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Knock-Out Chop Tutorial | Martial Arts Tutorials

I’m going to start this month with something a little bit different, but still in the Avatar world, we’re going to be starting with she blocking yes, a real life.

She blocking move that you can do to you know anybody trying to hurt you so sit back, relax and run that intro. Now first, you got ta know a little bit about the human body. Now our brain needs oxygen to survive it 100 % relies on oxygen. A constant supply of oxygen and that’s why you have a giant artery who actually two giant parties right on the side. Your neck net carry blood from your heart pumped to your brain, because that’s how your brain gets oxygen now, if you stopped it from carrying that blood to your brain, it will, depending on how long you stop it, for it can give you anything from some weakness To straight-up dropping some body now in order to hit this spot correctly, I suggest using your knife hand, which is this part of your hand right here and tensing it up and making it solid so that you can hit things without your fingers going across without your You know thumb being loose, have it all tight and hitting with the side of that hand, just like that? Basically, a karate chop, just you know I’m explaining how to do that now read what you’re going to aim for is right around what I call your necklace level.

It’s basically the point where, if you were wearing a normal necklace, not you know a super big chain or anything like that. If you were wearing a normal necklace, it’s where your necklace would sit, ironically, ironically or luckily, it is actually for me wear my shirt line. Is obviously shirts are different, so it’s not always going to be that for every shirt. I wear every shirt. Somebody else wears that attacks you, but that’s going to be the target for where you’re hitting above the collarbone at the bottom of the neck.

Now you’re going to want to take your hand now you’re going to take your hand, but you don’t want to take your hand and then you’re going to want to strike that area of the body. Now I’m not going to do this myself and I don’t have any friends around willing to. Let me do it to them, so, instead, I’m going to show you clips of people doing it correctly. Now again guys be aware, this is very dangerous and, depending on how hard you hit somebody and how effective your strike is, you can make them collapse.

You can make them hurt themselves while they fall, maybe cracking their head or breaking some other part of their body because they fell or you can even kill them. If you hit it too hard in certain situations, so be very careful. This is a more of a last resort type of situation, but if you need to stop someone from attacking you and you can’t and nothing else is working, this is a good one to try that can work against.

Basically, everyone because we all have carotid arteries and we all have brains that need oxygen. That’s just you know how life works so with that said guys. I hope you enjoyed this article if you are enjoying Avatar month, definitely check out the rest of the articles in the series, but until next time my name is DJ Moore. This is the modern ninja and I’m out

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