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If everybody just wants to meet Luke real quick, let me tell you about Luke real fast Luke is how old are you Luke, 22 Lucas, 22 years old he’s been selling cars, since you were what 18 is that right Luke since I was 18 yeah since he’s 18 Luke’s dad owns a car dealership. I talked to Luke’s dad before you know. Luke’s dad is obviously really successful.

Guy made a lot of money in his life and he says: hey take my young buck son Luke here under your wing, teach him and let’s, let’s go in some wings and let’s go to make some big money. So I would like for Luke to tell his side of the story here. Unless let me just share this, let me tell you why I’m talking about Luke number, one Luke just finished his month of March. Am I right Luke right how many cars do you sell? Luke, how much money two and a half I made almost $ 14,000 thirteen and some change.

Okay, have you ever made fourteen grand before in your life, never how’s? It feel it’s a feeling that I can’t even describe it’s. It’s awesome man, it’s what I’ve wanted ever since I got the car business and you’re just getting started, hi guys, I’m going to hand this over to Luke, and I’m going to tell you this in the midst of hard times in the midst of everybody. Right now wondering you know: what’s the next step, let me tell you what steps let Luke tell you what steps he took, and I want you guys to listen to this and I would love for you to be encouraged because I know Luke.

Okay and Luke has been through some really hard times. Luke has been really discouraged before Luke has got his butt kicked before, but Luke is coming up and coming up fast, just within the last couple months, right, Luke, that’s right! All right! Luke, I’m going to hand it over to you. Why don’t you tell them a little bit about how we met and go from there? I want you to tell them leading into last month.

How did you have such a great month? What did you do, and I would love for you to share some of these gold nuggets that sales people can take with them to crush it to the next level, and so so, first off kind of how I met Andy was I the the store that I First started working at, I had a salesman there who I went to high school with, and he told me he said man, the sandy Elliott that I used to work, for he was my GM.

He he knows his stuff man, so I started talking to him about about Andy and about another year went on. I I met Andy going through. The seminar went to the seminar changed my world dramatically, not only just with the closes and the different things he’s taught me how to maximize my car deals and how to sell more, and he really taught me how to stay motivated, how to keep motivated. When you got that five o’clock day, how does to stay too late how to be happy about it not to be to be dragging around and coming to work, to work, not to hang out with your buddies not to to whine and moan about? What’s going on outside who’s doing what and it was doing this – he really has taught me to come to work to work and constantly stay productive.

I mean, if you find yourself not being productive like man, I try to just what. What can I do to be productive right now, so what you’re saying is you’re, definitely a loner right now. Am I right for sure for sure yeah. I don’t hang out with anyone at the store right now. Okay, one of my best buddies that I went to high school with we. We don’t even talk in the dealership because he he’s kind of doing the same as me.

You know Eve. He led the board this last four or five months and man. He he taught me that as well and Andy taught him that the you got to be a loner, you don’t come to work to socialize and hang out with your friends. I mean at home we talk and stuff, but at work we just we don’t even talk at all. Are you talking about Bryson? Yes, okay, let me ask you: this is Brea’s Bryson been the top salesman every month, the past four or five months yeah.

You got him, didn’t you, I did yeah yeah. How does that feel baby man? It feels good. It feels good. That’s cause run competitive man in it. Yes, it’s really fun. When you have someone in the building that is kind of your style and your chase and it’s it’s really fun. You know we went head-to-head and actually, at one point in the middle of the month, Bryson was four or five six units up on me and then four days later, I was ahead of him.

You know that was cool because there was at one point in the month that I was, I noticed my head getting down like man, Bryson is going to beat me and I just kind of had to slap myself across the face and go man. What are you? What are you talking about? You got this and I just I powered through it and made it happen. I love it man, so, basically in all, if you had anything to say to somebody my bad, can you hear me now? Okay, yeah, if you had anything to say to somebody whether they’re, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years old, I don’t care for everybody in automotive cells right now, with everything going on.

If you had to give some advice, what would your advice be Luke, then my advice would be to lift your head up and be a one-percenter right now, and by that I mean, I would say, 90 plus percent of sales. People right now are getting down about this coronavirus and man. We can’t make money right now, there’s this going on and this going on. Now is your time to shine, because so many people have just laid down and not knowing what’s going to happen and being scared, I mean you have to push through that and you got to keep selling cars.

The economy goes on, the world goes on, so you got to be that one guy in the dealership right now who’s pushing hard and you’re going to make it you’re going to do well, coronavirus or not. It doesn’t matter and if their dealerships shut down and they can’t sell what would you recommend them to do man, I that were me, I would go through if you’ve been in the car business for a little bit, I would go through all the people that I’ve Sold and I’d be writing them thank-you cards.

I would really reach out to my past customers and just see what I can do to help them write them thank-you cards, send them birthday cards that that sort of thing yeah. You know it’s so funny when times are great who’s there for you, but when times are tough the people that are there for you when times are tough, is what really matters? Would you agree? Yes, absolutely you could go to the customer base and even people you don’t know you could send them an email and not even offer to purchase as to sell them a car and just say I wanted to reach out and check on you and your family Ryan.

Would that will recreate so much response? It would be insane. They always say people don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you can. The fact that right now is the time to show people we care. Would you agree absolutely yeah and if your dealership is closed down for a month, even for two months, when they open back up, you can recoup all of that money as long as you’re preparing right now, staying mentally strong, focusing on being come 10 times more skilled Than you were before is right now, the time to train harder than ever.

Absolutely I would be reading auntie articles as much as I could. I would be trying to get as much training in as I possibly can that way, when the store does open back up. You’re ready, you’re, rocking and rolling you’re, not like the other 10 15 20 salesmen. However, many people, you guys, got right story. Oh yes, trying to start over and maybe feeling a little rusty. You’ll come back in the first day, feeling confident who’s.

Who am I going to sell car to today? Hey, let me ask you a question and then we’re going to we’re going to finish up here number one. I’m really proud of you guys, like I said, Luke top salesman in the month. Fourteen grand twenty-two and a half car his best month of his life twenty-two years old guys, everybody has their best month ahead of him and Luke is just getting started, guys it’s March Luke! You came to the master closer seminar in December right, yes, so you’ve only been training hard for what about three months? Am I right yeah, that’s right it and look at the win that you have on your hands and let me ask this: okay: when you came to the master closer seminar, how much did it cost you well? In all honesty, it really didn’t cost me anything.

It made me money, it cost me a grand, but I I made that back easily within the first week. So what I would tell us have you ever had before that day had you ever had spent a grand on yourself before no kind of nerve-wracking a little bit. Wasn’t it. It was when you first reached out to me and tell me it was in Grand. I was like oh gosh, I don’t think I can do that and man, if you don’t have, if you don’t have the money you got to find it because it takes money to make money and that’s exactly what I did is got your seminar training and I Went from having management closed, probably eight out of ten of my deals to they closed, I think I know of three, maybe possibly four out of the 22 that I sold last month.

That’s amazing man, that’s amazing dude. So how does it feel, though? The confidence that you carry now, as you know, that you can handle and close your own customers and the confidence, the bulletproof confidence you have man, you just walk around feeling different. When you talk to customers, you feel different. You. You know that they’re going to buy from you just feel confident about it, you’re, not afraid anymore.

No, you just assume the car deal, no matter what objections I throw at you, do you fear them anymore. Even if you can’t get it right, do you fear it? No, isn’t that a beautiful feeling when you role play, live role, play we’ve, we’ve replayed plenty of times live role, play together right and every time you do it with on the spot in front of everybody. How does it feel it sucks right yeah? How does it feel when you walk away, though? Oh, it feels great yeah.

In the matter of fact, there was to never ever role play and I’d been dodging it and dodging it, and here about a month back Andy kind of made me do it really, and that was the best thing that he could have done for me, because I Just I felt so much more confident after that day yeah what brought you out of your shell. You know he’s a him. It did yeah. I love it. Dude listen number one, I’m extremely proud of you and I’m just going to tell you this.

This is a article. I want you to look back on in a year from now and say my gosh man, I’m sitting here making $ 28,000. I remember that first 14, grand milestone – this is beautiful. Your 22 years old man, you’re hot, your life’s, going to be amazing. It doesn’t matter what age you are. Everybody has a giant win waiting in front of them. Just like Luke. You have to see yourself as an investment. You have to know that you’re capable you can’t stay around people that think small right, Luke Luke anytime, I’m around you do, I think, big you, you think really big! Yes, do I let you think small, no right and guess what you’re? Finally, realizing that you’re, starting to max out your full potential, your potential was huge.

I saw it way before you did, but guess what you had to take action on it and bet on you and you became your own biggest fan and now you’re rooting for yourself. You’re, pushing your training and guess what you’re, at the top of the cells board, now they’re going to be chasing you bro, so you got to stay on top yep got ta stay on top yeah along for the ride man, it’s Luke city from now on baby. Yes, that’s what it is, listen, dude! I appreciate you Luke you’re, amazing, guys, everybody in the comments below.

If you love the article, if you liked it put up a like sign and like I said, if you want to reach out to Luke you’re welcome to reach out to him in the comments he’s an awesome guy, he’s 22 he’s just like all of us he’s Nothing special I’m nothing special, but we train hard. We work hard. We realize that there’s a bigger life for us. We know how our future looks. It’s the way that we create it today.

Am I right? Yes, I cannot wait to see what is in hold from both of us in a year from now, man so have a blessed day Luke. Thank you so much for doing this man and crush it and I’ll talk to you soon. Okay, brother appreciate you

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