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High Ticket Sales: How I Make $20,000+ Month Through High Ticket Sales & Closing

What is going on guys? My name is Joey rich welcome to my blog in today’s article. I’m going to be talking about high ticket sales and I’m going to be talking about how I’ve been generating closely to about twenty thousand dollars a month for the last seven months through my high ticket sales closing business and I’m going to go ahead and show you.

My paypal, my stripe, to show you everything you know behind the scenes to be completely transparent as possible, and I’m also going to be giving you guys my exact blueprint on how I was able to do this in such a short amount of time. In nine months. Nine months ago I was a, I was working, a nine-to-five job and I got fired, and now I have a beautiful business with a beautiful team and I have some beautiful information.

I want to go ahead and share with you, because if you listening closely this kid for sure change your life, so stick with me we’re going to go behind the scenes. You know we’re going to teach you exactly what I’ve done the last nine months or so so you go ahead and do this too, so without further ado, let’s go ahead and get to my desktop, alright guys. So welcome to my laptop. I have nothing to hide.

So here is my PayPal. I had to use a couple accounts, but here’s one of my first ones in the past 2019 I generated almost $ 10,000 over here, I’m obviously liverish closing. This is my business. If I were open up my slack right now, this is where me and my team communicates just so you guys know that I am really a hundred percent doing this stuff, so livers closing right in a year, we’ve done thirty.

Two thousand dollars in our stripe account right over here and then here’s the last thing, which is a hundred and four thousand dollars. So this is when we transition to using dis new PayPal, so one hundred or four thousand dollars through your over-leveraged closing – and this is obviously my account I can refresh it – go to go to my side blog and shout out to alright. There we go, we got it closed, they made some passive income, that’s freaking awesome and someone went ahead and bought anyways guys.

The point of this article is obviously not to flaunt my money, but also we just wanted to show that to show you guys. You know, like I’ve, actually been doing this, so you know I have nothing to hide. This is completely transparent and basically this is exactly what I’ve done and I put this five step blueprint to creating a six-figure, phony sales empire for you, shoutout to my business partner. Jake Tran, if it wasn’t for him a lot of this stuff, would and haven’t been made to go ahead and click subscribe to his blog, very valuable member of mine team member of mine and business partner of mine.

So go ahead and give him subscribe. He definitely deserves it so back to the blueprint. This is exactly what I’ve done in order to where I’m at today right. So if we could look back right $ 28,000 in the last 30 days so step, one obviously connect with me social media, I’m not going to read all this stuff, it’s just you know some fun stuff. I like to write this is me with Tai Lopez. The CEO Alec, I’m very close to Tim.

This is me and my team, with Jason capital right over here. Oh, but one thing I wanted to go was first, is basically what it will before you know the Empire. What you really need to learn. First is a high income skill and now a high income. Skill is the skill that can make you a minimum of ten thousand dollars a month or more, which will basically be to 120 K a year. So as a skill set that you develop, that you can give value to the marketplace so to be clear, it’s not a job or a skill that you are trading time for dollars right! Think of a best basketball player.

Their skill is basketball that you trade their time, utilizing their skill and they get paid for it. The better you get at the skill, the more you get paid, unlike a job where you’ve got you know, you’re capped off by a manager or boss. So the higher your skills are than where you’re going to get paid, so skills pay the bills. Remember that so these are my heavy hitters. Does my VP of Sales might go ahead of sales? Jake, Tran and Tyler is really cool.

He started off the closer. I was my team, but nice actually working very closely with Kevin David, which is one of my clients, which is really cool. Um got over here. You got Brandon Carter that we met up, but this is just an example of. Why would you want to start a team? Obviously you could keep behind a percent profits to yourself, but I like using leverage – and I like getting – I like – I just like creating a team right.

So, for example, let’s say you’re selling a twenty five thousand dollar package at ten percent commission – and let’s say you already have a team, you can split it 50/50. So let’s say you have a closure that closes a deal boom, two hundred and fifty twenty-five hundred dollars. In commission so closer we get twenty twelve fifty you know they’re happy because that’s more money than they ever made in one hour right and then you get twelve fifty and then you’re happy because you taught them that skill and you made this passively, but obviously, if You’re starting off a hundred percent profits will be going to you, but, as you, you know further expanding your high ticket sales closing journey.

Eventually, you would want to get into a team as far for a passive income goes right and – and that’s just one deal literally – the power of this guy says leverage. So let’s say that let’s say that we have ten people do that deal. You just made. Twelve hundred and twelve thousand five hundred dollars, so it’s absolutely insane but step number one disturber. You guys need to listen very very closely.

Is you need to master the art of sales, persuasion, influence and closing I like to call it spic, spic, yeah SP. I seek a spic, so there’s two ways you can master this beautiful art of high ticket closing right high ticket sales is finding and learning under a mentor like what I did or to work in a regular sales job. Now. The way I personally learned, this Gil was when I started out as a personal trainer in 2016 and fortunately for me, I was working under the number-one salesperson in the entire company.

His name was Reggie and the way I closed him on becoming my mentor guy. You definitely want a mentor is that I told him I’ll work for free do extra stuff, that he needs to get done and just shadow him, and then that’s done multiple times. If you would teach me, but I got rejected eight times before I finally closed them and again I just closed them by saying yeah. I just want to work for free. I don’t need to get paid and I did that for six months straight without getting paid, but is the best thing I’ve ever done, because I went from a personal trainer and making around 800 to 1600 dollars a month to five thousand to eight at just 19 Years old, so if you look at my articles, my past articles, I have Chaplin articles.

I was able to travel so much because I had so much extra income at 19 years old that I didn’t know what to do. It sounds like. Let me just do some fun stuff, you know a 19 year old want to do so. That’s her! That’s the one I started realizing that holy crap, the more Skills I get. The more I learned, closing the more I learned in sales. The more money is going into my bank account, but, more importantly, in that too, the more people I’m changing lives, because you can’t help somebody unless you close them so number one is you definitely want to learn sales persuasion, influence and closing and exclaim er.

I’ve learned nothing else from nobody. Literally Reggie takes all the credit as far as my sales skills go and next thing that you can do right to where you actually can get sales job, because this is my another recommendation is obviously being a closer for influencer like what my team is doing or You’re going to get a job in that area, so you can master it so literally any sales job, that’s hiring right now, like seriously telecommunication sales, I even put base salary or which can earn with sales, so see how much higher this is compared to a regular Minimum-Wage job, so even if you’re, just looking for a higher income job sales is definitely where to go, and I mean I have links here to go ahead and for you guys to check out yourself, so you go ahead and look at it right.

Alright, I spy an old thing, I’ll fix it, but um I have links in there, so you guys can go ahead and search, shut up and apply. If you want to next thing that you’re going to do in step, number two is actually finding a business owner or influencer. So personally, this is really what I suggest. I only suggest that you go for the sharks and whales, so that means the top at the top. So this is the ideal criteria.

Cuz a lot of people don’t know who, what the hell it influenced or even means. It’s basically like a course creator consultant entrepreneur, business owner you, rather you really really want to make sure they have a well established personal brand, easy way to do that, check, YouTube ID Facebook website right and the more followers and subscribers they have the better, because that Is persuasion right there in a self, as in its authority? Three, you want to make sure you have a bundle amount of testimonials as in their program, their coaching, their services actually work for has marketing in place, something I already have leads coming in five.

They have an offer of a minimum of $ 1,000, the Commission rates are 10 %, even 10 % of $ 1,000 is a hundred dollars, and if you were to make that in 30 to 60 minutes, I mean that’s more. That’s literally someone just like full work schedule that you just made in one hour so very powerful, and this is basically how I closed my to calmly Club X, Kevin David as my influencer, and it was due to a face.

A Facebook group of clickfunnels right over here, which I suggest all you guys check out a lot of influence right here and a lot of people want to want closers on their team, like it’s super high demand right now, um, but I have a disclaimer a lot Of closers don’t really know how to close the way they should be to where influence are, will actually keep. Oh, but again, my main suggestion is going to Facebook groups.

One click funnels to the Facebook group of the influencer that you look up to and three. This is a hidden gem that no one talks about is SM a Facebook groups, not the reason why I say that is because lots of agency owners wants to scale, but the only way they’re going to do. That is if they outsource our closing, which is where you come in, and typically some people like to do recurring payments, which means that if you close a deal you get 20 % retainer going on.

Obviously you know you definitely want to find them in facebook groups, but there are people out there that give reoccurring income, and I talked to so many people out there that wants my closers to close over them. But I’m like you know, we’re we’re bombarded with it enough. Hi, take your clients that it is here’s my boy, Derek struggle. Another thing that you guys want to make sure you guys do is uh you guys.

This is people hi. This is a little secret technique. That’s only in liverish Academy that that I teach, but basically one way to attract influencer is just being a cool person, like literally a cool person, which is like a guy that needs that you don’t look needy, you’re, you’re, look cool! You come from you standpoint and you’re, just a regular person. You know your self-amusing and you’re. You don’t need anything from another person, a lot of influencers.

You know we talk and they get irritated of closers trying to closer them, because they’re so lean be neat and they’re coming from a frame of of just non value. So please don’t be one of those people. Obviously the next step is influencer outreach. Now, if you guys want my exact conversation and an exact script of what I sent here to Kevin David, as you guys can see right over here, it’s right over here, so here’s the winning general outreach script that I use to close Kevin David.

So I said: hey my name is Joey. I love your products and results. It brings I’m a closer to that special specifically focuses on closing deals for your for e-commerce. I would love to bring value to you by closing deals based solely on performance and on Commission. I stand by your brand product and want to help you increase your impact you’re, creating, which is what they do, I’m all in for helping you helping your business grow and helping the impact it create so go ahead and leave a message below on what you think.

If you can visit, if you decide for us to work together, I’m excited to see you and your business draw and impact great like literally. What I said here is is the article I sent to Kevin David. So, if you guys want, I know winning script here. It is, and let me tell you once I landed Kevin David as an influencer. That’s how my life immediately changed like immediately change and the reason why this script works right.

It’s one. You give credit to influencer, which they love, because people love validation to you show that you are a specialist in their field, which they all love, because people love working with people without our experts. Three, you only get paid when you perform, hence a pure commission basis, for you stand by their product, which shows you believe them even more five. You want them to. You want to help them with their movement and an impact or creating six.

You come from a place of giving a sense from a place of taking and seven it’s just a win-win scenario for you, the both of you guys. So that’s the reason why I work so this is Jake Kane make sure you guys subscribe to him very, very, very sharp guy, but if you guys want more in-depth training, I covered everything I did step-by-step to last 7 and 10 figure influencers and team leverage Academy, Which also will be a link down below and an for obviously results.

The results speak louder than words, and this is where obviously mastering influence persuasion closing comes in because, after you landed influence or you deserve, you need to deliver results. Now. The industry closing rate is 20 %, which is closing 2 deals out of 10, which is easy because when you master obviously persuasion closing the results will come now, since this is a blueprint I’ll give you my advice on the best way to get results.

Here. Are the top 4 tips for optimal results? 1, always coming from a place of giving meaning? You actually give a about the person you’re talking to, on the other end of the phone role playing and practicing the script to create and what your influencer gift or what your influencer gives. You obviously is better to create one yourself. Obviously, here’s the basic structure, you set the agenda for the prospect.

You greet you get to know them, you qualifying them pain, points hime with the desire and then basically show you how your product is the solution to pain and solution to their desire, and then, after that, obviously you’re closing the handle objections. 3. You set goals for yourself, so how many calls you’re going to make take create schedule for yourself have a goal of how many deals you want to close four give advice and solutions to problems to your influence or not.

This will really separate you from from the competition, because, if you’re giving them tools, resources to increase the odds of the sale if their leads suck tell them right, people love feedback that will help their business grow. So if you’re constantly proactive in this as a closer, you will just separate yourself from the marketplace like crazy next thing right. This is what I did is just create a team right.

So, after after after after you master all the last four steps, this is when you need to think about starting a team. If you have not even did step number one, yet don’t even worry about creating a team. This will be a long term, but basically you have to master against sales persuasion influence closing to run a team, but it’s easy. If you follow, the steps of your team will only be good as their leader.

So here are the things you should have in place before you decide to incorporate a team, so some things to keep in mind with sorry a team – and this is about working outside of the business now – is one having more leads than you can handle, because the Leads you get. Is the one you’re going to give to your closers to be able to be training? Your closers, that’s one of the biggest things you know.

Closers will learn from you, so you got to make sure you have an easy to follow. The script have trainings for them. I personally have a training portal for my team, so you can just follow that. So it’s even automated there and that’s that’s pretty much it. You just want to make sure that you’re focusing on more leads to get your closures and then training them to become better in sales. Now, at this point, you’re like – where do I find closers and that’s a great question, because here’s a great answer, the place you find closers is actually Facebook groups, like literally like click funnels all you’re going to do is, is do a post like this, like phone Closer required and from there you’ll see, has 29 comments.

A lot of people are looking to close for somebody because they can’t land it influencer themselves. So next thing is up. Work obviously use a search closer. Those are real good places and resources to find to find closers if you’re at this point of their journey. So next thing that I do have, if you guys want live mentorship from me specifically on how I was able to do this and also my VP of Sales.

So when we first started this team right, I was dying for select some one-on-one mentorship to prevent making beginner mistakes, but we couldn’t find anything decent to lean on. So that’s why I’m really really proud to now. It’s team leverage Academy. So this is what I mentioned. A little bit earlier, if you want to find an influencer, I go really more in-depth there, so it’s literally for less than a dollar a day may go up in value in the future.

Obviously, but basically you just get exclusive a-to-z coaching program. That’s designed to show you step-by-step on how to build a successful closing business from the ground up right. On top of this most in-depth lesson, library we’ve created to the problem or we’re releasing to the public you’ll get my weekly live mentorships with me, there’s chief sales officer dealing a star where we break down your calls, your role play and, more so again in Celestin, A dollar a day, it’s proven training on how to actually learn it.

Influencer, I’m there’s no upsells here the best part about this too, as well. Team live rich academies. I’m also looking for closers to be a part of my team, and this is a good way for us to really see for closer or not because we’re actually going to be in live real place with you and, if you’re a person. That’s like whoa this guy. This person has it down. This person has a lot of potential. We want you to be a part of the live for a 2-bit and we would want you to be a part of my team, 100 % so again guys here’s my team just absolutely killing it.

Neels he did a $ 1000 a day as and he made a thousand dollars in commission of one day – crazy made people’s paychecks in one freaking day right. So if you guys want this I’ll be down below uh, but other than that guys, I’m going to go ahead and go back to my camera. Okay. So thank you for reading that full article. You are absolutely tight for that and dope and amazing and cool. So here’s what I want you to do go ahead and click that subscribe button.

I will be posting more valuable content when it comes to health, wealth, love, happiness, the whole nine to leverage and go ahead and hit a like button. You know show the brother some love hit. It comment down below of what you think. What what you want me to cover next and go ahead and join my private Facebook group. I go, live there every week, so go ahead and draw my my facebook group also down below and that’s pretty much it guys.

So I hope you have a freaking awesome day. I hope you master the skills of closing and then go ahead and get this business up and running I’ll. See you guys in the next article peace

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