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Blogging complete course introduction .What You Will Learn in Level 1.

You may already know, but if not, we’ve got some really great pointers to help you make up your mind. Secondly, you’re going to find out why we use wordpress.Org to build our blog on this is really important and then I’m going to help.

You choose a great name for your blog you’re, going to get low-cost and reliable hosting and then we’re going to go through the basic blog setup. We’re also going to create a free, professional email address and install the very best plugins to help you with your blog and then we’re going to choose and customize a theme for your blog. You will learn how to use widgets. These are just content areas on your blog.

You will learn how to create menus, including drop down menus and submenus and you’ll be adding the required legal pages. That’s like your privacy policy and your terms and conditions, and I’m going to be giving you templates. For those pages, and all you need to do is edit those templates. You will also be uploading images and creating a really great slider for your blog you’re, going to learn how and where to get content and how to get ideas and inspiration for creating your own content.

You are also going to learn how to create really good post titles. Now, post titles are vital if you want your posts to be opened in the first place and you’ll learn how to structure and write posts that people want to read, so they want to start reading and keep reading the whole post. You will also find out how to add your first post to your blog using best SEO or search engine. Optimization practices, you’ll learn how to schedule posts.

So perhaps you want to create all your posts in advance for the month and you want to schedule those posts. So that they are published on specific days of the week on the month, you will be adding static pages to your blog. Static pages are any pages on your blog that are not blog posts. So, for example, an about Us page or a page on a particular topic that is not a blog post. These are static pages.

I’m going to teach you how to make a really beautiful header for your block or, if you don’t want to do it yourself, I’m going to show you where to get one done for just a few dollars and the same with the logo. I’m going to show you how you can make your own logo using a free tool or again have one created for just a few dollars and more so by the end of level. One you will have a fully functional blog.

It will be complete with pages with posts, images and everything else that you need before you start sending traffic to that blog and monetizing ie earning money from 8. Okay I’ll see you in

Content is King! Bloggers are the best! Add more content to your digital world!


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