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Growing a Small Town Plumbing Business | Business Tips for Plumbers

I love rock rock Springs, but that’s the kind of we’ve just had we someone said they can’t find plumbers and that’s a lot of the you know a lot of the reasons that people say that you know why it was saying their success.

Well, I don’t live in the big city, so I don’t have access to a lot of customers or a lot of plumbers and those kinds of things. And so what let’s say you today? Yeah let’s say you Lance. But let’s say you bro. I told you. I told you be blunt: 30,000 people in your area right in Rock Springs with Rock Springs and greenery combined. It’s about 45,000 yeah, Wow yeah. So it’s small number chair, but we can do it there we go.

So what so so? Look I wanted to have you on thanks for taking the time to be on Lance and and really what I love about about. Your story is and I’ll be transparent. Here Lance’s is one of my my private clients, and so he’s been. You know kind of been around the MDP stuff for just a little bit here, but starting out it was basically you know you you and a truck and doing some stuff here and now you really made your wholeness.

You know push in what a year later or whatever you’re a whole another company and yeah completely different, completely different, hey John hey, we started out with like one truck. I had a, I call him a half employee, it wasn’t even really a employee at that time. I just didn’t know what he was doing and I was just basically trying to do the best I could with half of a guy and now we’ve got two two employees strong we’ve completely changed our look or logo or truck or everything we, our mindset, everything’s change.

So what was when you started, I’m asking you that same kind of question: if you mind sharing you’ve had a time to listen, you hear me throw the question out there. So I’m probably you probably had stuff run to your head in your mind, yeah. What what was standing in your way a year ago, if it asked you a year ago or so, what would have been your answer? What was standing in the way of your success? It was myself that was that was my biggest deal.

Asthma. In my mind, I I was a good plumber, but I didn’t know the business of plumbing. Like you, you always say and my mindset I always had that mindset that I can’t charge more than this. I can’t do this because of where I’m at, and so I had to revert how to change that mindset and – and now it’s funny because I’ll see other guys talk and I’m like dude they’re in their own head. I could see it when they’re in their own.

In it because I was there, I know it so and you know we’ve we’ve talked about that. You know when we start out, we do got to get into the head trash and that kind of thing and that’s what you know a lot of those guys when we start out. We have all these and I you know, I kind of hit it hard. A little bit, I call them excuses, you know. Well, you know what my area is different. You know, that’s that’s one of the things my area is different.

We just start a big. That’s why I love having other things I love having you on here is one of the things is well, I’m not. You know, I’m not from a big city. Well, of course, the big city guys can do it because there’s all kinds of customers and all kinds of plumbers and all kinds of choices you know, but it’s different where I live. You know and that’s one of the excuses there and that’s all up here.

You know so how did you deal with that? How you know yeah, I know it’s now you have the confidence, but when you started that mine should what what helped you or what, when did you know that shifting like that, that’s that was right, hey does that make sense what I’m asking you know yeah? Well, I mean I did what you told me to do and I changed my pricing. I changed charging a service service fee. I started doing that and I thought I’d lose a ton of customers and really the ones I lost or the ones.

I didn’t really need. Um they were the ones that wouldn’t pay their bill, or I would have to fight for money down the road and it’s the ones that were my good customers. They was charged and they were going to have me no matter what and I mean yeah, it’s funny how that works, but it does does work and that’s, I think, that’s the stumbling block. Most people, most of our clients or people in the success academy, have thinking man there’s no way.

I can charge charge this once they kind of go through the process, but then you do and you’re like huh. Well, what do you know? I’m actually making money yeah with fewer customers. Yeah good luck, good money right!

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