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First of all, I’m sorry about my English and everything here is rotten in a German, but I try to explain you in English and what you have to do is you need to download the link in the description below, but first what you need to have this? Second, Instagram account: you have your main account and you need a second, a third for the fifth fake account on Instagram and now what you have to do.

Is you create a fake email, because every Instagram account just works with a real email and you can get a real email if you create a fake email on Gmail or gmx whatever and now what you have to do is, if you are in your fake account, David point my qu, so you have another name. You need to download the link in the description below get instant, so this is the get insta side and you see we have here energy, but we don’t use once you use the energy and today we’re going to do it with like snot.

We follow because I need to locked out of this blog of this account and if we are logged into our main account, you see the password and everything signed. I don’t want to have to cut because a lot of people think oh, it’s fake whatever, and now we go here to my main account. Dmg jar leave a like and subscribe. I have already done it with my fake account uh-huh and yes, so what you have to do now is easy.

You have more, I have more than one fake account if you’re free make fake accounts, but I create more in the future, and sometimes this accounts. Just these free accounts have some error measure messages. I don’t know why, and now I try to select one and if we have one fake account, you can get coins with like or follows on people’s. This is the fake account I get in the recordings before I don’t know.

What’s happened, I need to try a fake account more one more and you see every like, or every follow cost energy one follow, cost five energy. And after if you have loose all energy, you need five hours to restore all energy and five minutes to restore one energy. So now this account David Meyer hope it works. Now you can follow for true energy and like for five energy. Well, it works and it doesn’t work.

This is every time I try to record this. It doesn’t work. Ok, let’s go to ravenclaw. Just have two points: it’s an active account. It must work, I hope it works and hopefully okay it works. Now we have 3,000 points and now we can go to our mini account, so we record with the fake account and then we switch to the main account and go to likes. We have this one we selected and we can put on it. I don’t know how much we want.

There are 50 likes. So remember this account of free Horn 3411 likes. Now we go to this one and drop the likes Congrats. Your task has been published successfully. You can check the progress in task list. Okay, we have here now task list and no one have liked yet, but it can goes for 30 minutes and the likes are still dropped or the follows: whatever you drop on it. So this is the next question: do we get Bennet? If we do it? No, because you see every account here is verified how you can get verified.

It’s easy. You need to create a fake account and you log in with your full Instagram account to this website to get inside. After that, you see, we have not done it. So we have this account select and we, if we go to coins, we can’t like any or follow any people’s or pictures, because we are not verified, but we can get the lights. You see the lights are down because on the task list no one has like, but soon if our 30 minutes over you get the likes and it’s very easy.

The followers are a little bit faster, but I don’t want to show followers, because yes, because if I log out of this website and I need to login – you see my password everything and they don’t want to have a car. So hope you enjoy this article and see you soon in the next one have a very nice day after 30 minutes. We have 3400 sixty-one likes. I hope so and yes so hope you enjoyed see you soon leave a like and subscribe to my blog and have our nice day.


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