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Practical Advice To Improve Your SMMA Sales Calls And Close More Deals

My name is Joshua Tango, George for those of you that are new to the blog I own, a social media marketing agency and a coaching business. Where I help you start your own social media marketing agency and how to basically get your face? Clients how to book your pipeline fold with prospects on how to scale your agency so that you can live life on your own tips and for those of you that have readed yesterday’s article, you will have found out that I am revamping my lifestyle design program.

Just with new information update the modules so that you basically get more value in a shorter amount of time, and one of the ideas that I had was to add live calls. So live sales. Calls with my clients good as well as bad. So I basically dissect the calls – and you know, give you some information of what I did right and what I did wrong so that when you actually start getting sales calls yourself.

You know exactly what to do. I want to say in every single situation – and I feel like that is something that is missing in a lot of core courses. I feel like a lot of the courses nowadays are very much theory based, and that might be because they don’t actually have that experience. You know the real-life experience or they just don’t feel comfortable, adding the sales calls and with that said not every single course is missing that you know.

For example, 30 days from a with Quentin, a yovan has got that and they do a really good job of explaining how that sales call goes and they’ve also inspired me to basically do the same with my course. You know to basically show you guys live calls of me. You know potentially closing clients and if I don’t close the clients, I still want to show it to show you guys. You know what I did wrong or what I did right and unless you just looking at them now, we know going through the because I have record all my sales calls regardless if I close them or not, because I want to see what am I doing and At what point am I winning the clients, trust or at one point, I’m actually losing the clients? And I want to basically improve on that point so that I can make sure that I don’t make the same mistakes again or that I don’t say the things that prevent the client from actually signing.

And while looking through these, you know, they see my old sales calls. It’s so cringy to look back at these old sales calls because – and I get the audio calls but the record in this article. So I can see myself reading from the script, and so some of the things like you can literally just you, can let’s see me reading off the script where beware by with – and you can hear me read, you know when you got that monotone voice like that Is less you what it’s like, but nevertheless I need to get through this because I need so basically, you know give it more structure and I wanted to dissect these for the course like.

I said and there’s basically three things, that I’ve noticed that I did wrong previously, that nowadays I no longer do and that really increased. My closing rates, in my opinion and the first one is what I used to do is talk very much about the time. It’s going to take me to get rich off the clients, so one of my face cause it wasn’t up where clients or potential up with clients and then actually close the clients.

And basically my hourly rates on awake at the time was fifteen dollars. And I thought that I had to basically because I wanted – I wanted eight hundred dollars a month for this, and I thought that I had to basically break down for the clients how I got to that eight hundred and the client didn’t even ask for that. I listed this like I opened this. Basically, what is it kind of way of myself and I basically starts breaking down how many hours a day I would spend on it, how much time it would take and how much effort it would cost to get the desired results.

When I now know that you should never talk about the time it costs, because the client list doesn’t care, they really don’t care. How long it takes you. If it takes you ten minutes or it takes you ten hours as long as they get the desired results, they are fine with it and an example for that is obviously like the dentist example, which is going round on. I think almost everyone has used this example at one point and where you know if you’ve got a toothache and you go to a dentist and a dentist goes okay, I can get this done in ten minutes and it’s going to cost you a thousand dollars you’re, Not going to say to the dentist all that’s at so you know a lot of money for a short amount of time, because what’s the dentist’s going to say the Vince is going to say, okay! Well, if you want, I can do the same procedure in four hours.

You know it’s it’s this. The result is going to be the same. Just that I’m just going to take my time on it. You know you’re not going to choose that over the 10-minute procedure, because the result is the same, and that is the way the clients see as well. They list we don’t care how long it takes you as long as you get a desired result. So if you can get them return on investments – and it only takes you one hour total a month – then they are fine with that.

So when you are speaking to your potential clients, never mention the time and effort it takes for you to get. That result only mentioned the transformation and, let’s see the result, that they are going to get okay. So the solution that you are providing to the problem, because every single client is at one point, so let’s say the clients is here and they want to be here. Okay, this is their desire itself.

This is where they want to be. This could be more appointments. This would be a bigger business. This could be, you know, less time spent on the business and more time working on all the projects, or you know it could be anything. It depends on what the client wants. Okay, so your aim is to basically provide that solution that gets them from A to B and they literally don’t care how long it takes you in terms of like costs and how much time it takes you to get there if you can get them to that Point they will spend that money on you and give you that retainer, okay, so talk about the transformation, so what they can do if they achieve that, and you know the result that they can expect from your service know about the time it takes for you to Do it? Okay, now, speaking of that, another mistake I made I’ve already brushed over, there is about the price and what you never should do, like I said before, is break down the price in terms of the result.

So I done this with one of my articlegraphy clients. I basically broke down everything KY done, whereas edits in the article when the end result was literally okay, a promo article of five minutes, and I felt like because I asked 200 euros for at a time for a five minute, promo article and in my head. I thought I can’t ask for five minutes. I can’t ask for 200 euros, but obviously it doesn’t take me five minutes to record article.

You know it. The end result is five minutes, but I needed to film for an entire day, which also cost me an hour to get there an hour back then a full day of film and it cost me my camera equipment. I’ve got the software that I edited on I’ve. You know it cost me hours of editing as well. So, like the whole project me, I might have cost like 48 hours and I felt the needs to actually break that down on the basic theme voice.

So I let you said: okay driving to location, two hours, recording footage, eight hours, editing two hours. I think Bureau four hours as Adhan. They collaborate in two hours and I really broke everything down and they they guys did do not tweet died. So I need to charge the battery so we’re actually half an hour late, an hour and nevertheless so, like I said they literally do not care how much time it takes you to do it they’ll.

If don’t care about all the efforts, you don’t need to stack. The value and all they care about is, like, I said, is the transformation and the result. And lastly, again another mistake I have made is basically adding on all these extra features and extras that they don’t necessarily want. So what I used to do is so my main service for those that don’t know is Facebook Ads. So I help businesses basically get more leads, more bookings or more sales by leveraging Facebook Ads and paid funnels, and what I used to do is because I felt like saying: okay, I charge 1500 for Facebook ads.

I felt like that was too much or too little, for you know, basically what I was asking for, so I used to add all these extras that they didn’t even want, like a list used to say, okay and alongside that will also manage your social, so will Make sure that your page grows will make sure that this content there every single day will make sure that the top of mind awareness and alongside that will also add additional report every single week or on demand.

We will make sure that your email sequence is settled correctly. We also give you consultation on influencer marketer and I listen. You stack all these random little extra features and they do not want that and because I I thought: okay, I’m basically given more value for the same price, but they do not care about all these extra features and often or not, they’ll think all that sounds a Lot of stuff, you know, I don’t know whether we can handle that we don’t know whether it’s going to be okay.

You know, I don’t know whether this guy can actually deliver on all these features and metrics etc. So that actually was it basically made. My sales calls so fair because I was adding all these extras, so my tip for you guys now today and you know going forward well, I’ve been doing it for a while, but absolutely no after seeing all these calls again, it basically reminded me of the offer That I’m given the clients – and you basically need to have like a minimum viable offer social thing that is literally minimal, so one solution or one transformation for the clients.

One thing that you’re going to do and you need to master that okay. So, for example, in the case of dentists, you’re going to help dentists book more – I don’t know dental implants, dental implant, clients on a monthly basis by Facebook, lead generation ads done. That is it okay! For that you know. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to get them more expensive clients and for that you’re charging them $ 15 a month two thousand a month, because if they get five clients from that which you can easily get them in a month time, they are All pretend K okay and then they basically they’ve gotten a return on investment, and that is all you need to do.

Okay, all these extras influence our marketing, etc, is not needed, and if you don’t offer that as a main service, just scrap it all and focus on the one thing that you’re going to do for that client. Okay, so I hope you got something out of this hope you enjoyed this article and if you want to know more about you, know social media marketing how to get started, how to get your first client etc. I offer a free, the scrawny core.

It’s a link to in description box down below and from there. You know. Basically I’ll show you, you know what you need to do to get started subscribe to the blog for more and I’ll. See you guys in the next article

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