Online Marketing

Elevating Your Personal Brand on Social Media

It can be really difficult to work on putting content out there and increasing our personal brand, especially when the day-to-day operations of our job kicks in and and it can be really tough for someone who doesn’t even know how to start a blog but wants to elevate.

Your personal brand, well, I’m here to tell you you don’t need a fancy blog and you don’t need fancy article content to increase your visibility and your personal brand. You just have to keep doing what you’re doing, but take it one step further. So we’re going to use LinkedIn as an example, but you can do this with any of the social media platforms. When you see a piece of content that you like. I want you to like the content, because people will see that as your activity that you are actively engaging by liking the content now you’re going to take it one step further and if you really like the content, I want you to comment on it.

So let the author know what you think of the content that again this gives you visibility and it gives you a voice. So now you have something to share and something to say and again it wasn’t original content things that you had to dream up. All on your own you’re, just contributing to a dialogue, that’s been started by someone else. The third thing you can do is you can share that content. So again, if you really like the content by sharing it, it makes you look like a person of value.

So now you’re not only contributing to the dialogue but you’re, sharing the dialogue and you’re getting other people involved. So this is going to increase your visibility. It’s going to elevate your personal brand and it’s likely things that you were thinking about. Doing anyways and you didn’t have to want write one blog post to get it. So that’s my tip for this week’s 2 minute Tuesday and join LinkedIn this week find something that you can like comment and share on have a great week bye for now.

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