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I put myself in a position to meet people that I can empower that I looked up to these major celebrities and they took a chance not because, like I said my looks, are X Y Z, my personality, I was just like shaking hands and sometimes, which brings Me now into branding and social media good segue, by the way, thank you being a social media and and branding coach to individuals and brands.

The biggest thing I tell people is treat everybody on social media and online, just like you do in real life. People have this stigma where oh, I got all these legs because they, like my outfit people, have this stigma because, oh I got all these comments. Okay, that’s great, but are you engaging back about social media you’re so good at it, and you know being an actor being a this, this Fitness brand that you are what’s if somebody’s starting out their social media and they want to also be a fitness influencer or An actor: what would your influencer in general? What would be your like number one tip for branding when it comes to branding marketing social media number one tip is always be yourself: personality, personality personality, and is that how you think you grew so big? A hundred and ten percent me being able to be myself and not trying to copycat what other things and other people are doing that are successful.

I would have to say, and I’ll tell you this firsthand, because I tried to emulate what else other people were doing. Uh-Huh but then I realized, I wasn’t true to myself right, so I would say number one always be yourself number two treat social media and online marketing, as you do with day to day people that you shake hands with alright yeah, everywhere, yeah, absolutely and and and Don’t just go based on.

Oh, I got all these likes. I got all these comments, communicate, engage with people and shown that you’re real and that you here, if someone took the time to like and say wow, you look great take the time to respond back, because that fan that you may think may never buy into your Movies, your shows in the long term, knowing that you cared will show them that they’re really, you know who does that then I know I get 10,000 messages a week.

No, no! I understand you really. How do you do it? You need to hire that, like. I think we work with a lot of brands and companies which brings me, I guess, to the the next tip when it comes to social media marketing branding if you’re working with brands, I always give incentives. For example, say we just closed a deal with a brand that I loved and believed in a lot of times. People like yourself.

They send a lot of products, the sample, yeah, hey, hey, Jason. Would you be interested in endorsing this? So any of my interns or my staff, I give them, you know incentives, they get a percentage off. Of that you know. So it has happy fear. I can’t expect to have someone on board yeah and I’m only paying fourteen bucks an hour but hey if they’re, reaching out and brands are coming in and say they pay me.

For this say this is a protein bar yeah and I really believe in, and I think it can help my audience, I’m going to stand by it yeah I’m going to put a hashtag ad because legally we have to to let people know I’m getting paid for This, but I always make sure I take care of my team, I support them. I give them incentives and involved. You know that says: there’s one thing that you have you’re very humble, that’s a big percentage of what what this is all about, because when you really start believing and what people say about you and stuff you’re done right.

If you don’t believe in me this, because it’s a reflection on you baby yeah, it’s nothing to do with me. That’s you make sure to subscribe to my blog for your new viewer and don’t forget to click on the bell. So you can get notifications every time. A new show releases if you enjoyed this article, give it a like and feel free to leave your comments. I’m Jason Rosell and you’re reading get inspired with Jason

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