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What am I going to be doing for you, I’m going to be showing you the opportunity that you have by using google SEO and what is SEO search engine optimization? How can you scale a business using google all right and i’m going to jump in to get showing you a guinea pig quote, unquote and show you an eps aight that is not doing so well and the possibilities that it could be having if it invested into Someone that knows SEO pretty much and what does that feel we’re going to get you higher in the google rankings, because eighty-two percent your customers are going to google and type in whatever company or niche you’re in there typing housecleaning slower london all right, wherever you’re located In the country doing business and in the market alright, and then i’m going to jump in to you about facebook advertising, why should you mark it on facebook and how can you scale your business with facebook? Alright, so let me just drop right into the article so we’re on nap local comm.

You can visit us here for more information. Alright, so, as I understand you know, you guys are getting into, you may be getting into the house cleaning business, so your customers are going to want to go to google and type in house cleaning just like anybody else. So, according to google in SLO house cleaning is getting searched between 2002 2200 times per month every single month year round. Okay, just in that one area at about a 10 mile radius or so so, as you can see, we can have all the most profitable keywords that people are searching for on google.

So we want to get you ranked in all of these keywords. Alright. So how do we get you there? Ok, so google has an algorithm. It has 200 determining factors, but i’m not going to talk to you about all 200 because we’ll be sitting here for an out for hours, i’m going to talk about for the most important ones. All right, once we nailed these everything else, kind of falls into place. Okay. The first thing is: let’s pick a guinea pig, let’s pick on a website that is not doing so well, ok, so I chose to go with green cleaning service co.

Uk, okay and I am using a UK search engine for google okay, so this is local searches in Google. All right, these guys are ranked number eight. So let me show you this chart all right. So when you are ranked number one you control about thirty. Three percent of all the clicks, but when you’re ranked number eight you maybe get three or four percent and, as you can see page to you might as well be on page twenty because nobody’s really clicking on that page.

Okay. So let me show you this. Guy number: eight verses, the guy. That’s ranked number one: that’s controlling all of the business, that’s gumtree, alright! So here’s the guy, that’s ranked memory. Alright, green cleaning services he’s getting almost no traffic to the website, all right and here’s another metric that we can use. Almost no traffic to the website two clicks a month. All right. Now: here’s gumtree, almost a million clicks per month, a million visitors every single month.

Okay, granted there, a bigger company they’re, probably do business in other cities, but that is the potential market that you could be reaching by getting on google for these profitable keywords – and we have the information right here. Just how do we do it right? So again, i’m not going to talked about all that all all of it, but i’m using these guys as a guinea pig all right. The first thing when we go to their website, do they have what’s called authoritative content? Are they mentioning all of these services, all of the keywords and abundance? Okay? So, as you can see, these guys actually have quite a bit of content, but the problem is: they are not mentioning all of these keywords.

Okay, if you read through their website, it has almost nothing to do with most of the services that they’re providing. They need to be mentioning housecleaning, slaw, slaw, housecleaning and a whole bunch of stuff. You want to have massive amounts of content on the page, so these guys probably have about 1000 of 1500 words, but it doesn’t stop there. You want to add this is a large market. Okay, we’re competing with really really big companies all right, so we need to have a lot of content on the page and we need to be bolding out information, that’s relevant, so every single keyword we mentioned.

We want to have it in bold kind of like they have here, but there they have molded window cleaning and a tendency cleaning. They need to be bolding, housecleaning slaw. You know home cleaning, slog best cleaners and slob all that stuff. Okay, they’re only getting they’re not getting any visitors any month, maybe one or two: that’s it all right. So what do I mean by authoritative content? If you go to Google any type in elephant Wikipedia always shows up number one because of the authoritative contents.

Look at this page and less information on elephants, their evolution, what they eat everything I love using this example, because it’s true look at all this content. This is what your page needs to look like. You need to have like this much information on your page. If you’re going to compete in a large market, especially housecleaning, okay, because there’s so many so many competitors, but you can do it if you have the right process.

So what I recommend is building a brand new site all right for you guys, if you don’t have this a brand new site with anywhere between three thousand to four thousand words and this using all this keyword. Research building it with all these keywords in the home page and that’s just going to tell Google hey, read because Google reads content and if you’re going to rank for keywords, google has to be able to read that content on your page.

Also, photos like this need to be named correctly with SEO in mind okay, so this is very important. Alright and then you want to have your address in the footer. Okay, I don’t see any address here in the footer phone numbers. None of these phone numbers are clickable, this one’s clickable, okay, email in a top right corner, not clickable. Okay, that’s very important. The next thing your site has to be mobile-friendly, which they are.

This means because eighty percent of your customers are actually going to be looking at your website through a mobile device and an iphone or some type of mobile cell phone device. Okay, so it has to be mobile-friendly which they are so that’s good before. The third thing is local citations, so whatever I come to the search engine, okay, let’s go back to the search. You see that these guys are actually ranked at the top of this search and what’s happening here.

The problem here is there only focusing on this. One keyword: okay, they’re only listed as a local service – we’re here, they’re at the top of here, but they’re not showing up in this map. You don’t see them on this map above okay they’re. Only focusing on this one keyword, if you search all the other keywords. Okay, if I go to my google keyword planner, I can see that house cleaning is only can search, maybe 20 times a month, but there’s cleaning services, there’s house cleaning services, there’s cleaning companies, home cleaning services, house cleaners, maid service, home cleaning, cleaning company made the maids Clean house there’s all these keywords and they’re, focusing on just the one.

Alright, so almost no one is clicking. Most people are going to click from here. There’s about forty percent of all the clicks, actually more than that are going to come from here then they’re going to go to the local all right and you need to their spread there so spend they need to be focusing on all of these keywords. Okay, so you have to be at the top of the locals – that’s important, but you want to be in multiple keywords to all right: some examples to get there.

You have to be listed in google, yahoo, being yellowpages, whitepages, facebook and all that stuff and that’s going to build your local citations. It’s just online directories that tells Google hey I’m listed in all these directories. Take me more serious and give me higher rankings. Okay, the last thing I’m going talk to you about is pretty much the power of your website. So for these guys you know Facebook want to know how popular are you online? You know do people care about your website what other websites are mentioning you online, and these are called you get these through.

What’s called backlinks, okay, so right now, green queen has 10 websites mentioning them at 141 times. Okay, which is okay, but look at their trust flow. This is the quality of their site, which is 0 all right now. 0. Let me show you this chart. This shows you the quality meter, okay, so at a zero there at the lowest quality all the businesses on page, one of Google are going to have a 20 trust flow or high.

If they’re going to be ranked number one they’re going to be 20 or higher, and that’s where you want to be that’s the type of quality that you need to rank in your business and that’s the reason why they’re ranked number eight on organic rankings. Okay, all the way down here, all right, let me show you our website, amp local comm, to give you an example all right, so when I copy and paste this into here, ok, I copy and paste it into here all right and look at the trust flow Of this side of 21 links, 250 backlinks trustful, Oh 26.

Alright! So, as you can see all right, so, as you can see, this is off the charts that’s way above 25. So that’s the type of power that you need on your site. So let me show you an example: if you go to google for United States and you type in San Diego SEO, all right, you find amped local right here at number. Three okay SEO is probably one of the biggest competitive niches in the world. Why? Because the people that really know how to do it are in the top three and we’re in the top three for a 3 million population city.

Okay, so that’s to give you an example of why links are so important. Okay, so you want to have powerful links and that’s what we’re going to help you get there. Okay, so that, in a nutshell, is SEO, you know and hot, and how to get you this so get in a new site, getting a mobile-friendly getting caught great content on there. Getting the citations and the links is going to build you a powerful site and get you in the position to be where these guys are at getting 1 million visitors and slow and London and that they’re using in that area.

Ok! So now let me jump into facebook advertising. Ok, so you asked me to talk to you about how I can get you leads for maybe for house cleaning right and also for teleprompter enting. Ok, so I went into facebook and just targeted some of that just so. I can see like what the market looks like, so I went to slaughter in 10 mile radius. Ok, I targeted people that have a little bit more money, 2665 men and women, and I put a whole bunch of interest the people that would need to rent these teleprompters.

Ok, i’m not going to go into all of the details of that, but, as you can see, I would perfectly target a campaign. Ok and I could reach about 53,000 qualified people that are in the market for teleprompters alright, so we can mark it to them and reach them. Just like I told you about and we’ll be able to generate leads for that. Let me show you for house cleaning. Did the same thing: slow, England, 25 to 20, 26 or 65, but I targeted people that own homes on live in condos, there’s been a family-based home that rented homes, people that would actually need that service have a perfectly targeted campaign.

It’s right in senator green and have a hundred and sixty thousand people that I can reach all right. So, yes, we can target people based off their interest, demographics pages they like things they mentioned online and that’s how we’re going to put ads in front of people. So what does that add? Look like. Let me give you an example: all right, all right, here’s an ad that we did for carpet cleaning company okay, so it pretty much the advil to call out the local city asked the question they’re going to say yes to put links to landing pages, get them Get their special offer get their attention and get them to click on an ad okay.

One thing that we really like to do I’ll give you a better example, is create ads like this, where we’re offering a special offer. Ok, we asked a question that their answer. Yes to do you hate your, do you love your car, but you hate when its dirty? Ok, this is auto detailing ok, they’re, going to go out and clean people’s cars and wash them and detail them we’re giving away 50 percent off auto detailing package 30 people.

This week treat your car truck and artery to a treatment and our Auto Spa things of that nature and we click the call. Now that’s the call to action. Ok, fifty percent off so creating some type of special offer to bring people in your business and make them repeat. Customers is a great way to get business. Ok and it could be like a free trial. It could be twenty five percent off. It could be something for free right, then they click the add alright, and then they go to pages that look like this ok down.

This is for the carpet cleaning one all right, but you know there’s multiple ways. We can do this, but pretty much what it says is: do you want your special offer? The fifty percent off carpet cleaning sign up for the special Facebook offer 11 coupons left. They click this and we get them to give our name email phone number to send the coupon. Ok they’ll get the coupon. Now you have the personal information, that’s a lead that you can call to do business with, and then it goes to a page like this.

Hey due to the limit, no more coupons, please call first call basis to get your to get to offer and also special offer bonus. Offer will give you an additional bonus offer if you call now ok – and this is how you generate inbound calls – and this is all has to do with psychology – the psychology of the Facebook user – and this is how we can generate more business for you, whether it Be for house cleaning or for the teleprompter all right and the whole fun will be custom-built already targeted the audience’s that I showed you, but this will be your your.

We can target your. You know custom campaigns as well, just like this all right, so I really hope that makes sense. We can generate a lot of business and just to give you an example, you know I have this pulled up. These are some metrics from one client that we’re doing that were that’s doing auto detailing, and you know oil accident repair window tinting. He does all that cool stuff, and you can see that this is our cost per lead.

Okay, this is how many leads he’s generated, and this is the cost per lead. So we have three campaigns that we tested we’re going to switch this one back on. I think this evening, but as you can see we’re getting a lead for a dollar 33. Okay. This one’s for 378 and this one’s for a dollar 78 all right. Imagine having someone come into your business for a dollar. What, if we can get you a lead for a dollar? Okay, that’s huge, let’s say four: five dollars: what if you get someone’s personal contact? Information for five bucks and say you have a closing rate of twenty percent, which these guys have a closing rate of about twenty percent.

Okay, I’m sure that would be incredibly incredibly valuable to you if you can get an actual closing curl Ike 25 euro. Let’s put it in your money: 25 euros: okay for home cleaning for 300 euros; that’s a huge roi, okay same thing for teleprompter; okay! So that’s the type of business. Now, as far as how many leads I can get you and what the cost is per lead. Like I told you the first two to four weeks, that is the golden time where we find out your numbers.

You know we run tests, we run campaigns and figure out exactly how much we’re paying per campaign per lead and then tell you hey for 500 bucks. We were able to get you a lead for two dollars or three dollars now, it’s time to go up to, let’s spend two thousand dollars and scale your business. That way! That’s what you need to do, that’s how we do it, we’re not just going to jump, jump three, four or five thousands of dollars into a campaign, not knowing the metrics.

We have to figure out your metrics okay, so that, in a nutshell, is SEO and Facebook advertising all right, portela, Panthers and health claims. So we can do it. It’s doable! I’m really looking forward to helping you. You have my contact information, please reach out, and I look forward to hearing from you. So thank you so much for reading and I’ll be in touch bye-bye.


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