beat look to make you feel better whatever you start with yourself. First and then what I would do next is don’t give a shit and do my favorite technique called top ten of top ten. So this is something I haven’t cinema youtube yet, but what you can do right now? Peace go to your top ten favorite youtubers.

Go to their most popular articles, take ten of their most popular articles and recreate it in your own words. So then you have a hundred unlimited. You have a hundred unlimited articles that you know is proven and works. Okay, and what’s the problem with that? What’s going to help you’re going to you’re going to get sued, so something more like what are you afraid of with someone getting upset? No, no one gives a shit like no one.

You have to understand you’re, not copying, there’s a difference between okay, I think imitation is horrible, like copying their words or style, it’s horrible. What you can do is steal, there’s a book. Actually I want you to read it search steal like an artist. What it’s basically saying this book is saying: you want to steal like an artist which means you don’t take from one creator, you take from ten different creators and you just take the ones that you really like the pieces that works.

You don’t want to imitate anyone. Imitation is all flattery. I do agree with that. Just don’t take from one person take from multiple sources. That’s not stealing! That’s called interpretation, alright got it! Thank you love. Your piece have a good day. Hello, hey. This is JD on the a street show. What’s up? Okay, tell everybody what’s your name and where are you from I’m from LA cool? What’s up, how can I help you today? No, I had a quick question for you.

I am a sports journalist, particularly for the NBA. I wanted to know because a lot of my content and access piece – and it’s a lot of stuff like that games or events or practices and stuff and with the season over, feel like I’ve kind of hit a little bit of a wall, creating content, because there Just hasn’t been as much stuff to post. How do you keep that fresh when it’s kind of a drag ball right now with that with, like that’d, be a season over in LA on it, so you’re on 5,000 followers? What’s the outcome you really want to see from this like fucked off my head: I’d love to eventually be at like 50,000 200,000.

What do you think’s holding you back from getting to you? 50 100,000. I’m sure, like I think I posted contact cuz right now. A lot of your work is less it’s either you or the player. Have you had a piece of kana that to you guys together yeah, I posted some stuff, it’s a little further down, but like like an interview, because so this is what I think for you. I think you don’t have necessarily like OJ and I don’t know what to post like you do know what to post.

You know what gets likes. You know what people want to see. It sounds like to me: you just have a distribution problem. Do you think I’m onto something for apps yeah? No, you go. You go first over think I tend to overthink in general, but especially now it was posting. It has I’ve gotten more followers because I was around, like I probably had 700 like last summer, so I’ve gotten more followers. I got started overtake my captions and like when I ask a question.

I’ve noticed that I get pretty good engagement and results of questions, but I don’t know if I should be asking a question on every post or like some post. I can’t really think of a question that would go with the photo, the one where I’m like, posing with the basketball yeah that couldn’t really think of a question for that. But I think for me, if it’s a distribution and on top of that, like oh, I mean what I what I think about when I put yourself maybe, but if I’m myself in your shoes, maybe it’s like oh shit, I’m the shit now and I got ta.

Look cool so like for that, when you feel like you’ve made it somewhere, I would just do the complete opposite and just tell yourself you did to help you have it on shit, a lot of people when they get too big or, like I don’t even fake When you just experience fast growth, it can ultimately kill you, because in your head, you’re getting complacent and a little bit less oh, I think you actually know what to ask and what people want to hear it’s more of a fact of how vulnerable are you test? Testing a lot of things because you have to realize you’re still in the very beginning stages right now, you can’t overthink.

You really can’t afford that, but your dreams are bigger, I’m assuming so maybe you need actually think about like this, like you’re, just starting who gives a fuck. If you don’t know what to caption it, you have a lot more to go. That’s the first thing. Second thing is once you get over yourself and you’re like okay, I haven’t done shit. This is just only the beginning and I don’t need to worry so much about what people think.

I would actually take some of your best work. You did the spreadsheet thing, which is fucking cool, and this kind of like do this like smart, to take a photo with someone that has your audience. For example, amigos! That’s huge! What I would do is just take that freaking photo of a really meaningful caption and describes you and what you do put that as a Facebook or Instagram ad and show it to only migos followers.

People who are fans of me goes, I am Telling You they are going to come by on your page, a big host shit, I’m also like, because I’m I know a lot of guys if you target lot of guys, they listen to me, goes they’re, probably also Into basketball, so you know what I mean like, I feel like what you should do is distribution is simple ads. It’s it’s literally. What five dollars a day you can app at in just take your best content that you think people would be super interested in which is probably a photo and then insert yourself into it and then get that distribution down, because you already know what to post.

I feel like if you just want more followers triads, it’s the most targeted and fastest way: okay, okay and then one last question yeah a lot of photos of myself. I don’t want it to just become all about me, like I kind of want to invite value. To my see my followers, how would you say going about balancing like inserting myself into to my posts versus I know providing that most of people come for the other stuff? I assume.

Let me give you example. There’s a reason. Why Will Smith Will Smith? The page like Will Smith’s Instagram is better than a Will Smith’s Instagram like there’s a reason, my quote: Instagram pages, don’t do as well as maybe the personal page. I don’t think, there’s anything wrong with incident yourself in it, and why do you think it’s wrong? I feel like personal touches. People want to see face-to-face interaction, just because you put a selfie in it, doesn’t make it invaluable the values in the caption, the photos, just entertainment.

I don’t think you should worry about that. Okay, okay, so you think it’s fine to post more photos of myself as long as I’m providing value in the caption, I think that’s, what’s best people kind of want to see you kind of in the mix. I think that’s what makes you if you wanted to start just a. I don’t know editor page without you that would that be different story, but this is your page. This is like your page right, so you need to add yourself into it.

Alright, I’m going to go ahead over the next call. Let me know if you ever need anything have a great day. Oh, this is the completed. Look, it’s actually currently. 4 p.M. I have an event at 6 p.M. It’s actually with my marketing agency client. Through this article, a like, if you’re enjoying my content so far and just subscribe to this blog just for more that’s all – I love you guys. It’s all my best shit is free and if you’re wondering, if you want to be on the next acts, Jade show, I will link below how you can get involved.

It’s very limited, but I would highly recommend if you actually want one-on-one coaching. Whenever you see here is ten times more exclusive and deeper in my coaching calls, so I’m not trying to sell you guys anything, but I just know something these guys really do truly need that you can change the trajectory of your followers. Trust me it’s not for everybody, but I thought throw it in here. I will also link below how you can get involved with my coaching, it’s very, very selective, so I’m just letting you know the dog, it’s not for everybody, but I thought I’d.

Let you know that I’m doing those if you’re interested to that cause with comment the supposed to be be to the next at fist. You have a bit of my vlogs in a fat minute. It’s do lots. How are you guys stopping? Can I tell this: that’s how we mingle two seconds guys literally, we lasted there in two minutes front of it as a social interaction, the crack at it. I’m only like like a little bit, I only like just like yeah, I’m not really into the injecting.

You know I’m like okay, I know it’s friends are too. You know, that’s why I’m youtuber friends that we talked to that to get the mom. Did you guys do drugs in high school really Bob no way what Celine I’m ready? I already beat you guys. Guys did you drink, you would definitely drink in high school mom high school, my family, no family. We only got a wasted day on the weekends, so funny think I’m a story.

So I was my first day when I went to LA alone, which is like last month, I text my text, my dad’s saying goodnight and my dad thought it was not me and he called me in the middle night. Who is this? This is not Jade. This is no Selleck Jade can’t believe you don’t have faith in me: hey music, Jason, a party like what guys come down below if your parents caught you or you’d have a guy caught. Yet I’m back home.

Thank you so much for reading it. I want to close off this article by saying I love you I’ll catch you guys in the next one

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