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How to Find Long Tail Keywords on Google Adwords

Is it actually tells you the projected monthly searches with no costs, so it just tells you if you’re free and you can just make a Google AdWords account with any gmail email. So you basically just go up here and you sign in make an account whatever you have to do, and you can go up to this tab up here and the tools and then you can click keyword, planner and I’ll. Bring you right here. So, basically, there’s three different options here: there’s search for keywords using a phrase, and this basically allows you to type in a keyword that you know you want to find the search volume for, and it will give you a massive list of like you know, 700,000 different Keyword phrases that are very similar and related to that and kind of helps.

You, you know, come up with new ideas or new keywords, for you know PPC campaigns or for no specific niche articles or web pages that you want to build out, and then you also get search volume data trends for just one, so you can just type in One keyword and find it there, and this is kind of the same thing where you can do a new keyword and get combinations or different keywords that have to do with it.

So what I like to do is actually just go into this, and this might look confusing at first, but don’t worry about any of it other than up here and we’re just going to type in keyword. So let’s say you know, I want to make a youtube article and I want to make a youtube article about. I don’t know Instagram followers, so I actually made a article about this the other day and I actually did this process.

So this will kind of be a good example for me to go through you with, but let’s just set it. I wanted to do a article about Instagram followers, so I can just type in Instagram followers here, and this is basically going to plug it into the Google system and give me the feedback for monthly searches. So, as you can see here, average monthly searches for this keyword – or this keyword phrase is 1.5 million, which is absolutely insane you’re, obviously never going to rank for that and if we want, we can actually just pull this up right here.

So you can just go against the grand followers, and so this right here is all the top. These four right here are actually paid google ads, but down here, Instagram followers and screen followers. These are all like the top ranked pages for this keyword, so these are getting like massive traffic. If this is a 1.5 million monthly search keyword and this right here, the competition – you don’t need to pay attention to that.

Unless you’re trying to run a Google ad for it, basically that’s just the competition for paid, so you know the competition for these top four right here, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you’re trying to organically rank but it’ll, probably be pretty low anyways as you’re doing something very niche specific or a longtail, and if you don’t know what a longtail keyword is, it’s basically like you know instead of Instagram followers.

So if we go here, average monthly searches and flip it around let alone so these are all like the lowest ranked one. So a longtail keyword would be something like alright, so I searched through a little bit and I found a couple examples so right here it says: buy 100 real Instagram followers. Now this isn’t like the longest tailed keyword, but it is pretty specific, so buy 100 real Instagram followers is the phrase it has 90 outer searches a month and the competition’s.

Obviously, really I because there’s probably a lot of you, know apps or different things where you can buy followers that are paying to be advertised for this keyword phrase, but if you’re trying to rank for something organically, you know all of these keywords got is like just Look for something very specific! Basically, so you knowns like how to get followers on Instagram in the month of May or how to get followers on Instagram for a car page like basically, there is so many super specific keywords you could find on here.

There’s 700 of them and you can actually export this list. You can download it onto a excel file of CSV and you can just sort it on there if you don’t feel like scrolling through this, but you know just look at the average monthly searches find something very, very, very specific and the more specific you go, the Easier, it will be to probably rank for it and that’s just kind of a good way to gauge how you should title and optimize your articles or your webpages for keywords.

So you know, if you’re, just targeting this keyword right here, Instagram followers with your new Instagram. Well, YouTube article or webpage you’re, probably never going to rank on here, guys so you’re not really helping to grow at all. You know, but if you rank for more Instagram followers like just because I forgot enough, I don’t know like just different types of longtail keywords that you can rank for.

You could rank for this way easier than you could rank for this. So basically, you’ll just be getting a high ranked on the Google search platform and you’ll be at the very top for any people that search that term. Rather than being you know, on the seventieth page for people that search this term, so you’ll get a lot more clicks, a lot more engagement and these people will be a lot more high quality because they’ll be coming in on a keyword.

That’s just very, very, very specific, so you know if you have how to grow Instagram followers for an automotive page, and that has a hundred searches a month and you rank on the first page, all of those people that click on your link are going to be. Looking for exactly what you have, you know, if you rank on this page, which you never will, but just in a hypothetical sentence, if you do you’ll get a lot of clicks.

Obviously, but all these people are just going for a broad term of Instagram followers. You know think of it like a pay-per-click campaign, you know it’s just the more specific you are, the higher quality of leaves or people are going to be, coming to your site and they’re going to be looking for exactly what you have if it’s super specific. So just keep that in mind when you’re making online content, you want to optimize it for longtail keywords, and this tool is just a really good tool to use to help.

You find you know the search volume for different things and also just to help you find new ideas. You know you wouldn’t think of any of these, but Google just gives them to you for free with their monthly search on it so and beyond. Just organic. You can obviously run paid for you can search or sort by competition or Sophia suggested bid. So this is a cost per click bid, and could you Amazon the exact same thing, but it’s just the Google ad will just be words.

You know. So when you look down here, it’s just words. Obviously no pictures, but you know the possibilities are pretty much endless, and this is just a very good tool tons of information for you to use, especially if you’re going into affiliate marketing. This is huge. I know I’m going to be utilizing this and for my YouTube page trying to rank articles, so hopefully this is helpful for you guys if you have any questions or want me to go over something further with you.

I can I’m not an expert at this, but I do have pretty good experience and using Google AdWords. So again, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me and if you enjoy the article, please leave a like drop, a comment and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace.


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