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Why being an influencer is NOT sustainable…

Um this article might crush a lot of your dreams. This article might be too honest and I probably shouldn’t post it uh. I just can’t hold the secret anymore because, okay, so you know when you meet someone and you kind of see right a flags, but you just want to be in denial because you really like this person, but you already know they’re going to be a psycho bitch.

You know that’s what I’m having right now, because at the same time I think making content online is an amazing moneymaker. I just see this giant red flag in the ground that I need to share, because it’s just frustrating to me that no one is seeing this right, so this article will start off with the fact that if you don’t know who I am my name is Jane. I help people grow on social media, so the end of the day, this article might just be really bad for me, because I try to encourage people to make content.

So this is scourge. Is you? I’m really sorry? Actually, no, I’m not because I think this will save you a lot of time. Basically, yesterday I was hanging out with my friends that go to high school. I dropped out of high school, so sometimes I like to just to hang out with my friends and see. What’s up, you know, I’m not really relevant anymore. So, besides the fact, I asked them what the fuck was up and one of my friends was telling me this yeah, so my teacher basically said that being a consecrate or you tuber can’t make money.

Why? Because I don’t know if you’re living under a rock but there’s so many millionaires on the internet that are just doing great sweetie they’re thriving yeah. But this teacher was basically just telling us class that you can’t make money online. Don’t even try pursuing career because you’re going to be broke, and that’s just really fresh me me here, but then, as I try to defend this topic more, I realize who the fuck am I to say that, because there are times that I’m going to share of What I thought social media wasn’t sustainable and the paycheck that I got in the mail from Google wasn’t enough.

There are times where I almost gave up and I didn’t have a backup option, because what the fuck I can’t get employed, I don’t have a diploma. There’s not a lot of things that really support my argument, so why am I trying to tell everyone that making money online is easy, so this is where today’s article comes in, where I’m going to kind of share the three kind of main reasons: why I don’t Think being an influencer are sustainable, but at the end of this article you’re going to learn of how you can make a scene, we won’t tell your parents that this is not a phase.

It’s an actual career you want to pursue then keep on reading alright. So I actually have my notes for today, I’m kind of sec. You guys so bear with me alright. So the first thing about why I think being a father is unsustainable, is your paycheck is literally based on your results, not about how much you work. So with that being said, you know typically, when you’re at a standard job you get paid to do a standard procedure over and over again it’s just what you do now when you’re someone who’s entrepreneur or you have a business, you don’t get paid to work more.

You get paid if you bring results. If you bring data, if you bring brand deals in right, so it’s just very, very inconsistent, so some months you can make, for example, one month I how personal yeah there was one point in 2018, where I made like literally $ 500. Its money is really hard for me to talk about, but I know this might be helpful to someone. So let me share with you guys. There are some months when I would make enough to like pay rent and go by and there’s some buds where I get to fucking like travel the world.

So what I’m saying is it’s a blessing, but it’s also unsustainable, where you don’t know when your next paycheck is going to happen, you are just taking a huge risk and with that being said, what happens is not necessarily the money part. It’s a problem like I generally have excitement a thrill when it comes to money, because I know that I can work towards it. The problem I have is the mental fuck.

You get the fact that you have to be working. You have to hustle if you’re, not grinding, you’re, not successful, and this culture tells us to work harder, because what the fuck are going to do. We need to have a job right so, like I just feel like. We have pressure on ourselves to make more money than the last month and you have to keep working because on its journey, I’m Gary. If he will yell at you, if you don’t and I’ve been there, you guys I’ve been there like I’m actually like physically sick right now.

But I can’t bring myself to rest because I just feel guilty, because I should be making this time to be productive and fucking. Here I am making a YouTube article shit but anyways besides the fact I’m going to do the example about this, because I’m trying to get better it’s just so addicting to coffee hustle, because you just want to top every month each month is a competition. Each time you trying to work harder to prove someone wrong and at the end of the day you just feel so tired and burnt out.

That’s just the first thing like not the fact that you know money comes and goes. You think I feel like the people. Don’t talk about is the mental capacity that it is. It’s not sustainable for your mind to always top each month to work harder than last month, because you didn’t get paid that well, you know what I mean like: that’s where you feel like it’s really toxic and no one really talks about alright.

So the second thing, the fact that Instagram and YouTube owns your data, so they can decide to delete your entire audience space if you’re not on the internet, you’re, invisible and now a lot of you guys are you know, saying like J, like your Instagram, won’t delete Social media will be, you know, forever the hold up Sally. Okay, that’s why you thought I have a friend, I’m Cameron. He had. He had 84 thousand followers on Instagram, not even that he built a company on his social media and he’s employing people he’s.

You know people are dependent on it for income he’s making a brand love that, but Facebook deleted his Instagram account and wiped out this entire business. He built okay, I don’t know about you, but imagine Instagram or YouTube just one day just hitting delete and all I caught you built is gone. They know it’s rare to happen, but it literally happened to my family Cameron, so it could literally happen to you.

So this is where I think, Instagram or YouTube is all sustainable, because we don’t own our data. We can be invisible to the audience. We can’t afford, like that. It’s just scary to think that not a lot of people are thinking about. You know converting their followers. It’s a email list or taking their audience and converting it into you know their own traffic and own data, which I’ll get into later.

It happens to more people than you think. Alright, the last third thing fact that bacon, if was, is not sustainable because you are alone so here’s a personal story. I left high school with a lot of people to prove wrong, or so I thought I have to prove my teachers, my friends, because I dropped out of high school. It was a right decision, so you know what let me show you. This idea that I need a work hard and build a bigger brand, just because I need to show that this was the right decision is where I like.

You get really isolated because, when you’re trying to prove everyone wrong, you just kind of put yourself in a room and just put your head down to work. You edit your articles, you know you just don’t really talk to anyone, you just like do it. Let me tell you that’s what I did for a you’re like what my pears would go out. I would just be the garage, you know, editing YouTube articles. So in the very beginning, it’s fucking hard, but the moment you started scaling your business.

You know. Do we get a loan, we’ll kill you? I don’t want to give up creative freedom, so why would I get an editor, but I realize it’s crucial for me to grow it’s crucial for me to take that time and use it what’s more important, which is strategy. It’s like the vision, because, if you’re constantly implementing you’re working, not on your business, you’re working and your business and I feel like that’s what can kill you, because the minute you just are being your old employee kind of defeats, the purpose of building a brand, because You want to be your own boss, what a fucking fire Lamborghini and do your shit on, and this just kind of brings it to my last point and just to wrap it all up like.

I feel like the fact that we’re constantly trying to prove people wrong, maybe we’re. I don’t know fucking afraid that it’s traps going to delete our data just makes us really extra questioned if this is really going to work out, and maybe I’m a dark place right now, because I’m sick comment below, if you want to hear a story type of These more personal situations – I don’t know if it’s valuable we’ve encouraged you not to be afraid about the IT that it’s all sustainable.

I just want you to be aware that it’s a possibility – and I feel like people, are just like being too optimistic and aren’t saying the truth, and I don’t want to be fucking honest if you want to make youtube articles and build a career, because you see It happen for a lot of people, then fucking do it but realize it’s not just lollipops and candy. Sometimes you can get really really burnt out and I want to let you know that I’m here for you.

I think one of the things I’m just super excited to just talk about is the fact that I don’t think we’re alone anymore, where I really wanted to kind of bring a solution and leave off. Is this so? Yes, maybe making soy content isn’t sustainable, but an entrepreneur and a business person with attention fuck yeah. It is the best. Like example I have of this – is Geoffrey star. You know he’s a makeup artist that makes YouTube articles, but he also has a cosmetic brand.

He invests, he has property, maybe this entire social media thing is. You know unsustainable, like that teacher said, you know physically monetarily, but the truth is if you make some money and you invest in right spots and you keep going and you don’t give up. I think this is such a fucking, sustainable idea. People who have college degrees still can’t get to play a job, it’s just super shot and competitive with the rise of Technology.

You know what no one’s fucking safe. So if you’re reading this article and you’re looking for a sign to start your blog or just just fucking, go after your dreams do it, you don’t have anything to lose right. So that might be really much. But you guys get what I’m saying. I know a lot of people are going to like this, but like robots and Technology can automate your job, but kind of just boils down to this point that sometimes not taking your risk is the biggest risk you can take because, yes, I just named three points On my scared of shit out of you, people that have regular sustain jobs also have their own problems.

So there’s really no way to escape this and I just feel like being accepted of where we are and how good we have it and just being fucking thankful is so important. I know this article might sound like I’m complaining, I’m a truly am not I’m so thankful. You guys are here. I want you guys to take a risk. You know what just go out there and try it out and realize that there is a possibility of failure, but without risk.

What’s the point feel like that’s the reason why we do what we do is because we know that I might not work going there and the process is why we love it and that is called fucking passion all right guys thanks so much for reading this rant. If you liked this article, give this article a like subscribe for, more typically don’t make these articles, but if you’d like to stay along for the journey, I’d be really appreciated of it and I’ll catch.

You guys in the next one shout out to the comet winner comment. That’s supposed to be feature the next outfit below when you thought being an influencer, wasn’t sustainable and let me know if this article was helpful. I truly want to encourage anyone who wants to start a career, because you should never let anyone tell you. No I’ve been told no so many times for my teachers for my friends that when I dropped out of school last year, I was just like fuck it.

Alright guys, I love you so much domination, we’re repping the merge. I can’t wait to reply to every single comment. Let’s chat, could you go to the next one? Goodbye

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