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How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business

So the first thing to talk about is and what your your Twitter or tweeting strategy is going to be at the moment, you’re limited to 160 characters, there’s talk that they might be changing, delimiting that I don’t know how what impact that might have on what I’m About to say, but nevertheless, at the moment is 160 characters and within that 160 characters, you’ve got to write some very interesting, engaging content.

That’s on a variety of different subject matters. So what I tend to say is look at look at your overall marketing strategy and when you go out and talk to people, what are they interested in hearing? Typically, these things will be so you’ll obviously want to talk about your business. You know it’s the about me page with your website: you’ll, be willing to talk about your own products and services, the benefits and features of those, but it clear you should also be talking about an industry.

Related news, maybe put some some tips, like top tips. How-To guides up there and some statistics that people are going to find engaging so the difference between Twitter and Facebook and various others. So actually Facebook has hashtags and Twitter started the trend by using hashtags and other other social media. Blogs have now adopts them at Google. Google+ no hashtags as well, so all of the major ones are using them, and but hashtags are a way of grouping.

Tweets is kind of like giving it and putting it into a categorized box. If you like key thing about the Twitter strategy is to post regularly because Twitter works on the timeline. So when you first tweet, it appears at the top of the timeline and grudges. Other people tweet it on it’ll, get pushed down and push down and push down and disappear of the bottom. So if you start using like trending hashtags that are really popular loads of people post them out, it’s not going to go like that.

It’s going to go straight off the bottom, so what you need to be doing is posting regularly so that your posts end up being. You know at the top of and Twitter now, if you post too often and it’s it’s going to get boring for the people who are following you so and have a plan to maybe post. I don’t know three four five times a day, probably any more than that, and you are going to start to bore people a little bit and equally those four five posts.

You want to post them all at nine o’clock and you want to spread them out over the course of the day, and that sounds like a bit of numerous tasks and there are ways to automate that process. So if you look at social media automation, tools, ones, my favorite ones, and things like eat – sweets, buffer, sprout social me takers, my all-time favorite one, because you can build a library and it just Chuck stuff out forever and beyond.

Even if I get hit by a bus which is great what not, if I get hit by a bus – that’s not so great, but the fact that it publishes stuff for me if I get hit by bus, that’s great, and so my second tip is based on Who you should be following now, there’s so much noise out there at the moment it’s a common mistake is and the people new to Twitter just to go out there and follow loads of irrelevant people.

So I tend to now follow people who are within my industry. Interesting people are going to be publishing interesting content. I would actually be interested in reading notice. The word is interesting, so be choosy about who you’re, following what you don’t want. Is your timeline just to be filled with noise and so there’ll be loads of people who follow you who’ll be selling eat like you know, get five thousand Twitter followers they’ll just be spamming, but that guy, who I talked about, who was sending out five messages? One go at nine o’clock.

Probably don’t want to bother following him because he’s just going to bore you to death, perhaps so be really picky about who you follow to make sure you’re getting the right information back out of it. This has a knock-on effect automatically and you’ll start to attract the right sort of followers as well and they’ll be interested in what you’ve got to say to a two-fold kind of benefits. This try and follow people within your market sector as best you can because and again following loads of irrelevant people.

Kind of is not really going to add anything to your your Twitter experience and before you follow the user go and have a look at their bio. It’s easy just to go like it’s later on pull of the book and go and have a look at the biography and and see what sorts of things they tweet about, because it will give you a good idea about the sort of person that you’re about to Potentially, follow with twitter is really important and because it’s it’s, it’s like a little microcosm of information and making sure that your brand and identity is really clear on that page.

And you basically have like two or three opportunities to get your brand and put out onto your Twitter profile. So you got the main banner image which appears across the top. You’ve got your little avatar pic, which appears within the banner you’ll. Have your company name or your personal name, and then your website address and maybe short biographies, there’s five key bits where you’ve got to get that’s your own brand identity across and make it look really cool so say, focus on those well say one thing which I Do is I and create, and I created a banner image, which I felt reflect the brand very well and use it across.

All of my social media accounts say that to maintain some consistency, something looks at my Twitter account. My Facebook account same goes for the the avatar, so this could either be your company logo or it could be your personal, headshot or game make sure it’s it’s consistent across all your social media platforms. The fourth question I very often get asked is about whether somebody who works within a business or organization sets up an account specifically for their business or for them for their personal profile.

So I think what you’ve got to ask yourself is: what’s my mic, my core business strategy here? Am I promoting me or my business or do people come to my business because they threw me or what what’s the link there and how did you go about promoting your business and if it’s primarily, if you’re kind of faceless within your organization, then really? Why do you need your own personal Twitter account? Why not make it about your business? But equally, if, if you have a number of stars within your business, get them to set up their own personal, you can have you have your own business account, but then you can take each can have their own and personal account, building their own profiles and raising The profile of your business, so the main benefits of using Twitter, it’s obviously got SEO benefits because you can drop links and nail it back to your own website, and things like that.

You can be found quite easily. Twitter twitter gets put in boosted into Google’s PageRank in one of its specific sections of its organic search, engine and listings, and so it means that you can appear in in Google’s search engine, organic search engine rankings and also it’s an opportunity to network quickly with other Businesses and the downsides to Twitter. I find that there’s only so much you can get into those hundred and forty characters and or 160 characters initially and embarrassed and the potential, as with all social media platforms and for employees to misuse it.

So I don’t know if they see something about a celebrity and they put a really derogatory comment up there or they’re racist that they put something nasty about another employee up there. This is all going to reflect badly on your business, so you’re going to be monitoring. If your employees are going to have their own Facebook and Twitter accounts, then you’re going to be monitoring what sort of content they’re putting up there and Twitter is also looking to heavily monetize areas of its service, and this can have a negative effect on it, and It also there’s a lot of trolling which goes on in amongst and Twitter, so trolling is people just being really negative about you, you’ll cut off your business and the sorts of things you’re commenting on and it can make you feel very bad, but it get it Covered and if somebody’s putting and I don’t know what appears to be a testimonial up there and negative testimonial up there – they may not actually be a customer.

That’s considered that. Could we have a detrimental impact on your business. So, just to summarise those key points create a strategy and for a Twitter strategy for your business and think about who you’re going to follow and who you want to follow. You ensure your brand of identity is really clear and obvious on your on your Twitter page and decide whether it’s going to be a business or a personal Twitter account.

And then, obviously I talked about the the benefits and the drawbacks to having Twitter weigh those up and how much you’re, positive and have-nots can have any business. So thanks for reading those are my comments on using Twitter for business. If you want to know more – and then please subscribe to my my youtube blog and if you’ve got any questions about this particular article, then please do leave them in the comments box below

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