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What Is Passive Income? How To Build Passive Income? SugarMamma explains… || SugarMamma.TV

Now I’m all about building passive income, but a lot of people don’t really understand what passive income is and that’s perfectly normal, because it’s not really spoken about every day. But passive income is essentially money that works for you or, as I like to save money that you make while you sleep. So you know, when you look at your bank statements, you’ll see like tiny bits of interest, it might be a dollar or it might be.

Ten dollars or a hundred dollars a month that you’ve technically earned well you, that is an example of passive income. You haven’t actually physically done anything to earn that interest off your bank account. The bank has paid you some money because it’s been using your money. So examples of passive income are things like rent from investment properties, my favorite dividends from shares, even things like royalties, anything.

What you haven’t physically have some do anything to earn money or to receive money and the key to becoming financially free and financially independent, which is what I do for my clients. I help build them passive income sources and, if you think about it, say, for example, your living expenses say: seventy thousand dollars a year. If you could build up a passive income source, whether that be through a variety of different investments, you would technically be financially free and financially independent.

You wouldn’t have to put on a suit and go to work. You wouldn’t have to catch a bus to work. You wouldn’t have to go to work, you could just you know, travel around the world or go and study. You know as many courses as you like. You know, you know, stay at home and raise a family. You know you’d have complete freedom to create the life that you want. So this is what this blog is all about, and my passionate focus for you guys is to show you how to build.

You know passive income streams to give you that independence. If that’s, what you want to create for yourself and I’m going to be, and some other articles of work coming up, we’re actually going to be building passive income sources on my blog and I’ve got a lot of really cool, clever tips and tricks which you can Use and I’m going to be showing you how to do this with really not that much money and I’ll show you how powerful it is through compounding interest in building this passive income source, so that you can actually feel really inspired and go away and apply these Principles and and email me back and say: I’ve started building up my own investment portfolio and this is how it’s going so yep.

So that’s how but that’s what passive income is all about and that’s what I’m going to be really focusing and inspiring you and motivating you to do for your create for yourself, okay, so ciao! For now and I’ll see you in my next article bye,

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