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Rapid Production With ScreenFlow – Part 2 – Using Templates

This is the second article in our article workflow workflow series, and so just to remind you of how we’re naming footage here. Here’s here’s an example of I’ve named this article project that I just this is actually the save out of ScreenFlow and it’s a 2013 06 01 and then the next 01 is the number of the article. That’s another important thing: if you shoot 18 articles one after another, you better darn well number them, so you know which is which so the first step.

This is the first article in this series and the name of it is creating edible, put a table. Edible editable footage so now we’ve got that one done and if we go over here and look in our PR reach assets, we will see yes. Indeed, we have our mp4 file here so now the next step. Well, if if this was a article, that a piece of footage that I was going to put on put on the web really quickly I’ll just walk you through how I would do it I for myself and then we’ll figure out how to do this for Rob Here I’ve got these article templates here.

I’ve got some old Camtasia ones I haven’t used in years, but here’s the primary one I use, which is this template for ScreenFlow for the inside track party. So I’m going to right click and say duplicate and take that and drop it into this project and, let’s see so too so all I did was change this ScreenFlow project to eben, pagan, accelerate press release all right now, let’s open this file up and you can See what’s in it, this is really important, because if you do this, it’ll save you loads of time when you’re doing article edits.

So you see inside this project, it’s very simple for – and I do all my article editing in ScreenFlow. So all i’ve done here is the first thing to get a project ready. Is you click the resize here and you change the background of white, the defaults black and I much prefer the white letter boarding to black and then you just say apply, and that gives you a white background to work with. I used to take a white ping image and stretch across the whole thing and inside this there are a couple of pieces here.

One is this front piece that I’ve just got inside track party, and then you know some bullets and then I’ve got. My next thing here is another part of the front plate. Template is your the right place if you love having the inside track on living world? In which love join your tribe today get the inside track. So these are common elements that occur in most of my articles, so we’ll go back over here, oh and also there’s a bumper, this little audio track so that audio track.

I just put together in about 15 minutes inside of GarageBand years ago, and if you ask me how I did it, I I would just have to get back into GarageBand and play around with it. I just I was one of the first thing, as I ever did in GarageBand. I just fooled around with it and and messed around with it, adding instruments to an existing track and or what was it now. I took a bunch of beats and remixed them to come out with an original sounding stinger.

So let’s go over here to our front plate and then we’re going to change this. To, let’s see, I guess you know well i’ll, show you how I would do it. I would change this to David favor and announces and you know maybe I’d change this domain to mine, and I do you know reformat this different ways I could go. I could cut this and put it up here and help if I spilled, announces right and then was this eben pagan, accelerate and then there’s a bunch of blank spaces here which ought to be getting rid of goop oops.

So I clicked outside of the box and then inside the box wants to get the handles and just squinch in this up together. It looks like there’s two block lines in there, so I got rid of one very mount seen and I’d probably change this to heaven. Peg and accelerate alright, so here’s our and I’m just dragging this to get a centered bang and I hit the command save to save it. So now I’ve got my front plate done and then I’m just going to go over here to where is my asset folder and I’m going to take my mp4 file and drop it here in the media bin and now we’re done with this? We don’t need this piece, because this is.

We just got one piece of footage. So now I’m just going to take this one track bring down here. Take my audio bumper and my text. Bumper save the the project which is command s again, see how it looks. Welcome to another PR reach com, article news release in today’s news: eben pagan, accelerate bonus, total more than three thousand dollars reveals black box social media and online marketing company that utilizes the latest digital marketing strategies to assist small businesses with getting found online.

As a noun surprise, I noticed that her voice is a little bit out of sync. I I mean I won’t do it on this article, but I would probably go back and try to add back in my a sink one option to the re, rapper and then I’d probably also go back and maybe try a few things to maybe transcode it into An MOV container instead of an mp4 container and see if I could sink her voice up a little farther, but this is good enough for government work right now.

Now I’m going to hit the resize canvas and we’re going to change this to a normal 1920. 1080 P whoops to provide type 1080 correctly. Now, let’s make sure that we’ve got this all lined up alright, so everything looks good here and just going back as I did this really fast. If you click this resize canvas, I just change this to the normal 1080p format, which is 1920 x, 1080 p and then i’ll right click on this and i’ll say add starting and ending transitions, which is, if you, if you now read what happens, is this sort Of fades in slowly and then that’s it for me that this is.

This is the final, the final project for me and then I would go up and say export, and this is really important to we’re going to export it. A hundred percent and i’m going to hit customize and always export at say current for the frame rate and then for dsl’s or sales letters. Things like that always do a thousand bits kilobits per second, and always do what ever the lowest frame rate like eight, because you don’t need a 30 or 15 or 60 frame per second article.

If it’s just a article sales letter, because the the amount of changes between frames is so low that the love that the low frame white you’ll never even notice it with em – and I now for article footage with moving people like this girl, I’d, say export at The current and I cap this at 5000 kilobits per second, and that’s it the fastest fastest in code, use always single pass instead of multi pass, because the multipath doesn’t really buy you much anymore, and then here I’ve got quality is set at best whoops, just like It’s disappeared off the screen here, a little bit, so the quality is said best in this is set a mono recording or mono output.

So that’s! Ok! That’s! Ok! Let’s just see how long this! This is a two point, two three two and a half three minute article. So let’s see how long it would take if I was actually going to export this. So let’s go in here and again we’re going to export this as our the same name here. So I’m going to choose that as the name up here and instead of going to the desktop, i’m going to say other and i’m going to export it directly into the pr reach a set place.

And let’s see how long this would take. Ok so see, it says that it’s only going to take three minutes to export a three minute article. Now here’s an important consideration if you’re doing this on a machine like see how can I explain this? Actually, let’s, let’s go back to our terminal window. All this is exporting. I can explain this well here, i’m going to say i’m going to run the program top and I’m going to say, sort the output by a cpu time.

Now, if you look at the CPU indicator here, it’s running at tell us this net. Telestream is the export function of ScreenFlow and you’ll notice. There’s this line and this line and both of those are running near three hundred percent. So that means that this export function is taking six hundred percent of the CPU. Now, what that means is that I’ve got a I’ve, got a quad core, hyper threaded processor in this machine, which means they’re eight cores.

So that means that you could realistically export at eight hundred percent of the CPU, because that’s eight cores so eight times 100 is 800. This is so efficient that it’s using you know something like seventy five. Eighty percent of the entire machines throughput right now is now dedicated towards Telestream. Most programs are very, very bad about using the full power of the machine to export. The ScreenFlow program is really good at making use of all the available processors.

So it’s sucking up all the processor time, which is what we are after so we’ll go ahead and put this in background will cancel this because we don’t really require to do that now. So that’s at three minutes! So if you, if you do the math really quickly, if you were doing that same export on a machine with only a single core, it would probably be between something like 18 to 36 minutes for the 3-minute footage output.

So that’s another consideration is when you’re doing exporting, like if you’re setting up, for example, a mobile platform to do article encoding, which is what i’m talking to rob about, then what you do is get you a one of the latest macbook pros that has a quad-core Hyperthreaded processor in it, so you get eight cores. In fact, the current macbook pros have a processor that is more powerful than the imac that i’m using here to do this article on.

So I would guess that if you were using one of the new macbook pros that export time for a three minute, article would probably be around two minutes, which is just insanely. So now. What I’m going to do is close down this article and then we’re going to go through and I’m going to try to drop in a green screen behind this and then after I’ve got the green screen image behind it. Then I’m going to go and drop in rob’s PR reach bumper and trailer assets.

So we’re going to save this we’re going to stop this. You

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