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Magnet Fishing – After Another Interview

That interview now and it’d be rude not to carry on magnet fishing see. What can find so, I see, unlike you, gents unplug wow, that come off must have been massive. Alex is just find a cash box and the other ones that the farm boxes yeah so ones at the forum box, oh yeah.

Well, we are getting camera well. If I was a fish cuz, it flapping about with crayfish, keep it up nice and muddy brilliant spots to keep which one do not so you’re not supposed to kill him yeah. This is something yeah I mean. What do I do with it, then? Just put it back so if walking past this airboat yard, we found our next purchase a green crane over there. So I, instead of pulled me back out he’ll use that bad boy, it’s quite killing it try these all boats lost mark one day, I’m going to have one one day.

Could all this some who’s a beetles there? That is a water junk, a lot, a big junk as well massive for Troy’s Wow yep, or did you left behind big big big girls off like a real, Bruce Wow? Get all bolt is off. That’s the strange on hittin, the bridge crazy. So alex is file free, MA, yeah yeah, that’s a lot. I saw like it. You knows. No, I bought got a nice scrub. Besides that steering wheel and in the bottom so yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, we just yeah.

We just have a quick to Mike. Now. Second, let’s have a go right, Ronnie yeah, so this is your magnet Gareth. Is it? Is it just a normal magnet or is it especially calendar mag? No, and so it’s called a recovery that a recovery, Mack yeah, even a recover stuff from the wall. What is designed for us yeah right, okay and then it’s just a neodymium magnet in the middle yeah in just a metal body with.

Is this a ludicrously strong magnet by any any any stretch of imagination? Okay, we’ve got this metal post here. Can here we go. Yes, we’re going to fly beeping this, so what careful my fingers it is. He kidding I’m ready whatever it is to live like golden see it shine.

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