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Business Etiquette – Art Of Introductions | Personal Impact

Introductions are part of everyday business, so it & # 39 s, essential that you & # 39 re, comfortable and confident when introducing others and also when being introduced to others. So one of the questions I & # 39 m asked a lot is whose names you say first in an introduction. Well in a business & nbsp, introductions are made based on rank and precedence.

Gender is not taken into consideration and women are treated equally based on rank, not chivalry. So in making an introduction, the person who holds the highest rank within an organization would be considered the most important person or the person who would take precedence over the others. So in most organizations that would be the president or the CEO, the lower ranking person is always introduced to the higher ranking person.

So when making an introduction, the junior person would always be introduced to the senior person. So the easiest way to do this is to face the most important person and to say their name before introducing the other person to them. When making an introduction, it & # 39 s, always a good idea to give a little bit more information about the other person than just their name. That way, it can act as a conversation starter, and it can also make both parties feel more comfortable okay.

So let & # 39 s review the formula based on order of precedence. The senior executive always receives the junior executive. The name of the senior executive is spoken first, the name of the junior executive is spoken last, for example, if I was to say mister senior executive. I would like to introduce mr. Junior executive from the LA branch, and then I would say mr. Senior executive is our director of national brands.

When it comes to introducing government officials, it & # 39 s really important to do your research ahead of time. On the correct customs of address, there are lots of really great ways to do this. One way would be to check the internet, and another way would be to check some of the great resource books that are out there on the topic. When introducing a client to someone from an organization that provides them service, the clients name comes first, for example, John Jones, I & # 39 d like to introduce Jim Smith our department manager.

Jim John is our customer from Seattle, and he & # 39 s due really well with our product line. They & # 39 re. A government official always receives a non-official, for example, if I was to say mr. Mayor, I & # 39 d like to introduce Miss Smith, one of the provinces leading exporters here & # 39 s, a article that demonstrates the formula for introductions. So I was the introduction I mean I budgeted Miss Jones and a fake, Miss Jones.

I would like to introduce our new employee, mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is just started at this location here and Cooper recently and Miss Jones for this, and then you can add something like my understanding of both the width of us because being and that over to give them an ice scraper, so they need each other later. It & # 39 s always talked about, so you always want to try to add a little bit of extra information if you can so in a situation where you might have to introduce to your colleague to a client now who & # 39 s important movie, Nobody speaking for the CEO, the client we never oh, we always have and person and then introduce the other people to that person and then add a little bit more information.

Okay, so interactions. The keywords are allowed to introduce, or without introducing to you you to meet as soon as you say I & # 39 ve met you to meet. It basically turns the table and gives the other person 11 hours. Okay. Thank you very much. < /p >


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