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The Secret Handshake Revealed

I want to share with you a very powerful handshake that will be slightly different to what you may be using or being taught to use in the past. Now, if we look at the typical handshakes that we are all familiar with, there is the week, although wet bitch handshake is, is commonly known, weather person and just spills or limp, not a nice handshake. There is the dominant handshape, the handshake of somebody who & # 39 s, trying to say on a real man where we feel, and sometimes here the phones in our house being crushed.

And then there is the neutral handshake where both people have hands that are in the virtual position. The pressure is firm, but it is matched to the person that you & # 39 re shaking hands with and normally a couple of, pumps up and down and in this event, shake is released. Now this neutral handshake is a great way to build rapport. However, coming close, because I am going to share a secret handshake that will cause a person that you are shaking hands with to infinity like and trust you on a subconscious level.

This handshake will raise the engagement level in the interaction, and the best part is if the other person won & # 39, t even realize what you are doing, so it & # 39 s, really simple. When it goes like this, I should go in to shake hands slowly and gently angle. Your palms slightly skyward and you & # 39 re, going to mirror their their pressure in a way of grip. But in addition to that, you need to also gently allow their hand to get closer to your stomach area.

By doing this, you are allowing them access to your vulnerable space. You are silently sending a message that trust is already established. The you are willing friends, which makes them feel good right in the beginning of the interaction. Now, as I say, it does raise the engagement level because of the unconscious feeling that it causes in the other person, so give it a try for yourself. I think that you & # 39 ll, be really pleased with the results.

This handshake served me well over time, and I know that it & # 39 s, going to be a huge benefit you, so all you go to now is hit that share button below thanks for reading, and we they take action, create your story:



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