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My name is John golden from Sarris pop online says magazine and pipeliner CRM, and today I’m joined by Brian parsley, who is in lovely Charlotte North Carolina. How you doing Brian top of the morning to you, Brian’s Irish as well? Well he’s not he’s South African there / American right at this age, I’m American all the way right: okay, so Brian’s a professional career! So he you started at the bottom.

Worked your way up from temporary staffing agencies, you did door-to-door selling and from that you you experienced and founded successful startups, and now you are consulting you, help organizations with sales, optimization and another sales related and leadership related things. Well, I thought we talked about today. Is okay, we’re at the at the beginning of November? A lot of people have, you know, just under two months, left of selling for this year and desperate, trying to close hit their quota or or hit those accelerators.

So closing is obviously a big issue right now. So Brian, when we were talking beforehand we’re talking about the use of how to use a storytelling, can actually increase your your probability of closing. So do you want to talk a little bit about that sure? I think that, as we go here to the end of the year, there’s a couple things we need to make sure we keep in check number one a lot of times. People see the end of the year as time to start pulling back holidays here in America, Thanksgiving and then creative and even overseas.

You stopped Africa as an example. No, you know December till mid-june where things just shut down, and I think that’s a mistake. If you want to have a strong first quarter, you need to end, and at least 10 the momentum going into that fourth quarter. So that’s one day now just want to throw out there yeah just push harder than you’ve ever pushed ever in your life. This sort of thing when you talk about people are looking too close when you talk about closing in a moment, but storytelling in general isn’t necessarily closed concept.

I would, I know from experience, has been this our goal itself. Professionals is not really the cell. Our goal is twofold: number one to connect. I want to be a connector, I’m going to look for ways and opportunities to say: oh gosh, this guy is an insurance agent. Maybe he needs a realtor, this guy’s a doctor. Maybe he needs an insurance agent. So I’m constantly pivoting my my contacts to make introductions to be what they’re nothing your business together is one thing, but I want to be known as the guy that puts them all together if that makes sense, yeah totally that’s why networking events networking not that tricky People go to there and and and and they tend to hang out with other people like them, but but there are great opportunities to meet folks just by going out there trying to connect with other people.

The second thing is: what’s your biggest goal in sales? Well, you might let chop this down. You ready. John yep goal is to manipulate other people. That’s what you’re supposed to do as a salesperson to manipulate, but there’s a little back into that before you start throwing tomatoes at me. It’s manipulate with good intent right and the best way to describe that is, if you’re, a parent. You manipulate your children with good intent and guide that to the decisions that you believe in know in your heart are the most important things for them to keep them safe, ldiots smart as they grow older.

So keep that in mind here as we go forward. You know, I think, it’ll make a lot more sense when we talk about story time. No, that’s that’s great, because one of the things we used to use in in another role I was in with another company, is one of the rules of communication. Is that you know people believe conclusions they come to by themselves and anything you or I can say to them right so part of your job is to guide them to come to those conclusions and, as you said, if you manipulate a good intent or you guide, Somebody to conclusion with good intent, because you know this is going to help them.

Then that’s that’s a good thing to do a hundred percent in you’re dead on. So let’s talk about storytelling, here’s, the fact the fact is facts are forgot. Facts are forgotten. Stories are retold and when you load down the when you look down the prospect or your customer with facts, figures, values and the features of benefits and all that Mister forget it they don’t. You know why, because they really don’t care the business infomercial czar so powerful to do nothing but tell a story.

Don’t your native of tomorrow with it. I’ve never trusted tomato all the way down the tape, but you start reading it go that could happen yeah. I want that yeah because they’re establishing a pain through a story. You live the story by curiously and they don’t talk about the price. They just tell you the story and then you want it, and I also believe that by telling stories it helps people relate now.

Actually, I take it back before I tell you the story part. I want to share with you an example, and this is a real example that happen for me. How do you connect with people? Well, one way to do – and this is going into your answer to the question about November and event year – closing things you have to make sure that you’re connecting with people and there’s a pre called preparation is a big thing that a lot of people need to Get better at mmm what I call rapport investigation before you go meet with your clients.

You want to connect with them. Part of the storytelling is connecting right, so I want to find ways that we can connect together. So how do you do rapport investigation or internet stalking, as it’s known, we of course, that LinkedIn and Facebook, and things like that, and – and certainly I would never say to you that I’m looking up your Facebook right now and go? Oh, my goodness, he loves, he loves Italian food.

Hey John! I like Italian food. Do you that’s creepy yeah? But if I do see like as an example, I’m a freemason and if I saw on your page that you’re part of a freemason group, you know or a club, then then what we call it objects. But then I would look at it and go. Maybe I’ve thrown out a sign or symbol or something anyway be pretty hard to do. The funny handshake go through virtually yeah [, Laughter, ].

So then, but I’ll give you an example. So I was with the financial advisor and we were going on a call to a lady, and this is something I throw in a road kind of show with these folks and she’s, like one meeting this lady’s the third time she’s not friendly, she sees me. I think out of obligation gee, I can’t seem to close her and I don’t know what it is. I’ve done everything that’s like well, let’s look her up on Facebook and sure enough.

It was locked down. I couldn’t see anything but I said, click the about likes and we moved in their lives and they were all kinds of cool things like. I think it was two wall with this and chill all a rescue wow. That’s weird, and I don’t why she just. I have a twat, I do, and I say do is: take a picture of your Chihuahua put it on your desktop right and when we go before we get started just open it up see the manipulation with good show up sure enough.

She opens it up and lady goes. What is that Chihuahua? She is yes, that’s my chihuahua. Now you wouldn’t want to do this. If you didn’t have a, are you serious best friends, they created this report and they were able to push through and then you shelah WA as the common denominator or the story or the vessel and the nice. And so just going to say – and the nice thing about that Brian is that that has that has taken some of the tension and maybe the wall away.

So now you can have a real conversation. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to sell to them or close them just because you have the Chihuahua but you’ve created the best environment. I will tell you this. I always say that you can act professional, but you got ta talk, Fredman mm-hmm, you know like people, people can see through that. I have a 13 year old and I was just telling me the other day. I said her name’s Alexis unless it out you’d have to be careful the way you come across.

I know your heart. I know your intent, but sometimes you come across as an authentic, hey. How are you – and I know, you’re trying to be polite, but it comes across fake itself. Professionals, I see it every day. Do the same thing, not intentionally it’s not their intent, but it’s what people see you have to remember that. You know you know 52d. I think it’s 54 % of communication is nonverbal or 53 and another 38 % is.

How do you say it yeah? So maybe vast majority of our communication aren’t even the words. That’s why stories are so powerful. No there’s five parts to any story, and this is nice. It’s really easy. Once upon a time there was the hero, the hero went on a journey right and on the journey they met a challenge that could be a dragon. It could be her hair, whatever it is mm-hmm, then the hero somehow someway figured out a way to slay that dragon, and then they lived happily ever after mm-hmm.

What’s fun at I’m a hero. When I was a journey by the challenge you know just solve the challenge, then there’s the five parts to a story everybody’s like that everything’s, very just like that, so we say, and every sale is like that. Well, here’s why once upon the time we had a customer very similar to you, they were looking to achieve this output X Y Z, and this is the challenge that they face. This is what we did for them, and now they don’t happily ever after.

So what you do is you create stories around objections? Your costs too high. You had a bad experience in the past. Only use this other competitor. No, we don’t have a need right now. So let’s say we used you in the past and five years ago and and we have bad experience, you know I totally understand. In fact I have a customer very similar to you. Then we’re looking to you know, build what I don’t know what we’re selling but sure we’re looking to achieve and they had a challenge.

The challenge was: we dropped the ball. The challenge was our company failed them, but then I did a little bit of research and I figured out it wasn’t the company. It was that Account Executive, and this is where they dropped the ball, and this is what we did for them, and not only do they love what we put into play, but now there are a loyal customer because they know that not only am I responsible, but I’m accountable for everything that happens within this organization and then so I’m basically saying that won’t happen to you, but the truth of the story, their inner mind.

You know envisioning this so that they’re going to say, oh well, that makes its automatic proof yeah and you’re. Not and you’re not trying to deny that there were issues in the past right. I mean you’re as you you’re, explaining how you learned from those how you overcome them and how you’ll ensure that they never happen again and when you said about you were just saying about the authenticity: that’s more authentic! Isn’t it then saying like oh well? No, you know, we’ve never had issues like that or that absolutely one it’s much or more, that you just say yeah.

We had those kind of issues and here’s what we did to solve it. I you know get more frustrated when I have a problems for where they want to give me the reasons why I’m wrong, when I’m a customer, yeah and or the excuse, it’s not just apologize and move on and take responsibility, and you know I always love this. I say I’d rather take and I work with companies. You know helping them create more loyal customers.

So when the biggest challenges is they ignore or they try to avoid upset customers. In my my I would postulate imma take a a very upset customer over and okay customer, because I think an upset customer and turn them into someone loyal way quicker than a transactional customers a way to defuse. It is to obviously agree with them. Now I’ve used two different examples, but but they both come down to the to the end.

Where I had a lady just escalated up to me, they said, can you please deal with her? She cuts us and screams and that’s like hey. My name is Brian, and so I’m sort of asked me to give you a call and then she let inter and I’m talking about. I don’t think she took her breath for three minutes straight, just yeah. Every other keywords: okay and – and I didn’t say a word in fact – I didn’t even acknowledge service list mm-hmm or anything just quiet and at the end I was quiet even after she stopped and if she thought I hugged up she’s like Hello, that’s like go.

I’m here and she’s like well, what do you have to say about that? And I said I’m silent because I have nothing to say I said I’m. I can’t believe you’re not more upset than you are now when you say that to someone and it comes across something weird. I said: how dare you agree with me? Yes, I can’t believe you’re not more upset than you are, because if it were me, I wouldn’t even have this phone call.

I would just move on right. The fact that you are taking this phone call shows me that you care you care enough, that you want to make sure that you, let us know, and even though I may not be able to save you as a customer, and never what this to happen to Anyone else, in fact, to tell you that this happened one out of ten thousand times it’s irrelevant, because you’re the one and it’s a hundred percent of you and I get that she’s and and then typically what happens when you do that? Not only do you are you telling this story by, you know relleno wrinkle, but but typically they’ll, then back off and say well, what do you think we should do and and in the goal, obviously is to manipulate your customer and I’ll share with you? This other part of the story assist, have you ever gone to a restaurant or store, and you had such bad service such a bad experience that you swear.

You never go there again, oh yeah too many times, but is it plausible that no one else in that organization subscribes to that same belief that that person created four year, meaning that one-off experience could be that individual then yeah we’re judging the whole cup that one? Incredibly important every other, actually you have with the customer every time good and in fact the once entertainment but still get food.

Let’s answer our phones good afternoon, thanks for the food table, yeah absolutely and it’s it and it’s intro because, as you said there is you know if people are upset. If customer you know, if we’ll take ourselves right, if we’re upset with an experienced, what is the one thing that we really want we want to? We want to be acknowledged and we want to be heard right. That’s what we want and when people fail to do that, it just makes you more angry and then you just go away and you say forget it, but if they acknowledge it and they listen to you, then they there’s a chance of rehabilitation and not just that.

As we know, I let me ask you about that particular particular customer. Did they remain a customer and lay one of your loyal secretary or the crisis control guy so when they have an escalated issue, this is a pretty substantial a lot of times. My clients will call me into but again you know feeling like you’re feeling valued appreciated, appreciation as a currency. That’s accepted around the world and and it’s so easy to give, and yet you don’t really share it very often, because I just as an aside on this, because I had an experience recently where I had to follow this was my owner to follow up on something That I, that I thought was wrong and I was really annoyed about it and I called up and the guy who dealt with it.

Walk me. He was really calm. Very friendly, very empathetic walk me through it and then showed me actually at the end that it actually was my fault. What’s that actually my fault, but the way he did it in the end, I was like, oh my goodness, you’re correct. I’m really! Sorry, it’s actually. My fault and I was, and I had started off pretty angry and I’d. Actually, you know maybe being a little less class and denied to say.

Listen, I’m really sorry for snapping at your beginning. I didn’t understand, and I thought I thought you guys were in the wrong. It was actually me and after that I said, what’s your name, he gave me his name and I went immediately and sent a message to his. Yes, exactly snap, so I mean I sent a message because I was like: oh, my goodness, this guy handled that brilliantly he handled it fantastically yeah, but those are four G between typically whether the right or wrong in by the way.

Let’s say they are right. How do we react to respond to customers, even if I know you’re all grace? Yes, you know I have to say. I totally understand how you feel and I would probably feel the same way. I saw it, but you know quite honestly, let me walk you through the process and then let’s reevaluate, where we are and because I want you to be a customer I really did and and so I think that if you’re dealing with people, here’s the other thing, That’s a self professional if you’re going to start a relationship with a new customer here would be my advice.

You tell them. I want you to know John right up front that I will let you down at some point and you know that’s not my hope. It’s not my desire, but I mean human and by me it should be the business, it could be the deliverables, but I will let you down. The difference is, is that you will have my mobile number. You can call me 24/7 and I’m going to solve your problem and I’m going to take accountability as well as responsibility when something happens, because that’s the difference because everybody tries to be like we’re better than them, we’re all you’re, not that special, yeah and and so Tell me a little bit about how so, as you said earlier, so we’re in the situation towards the end of the year.

People are, you know, they’re getting ready for vacations or they’re in parts of the world. Like you know, it’s Ireland’s, the same as like South African that you know you won’t get anything after mid December right people are just switched off, so if you’re, if you’re selling and it’s Thanksgiving or whatever and people are your prospects are going well, you know, let’s Just pick this up in the new year, you know what are some of the ways you can help to make it more urgent that they address the issue this year and they kind of give you a little space.

Well, ironically, we say it’s one of them that people disengage and November all the way through the end of December, because that means they’re not getting hounded by every other salesperson has given up yeah. I see a better window to actually talk to people because in thir maker chances are they work. You know what I might call CEOs in the morning before 8:00 and then in the evening after 8:00. That’s when I reach out – and I coach as CEO of a publicly-traded company and he’s actually just sent me a text before our called said.

Let’s talk tonight at 8:30 Friday, night 8:30. That’s when I got ta talk to her right and, and you have to get into any salesperson – that tells me oh no, after 5:00 is my time. That’s cool enjoy being broke, because this is a different time. Now it’s connected world and you have to be available. They hate you for that, but that’s the truth and yeah. So it should be your question: how do you do that? Well, number one ask you know and if you’re from overseas awesome so call you until I get a restraining order and I’m going to constantly follow up and one of the things that I recommend even an email or voicemail say John.

I try to reach. You can get you, I know you’re busy. I don’t hear back from you. I assume you want me to follow up next Monday and I can show you. I have a guy for 14 months that I did that with and he finally got back with me and he said first, I want you to know. Thank you. I appreciate your due diligence. Second of all, he said it wasn’t you. It really was me, and this is what was going on I’m ready to to me and that’s important.

I have I’ll give you one more job. I want to show you something here. I wan na be careful, you don’t see his name, but this is a CEO that I’m retained. By that you can see the Blues. I think anyway, right that you, hopefully you can get all the best time he’s texted me back, it is was August 26. Was the last time that he texted me back, but I text him tried to reach out here’s the update. He pays me everybody, it’s my responsibility as a salesperson to and now you to give to follow up, and do it not to say well, it’s busy as the end of the year.

You need to call your clients and set it up. Give them that sense of urgency and do it with great. You can’t go in there and be bossy. You have to be subservient, we are but kissers, that’s what sells people are and if you can’t do it don’t do it don’t do the crime, it’s fun yeah. It’s so funny what you just said: they’re back! If you don’t answer this, I presume you want me to follow up Nick, because I get these all the time where I get like three in a row and the third one is seeing, as you haven’t answered.

My last two emails: this is a lot, I’m not going to bother you anymore and I’m like great thanks, but it’s completely the opposite approach. Right call, other people I was actually in cops. Where were we? We were in Charleston South Carolina two weeks ago. These guys Raley guys – and I I want to say, sick, but it’s like this sales process. I’ve ever seen they have a they. Have this young lady, that’s out on the street with a little club dressed up and she’s in a princess outfit.

You know samples of soap and they were selling like so like handmade so different. The other thing she’s enjoy free samples. So so my daughter’s, like oh I’d, love to have some so she’s. All that’s awesome. She make them in house, that’s what, if she’s not might get greasy on your head, why don’t you come in and we’ll wrap it in Mysore box? You take back to the hotel, so this plan. Even me, I’m like it’s really nice and he’s just really guys tours like hey, I need, or they start showing me like the skin care stuff.

Everything by the way was seven hundred and fifty dollars beautiful. It’s working, obviously a target of princes. Given me a free sample, so looking at Israel for the answer and if you’re willing to push through – and you have that confidence, why do I want to be? I want to meet with you for going to pitch me. You want to any value. You want to connect, call me up, let’s meet yeah and by the way I love because we’re bumping up against the end here, but I love that idea of the fact is that yet, there’s probably all around the world and certainly you’re around the states, as probably Salespeople who are giving up saying, oh I’m, never going to get through to Brian.

At this stage you know Thanksgiving is coming up or whatever, and the one piece of advice is to those motivated people listening or reading is yeah they’re clearing the field for you. If you keep you keep trying to talk to you keep trying to get to Brian because of all these other people who’ve quit. You know, guess what you’ve just got a far better chance of being heard. Yeah before I even responded to there, you go we’re pretty well.

Have you did you check your bank account since we started talking so listen Brian? This has been great. Thank you for the insight before we go. If you want to tell people a little bit more about yourself from what you do, that’ll be great. Well, I’m probably the worst myself, but I will say this Brian parsley, which is my website. You can subscribe and I send out a freaking you every week, usually they’re couple minutes all ideas, best practices, all based around sales and customer service.

Excellent. My name is John golden says. Pop online says magazine, pipeliner CRM Brian. This has been fantastic. Hopefully you come back and we’ll talk again soon, love the conversation and see y’all again soon. Thank you.

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