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Precious Nyarambi Business Development S1-E 3

We find ourselves stuck with challenges. I think some of them can be perceived challenges and some of them can be really challenges that we actually face, and we didn’t want to kind of like put them under the carpet and ignored that they exist. They do exist and sometimes we feel like we could have gone so far it, but we are not heed.

We would’ve wanted to be so I’m here with Rebecca, so that she can kind of like help us to navigate ourselves around the areas of challenges and how we can deal with with different kinds of challenges that we face on this journey of being interpretation yeah. Nobody knows now, when you’re an entrepreneur, many people think you know the success stories of the ones who have made it the ones that we look at who are successful.

We think it was smooth sailing and when you hear their stories, they will share with you how they had to overcome many obstacles. It’s just like when we take a journey and you’re saying my aspire destination. Is you know I want to be the leading supplier for the country of South Africa for regarding your product or your services, and then to get there is where you need to now sit down and really be able to map out your path on how to get There and and so part of the journey is you will like any road you’re going to face roadblocks you’re going to stay faith.

Part of all traffic cops are going to stop you for compliance. Your interface may be boulders maybes behind mountains and the big rock fell over and now it’s blocking it’s an abstraction to the road and now you’re thinking do I go back from where I started and give up, or do I find a way around it? So my mentality is always like the pastor Andre. He spoke about, find a way to win. He wrote a book and I always say as an entrepreneur, you find a way to do anything you have to when you go under it, whether you’re going to have to go around it or where you’re going to go over it.

You can just find a way to win, find a way to overcome it, because when you have limiting beliefs of saying what I’ve tried it over and over again, I’m there from giving up. So some of the challenges could be mindset, challenges where you have these roadblocks. In your mind we say I’ve been rejected by so many providers for many collaborative collaboration partners that we would have partnered with they told me.

No, my business idea is not viable, and now I don’t want to face rejection again and that part of the things that might be holding you back from progressing in your journey as an entrepreneur. So the fear of rejection could be one thing that could be a challenge for you. It could be different for another person, because your profile is very different for mine. There may be family responsibilities.

Are the things that’s holding me back? We end up being stuck. Maybe six challenges exactly Tech’s like Texas, tickles family responsibilities. You’ve got that aunties, you’ve got the extended family. You’ve got your children and it’s a genuine and sincere reason why you’re not progressing. But if you sit with it and convince yourself that this is so genuine and sincere, that’s why I’m not moving forward guess what you’re still going to be stuck there with or without family responsibilities.

So, at the end of the day, yes with the family responsibilities, how can I now make changes in my life to be able to make some kind of progress towards my personal goals in order to be more successful, financially, to be able to take off the burden That we have maybe equip someone else of the family to be able to be independent and that’s one less dependent in your pro in your maybe budget that you’re taking care for me also.

I, like the line process, it’s not lying to us. I’ve realized my surgeon is an intrapreneur long, that every challenge that I face. It sits in my mind. Yes and, as I begin to delve deeper inside myself and also new fridge on other people’s expertise and experience, I am able to grow as a person. I’m able to grow intellectually knowledge wise. This is some stretching that has to go, choose some kind of.

Let you break forth yeah when you’re up for the challenge, when you, when you go through or when you go beyond it, you’ve grown some you’ve grown some. How and that’s where the dilemma that a lot of entrepreneurs have is when they see something that is almost labeled as a challenge and we try to put our head under the sand. So maybe you find that you have financial challenges instead of going to the bank and looking at your fine bank statement and saying: okay, what’s the 3-month bank statement saying what’s the pattern of my spending, am I actually budgeting and allocating the right amounts we put our Head in the sand – and so we don’t want to stretch ourselves to say actually, I need to budget, I need to do without going out for the entertainment or I need to start paying someone a salary and making sure that I start building the pipeline for the Sales of the cash flow to come in, so that’s stretching that comes in by densifying what the challenges naming that challenge, because once you name the challenge, you know what you’re dealing with you know what tools to deal with that and tackle it with.

You know how to navigate around it with specific solutions and problem-solving skills that you need to pull out, but number two, I would say, find out what the trigger is. What’s the trigger, because many times our personal issues do flow into our businesses as entrepreneurs, it was maybe, when you’re growing up, you were told, you’ll, never amount to anything, now, you’re, finding challenges and a lot of nose a lot of roadblocks along the way.

Now you start reminding your summer saying: oh you see, they told me I’ll, never amount to anything, that’s how my business is failing and then before you know, we just want to opt out of the game, but you need to commit to the vision on being a And saying: okay, this challenge: is you name it name. It then find the right tools to deal with it and that’s how you progress even fast and accelerate just your progress in entrepreneurship.

Then, when you look at the monument of where you lost everything and you cry – and you want to bear yourself alive and saying you know what look why not just die with the street, because this dream has died, but I’ll say you know we they didn’t know We’re seeds they try to bury us, but we still going to sprout out and so you’re going to have live again to find the will to win, find the will to fight again, no matter what the obstacle is and also be comfortable with being uncomfortable start getting Comfortable with the stretch, because the stretch is developing muscles that you didn’t have and how’s your vision board, I always say it’s more than getting what you want.

It’s really about who you becoming along the journey, who you’re becoming along the journey, says I’ve identified. I’ve got a skills gap when it comes to financial management, I’m going to become a more financial, savvy and more disciplined person, because I’ve taken on the mandate today, I’m going to learn I’m going to sit under someone, I’m going to sign up for a course to Become better in this area, even though this is some subject that I actually hate to be honest with you, but I’m going to stretch myself and become better because 10 years from now you’re not going to be the same person that you started off so challenges the Opportunities to do absolute, you look at them in that minute, then you become another person, yes, and on automatically you’re no longer a victim to challenges you become a victim because maybe the universe is is trusted you enough to come up with a solution, though there are Nothing impossible every problem, solvers always say this machine called the human being, has the power to solve problems and also in entrepreneurship.

You are called to solve a problem that should be the basis of here is the famous you saw you get paid and solve the problem. So as a problem solver, you cannot start now saying I’m going to give up on myself, because now you you actually denying the the world your gift, you will you Ignis your uniqueness, your contribution to make someone else’s life simpler? They process the blood. Maybe they’ve got systems that they need.

You need to now empower them to also thrive in their business and you’re. An important part of the formula put important part of the design with whatever product that you’re bringing to the table. So you have to come and show up show up with your gifted talents and offering but to solve the problem and meet a need. That’s out there in the market and you cannot fail from there because once you also understand the different means, you’ll be agile because maybe just meet as we met.

What other need to I see see in the world that I also can plug in and stop playing that becomes your multiple streams of income, because now you’re seeing is wow, there’s more needs, but am I well-equipped to meet that need? Don’t have the experience that expertise can I learn the skill and that’s when you become agile in the world ever-changing world, but also is an entrepreneur how you stay in the game? So would you also say them that, because my age can be a reflection of where I am as a person that maybe I’m stuck mostly because we also be stacking terms of metal being myself? Yes, not to lift.

So it’s a reflection of where maybe I am meant to be intellectually emotionally. Yes, yes, because I always say we need some vision. I think precious one of your guests might have alluded to that. I always say you know: when you put in the GPS, we aspire destination. This. The GPS system will ask you: what’s your current location and the current location, I say locate yourself where you are emotionally mentally, physically, financially because meet relationship wise? Where are you because that’s going to help, you understand how why you feel the way you feel about certain things right now why you always are right now what kind of work is going to be needed to get where you need to be? Maybe the a little bit further away than you thought it would need to be.

For example, you might say I need to work on my network and build the right network from our business, but you’ve been hurt. You’ve been betrayed so currently, where you are you’re in a place of brokenness, so number two. What you need to apply is healing. You need to start healing and applying the right medication to whatever wound. That is to be able to build that resilience again to face another meeting which could potentially come back with an O but you’re not as hurt as before, because now you’re able to say if she, you know what, if they want to partner with me, they will, If they don’t they, don’t you don’t take it so personally, but if you’re in a place of brokenness in wounded State you’re, going to take everything personally and you’re not going to make the right clear decisions in a business meeting, you’re going to be defensive, you’re going To be demanding, you’re going to be desperate and then it just defeats the purpose and you feel even more defeated and feel like it’s a vicious cycle.

So it’s so important to understand where you are financially. You know. Why am I asking for a loan and how is my spending pattern been before you know? I think I’ve been bartering and I remember doing making a decision one time in my own statement to myself say Rebecca. You will no longer borrow from anybody going forward. You are not borrowing from anyone, so you have to make it work. Whatever you have in your hands to make it work, you make it work and whatever little that you make to in order to sustain yourself and your family, you make it work, but you are not going out to borrow from anybody and that allows you it like.

You’re saying, as part of the vision is we are, you are your person that would always rely on borrowing and, if you always relied on bar and then how you going to do, make it as a business person where you’re going to get loans from everywhere. Can you pay back what’s your credit history, so you need to also be honest about your current state. What’s driving that need, what’s driving your behavior as an entrepreneur? What’s driving, you know, you’re worried whether they’re, positive behaviors or negative behaviors, and if they’re positive then enhance them, but if they negative, then you need to have a check with yourself and have an accountability partner.

I have a coach if you need to because then you know that you’ve got the right support in the right mentors around you Wow. So yes, you, you are hearing what you think. I say as audience: don’t be stuck in challenges: they. They have a lot of ways to go over it around it under it, but there has to be a way find a way she she mentioned a book that was written to that effect, find a way around challenges and it might be an opportunity to allow oneself To grow, it might be a reflection of where one is currently so don’t be stuck on that notion of challenges.

But what can be done to to develop and also as a person to evolve, feel free to share with your concerns any inputs to that effect and any other challenges that you feel we can be able to talk about in line with enterpreneurs. We feel like enterpreneurs. Can do so much more, so we thank you for taking time to listen to the segment. Thank you for your time. Thank you. You

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