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Using the Google Keyword Tool for SEO research

So the idea is we’re looking for keywords that real people type in to Google. So in one says, word: Allah is typed your flares there and we’re using car service and underneath, when you click the search button, google will show your things that people search for including car service, it’s also using the plurals as well and me.

So what kind of service and car service so we sing? It shows you down here and just give you some ideas and be like brainstorming. So what else can we do over here? Instead of the will click that phrase that includes praises where our term, which is cursor vez, is part of the whole phrase. If we click exact, it give us a more focused idea. It tells us these figures here, but it says: executive, car service 105 at the real number of people that actually do search for this particular keyword.

If we do with phrase are broad match there is, there is also not as accurate. So what’s next over here. We can, supposing we had a lot of cities in here and we didn’t want them like. We’ve got leads there and glasgow liverpool. What you can do you make a list of cities, comma separate your list, sep separate your list with commas, and then you can just type in there or you can tackle them one at a time if you want to and that will get rid of all whatever You typed into this exclude terms.

List will be excluded from here and i’ve typed in loads of city names so that the city names are excluded from here, they’re, not on the list anymore. You can include terms if you want to some to force the attempt to be in the the the search phrase down here. What else can we do? You can filter them, supporting you think or 4000? That’s a big. You know it some time to get on with hundreds of thousands and they’re they’re very difficult to compete against.

So what you can do you can filter the results so that you only see the results with greater than or lesser than numbers, so we’re going to children’s more than a thousand searches and and less than 5,000. So let’s have a quick search. I’ve look down here now. There’s no search is a buh buh 5000, a non less than 1000 we’ve limited what we, the search results, were going to see now, if you’re searching for them a local search and this box here is just getting in your being the way this, like this column Of the table is getting in the way you can get rid of that by clicking columns and that’s the global monthly searches.

Contour one ticket click apply and that columns gun is just saves as getting confused. We having too many columns right now, sometimes if you’ve got a cafe at a restaurant or something like that, you might want to see how many people who use more by all devices are searching for your search terms. So well, it says advanced options. Here, click, the little button, advanced options, show ideas and statistics far.

We’ve got itself desktops and laptops, but we’re going to choose mobile devices with full internet browsers. Then we’ll search again – and this will tell us both us there – not many people – 13 /, but I’ve suspicious specific keyword terms on a mobile phone. If you had, if you was a restaurant, then you would get much more because those sort of searches are done on mobile phones. What else have we got? Oh, what else you can do as well, supposing you’ve got a competitor and you think I they’re doing a really good job.

They know what they’re doing you could use their website. Let’s try now, supposing you with a search engine, optimization person, and you wanted to know what Google salt would be good search terms. Far of a site like ser mas, you can just sit. I will go back to with the lot more about farm on desktops and laptops and we’ll see. Now these are things that Google thinks would be a good match for the the website that we’ve typed in here.

So you got word off Liz. Our website we’ve typed that one into the web cycle well I’ll, leave it there, because I want to keep this a really short article, but that gives you a really quick idea of what you can do with a google keyword tool. Thanks for reading


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⭐ How to do a keyword research with Searchmetrics

You can do that keyword, research analysis. So let’s keep up with some examples based on Samsung and let’s say that we are looking for 4 inch. Smart TV, so that we can get an overview of how this keyword is performing and here search metrics. We will tell us the search volume which is 19,000, so it’s quite high volume in the US market or as well.

Here we can see the volume spread and, of course November you can be related to Black Friday. That’s why it’s termed that it’s looked more, but here do you really want to compete for the 99 % all of your company? Your business is a big assumption. Then you’re the one driving to aim for high competitive keywords. Here you can see the cost per click. If you are also looking for a search engine advertisement plan here, you will have similar keywords.

You can try also ranking for, for example, an idea for a blog post will be 10. Sheep 40 inch smart TVs that you can buy here you can, you would have to be creative and try to keep looking for which keywords have enough or a good search volume, because if you are aiming for, I don’t know, let’s see these prices four inch. Smart TV prices, which it could be related with some other important keywords, but this doesn’t have search volume and the course portlet is quite high.

So it’s not really a good keyword to be ranking for the keywords that I usually recommend or try to aim for. Are the ones who have a search volume bigger than for 500 knee up or whatever 400 can be really somehow good? Here you can keep looking best for each party article 2014, the year you can update it and it will be easier to run for, but I was going to say say: the search volume is not quite relevant, trying to keep up with peer numbers here in search Volume, so we can see also the competition.

Let’s look for cheap full inch mark DB. Competition is quite high as well. If you really click on the term that you want, I want to show you as well here you will get which websites are the main positions which one are under 11 for second page. So if your competiting against companies like Walmart Best Buy Amazon Target which are high an important domains with really high domain Authority, let’s keep looking in comparing some just to show some our examples.

Past 40 inch Smart TV with Wi-Fi again, competition is high-tech, rather best by which are the ones in which these are keywords that are aiming to sell. Let’s look also keep looking for this cover. You know one to show you another example. We can try how to same and believable people are still looking for it here. You can see that 7000 search volumes per month, mainly here on me, but it’s actually a lower competition so another – I don’t know if you are also supplying for companies or giving advices of Technology how to use the most simple thing.

Well, for most of us to send an email where you can write a blog, also how to send an email, if you want to keep it up on longtail keywords: how to send it on Gmail through a phone and so on. So this is the keyword, research tool of search, metrics search, metrics essentials with this article. I finish up my lists. I hope that you liked these articles and we can keep in contact, don’t forget to leave a comment or if you have more questions about how to be better or run better on search engine optimizations, we can try and keep up working together.



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Keyword Research with google keyword planner / How to find good keywords?

So if you don’t know what it is, google keyword planner is basically a free tool that is used to help make informed decisions about keywords. A keyword is basically anything you can type into a search box. People will call it long tail keywords and keyword, phrases and there’s a bit of semantics that go into there, but if you’re, just starting out, that’s not something that you need to worry about getting back to keyword, planner.

It was a tool that was built out by Google for advertisers, so it would be easier for them to go ahead and create campaigns on google adwords, basically letting them know information about who’s. Looking for what, at whatever time and how much money, it’s going to cost you to get that click, so you will be able to find information relevant to your audience without wasting your time and money. So if you’re, just starting out, you don’t really need to go ahead and spend hundreds of dollars every month buying new tools.

You just try this out see if you have all the information you need and once you’ve narrowed down your results, your research into a specific section, and only then will you really need to worry about more and more complex and intricate tools. So, to start off, we need to figure out what keyword research is, and why do you need it and who needs it? So if you don’t know keyword, research is basically research on keywords.

That’s pretty self-explanatory, figuring out what people are looking for, figuring out, whether your business aligns with them whether these are the right type of people being able to rank on those ads and, finally, to increase your sales and revenue. We’re basically going to be going over three things in these tutorials, using keywords for SEO, using keyword, planner to drive better results on your PPC campaigns.

That’s pay-per-click and finally, the nitty-gritty of keyword. Research will basically go ahead and look for a keyword that we use in our own agency, so you have a real life working example like we were saying, keyword planner can be used by two people. One are business owners that are trying to create campaigns and finding keywords to convert on it’s pretty much the same process. The only difference is if you’re, a business owner of your goal is to look for a very low small, complete, very low competitive keywords, so that you can spend as little money as you can and ranked number one in that specific search term.

So you can get more visitors that are looking for the ideal target, but if you’re into content, it’s a bit different because you want to rank for that highest hardest, most the keywords behind with the most money. So, if you’re into content – and if you have your own niche blog, if you’re writing about gardening in San Francisco or something it’s a bit different, because you want to rank for the highest competitive keywords.

So if your goal is to make money on your blog with google adsense or something, then you want to make sure that you’re trying to back keywords that have a lot of money behind them. So you don’t want to be the number one blog of a very obscure category with no money behind it. One thing that we found recently when we were doing some research for software is that open source key programs like open source CRMs, an open source.

Anything has very little competition because, to be honest, there is no money to be made in that people that are looking for open source software are generally not the guys that are looking to pay money. So that’s a really cool thing: if your model is generating revenue through google adsense, that’s not the niche you want to be in. So that’s one side of the spectrum. The other side of the spectrum are business owners.

Whether you want to try to create content on your own blog and rank for a specific keyword or you want to figure out which keywords have actual value and which you can afford to get a click for. Because if you want to find something like diet or weight loss, it’s going to be ridiculously competitive for you, so you can’t really sell products on that through google adwords. Well, you could but you’re not really going to make a profit unless you have insane conversion rates, because you’ll be looking at spending tens and twenty dollars per click and above so, what you’re trying to do is look for a decent keyword, which you think we’ll have Good results now, of course, this doesn’t justify everything, there’s still a ton of a/b testing that you need to do with words with URLs with designs and that’s a different topic for another day.

If you don’t have an account already go ahead and create one by going to edwards, google com – and you can just sign in with your google account if you want to the signup process, is very basic. If you’ve built a gmail account, you know how to do this, so once you create your google account, you will be locked into the dashboard of Adwords and it’ll. Show you what you’ve been doing. So if you haven’t done anything right now, it’s just going to be an empty dashboard, but on the navigation bar you’ll, see an option called tools inside tools once you click on the Tools, menu you’ll have a bunch of submenu items, go ahead and click keyword planner Inside that, and now we’re actually ready to begin so once you’re, there you’ll see four different tools in two different categories.

The first category is find new keywords and get search volume, data and the second category is for budgets and forecasts, so we’ll only be looking at the first one, really because unless you’re a very advanced user and are currently spending a lot of money on AdWords, that’s Really not something you’ll be looking into inside that you have three options: search for new keywords, using a phrase website or category second option is get search, volume, data and trends and finally, multiply keyword list to get new keywords.

The first option, the first tool so we’ll just call the tool. The first tool is perfect if you are in the lookout for ideas. Well, if you list your product or your seed keyword, your first thing it’ll basically create a bunch of derivatives of that keyword. It’ll use various amounts of data from your product, your service, and if you input your website, it will go through your landing page and it will see what you’re trying to sell the more information you give this.

Basically, the better results it’s going to give for you. So Serge viral is a digital marketing agency right. The main product that we actually sell is social media management. Let’s go ahead and use this to get some actual results on a campaign that we can use to get more businesses to pay us to manage their social media. What we’re going to do is go ahead and type social media agency, or you could say social media management.

Let’s just go ahead and do that because that is the product, not the type of business and we’ll go ahead and put Serge viral calm locations. So initially we are currently actually looking for a campaign we’re doing a bunch of ads to advertise to people in the UK, so I’m going to go ahead and have United Kingdoms United Kingdom’s as my country. So if you are in the UK, you would know that Google AdWords is expensive and that’s not really a bad thing.

As long as the market makes sense, you wouldn’t really have a problem. There is a bunch of stuff that you want to do this. The first thing is the product key words: these are what your product is, you can add more than one you can add like a bunch of stuff so like, if you have a I mean we could technically add like social media SEO, digital marketing and all of That to get results customized directly to your business, but we’re doing this on a very micro level, because we want to only sell this one product because we have capacity to handle a lot of that.

And that would be perfect for us right now because, unlike SEO, Google Keyword planner is about giving you instant results. You don’t want a plan for like two years ahead, because these things change and you will have to keep on updating these stuff. So I’m ready to sell social media management right. We have your landing page and we’ll click United Kingdom English. We can check check google and google + Partners.

I ideally search for Google because I don’t need that information right now, so negative keywords it. This is a very interesting a lot of people completely disregard that, and that’s a really bad thing to do so. What a negative keyword is is that it removes a specific. It removes a specific type of people so, for example, if you’re selling in a item that you know that someone, if it’s a very confusing item right, for example, if it’s social media management – and we can put tools as a negative keyword, because we don’t want people That are looking for social media tools.

We want people that are looking for social media agencies and it can be very confusing. So if someone is looking for social media management tool, we’re not their customer, we want people looking for social media as a service. So do we have that you can change the date range? How, since when have they taken it? What we generally do is we take it from July, and we just take it, as you know, as far back as possible, just because we could get a better understanding of that information.

We can have keyword filters based on the amount of searchers, so whether people are looking for only a hundred times or you want to avoid people under a specific amount of searches, and you can decide how the competition you want it to be. Of course, a initially. If this is your first time, I think you should avoid this, but yes, you have this information. You only show ideas that are closely related.

So what I? What we basically do is the first time we just go completely ham and then worry about this later. You can always refine and you will have to refine, but don’t worry about that right now, so we have the search traffic data, so we know that yes, it’s gone up slightly on average. Now, for that specific keyword that we’re looking for social media management – that’s pretty brutal, it has two thousand six hundred searches average per month, which is great.

The competition is medium, but the suggested bid is insane. So if I’m getting a click, they expect me to put twenty dollars well, seventeen dollars and that just doesn’t make sense right. So we need to figure out. I mean we can do a bunch of things. We can try to figure out if there’s something cheaper. Like look at this digital agency SEO, there’s 10 people looking for it and the suggested bid is madness, so we can do a bunch of things right now that we have that information.

We can. We know the trends of data you can see if people, what type of people look for this mobile has grown up. I think that I mean mobile. Tate has gone up. That’s probably just more people using mobile devices, then actually that specific search term going up. So we have this information and how exactly is it? Do we find something that we think makes sense right like social media, for dummies, this isn’t someone.

So what you need to do is go through these keywords, one by one really and go through these ad group ideas right. So ad group ideas are basically bulk keywords that, for example, if you click digital agency, it breaks down into little little keywords in that. For you to see, if there’s actually any viability, so it suggested bit if you have keywords without suggested bids. That generally means that not a lot of people are advertising on.

It could also mean that there’s very few people so that it doesn’t really show stats. So, for example, let me just check this out. You can open, add it in ad preview to see if, okay, let’s preview, this in the United Kingdom and we will see ya. So there is a ton of advertising on this particular keyword, and we really don’t want to hit that, even though it says like, even though it’s a dash it just basically doesn’t have enough data because there’s only probably like one or two searches.

So if they say ten, it’s generally between 0 to 10, so we’ve done I mean before I did this article. We went through like a bunch of keyword, ideas to find exactly what we wanted and what we’d really figured out was. You need to understand how a customer your specific customer would think right. So you would need to understand how your specific customer would think and what we did was we found out that we can go ahead and I mean a lot of agencies.

Don’t really have their pricing publicly visible. There was a ton of people that were just looking for social media management price. Even though social media management price was ridiculously expensive at ten dollars. We managed to find that there’s a good bunch of people that are searching for social medium packages. You can see that the trend is generally going up. There is about 140 people, yes, that’s not a ton of people, but you don’t need to find keywords with millions and thousands of people searching for.

Actually it’s better. If it’s a small group of people that you think are going to be your perfect audience right, we can see that is medium competition, but the suggested bid is low. There are people advertising on it, but it’s something that you can test out because for for our product in particular, you’re looking at spending 300 plus dollars per month for us to manage that. So if we get a click at three dollars and then if we convert our sale at around 20 clicks or even if we convert our sale at a hundred klicks, we still come out ahead in that campaign.

What you really need to do is understand how a keyword plays into the role of traffic to conversion to lead at finally closing that sale, but you also need to understand price is very subjective. If someone is selling a five dollar item, this doesn’t even make remote sense right. But if you are someone who is selling a large ticket item like us, then this is completely fine, because three dollars is simply a drop in the proverbial bucket.

If you’re going to find someone who is very interested in seeing the price of the product that he or she is about to purchase, so what we would generally do is find something like this, maybe even social media, marketing packages or social media services pricing, even though That is actually a bit competitive, so if we go ahead and look at the preview on how badly this is clustered, let’s just put code out UK as well, you can actually see our ad because we’re the first rank their social media marketing pricing.

How much should you pay, so I hope this article help you guys we