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If you want to be a social-media influencer or be an affiliate for a brand online just to make some side income you’re just scripts, then it came up with its going to win every single time. All you got ta do is just keep on reading this article. Let’s get into it alright domination. We are here at having a friend I’d go home done like major.

Who was that? How are you I was thinking about? You? Don’t worry, I guess he’s like uncoordinated. If the person who honked at me wasn’t Ryan, then who was that not really having a good time and then my car ran out of gas Jada likes sitting there waiting like 20 minutes, look good! No, I replied to all my emails. Thank You, Ryan. What’s a Dharma Nation, I actually came back from lunch, it’s actually the next day, but a little bit background.

My name is Jada. Welcome to my blog, I am an entrepreneur and I’m obsessed with helping you dominate social media. This is a question I get time to time: email brands, I kind of talk to them and how do you get them to not say no or reject you in your face? So the format of this article is going to be simple I’ll go over some announcements. Then the core script, and then I will go over some best practice tips and if you want to stay to the very end, I actually have a live example of how I use the script and how it actually worked for a brand just like last week.

So you had already make sure you give this article a like and subscribe to the blog to join the best famous quad on earth. We’re going to dominate social media together, and I just really appreciate have really mean the world to me. So, alright. So, let’s get into the meet the content, the creation, the content creator we’re going to get into before you message brands I wanted. I like set the mindset for you guys you have to understand when you’re going to a brand, it’s not like you’re going to get stuff for free and it’s all fun and dandy.

They want money from you. So a lot of the things I’m going to talk about is a lot of mathematical knowledge. If I I dropped out at school, so you don’t need that much math skills you just need to compute. You know you got ta, give them a return on investment. Cuz they’re investing in you, so if you don’t have a strong following already, if you don’t have good content, this might not work for you, because you ideally need to supply something.

You know life is all about trades. So a lot of people expect for free, but you have to keep in mind: it’s not helpful for a brand. Nor are they going to reply to you. Okay, they want money, so we’re going to teach you how to make money. So this is the content at Ipanema connection or referral. You can be yes, your connection. You could be like my friend Bob connected me to this brand or be sneaky enough to go on LinkedIn, go to LinkedIn and find the CEO o find their sales manager find their marketing guru put their name in there.

You could honestly be it doesn’t really matter. Just make them familiar to your name and it you don’t look like a stranger crucial. No, this the part where you can set down their guard, because the first five words is when they’re going to be like a delete, the email or they swept away if you’re cold calling hands to be the first ten seconds before they like hang up. If you don’t want to be rejected that many times you’re going to be rejected, like in seven out of ten time, but you know that’s life, so I say to you know: increase your chances of winning, say I’ll cut a connection.

You know. I know your friend Bob or, if you actually can talk to Bob before you talk to Michael who’s, the owner of the store. That would be great know. You want to skip to the chase, don’t be like my name’s Rebecca and I have it, it was her Instagram, don’t you have to skip to the chase, cut the BS and just say: how can I add value to you guys or maybe just give a reason On why I stitching them just just cut to the chase, like I’m going to help you, I know I can help you I’ll piece it together for you guys at the end.

So once you give a reason – and you won’t also want to think about math a lot of times – people have problems charging themselves enough. More often than not, people have problems charging way too high right, I’m not going to pay. You 100 bucks suppose a picture as they can see. Roi and they’re really lazy. If going to a brand, that’s smaller, you don’t need to beat this like strategic, I’m talking about people, I work with brands.

You know 2 million revenue, it’s different for every single scenario. Frigo I want to make sure I include a clip of yesterday’s ask Jade show where I had someone ask me. Oh my god, I deleted it. No okay, I’m going to put the audio clip of someone asking me how to charge correctly a brand. I can’t believe I deleted the clip. Okay, all right now we’re going to piece it all together. This is you’re going to be your script.

Ideally, I’m going to pretend my name is Rebecca and I’m from New Jersey and I want to work with a jewelry brand and I also make it make a article. The role play I’m going to play. If you guys fill in your blanks all right, all right. Hey I’m Rebecca, I was connected by Robert, your CEO. I really like your message and I wanted to help you and add value right now. I have about 102 fans that come tonight content regularly.

I see your products are ten to twenty dollars average. I could easily bring two hundred dollars in sales with one post twenty people times Ted is two hundred, you know anything. Would you be interested in doing a sponsorships last collaboration, or how can I make more content for you and you can post it on your own social to bring more revenue in? That’s it, and I’m going to show you that was my live.

I’m going to blur out the text message from this brand, a little back story I just for fun. I was a DMing Brad. Let’s see what I could do with my more often than not they’re like cute, but one of them was like tell me more about what you had in mind. So what this really works? You have to intrigue them by the numbers. Okay, people, like numbers people like money, you need money, not freaking phone.

I was really worried. They’re going to ask you what you had in mind to be creative. I said I pinpointed their weak points, which was not enough. Female content or female influencers is all male dominated, so they were sold on that I instantly got a like affiliate code and you can easily make money. I didn’t take the offer and then because I realized that the CEO was kind of anyways see like. Ideally, you want to work with brands that you believe in it’s not going to work.

If you don’t believe in the product you know in the beginning, I was just familiar with a brand. I reach out to multiple people all the time and I turned out a lot of people as well. You have to be familiar with your brand and with your audience likes because here’s the thing – and this is the biggest tip you need to sell them with the money of course, but what makes more sense? You know that was the ethos question I don’t know.

If I’m doing this right, that was the ethos right, the logos or the logic is the money like you can sell them on the pathos that emotion, you know the connection, but you need to sell it logically that your target audience is line up, for example, if They are a supreme if you can say to supreme that you have the exact same demographic as their market. You know their audience and their customers sell them on that.

You have a hundred more of those people. That’s it. You have to line up the fact that you’re Branson approached you. You know Daniel Wellington, the huge read brand, like always damage people because they’re desperate and they want people in their market and they know who they want to target. So if you can go up to a brand and prove to them that they, like you line up in their graphic and they’re, targeting it’s going to help you long term, you don’t just damn a brand to get money and to get free shit.

Ideally, you want to ask for an affiliate code and you want to maybe get the product for free. Of course, if that’s all, for most brands are no custody, sometimes which is okay. You want that affiliate code and you could do this via DMS or an email. I find the same return on investment they’re, both free just literally, if you’re ever going to do this at scale, you need to do it every single day, a hundred people, it’s a numbers game and a lot of people will say.

No, if you want to make affiliate marketing a whole time business, you could and I highly recommend it and that’s the script I follow. I don’t know if you actually don’t want to say this is a script because it won’t freakin work. If you be in paste for every single brand in every single industry, every single industry has different pain, points and different problems. You need to tailor it to that.

So this is not a script. This is going to be your skeleton and just fill the bones muscles and fat, and I don’t even know what’s in a freaking human body, but fill it in to what makes sense for you. That is crucial. Please don’t copy and paste it for every industry. Congratulations to the comment winner. If you want to be the next comment winner, can you tell me if you were approached by a brand or if you want to be an affiliate, you know what’s your biggest problem as an influencer, if you are one, if not just comment below something you want To see next I’ll get you guys the next one, I love you so so much.

Thank You domination for all the love and support. It truly means the world like in the next minute goodbye you

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