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Long Form Content and Why You Need It!

Now those of you who are new to the blog, I’m a digital marketer. I specialize in helping artists, like yourself, get their songs heard through platforms like Spotify, like Instagram, like YouTube and a bunch of others. Now what I want to talk with you guys about today, is why you? Yes, you should be incorporating long-form content into your content.

Marketing strategies now long-form content is pretty much anything. That’s about 10 minutes or longer. I like to paint because of how short people’s attention spans are today that even seven minutes plus can be considered long-form content, but outside of that, I just want to give you guys. Some examples of what that would look like why it would benefit you to think of something to add into your game plan and just what types of growth and what types of relationships you can expect to build.

Your fans, through this long-form content, but before we’re getting all of that coming, follow me on Instagram. I made sure to put my name on the screen. Come talk to me. Come engage with me. You can’t give me some article ideas, all of that good stuff. Now, with that being said, let’s get right into it now, as marketers. I know we’re always on artists about their content and their content plans. Right, like you need more content, you need other posts on your Instagram, your YouTube, your Twitter.

You need stuff to pretty much. Keep people eyes on you, and one thing I often don’t see you get taken advantage enough from rising artist, is long-form content. Now, in the form of article, that’s usually content. That’s like I said earlier about 10 minutes or longer. I consider seven minutes. The longer could be long-form content just because people’s attention spans are short but we’ll get into why I consider that long-form a little bit later now, let’s get into the.

Why right the? Why of the long-form content? Why am I making you the artist who already has a million things to do figure out 10 minute plus articles to answer that YouTube, blog or Facebook whatever and the three wise or the three reasons? I want you to focus on our opportunity for fan, engagement and relationship, building our revenue and getting these platforms to reward you. So, let’s start with the opportunity for a fan, engagement and relationship building.

Now, I’m one of the things that you guys look into as you’re going out, it’s trying to figure out how to convey a message to your fans so that you can build your brand effectively right, because that is what brand building is. It is getting your message across to your target audience over and over and over to the point of they start to know and believe it and just like they. They know you’re a brand as soon as they look at you and one of the best ways to do this is through content.

That gives you time to express this message. You can’t often get your point across in a three-minute song. You can’t always get your point across in a minute article clip on Instagram, but when you give yourself time to talk these things out or time to kind of relate these messages a little bit more fluently. That gives you a better chance of building with your audience. On top of something where they have a lot more information to deal with you off of it, for example, there’s a producer right now who I pound on the article about by the name of Kenny beets.

He has a show on his youtube blog called the cave on the cave. He brings on different rappers and has them wrap over beat that he makes in like 10 minutes now. I was out of just the cloud that he gets from these artists. What’s really cool about Kenny Beeson show is that it gives him a chance to shop his personality. I’ve been a fan of Kimmy beats for at least two years like I remember his earlier work with ki and all that stuff, and I never knew he was funny until I started reading this show as I got through reading this show.

It allowed me to connect with him on a different level as a fan so well now I feel like. I know him a little bit more as a person as opposed to just another producer, and that is where the beauty of long-form content lies. It gives you a chance to build with your audience on a different level, how you do that is going to be a little bit up to your creativity and your resources, but just the fact that you are given an opportunity to do it helps in such a Tremendous way – and we are in a point where people will read this long-form content as long as it’s interesting enough, like you, would be surprised at things that people read on YouTube and on Facebook and on Instagram just because it’s there and just because it caught their Attention and that becomes a gateway point for you to start building them and selling them, among other things, that you’re doing now.

The second point that I want you to focus on is that these platforms, these social media platforms, will reward you for your long-form content. If it’s actually keeping people around and for 2 seconds, this example we’re going to focus on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube now on Instagram alone, I think the number is about 56 % of Instagram users come to Instagram for long-form content, and it’s actually up from previous years About like 26 %, something like that, you have to look the numbers up, don’t plug me directly on it now.

What’s interesting about Facebook and Instagram, specifically is a GTV right. Instagram has got to a point where algae TV is the new brainchild. It’s their new baby and they want it to do well. So you know what they’re doing they are actively rewarding people on Instagram who use IG TV with more reach. More engagement and faster growth speeds pretty much for the people who are using it right, which means you are at a point where, if you are figuring out your lawn fawn, constant strategy, you are playing around with algae TV.

You will get in on the ground. Work of it early and take advantage of them trying to push people out who are using it way before everyone else who’s going to jump on it once it’s already lit, because I look at it this way, people would joke on IG TV, but come on Facebook’s, Not going to let their idea die down, there got to keep it alive for as long as they possibly can, like. I said by rewarding people who are actively using it who are trying to make something of it, because that’s what they want to be the forefront of their product right now.

Now, very similarly, YouTube rewards users who have long read hours on their blog by pushing their content out through their algorithm. So they pretty much go hey you! You made really interesting content and you keep people on YouTube. We, like you, so we’re going to make sure thousands and thousands of people see your content and hopefully they’ll, spread it out and keep even more people on YouTube.

That’s how you to seize it. So the best way to get longer read hours on YouTube is to give your audience more content to read which it gets pretty hard to do with three minute: music articles or four minute lyric articles. So the best way to get around this is create a long-form content series that you can actively put out, through the blog, to increase your read time, to increase that engagement, to keep people on your blog, so that YouTube will reward you, and you can also take That same content put on your ID TV work that as well so that Instagram and Facebook rewards you, and I think Facebook has its own article platform, but you won’t even give in to that for it today.

I just want you guys to start thinking about putting out long-form content and thinking about deals on what that would look like for you, and the third reason on why I want you to consider making some type of long-form content is something I think a lot of You I want to hear that’s money more specifically at revenue, so pretty much when you make articles or certain links on YouTube and on Facebook they place as within your articles.

Now I don’t know if everyone knows this, but you get paid for those ads being around me. Your articles you get paid for when they get readed um. I think the rate comes out to be about three to five dollars per every, like thousand views or something thousand abuses on your blog you get paid for that. So the more long-form content you have on Facebook. You have on YouTube, I’m sure it’s coming to Instagram.

Eventually, because it’s on Facebook as well the more opportunity for pay that you bring yourself, meaning that your long-form content essentially becomes another source of revenue, for you becomes another way for you to put money into your pocket. To do the things that you need to do. A lot for just make an entertaining ten to fifteen minute articles that keep your fans on the blog fans that you were going to try to keep on your blog anyway, at least that’s how I look at it.

That’s that’s how I see this whole thing now, of course, like everything else, making long-form content does have its disadvantages, but the way I see it is there things that you’ll have to get over anyway. So there’s no better time to start practicing than now. One of those disadvantages is that more content means more of your time that is consumed and, if you’re, an artist who’s already doing a lot of things.

You’re writing your own music and making your own articles your handle your own marketing. I do understand that this can be taxing, so it may be something where you need to seek outside help to help you make long-form content, um, even the editing alone, or you know getting someone to help you with that side. Will save you a lot of time and help make it a little bit easier, so I suggest reaching out to a friend or looking for someone on something like Fiverr or something like that.

Just someone who can help offset some of that lobe and, secondly, is you will be battling people’s attention span, meaning that if it is not interesting, if it is not good, people will not read it, and some of your work will go in vain, but that doesn’t Mean that you shouldn’t seek to make long-form content, you should just seek to get better, get more, entertaining refine your craft or find your long-form content ideal and figure out how to get people more interested and more engaged in it, so that you can do all the Things that I just talked about – and I know I can already hear some of you guys but Cory – what are some long-form kind of saying ideas I can do.

I literally can’t think of anything and the ones that come off the top of my head, and you may be better than me. You may think of something more creative and more on brand for yourself than me, but I always suggest the people to look towards one podcast, which I have a article about that I mention to put the link in the description below um. You could do skits, you could do interviews. You could do analysis on your content, like how-to articles, for some of you producers and like articlegraphers.

You could always do like deep dives into your own music from, like your perspective or your friends perspective, but one of the easiest long fun contents that I think the artist can do is a vlog. Anyone can make a vlog. You can follow yourself around with your camera. You can get your friend to follow you around with his cell phone or his phone camera, and one of the points I always get from artists is that they feel, like their lives, aren’t interesting enough.

They feel like they can’t make vlogs and some things are lit and the one piece of advice I always get the people towards vlogs is that everyone thinks that life is boring. That is exactly why they will read your life, no matter what it is on internet because they want to escape their own troubles their own day-to-day by reading what you have going on and that all goes back to what Gaby cause documenting and people like seeing you Document the things that go in your life, people like seeing every process of your life, everything that you’re doing especially your fans, so definitely take advantage of it.

Now, for those of you who are already practicing your lawn for incontinent strategies, I love to hear about what you’re doing I was working out for you. So leave that in the comment section below for me and for those of you who haven’t started yet. I love to hear about any ideas that you may have if you’re comfortable with sharing them in the comment section, do it. If not, you can always come hit me up on Instagram or something we’ll talk it out now, as always guys, if you feel like you’re learning pain today, please like and share this article hit those post notifications as well as I wouldn’t want you guys to miss Anything once again, my name is Corey and I’ll.

See you next time.


By Jimmy Dagger

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