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Frist Impressions: Opinel Knives and an 80’s Boy Scout Knife

This is the open, L, carbon steel and it’s the number seven it’s made of beechwood and, of course, like I mentioned, the blade is carbon steel. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a carbon steel blade or if I wanted to do a stainless steel, and I opted to get both this one. I got locally because it was available and this is the number seven and then I also recently got it still in the box, but I thought I’d show that as well.

I got this off of Amazon. This is a number eight and this is done in olive wood, so open that up just a little off camera here and I’ll show you the difference in size and the difference in wood. Here we go so this is the unit move that down and it’s done in a stainless steel blade and it’s done in olive wood, and this would be the number eight which is always labeled there on the rim. Now, on this little locking mechanism, it’s really interesting knife.

So if they didn’t have this locking mechanism, I’m just going to turn this back to Center this one’s a bit tight, then it would just be up-and-down, and originally the knives from opinel were like that they were just a nice piece of wood. You would open up the blade, I mean notice, I’m doing this with two hands, because this one’s quite stiff, this would be it. The blade would stay open when you’re pushing applying pressure on it.

Obviously it wouldn’t go back down, but there would be a chance that it could end up opening up in your pocket, and so I’m assuming just with that in mind and I believe around world war ii opinel invented this little lock ring. And this allows you to turn the ring right there, as I just did, which will lock the blade from opening and if you have it opened it will then lock the blade from closing and i’ve seen a lot of articles out.

There were people put in. Quite a lot of pressure downwards on this to try to force that – and this does a really good job. This locking locking does really a job. So here we can say the blade of the olive wood. It says in ox which I believe in French is translated to like na trustable in aqsa dibala. I may be wrong, so excuse my friendship. I honk it is a nice nice, somewhat shiny, blade. I’ve heard a few things about the the difference between the blades.

So I’m going to leave this open with the olive wood and I’ll open up the number seven besides a size. That’s why I wasn’t sure which blade to go with and or I wasn’t sure which steel to go with, and then this is the number seven. This one is the number eight. This is a standard model here. This is beech. Wood, like I said this is olive wood. The beech wood comes quite standard with the base models, and these are not.

These are quite reasonable. This one particular one, I believe, is about twelve dollars and maybe less on some stores cost me about twelve dollars plus tax. This one was closer to twenty, because the carbon steel requires a little bit more maintenance. Some people aren’t really fancy to it. The stainless steel doesn’t require it won’t rust, whereas the carbon steel could potentially rust. So there are a lot of youtubers that will put some form of acid on the blade to force a patina, and if you don’t do that as long as you like make sure that it’s not in a moist setting it’s it’s staying dry, then over time.

It will develop its own patina, which can be really nice. The other really nice thing about carbon steel and I readed another YouTube article and if I remember the name I’ll put it up in a little box at the top here. But they were talking about how they like their the the flat edge at the back. And I’m going to close the knife, so I can show you with the knife, closed and locked, there’s this flat edge here and you could use that.

Let me just make sure it’s in focus. You could use that against a striking pad of some sorts, a flint per se, to start a fire where it’s a stainless steel. You wouldn’t be able to do that, so that can be really nice if you were taking this out camping. I also, if I’m honest with you for EDC I’ve had these for about a week now, both of them I’ve carried the carbon. I got this one first, so this one less than a week, but but for the most part a week for both I’ve carried this one for a few days in my pocket and I’ve carried the number eight, this number seven fits perfectly in my pocket.

It disappears. I don’t notice it. I’ve used it to go down and open up some parcels that have arrived. I’ve taken it with me to open up other forms. I’ve had to cut some other things randomly, and this has been great. There have no problems with it. Like I said, it’s super lightweight disappears in the pocket now the number 8, though I think the number 8 fits my hand a little bit better. It’s just it’s almost the perfect size for the hand and the blade length is really nice with it.

It’s because they obviously take it and scale it up. The wood is quite the circumference of the wood is quite a lot bigger, and this means that there’s a bulge in the pocket. So I don’t. I don’t like this much as much in my pocket as I do like the the number 7, so you can see in my pocket. I don’t have these technically together in my pocket. I may have it with my lip job. There’s some burpees! That’s about half the size, so comparing it with the number 8, then I could take the number 8 out now I’ll.

Take this one out place it. You can see that it is much taller right, but it’s more the circumference! I don’t know if I can put these on top of the circumference of the knife is bigger. Now between the Steel’s, I’m really fancying the carbon steel. I like things a patina. I like the fact that it has a few other purposes that you could use it for, especially for EDC and for camping reasons, and I think I like the fact that the number 7 is a little easier to carrier carry.

I wish that the carbon steel was offered with different woods. That’s my wish. I really like this olive wood. I, like the walnut out there, there’s lots of different wood options. You can choose, but carbon steel is only offered from my understanding right now on opinel. It’s only offered on the beech wood and it’s a standard blade, which means it is the base model and then, of course, these things can go up as high as like few hundred dollars, depending on that not necessarily the type of stainless steel, but whether it’s polished And the type of wood you can get wood all the way from Africa, olive wood from the Mediterranean.

You can get oak dark oak lots of things. You can even get a blade. That’s black, like a black stainless steel blade. So those are those knives. My first impression is I like them. I think these things are great, like I said, really lightweight both of them. Obviously, the heavier models will go up. The wood mate depending up you won’t go with a stainless steel. Knee just ride, decide to change the wood.

The wood may be a little denser than other woods, but both of these woods are quite light. They fit really nice in the hands. I like them, locking mechanism when it’s locked the blades not going to go anywhere. I will say that the carbon steel came out of the box with a super-sharp and it’s it’s still ridiculously sharp and the seal is still not so much, and I’ve heard other viewers talk about that as well.

Like I said, these are very reasonably priced. Any of these would be fine. I’m heard lots of viewers that have had a stainless steel for years and then just decided hobby wise to go to carbon. I think I’m most likely going to stick with this more as an EDC. I may or might not keep this or may or just put in my camping kit or may even give it to a friend as a gift, because they’re quite reasonable.

If you have any questions about open all knives, I’m going to put some links for both of these in the descriptions below both of those links are where I purchased the knives. So you can follow those I’ll put something up, put a link for the actual website of opinel, so you can look through there. The knife I’d like to get is the gardener’s knife, which has a nice rounding handle on it, but the one thing that I would like to see it again as I’d like to see if it if it eventually came with a carbon blade from so I’m going To show you in the package that first came with this says Boy Scouts of Canada, and it looks like this is like a bench and leather, because it’s slowly fading.

I’ve used it for these last couple years. Camping and it’s been great, but it was a little whiter prior to me using it and if I take it out of its sheath and just move that to the side. This is the knife here, so it came with this original string there. It says Boy Scouts of Canada that it that is, and it ends up focusing. It’s got some brass, I believe, on the sides here, some brass rivets looks like it’s a stainless steel.

You can see some patina on the knife and a nice hole. It is quite heavy, especially after carrying the opinel knives. As far as the knife goes, we’ve got a knife section. This is going to be a longer knife than the open, L and I’ll try to lower that down. I don’t know much about knives to talk about like the belly and all that or the blade or the or where the edges is I’m just I’m new to all of this thumb things I was just doing some research to get a knife that would be to Replace this for weight reasons, but also to replace this, because it’s not holding an edge very well.

You can see it’s stainless steel made in China, so I don’t know if that’s talking about the quality of this, like I said it’s a boyscout blade, it does lock. The locking mechanism is down here. You can push on the locking mechanism and then it folds back in, and it also has a saw so I’ll – show you that so I was a little stiffer to get out. There’s your saw bottle opener and a flathead screwdriver.

In the end I have used the saw when I was boy scouting to do a couple fires and to chop down some specific kind of wood and again it locks as well. So you push would have to push the lock and then you could pull the back in and that’s it. I comes with a nice sheath there. It is in comparison to size to the open Elle’s. We can just put them on the ends there and you can see this is the biggest knife here.

That’s my knife collection. I wish I wouldn’t have got these if this would have held an edge to be honest with you just because the history also my grandpa’s knife somewhere. It’s a foldable knife like a Swiss Army knife, if I find it out I’ll do another article, but if anybody out there knows information on this type, if this was mass-produced or knows anything about the type of knife it is. I love.

Let me know in the comments below some information or put put send this article to someone specific and we can get in touch just because I really like the knife and I’d like to learn more about it. And potentially I’d like to keep this. For a long time, in the meantime, I’m most likely going to keep the seven I find that easier in the pocket, and I really like the carbon blade, there’s nothing wrong with the stainless steel blade.

It’s just that it requires obviously a bit more work here to sharpen it. I really like the wood, and I wanted to check out a number eight number eight. By the way, going back is probably the most popular size that’s been ever sold by opinel. It was considered just the perfect size for people’s hands. Number eight or number seven would be for smaller hands, but for a lot of this lightweight EDC carry in your pocket with less things.

This is really nice. I do agree, though this feels a little bit more comfortable in the hand. If you got any questions, any comments please leave them below and if you’re new to my blog feel free to subscribe, like the article give it a thumbs up, you

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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