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How to create Facebook Ads for musicians & artists (LIVE SCREEN STEP-BY-STEP)

My name is Cass. I run digital marketing campaigns in the e-commerce in the entertainment field, mostly and really stay in the service business. All over. My goal is to literally show people in each individual sector how to run ads, my speciality being that I am also music, present professional running a music management company. How artists actually run Facebook ads on the actual content when they turn promote it? If they got release albums single article whatever I will be going through the step by steps that I actually do my creation process, how actually, where I get my data from, why do I do this objective? What I do this, why do that? You listen and see everything.

There is nothing on YouTube at the moment. That’s a seek aid for artists. I thought you know why not let me offer some value and give somebody some give. Oh, you guys, should I say some insight onto how you do it right now on the screen, when my clients she’s an amazing R & B singer, I’m going to be using her account as a demo just to show you how the process would work when you Set yours up: if you don’t actually have a facebook business manager, I can’t if you use some boost the boost button order or the promote button on Instagram or Facebook.

Please guys stop its. This is the only way I advise anybody to do Facebook ads, because the reason why, when you’re doing the boost and you’re not getting all the data back as much as you can on this – and they are guys everything 80 % of my ads. Unless I’m testing that new interests are only going to be data-driven, they’re only going to be stuff that, as she works I’ll, never ever do ad, just picking something out the sky and being okay, this should work.

No, we don’t do that, so one be showing you. It’s how you can use real data you might would have received. You do have Spotify analytics where you can see all your list so for that or even if you can do from Instagram anyway, where you actually have there, we wait your top see at least your top five places. So what you want to do this is the I’m home screen. So at the moment we’ve only spent in for today six pound, twenty nine and look at the different we’ve reached three point: seven: nine we’ve reached half a million people and nineteen thousand first engagements.

This is obviously a bit more advanced, an aspect of using things that look like audiences, where I might make another article of, but this is how cost-effective one and face, whereas can actually be so what you want to do when that’s all sword and if you haven’t Created a business I believe I said earlier, I haven’t created face of business manager, account I’ll put like a link in the bio where you can go through the step by step.

Easy process just obviously create one and stuff like that, but ok we first run do is once asked you say assume: your accounts are sorted. What you want to do, let’s go to the top, which says business manager or these these three menu dashes. You want to click that normally this whole menu isn’t open. You want to click all tools and then you click Add manager. I’ve already opened up on this tab here, so it’s ready for you guys, but obviously, at the moment we have.

We have one active ad received 259 likes and look how much we spent guys. You’ve only spent one pound 61 out 15. So this is obviously how cost-effective running ads actually is. If you know what you’re doing I’m going to give you the basis of how I learned and how I started first, one is successful ads. Well, yes, free things, you consider this campaigns, there’s ad sets and then there’s ads. Let me close this.

You don’t need this anymore campaigns ad sets and then ads campaigns is basically what your objective is that what you want achieved you want to achieve more engagement, you wan na achieve more article views. You want to achieve traffic to a certain website or any of those type of things. There’s all these different ways how you can use different campaigns ad sets is literally the audience so, where they’re, from the interests, their age and also that includes the budget.

How much you wan na spend and also includes I’m the placement, so it’s on Facebook feed is on instagram. Feed is an interim story. There are some things in AD itself, pretty self-explanatory. What the audience actually sees. So first, we want to do. Let’s just assume that you have nothing here, so there’s no I’d say whatsoever. You want a quick click. Sorry create now takes you to this screen. This screen shows you.

What actual object is you wan na do imma keep this very, very traumatic. If you did not that long as you guys can crack on as quick as possible, but for artists for me anything to do music, you know stuff, I would say huge traffic engagement. Article views maybe lead generations. It depends on that to campaign, but everything else. I’ve. Never personally use for music artists. I wouldn’t this is a bit too broad brand awareness and reach, but you want to be a bit more specific recording that you actually want people to do, because Facebook has a whole lot of day and how people behave on their platform.

So on this actual campaign, I wan na use engagement, use engagement because it’s one of the cheapest objectives and also you get two for two for both, let’s say yeah teen, for once. Let’s say I am. I want, from a music article, provide the article views then Montori the people that will see it. People that overtly read articles on Facebook, engagement, the fact that they reading it and further they’re commenting and liking.

I get that extra blast prosperous. So what you want to do now is engagements click. You scroll down, change the post engagement class on the add with the previous added prior when it was on Facebook like we want to do, is name it. So let’s say the record is called the records cold winter. Why do I always leave the name of the objective? Next, I never just leave it just winter black, because later on, when I have lows different ads, I know echo.

This is the winner engagement. This might be the winner article views. This might be because you wan na get a habit of testing different stuff just to see what really works of you. So then there you go when I engagement click continue, and this is the ad set. This is the actual audience now, like I said before, we work on stuff that we have data for one and a or driven ad is probably your your safest way, not to waste your money, because it’s there that you have received evil from Spotify or from Instagram And eggs or Facebook analytics whatever Oh Google Analytics like all this stuff, is solely based on real data that you have obtained.

So what I’d say you guys can do? It’s called your Facebook, not Facebook, sorry, Spotify, analytics so see. This is a disease one. It’s the type of status at the moment last 28 days make sure it’s reason, don’t do it since the star, maybe seven days. It depends if you’ve had like a burst like a show normally 28 days, because you only the most recent time P. But I listen to music Beauty 2015. Some of people might have even not used, they might use tidal, they might use something else, so they might just they might not be your demographic anymore.

So keep a reason I wan na. Do you want to keep in consideration this part Mercedes gender, to show you the gender splits, and then it shows you that age? You want to keep that in mind for later on, and then you can see, see the location, Sochi, United States, UK, Germany, cetera cetera. So she all the monthly listeners, and then it shows you to see its cities now always guys what I person doing, advise you guys to do.

Make sure that you guys pick your top five to ten cities when you’re running ads reason. Why I do. That is because those are not only your most high listeners listeners, but it’s like if, let’s say how thick your speaking is, if Paris’s third part doesn’t work as well as I want, and let’s say, I’m doing top five, I can just go down like a cool. Take prayer self the ad set, then we do Los Angeles that doesn’t work then I use to them then so on and so forth, because you don’t know, you will never ever know how your fans or your audiences are going to respond to something.

So you always want to make sure that you’re a step ahead of them doing that, knowing that before you spent your money where it should actually be going. So what I do I let you just drag this and copy. Let’s see top five, it’s top six early into it. Why not and then simply copy paste, that’s command C or control C. I believe I’m using this in ages, but I believe that is, but I’m going to go to spreadsheet or already copy.

This prior aren’t ready for the article, but you want to go to a spreadsheet. You want to go to a Google Doc or any type of copy and paste notepad or ever you use unless you just copy and paste, and then we want to do you want to highlight the city. So sorry, this one here, sorry sirens. Distract me apologize, I’m going to copy your top six and go straight back onto Facebook and then what you wan na do before you add it onto here guys you want to change this change.

The people who live in this location like another little nugget, you don’t. I leave it evarin in this location, because everyone’s location would be way too broad. An aspect of every location could not necessarily mean they’re from London. They could be people that was visit. You know people that was just on just stopping by for like a day or two. You want to make sure there’s people that live in this location.

Let’s take a United Kingdom, then this copy that in Sydney so Papa, then you wan na do select cities, towns, match vacations double-check the same place. So it’s a pod, yeah yeah good at six locations and they go. We have a location, so our top six places was mentioned before about look-alike and custom. Oh nice is this: where you do might do another article depending on the response, and if people need a bit more help, that’s a bit more advanced, but let’s just keep it very basics.

You guys can get get yourself a very good introduction to how to do it: okay, cool so on the right issue, issue the potential reach, how many people actually are in this set audience and show you the estimate. These just estimate based on Facebook, state and stuff, like that, what you want to do is here is the age you wan na go back onto Spotfire scroll back up to age, which is here and then see where the highest ages.

So it looks like it’s from 18 to about 34, so you want to do. It should go back to Facebook and do 18 to take for them, but they’re driven ads always work the best it’s. Our 55 million has gone down to 28 million, so we wan na. Do you wan na progressively carry your audience to the they already have and then mix. It depends on actual record kinda feeling right making a record that you only want to share women or, if you’re, like I said, I swear your music only case that women or only case the guys or whatever, then obviously it’s up to you cuz.

I don’t know what music you guys are making, but you do also do have the option. I’m languages I would leave, because music is very, very it’s. A universal language mean itself if you’re like trying to sell a certain product or your. You need people that you to read that your caption or whatever, then you might want to change that, but I would leave that blank and then here you go. The talk in this is where you can pick what type of interests you want to put this ad.

In front of Maron addicts been R & B singer, I’m obviously going to go with R & B acts, so she has 1.6 million users on Facebook and Instagram. So I click on that and on my 28 milk goes down to this. Obviously, some go down to that. Whilst we add more people, you’ll see it obviously rise up, but you can do if you don’t know what or who else to pick. But you just wanted more of idea, click suggestions.

It shows you other things, so I would put 9 contemporary R & B, because it’s pretty large demographic, pretty large group and also it fits it crosses over a lot. And then, if I was to pick, I don’t know, let’s do TLC mara makes more like old-school nostalgic sounding music. So let’s do nice stuff. Let’s add our show and you don’t to do you don’t have you don’t pick too big of audience guys because you don’t want your budget to it depends what you do if you’re testing then bigger the better, if you’re being specific with Deyo you, don’t it too Big in my opinion anyway – and let’s add one more so these are your groups – Wow hope you can do another little nugget, let’s say, for example, I want to put this ad in front of people that use Spotify.

I’m running a stream now Spotify you’re, going to put it down in front of people that use diesel Apple musical title because they didn’t use the platform. So she uses its you system what you want to do, click narrow audience and then type Spotify say then. Now my 11 million has gone under 4.2 million, which is a good number to leave what you want to do now. The reason why I did that sorry is: I’m now telling Facebook Facebook put my ID in front of people that I can temporarily Kalani lure new TLC uh sure, but they must 100 % they must match.

They must like Spotify as well. So obviously, people that use, but if I was obviously on like Spotify, Oh people, that that are familiar with Spotfire they’re, going to not be like hesitant to like, like a wedding and stuff like that. Okay, so that’s your actual targeting also it what you want to do. You guys is. Maybe, when you have you start a new account that this right here, it’s going to be ticked, please guys on ticking Cohen, is ticked and make sure audience this big.

That’s basically Facebook’s base. This tech basically means okay. These are my five interests, but if you think you can find me, cheap engagement do so. That being said, that means your ad can be prefer in front of people that doesn’t really fit the actual sound or your article ever condition promote so make sure that’s an ticked. You can either save audience, say audience it’s great when it comes to like dealing with customized audiences LinkedIn with Facebook, pixels and and look like audiences.

So that’s another article, because it’s pretty extensive but I’ll leave that for now! Oh, you can save it. If you on a future use it of you wan na edit later on, like you know, let me try one of just men. I want to just women, see what that’s better, because, like I said earlier, you never know how your demographic is going to respond to your to your records. Okay, just scrolling down Oh Mac placements, edit placements – I always edit placements reason being if I my content is formatted for let’s say in it’s a story.

I don’t want to have like a square article on Instagram, because if I scroll down to in the story here you see the example they give you it’s obviously square. It’s not square. Sorry beg your pardon rectangle. You don’t want to have one that starts here and it’s all black you usually send up being messy. It’s. What you want to do is make sure that, whichever your actual ad looks like the size, every the resolution fits on the said platform.

So, let’s just keep it very, very basic: let’s just do Instagram feed I’m taking everything and I my 4.2 should drop so it’s down to 4.9, because obviously that was including Facebook users only server software face were has so we’re only doing on insta story in so Feed sorry scroll down mobile devices, of course, cuz it’s going to be nany my about based optimize, so post engagement. That means your ad is only going to be in front of its can be automatic.

People are going to like and comment and stuff like that. Impressions is more so how many times a screen. You don’t need that and then tell unique reach. I would leave that alone. Only honestly, if it’s an engagement, I just keep on posting giesemann. Realistically, the only things you change here is just two things, your budget and if, when it’s going to start off you’re leaving on an on for continuous time, so me personally, I like using lifetime budgets to be some.

I like using lifetime budgets, because if I try and system you know, I want to spend 300 a month. If I forget so, whatever reason turn it off and I leave on the daily Facebook isn’t going to tell me that hey your ad still on by the way so during lifetime budget is a very, very easy way to introduce yourself to just understanding how you should Budget your ads in the future, because, obviously it doesn’t matter if you’re, if you have a lot of money or if you don’t have a lot of money, you kind of s as much.

You do have a lot to invest in. You want to see how much certain amount of money it’s going to take you we’re going to do an ads, so, let’s just say, for example, clients use 200. Obviously, that’s going to drop because the more ad spend the more the bigger isn’t. Let’s say if I was do something: like 2 grand LC jumps up so yeah, let’s keep at 200 and guys another little nugget how office you want to make sure you guys leave with some from my value and little tricks always always always always always start your Ad from 12 a.

M. To 6 a reason why I say that it’s because, let’s say you’re doing a daily budget or 5-pound and you start to add 5 p.M. You’ve only got a couple of hours until the next day. So what face was going to do is going to try to push it out as much as you possibly can. Having in mind that every single time you know I don’t face work, there is going to be a learning process where Facebook needs to learn.

This needs to learn: okay, all these people and these demographics with these age or these genders, and these interests in these a good essay by our I’ve seen something longer. It depends on the actual audience, but I’d say always always do it in a night, because if you are running it, I live at 12 a.M. By the time people wake up. It’s only going to be optimized, your audience is already going to be learned and what type of stuff.

So let’s say I run it Saturday, 12 a.M. So you have a full month worth of posts of marketing. We can do. You can run as a schedule. Just in case, if you’re trying to catch people at work or if, if it’s like something tailored to people in school or if you’re doing like a school, I don’t know there’s obviously different, actually, because why you’d wan na do that. Personally, I didn’t run at all times: don’t really ever mess around with that just leave it, as is I wouldn’t done a couple of times and it does exist successful, but that’s only for very specific campaigns.

So now that’s all done. You have 3.9 million users audience. Sorry, you click continue now another nugget guys, like I said I wan na make sure you guys leave us some form of value. This is very, very, very important, conscious enough how important this is, because I messed up big time when I first saw dad’s face, but gives you two options. You can either create an ad or create an existing post use existing post.

Sorry always always use an existing post. The reason why I say this is because there’s many ads I’ve gotten a quarter of a million on that you will never ever see on anybody’s feed, because I did a create ad. The only time that is actually only ever active is when IG turned on that. Your ad itself, so my earlier days, I thought oh yeah. Of course I have to create in that yeah. I’ve got some Trinity why? Why would that sound ludicrous if you use existing post all the social proof, all the views, all the comments or the likes or the share not necessary shares class, obviously facing these stuff will always be there.

If I have to add – and I get a hundred thousand – which I normally do – I get a hundred thousand views on article after that ad is finished. It’s still going to be there, it’s not going to disappear. If I decree ad, as soon as I turn off the ad, it’s gone, so I would say you could either do it through. Here you could add manager and you click where’s. The posts page place underneath it and you can schedule it and do that type of stuff, but why I’d say just organically poster how you post anything and then later on you, let you do this.

Click on the Instagram account to make sure goes to this Instagram account. You select the post, you shouldn’t say Facebook page say Instagram. This is like a new update before whatever used to do that, it used to be like a drop-down menu. Click on add either way. Select post, where we doing this an Instagram. I believe this article. This is the article or has article right there and click continue.

Don’t happens. You see, obviously how it looks like on an insulin feed. Obviously, if you use more than one, it shows you more than one how it looks like you’re off you don’t have to add a caption, because the caption is default by whether you use prior then call to action call to action is literally where you want people To go to after they see that if they want to click on it with article views, you have like read more suffer that poor engagement, unfortunately engagement ads.

These are the only options they give you. I always just to learn more and then a comment, but what that’s our youtube link to this article is but let’s just type in YouTube: okay, the reason – and why would you want to keep that there? Oh? Why is she required? Because I know from somebody with that? An actual goal will be pointless if I was doing this ad and I wanted it to go YouTube to get more YouTube views.

If I wanted to also do Google AdWords, we saw see another ballgame, and so Google AdWords not your gig on YouTube, but then I want to do one on Facebook that sends people to youtube they subscribe. I couldn’t do it obviously learn more. I face a pixel. I will be doing a article on that because it’s super super important. The reason why I put a dive so calm, a little breakdown read your face. A pixel is my Facebook pixel, it’s a back encoding that you can literally copy and paste or code in.

If you are familiar with it, part of me, um I face a pixel is literally some code that facebook gives you that you can put in the back end of your website. What the Facebook pixel does is track people’s behavior. You can add individual custom pixels on on different pages like, for example, if one page, I have a show that I’m promoting and another page, I have a ap that I’m promoting another page. I have a competition, let’s say I think, he’s speaking I can put pics on each individual page and whilst people actually go on the actual page, the face of pizza will will knock down that this person went on it.

So you later, when I want something retargeting, I had some people that actually have engaged and about you paid attention to content or pay the things to a certain page on on the website. Then I can be talking them later on people hey and they’re not going to be. This is why sometimes you might be on a website. Let’s say something I was on Airbnb couple days ago, just looking around and then that’s, where being beat add a baby definitely uses facing pixels, because this little thing kid I have on my Google Chrome, it’s called a Facebook pixel helper.

You can download it from Google Chrome store where you literally any website go on. It tells me they have a pixel, not sound. Already cool I’ve got me under there. They are so regarding back to the actual tutorial. This is something that’s a bit more advanced because basic pixel ties into custom audiences that ties into look-alike audiences and that’s a whole nother realm, but this whole article that we’ve just sat in and all she works.

This is probably the easiest way that you guys can actually gain traction and getting real viewers, real engagement, real people that actually like your music to actually read music. Apart from that, I don’t think, there’s nothing else. Oh yeah! What you want to do. Click review make sure that you’ve named everything, because if you have more than one ad it could get confusing, because obviously Facebook doesn’t create separate names or separate ads and stuff like that, so you and EFC this cold winter.

It’s on the engagement, let’s say that’s my age group. I might be a forward, slash spot fine top six and then I might add, the actual interest might be like this and then he be like winter article and then ready click confirm mostly confirm this. I’m going to need, add, could the snow and I’d read it running, I’m only using the tutorial click confirm this will pop up okay, so this will pop up and then you’ll see it went to engagement interview, take some time for Facebook to actually accept it and Actually have a live, especially if you got a new account, so if you are, how do you have a new account? Give it like a good hour or two just so before? Yes, you would wan na do it because I see the cause in the actual ad set.

Let me quickly show you go back in here. I can pick obviously when yeah she’s going to start. So obviously, if you did prior, I say yes, I do. I run this hall at 9 p.M. And I finish it by 9:30. It was still land when I need to do it, so she give me some time prior but yeah guys. That’s literally how you do Facebook ads for musicians and bands. They know this was helpful. Let me know if you guys need any more tips them.

You know if you want more content regarding pixels, look-alike audiences and stuff like that. But again, Facebook is such an amazing platform to use because it’s so cost effective. Google AdWords is an amazing platform as well. I might do a article on that, but Google AdWords are a bit more premium. I think, basically, because of how vast their search engine is and what they actually know, but um yeah any questions.

Let me know comments below. Let me know if you would want to know anything specific, but yeah

My favorite musician as of right now.


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