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Bass Fishing NEW Ponds for BIG Bass – Tips and Catches

If this article gets a lot of likes, then I know I need to keep doing just these fun fishing blogs, teaching you guys how to fish at the end of all the fishing articles in overall, just having a good time making articles for you guys. So again, if you liked it leave the thumbs up, if you want to see me, do something different, throw a comment down below right now and enjoy the article. How do their folks today going pond fishing for big bass and I’m going to try to teach you how to do it step 1.

You got a tie on sewers, so the first thing you do is you got ta figure out what lures you’re going to take with you. So these are just a handful. My tackle boxes. I laid out that potentially have the lures that I’m going to use today, but of course I can’t take all those pawn fishing, so you got to eliminate a few. The pot I’m going to today supposedly has weeds in it. You know you kind of assume, especially if you’re in the Midwest or anywhere down south, if you’re fishing a pond, it’s probably got some weeds.

The first bucks I have here is deep. Pranks, don’t need these second box frogs going to keep these third box a bunch of crankbaits don’t need those fourth box. I have my day box, has a bunch of random stuff. I’m going to keep this one fifth box, jigs! There’s a lot of grass jigs! Don’t do too well and grass don’t need this one. Lastly, my six box square bills definitely don’t need this guy for those of you that don’t know today, boxes I’ll put a link in the description to the article, where I kind of briefly go over.

How I put all these lures in there, but everybody especially Bing fisherman – all you guys need Day boxes so right behind me here. I have all my soft plastics for the most part san’ko’s and ribbon tails, swim, baits and flukes, Krauze, toads, lizards and tubes. Last but not least, my favorite flipping, so once you get all your soft plastics out, you basically just want to pick apart couple bags from the each one put them in one box to take to the pond of the lures that you think you’re going to need.

So after some careful consideration, this is what I came up with. These are generally the soft plastics. I think I’m going to roll with I’ve got punching baits flipping baits saenko is just you know: creature baits, some flukes. I threw in some bigger swim baits. These Gambler Big Easy’s in in case they are big, and then I got some toads other than that. That’s pretty much! It’s just like a crab bait.

Some flipping baits beige that you would just generally throw in grassy ponds, there’s not really a right or wrong lure. You know you’re just going to go there. I’ve never been there. I’ve. Never I’ve known nothing about the lake, the pond, whatever you want to call it. I know nothing about it. So this is this. Article is kind of a stretch and I’m kind of just banking. On me actually looking like, I know what I’m talking about just like, I have a day box.

I have a day bag. Now this is a bag that you just feel what the lures that you think you’re going to use. So I’m going to go through my boxes and find just whatever I can fill up with this bag essentially of the lures. I think I’m going to use all right. Let’s go fishing quick! Stop for food normally go to jimmy-john to get a sandwich, but there are none near me right now, so Mik Danks will have to do.

How may I help you yeah? Can I get to Mik doubles? Thank you. Just got my mcdhh ank’s and uh says I’m right at an hour away from this pond, so we are going to drive for another hour I’ll, see ya pond all right, just made it to the pond here. So there’s been three ten pounders caught. How recently one was yesterday, so this year, three ten, so this year, they’ve come three ten pounders out of here, and one of them is yesterday.

Yes, they’ve all been like verified by the state and everything. So we are hopefully going to catch. A big fish got all my gear, I’m taking five poles with me see if we catch a giant all right. First cast going with the swimbait putting down the swimbait, it did not work, I’m going to try punching a little bit and if that doesn’t work, I’ll go to the old, reliable frog, not a giant. Oh got a little 2 pounder on the top water frog.

It’s good start to the day, no giant, but a making progress found not a fish. All right fish number one came on this frog here. If you want to know how I caught the fish today, make sure you stay to the end of the article and I’ll. Do a recap, all right, sieving, another one, there’s one! That’s a little guy yeah! Well, that’s the first punch fish. I’ve had in a little while just a little one and a half pounder, probably just a little guys now, but once it gets dark.

The big girl should come out to play another tiny one got another baby punching their fish. So far, so far, not impressed no Giants yet, but uh still got plenty of daylight. Hey you believe that thing I wan na. I might be better one yeah, that’s a better one: yep, that’s a big one: hey read out buddy, there’s going yeah, it might be about five pounder. There’s a good fish reel. Sonar scale says 514 514.

We’re looking to double that. But it’s a good fish. You! It’s getting dark, I am going to the truck and get a tie on a few top, our lures. Alright. What are you throwing? I think I’m going to tie on two or three. I keep the Frog Buzzbee all right. Well, I got a top waters on here. Those three setups top water frog buzz frog like a toad and a black buzzbait, all right, let’s see if we catch the top water fish.

How far is that other pond like if I went there for out like what’s the probability of me, hooking like one fish with a buzz Bay there? Let’s just do it alright! So what we’re doing we are quickly quickly quickly going to a new pond. It’s going to be dark, so hopefully it’s light enough for you guys to see. If you do end up catching a fish or two but uh we got ta hurry all right. It is 9:03 p.M. Super dark.

I’m going to take you guys with me. Use a GoPro and hopefully catch one within like the next 10-15 minutes. That’s all about the light that I have that you guys will be able to see I’ll, probably fish, past dark, but you won’t be able to see it um, let’s go Wendy minutes later. It is 9:27 ending the day I caught four fish for fish, three small ones and one five pounder, so it was good, but I’m going to drive home and do a recap over how I caught the big fish.

Essentially, that’s the only one that really matters. I caught it punching just only a tactic: I’ve used once or twice before. So if you wan na, learn how I caught that fish and then I’m going to talk about pond fishing just a little bit and how I go about catching fish on the ponds. So like that, make sure you stay to the end, if you don’t give out the stuff, then click out now the next day. Oh alright YouTube.

So it’s the next day, but you guys know I love doing these recaps at the end of all my fishing articles. That way that you guys read my articles and are wondering how, in the heck is this kid catching fish. Sometimes I asked myself that question, but I will do my best to teach you so I did catch one fish on a frog, but I’m not going to really go over that set up. I have a lot of other articles to talk about my frog fishing setup that you really are curious, I’ll, just put it down in the description, but I won’t talk about it.

But the way I caught, I believe, three fish, two Dinks and one five pounder, which was nice, is a biggest fish. I’ve ever caught punching came on this little punch rig set up here and essentially it’s just your standard punch set up. There’s nothing really special to it, I’m not very good at punching, but I’m guessing good enough to catch a five pound pond bass so quickly. I will go over the lure of the rod, the rail, the line and as well.

Let’s talk about a little bit why? I decided to go with this out of all the lures that you saw me put in my tackle box, so the lure itself, it is a, I believe, one and a quarter ounce tungsten weight its peg. That’s got a bobber stuff on it. It’s got a four OTT extra heavy flippin hook. I think it’s either must add. I think either must at our trocar, but I think it’s a must add it’s a for OTT and then I have the gambler.

This is the. Why not? This is one the best punching baits on the market. They use them all the time down in Florida, and I was using that in a black and blue color for the rod. I have a castaway flipping. Stick: that’s exactly what it’s called is a 76 X heavy rod now this can be used for a frogging flip and they think that. But for me it is my punching setup. It’s nice and stiff nice and sturdy. You guys saw a pull that five pounder out of a ton of weeds with ease the reel that I have is anything that’s like somewhat high speed like seven to one.

I believe this one is you just want something with enough drag to really get those fish out of thick cover and then for a line I have Seaguar. This is flipp’ n braid. This is 50 pound flippin braid. Now it’s braid that denny brauer designed to actually flip it is colored black, so the bass cannot see it. So this is like your ideal setup for punching and flipping heavy cover. Now. The reason why I think that is because it was super sunny.

It was super hot, I was sweating really bad and those fishes really didn’t seem to be active as far as top water goes. I did shut that frog around and caught that one fish on it that frog janvi actually gave me what I lost it as you. As you’ll see, if you stick to the very very end in this article, you’ll see me break that off. Jumpy gave me that one, it’s a nori sprog, something like that, but anyways.

I was not getting the strikes that I wanted. I tried the swim bait. I tried a Texas rig, I tried everything and I figured with the Sun being high with it being hot. The baths were probably under the cover, and so I decided to just start punch and just knock them on the head and see what I could get and I went three for three with punches just in that little area. So if you’re fishing ponds or lakes, anything with that type of cover, you want to have a couple words.

You definitely have a frog, you won’t have a punching setup and then you want to have either weightless saenko or lightly weighted Texas rig and that way you’re fishing, when all the maps are covered. If there’s a little open pocket in any of those mats that you saw like I was fishing, then you can flip that little Texas rig in there and kind of jig it up and down over all had a great time. I’m definitely going back to that pond because apparently there’s absolute freaking Giants in there and I would love to get my hands on that.

If you guys are liking this pond fishing stuff, please leave a thumbs up. I got a whole bunch of ponds lined up that. I’m going to fish later this week and I’ll take the cameras there and try to teach you guys how to fish ponds, because I know a lot of us do fish also got a peel box open and if you guys want to send me mail, andrew flair, P, o — box, eight boys town nebraska, six, eight zero one zero.

You can check the description for that, but please send me fan mail. I will make an unboxing and you know say your name. Whatever is I mean lures? Send me a note. You can send me whatever you guys feel like it. That’s it for this episode, guys thanks for reading


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