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How to do the BEST Tornado Kick | SUPER Smooth | Simple & Easy | Best Tips

My name is message huh and today we’re going to go over the best tornado kick now. Many of you know that there are many different ways to throw a tornado kick. However, today’s article we’re going to throw the smoothest looking tornado kick to make it look elegant basic exercises that you can do today, so that your Twitter kick will look very smooth and we’re going to go over some drills on how to practice the tornado kick so That you can kick with confidence, so if you guys are ready warm up first and let’s get started really smooth run.

Just like runners, like this said it’s the same kind of concept, but in Taekwondo ready said from here. Where you go one, that’s all you need to practice. Okay, ready! Go what you notice when I swing my arms has to go in a parallel motion. Ready Set just like that, so if you master that first step, then your tornado kick is 50 % done. Second tip. Is we need to do that spin after your first step this time you have to turn your head really fast and control your body at the same time, so I’m here ready, set, go spin, really smooth, and you want to try to found this just like how I did ready set, go what and if you’re able to do this step, which is the most important one, because a lot of people lose their balance.

The reason why people lose their balance is they’re, leaning to one side I’ll, show you ready set 1 and from here. If I’m leaning forward what happens, is your body will go forward if I’m leaning backwards, ready set and from here? If I’m leaning like this, then I will just bounce backwards and the same thing. If I lean to the left side ready set and you lean to the left, then I went to this balance.

So it’s very important to keep your body straight. If we’re step number two notice, how close my legs are ready said just like that step number three, as your body fully turns all the way to facing the target. This time you have to use your knees and pan to jump, ready, go and from here. What you want to do is you’re going to lift up your left leg. So I still have my body’s forward and my knee is forward.

Then I can use that take off one. An open chest use my arms at the same time to gain that height a lot of people when they do the tornado kick. Sometimes you only spend ninety degrees and they try to take off from here. Then they can’t get that full rotation so for tip number three. You want to break it down step by step first and then, when you get used to it, then you want to try to combine it all together so step by step, ready, set one smooth hold and then from here and use your hands and knees up together.

Just like this, and once you go up you’re on a hop one practice this as many times you can and make this one smooth and you already 99 % there on your tomato peak bonus tip when you practice that one two and three is use a target. Just like this or something that’s this size, their shoulder width and you just grab on to it to the front just like this, and you use your hand to develop that smooth spin.

So I’ll show you ready one two, and this is a really good tip to use. I used it all the time and it will help your arms and your legs to get that nice symmetric line. So once you messed with the step, one two and three and you can make it smooth just like this ready, then you’re ready for the final step, really easy ready. Now the final step you just have to do that roundhouse kick and how you practice round scoop on the ground will determine how you will throw that round.

Kick when you’re doing the tornado kick so, for example, if I throw my round kick with my hip sticking out like this like that, then your basket will look like that when in the air and it’s not as powerful, but if you’re able to do a high-performance Round escape, which is pivot, 180 degrees, and push your hip forward as much as you can to make a straight line just like this, then your tornado kick will look the same so now, let’s put everything together step by step first and then, when you feel comfortable, Then you want to put it all together, so ready ready, go one, two, three four and notice my pivot or when I kick and land my foot has to be all the way turn just like this.

If your foot is not turn just like this dead, that’s what happens when your butt sticks out when you can read one and if I just jump and land without pivoting, I’m going to do one of these cakes, it’s actually harder. But if you can jump from here and turn this foot to the side and give it as you land, then you’ll be much easier. I’ll. Give you a bonus step from here, you’re going to spin and up at the same time, use your hands and knees, and this foot this knee here right here, I’m going to turn it all the way just like this, so that your body can gradually turn and Make your very smooth and throw that nice kick so I’ll.

Show you what it looks like in a smooth. So once you get all that down, you basically have your tornado kick and let me tell you our very fun way: you can land with style and I’m pretty sure everyone knows Iron Man, I love Iron Man myself and when he lands in the movies he lands. Just like this right, so when you do your tornado, kick you can mix up your style and just land with style, so I’ll show you.

So thank you so much for reading today. Kick that like button and subscribe to my blog and bam, bring that notification belt. So you can get awesome. Content like today, stay healthy, stay, active and keep safe. Everybody and we’ll see you in the next be vo message: Shawn’s YouTube article have a great day: fam

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