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Using the Google Keyword Tool for SEO research

So the idea is we’re looking for keywords that real people type in to Google. So in one says, word: Allah is typed your flares there and we’re using car service and underneath, when you click the search button, google will show your things that people search for including car service, it’s also using the plurals as well and me.

So what kind of service and car service so we sing? It shows you down here and just give you some ideas and be like brainstorming. So what else can we do over here? Instead of the will click that phrase that includes praises where our term, which is cursor vez, is part of the whole phrase. If we click exact, it give us a more focused idea. It tells us these figures here, but it says: executive, car service 105 at the real number of people that actually do search for this particular keyword.

If we do with phrase are broad match there is, there is also not as accurate. So what’s next over here. We can, supposing we had a lot of cities in here and we didn’t want them like. We’ve got leads there and glasgow liverpool. What you can do you make a list of cities, comma separate your list, sep separate your list with commas, and then you can just type in there or you can tackle them one at a time if you want to and that will get rid of all whatever You typed into this exclude terms.

List will be excluded from here and i’ve typed in loads of city names so that the city names are excluded from here, they’re, not on the list anymore. You can include terms if you want to some to force the attempt to be in the the the search phrase down here. What else can we do? You can filter them, supporting you think or 4000? That’s a big. You know it some time to get on with hundreds of thousands and they’re they’re very difficult to compete against.

So what you can do you can filter the results so that you only see the results with greater than or lesser than numbers, so we’re going to children’s more than a thousand searches and and less than 5,000. So let’s have a quick search. I’ve look down here now. There’s no search is a buh buh 5000, a non less than 1000 we’ve limited what we, the search results, were going to see now, if you’re searching for them a local search and this box here is just getting in your being the way this, like this column Of the table is getting in the way you can get rid of that by clicking columns and that’s the global monthly searches.

Contour one ticket click apply and that columns gun is just saves as getting confused. We having too many columns right now, sometimes if you’ve got a cafe at a restaurant or something like that, you might want to see how many people who use more by all devices are searching for your search terms. So well, it says advanced options. Here, click, the little button, advanced options, show ideas and statistics far.

We’ve got itself desktops and laptops, but we’re going to choose mobile devices with full internet browsers. Then we’ll search again – and this will tell us both us there – not many people – 13 /, but I’ve suspicious specific keyword terms on a mobile phone. If you had, if you was a restaurant, then you would get much more because those sort of searches are done on mobile phones. What else have we got? Oh, what else you can do as well, supposing you’ve got a competitor and you think I they’re doing a really good job.

They know what they’re doing you could use their website. Let’s try now, supposing you with a search engine, optimization person, and you wanted to know what Google salt would be good search terms. Far of a site like ser mas, you can just sit. I will go back to with the lot more about farm on desktops and laptops and we’ll see. Now these are things that Google thinks would be a good match for the the website that we’ve typed in here.

So you got word off Liz. Our website we’ve typed that one into the web cycle well I’ll, leave it there, because I want to keep this a really short article, but that gives you a really quick idea of what you can do with a google keyword tool. Thanks for reading


By Jimmy Dagger

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