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SEO: where search engine results come from

So here’s a search result and a series of search results. Anyways, and you can see the top three right here. The first thing to notice is this big link that everyone clicks on the content inside here is the title tag of your HTML file. So if I have an empty HTML file right here, whatever you type in between the title tags here shows up right here.

So that’s a very important section for keywords: it’s the section that most people read not too many people actually read the description underneath. But the title here is extremely important because that’s what people see as well as Google uses the keywords from the title when displaying search results. Another thing that’s important to our website is this description. Underneath here this description can come from one of two places: either the Meta Description tag in our HTML, so we could have a tag like this at a name equals description and content equals whatever and put a small description in here.

So this will either come from that tag or it will come from the first paragraph on your page, so it will come from here now, there’s no way for us to tell Google which to choose either the first paragraph or the Meta Description. Google just figures out whichever one is more appropriate, whichever one is more targeted to humans and that’s what we’ll be choose chosen. So the description here and the title here, we have control over another place.

That Google looks for keywords, as you can see. Right here is the URL you’ll notice that the keyword, dinosaur or dime soars down here has been highlighted in the URL, showing you that the URL that you choose for your website actually impacts your search results. There’s a few other things right here. These links underneath the search results. We don’t really have any control over those Google figures out.

What links are important and shows them at the bottom, underneath the search results right here for this movie or this is the TV series. Actually, you can see there’s a rating, so it’s giving us a star rating and a numerical version and how many votes this information here is taken from the enhanced metadata supplied by the website and then we’ll look at that in future articles. So what we’re seeing here in the search results page is a few things.

The blue is the title. The green is the URL that we’ve chosen and you can see it’s matching keywords in that, and then this here is either the first paragraph on the site or the meta description. So that’s where Google gets the content to display in its search results page and the same thing applies to other search engines like DuckDuckGo and Bing. So the same sort of techniques are applied for those also


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